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  1. Free and better housing and more than likely better paying job given to them are 2 pretty good reasons.
  2. The point Rudy was making was that Bama accommodated the family from Hawaii to Alabama and housed them, fed them, and probably employed them. Pretty standard protocol in a scenario like this.
  3. 8-4 Lose to FAU, LaTech, Arkansas, A team we have no business losing to. Prove me wrong, defense.
  4. I mean, you don't really think that, do you? Many, many programs cheat. Everyone knows that. Somehow except for the NCAA, or so they act.
  5. I think it will be the largest attended game in school history. Dare I say 500 butts short of a sellout? I think the program is out of the "show me" phase unless of course there is a setback this season. We are more in the"let's go see it phase." The excitement of football being back is a draw. The opponent is a draw. And for the folks that get their rocks off from fake fighting is another draw. Give me 30k and change.
  6. This has been happening for quite some time in Tuscaloosa. Kirby took notes. A top rated 5 star RB committed to UGA about a week ago and said, "Now just waiting for that bag", and put an emoji of a clock and money bag. The tweet was deleted within minutes, but the internet catches all. But this isn't happening just at these programs, it's happening virtually everywhere to some extent. The NCAA is spineless and is far from being a non profit as they claim. The NCAA passed a basketball rule about 2 weeks ago that allows All American players coming out of high school to sign and be represented by an agent. Of, course, within the rule the NCAA will have a committee that hand selects their proposed All Americans. To boot, they gave themselves the right and authority to add to the list as they please. This was all done to try to get back in front of that FBI investigation stemming from February. The NCAA is an absolute joke to the highest extent.
  7. They are 30th had the poll been extended out. We all need to be paying close attention to that September 1st game vs OU and rooting FAU on.
  8. OU will not leave OSU. Or OSU will not let OU leave them behind. WVU will get plucked by someone on the East coast, and the expansion of other conferences will then follow suit. KU will get picked up on the basis of basketball only, probably by the Big10. The SEC has been in talks of reorganizing their divisions to better suit travel schedules per geographic sense. Mizzou will soon enough be in the SEC West, other things will have to play into that for it to happen. In this, look for realignment version, look for 'P5' conferences to contemplate cutting dead weight as well. Somewhere, someone is going to get plucked and invited. KState, ISU, Tech, and Baylor are toast to me. I think TCU very well falls into this camp as well. Their numbers and TV pull just really isn't there. The plan for UNT should be to hitch the wagon to the Big12 rejects. That should be the absolute goal moving forward. And a 5 year plan should be put in place for just this, yesterday.
  9. UNT and LaTech will determine the West. Marshal and FAU will determine the East. 1. FAU 2. LaTech 3. UNT 4. Marshal 5-14. Who cares. CUSA Championship - LaTech vs FAU Conference Sleeper - FIU Team I'm choosing not to mention because I don't respect them - UAB Team most likely not to live up to pre-season projections or predictions - UNT Conference Champ- FAU
  10. Just a little FYI on this kid... Anyone who knows anything about Arkansas HS football knows about Hootens.com. It is Arkansas' version of Dave Campbells magazine. Every year they have a top 50 prospects released for the state. Mr. Adaway comes in at #44 as a top 50 player in Arkansas. http://www.hootens.com/02-08-2018/hootenscom-top-50-recruits-for-2019/6346.html
  11. Realignment is inevitable. When TV contracts, specifically LHN, expire programs and conferences will see a shift. The first domino to fall is almost guaranteed to be LHN negotiations. We have 4, maybe 5 football seasons to completely change the perception of our program to best position ourselves. It can be done. And we are currently on the perfect trajectory.
  12. Just a little FYI on this kid... Anyone who knows anything about Arkansas HS football knows about Hootens.com. It is Arkansas' version of Dave Campbells magazine. Every year they have a top 50 prospects released for the state. Mr. Adaway comes in at #44 as a top 50 player in Arkansas. http://www.hootens.com/02-08-2018/hootenscom-top-50-recruits-for-2019/6346.html
  13. Did Quinn and Mason switch numbers today? If so, I agree. Mason is the cut and dry starter, and there is 0 debate in that. But today, Fine had a tougher than usual go at it. Quinn looked cleaner and more comfortable. Fine started hanging his head immediately after the ball left his hand on some of his throws in almost disbelief. Granted, Fine did have some money throws as well. It wasn't an all for nothing day for him.
  14. In your pic you can barely see it. In person it's a little more definitive than that. I mean it doesn't pop like the endzones, but you can still tell something is there.
  15. Quinn looked pretty crisp today. Not sure how the matchups were as far as 1s vs 1s or 2s vs 1s, but he was the cleanest QB today. As Emmitt said, Fine seemed a bit off. Groundballing WR screens, missing fairly open WR. Just off. OL looked good for the most part in pass pro. Run blocking, not so much. And to me, that's concerning given we don't have Wilson returning. A lot of the successful runs were outside designs/zone blocking runs. DL looked great. They dictated the interior running game to the outside. LB's are not east and west players hence the success of the outside runs vs them. WR group is easily the best in CUSA. They would make several 'P5' programs feel inferior as well. Very, very solid group. They have it all. Long and rangy in White and Rico. Quick twitch slot guys in Darden, Brewer, Lawrence, etc. Do it all guy in Guyton. And 3 or 4 others like Cujo, Pirtle, Jackson, etc. of whom are all very serviceable. New kicker seemed fine. Hit a 44 yarder with 6 to 8 yards to spare in a game situation. He was also consistent in warm ups. New wrinkle with the 1s on O. They were in 12 personnel under center for 6 or 7 plays and not near the goalline. Got in a more conventional jumbo package under center also at the goalline. DB's played with confidence. The defense looks better, which is at least promising.
  16. Fine was sacked a lot, yes. Not all of those were the OL. Fine still managed to be upright enough to throw for 4,000 yards. Our OL produced a 1k back. Our secondary back toted it for a very quite 684 yards. Our 3rd down defense without question needs to be the biggest improvement on this team. So, with that, I voted secondary. But better DL play and LB drop backs into the intermediate windows all play a part in improving 3rd down D. And it must improve.
  17. And if you stated such his last 12 to 18 months you were blacklisted while people tiringly tried to run you away.
  18. Great stuff and great production quality. Mike Law is my top 2 or 3 favorite players without doubt.
  19. Everything is in our favor, including being favored.
  20. Blow home attendance for the season...it'll be same ole same ole to the casuals.
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