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North Texas Portal Entry Thread


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2 hours ago, Jonnyeagle said:

You are correct.  They very clearly do not allow tax deductions.  Anyone who says otherwise is FOS!

And reality is in 2024 for a married couple filing jointly the standard deduction is $29,200 not a lot of people hit that. I owe $50,000 on a 2.125% mortgage. Median household income in Texas was $102,500. Unless that median household has 29% of their income tied up in deductions itemizing makes no sense. Hell 2019 I had $13,000 in out-of-pocket medical when I was in cancer treatment (quit counting Blue Cross's outlay when it topped $100,000) and I still couldn't itemize.

Person with real money wanting to fund players is going to work through a collective or other entity to hire the player to do some insta or TikTok posts for an inflated price to promote their business and have a shot at deducting as a business expense. Of course a publicly trader won't go above real value and closely held won't unless they feel certain no shareholder will challenge.

I'm not a fan of the NIL collective tip jar system, I mean I contribute to A-State's collective, I just don't like the system. Really needs to be paid via the school and have a collective bargaining agreement.

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1 hour ago, MeanGreenZen said:

Does James Madison have a better NIL than us? And if so, why would they give it to Ayo Adeyi?

JMU lost a substantial amount of guys to the portal as they followed their HC to Indiana. I’d assume that roster is looking to add anyone as they try to rebuild. Not sure about their NIL funding but they probably have a lot of money freed up after their max exodus

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