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  1. Any win over a rival at their place is a good win. Extending a long winning streak over a rival is even better. This game is even more important to the players of both teams because the coaches both know each other so well and there is extra pressure to win. I think the words you guys were looking for were "Congratulations to Jalie and the Mean Green, Great Game, and you looked incredible in your Green. Thank You for doing a wonderful job of representing The University of North Texas."
  2. The bridge over I-35E is fully wheelchair compiant but also in the Orange Lot there are free stadium shuttles provided by the university. These are especially useful if you or somebody in your group is mobily impared.
  3. North Texas wore their Green and UTSA never lead in the game. The Roadrunners now have not beaten North Texas since the 2018-19’ season. UTSA school paper .
  4. Joe has been incredibly generous with his time. He already makes the trip from his home in beautiful Flower Mound just about any time that he's asked. He's not as young as he used to be, but he still gives 100% effort.
  5. The team jerseys (sweaters) that your team made available for fans to order are beautiful. The one that I ordered for the Bride arrived this week. She really loves the shoulder flags. The colors are MUCH brighter than they appear in these photos.
  6. Yeah, we need to have him play Coach McCasland in a game of HORSE. Maybe a 2 on 2 game as well including Jalie Mitchell and Kristee Porter.
  7. Several of the top squads in the country are competing.
  8. North Texas owes Seth the $1.35 million base salary for 2023. His total post-termination compensation was $1.6 million, but that includes the last two months of 2022's contract plus the bonuses and incentives he was owed.
  9. North Texas has had a couple of these experiences. There was a jock strap clad streaker that jumped on the field and ran around at the 2002 Arkansas game. There was also one at FAU years later that was completely nude, that hurdled a 4 foot chain link fence while running away. I wasn't there to see it, but witnesses said he better have been damn confident in his jumping ability before trying that.
  10. Some pranksters once had Domino's Pizza delivered to Oliver Miller while he was on the bench for visiting Arkansas. He was a great sport about the prank and even had a piece.
  11. Those mistakes are very common when branding isn't followed. One of our new coaches had also posted that he was leaving to join North Texas University.
  12. Vito has confirmed Galena Park North Shore safety Evan Jackson. Still waiting on the others.
  13. Simple fixes are required as AAC crowds increase. Firing the parking coordinator sounds harsh... but... he/she is endangering people's lives because of his/her inattention to the job. Having only the one lane entering the Fouts parking lot from North Texas Blvd causes the line to back up, eventually bringing the northbound right lane of I-35 to a stop. This is eventually going to get somebody hurt, or worse, and "I don't know, and I wasn't getting paid enough to care" won't be viable excuses in court. Jared will be liable. On Walt Parker by the tennis courts, have two entering lanes scanning parking passes, and IMMEDIATELY force any driver that's not permitted to park in that lot to turn into the tennis/track lot where somebody in a position of authority can tell them precisely how to either pay or get the hell out of the way. The current procedure is to let them block the whole line while they're discussing genealogy and holiday recipes.
  14. Damn, I continue to wonder why no school has ever thought of this.
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