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  1. The school was billed as a 'pre-fab Notre Dame for evangelicals' when it was founded, and they've certainly made major strides. This school will very likely be the location for Trump's presidential library.
  2. I am happy to have our logo associated with the Aussies. That F-35 looks incredible.
  3. It's always nice when we beat out Rick Pitino for a recruit. Rhode Island recruiting thread on Abou
  4. They in no way could afford to rent the Alamodome. They rely on the welfare of the City of San Antonio to provide the cavernous, dank, and poorly ventilated quarter-century old facility free of charge. Per the Alamodome: "Even though the University of Texas at San Antonio plays its home football games in the stadium, it does not pay rent to the city. It only pays only for stadium expenses such as security, staffing, and other operational costs on game days." The city loses because the Alamodome could have hosted convention events on those dates and brought much needed tourism revenue into the city. The abysmal actual attendance at UTSA football games, audited by UT-System as averaging around 15,000 the last several years experienced a significant decrease in 2019 which resulted in the termination of head coach Frank Wilson. An average actual attendance of less than 15,000 for the 2020 season, which already seems highly likely, will have UTSA on probation for violation of NCAA Bylaw and a probation which puts them on a potential path to 1AA football. Things are bad at UTSA, and there's no evidence that they will be getting better any time soon.
  5. Rough times indeed at UTSA. They have now scrapped plans to build their long awaited covered practice facility ( UTSA covered practice field on indefinite hold ) In 2018, UTSA students voted overwhelmingly (67.7%) against funding for athletics that the athletic department stressed were necessary to help make UTSA athletics competitive.(UTSA Athletics Fee vote). Now UTSA is additionally staring down the barrel of drastically reduced conference and NCAA distributions. Athletes are finding it harder to escape the impoverished program. UTSA is withholding from athletes funding for summer school classes to ensure that student athletes don't have the ability to graduate and transfer out before their eligibility expires. Per the university, summer financial aid is “a privilege and not a right.” In other words, summer classes are not provided for the benefit of student athletes, but only to help bolster the school's APR score when deemed necessary. Now UTSA is instituting a policy of not providing anything to student athletes that the university is not specifically contractually obligated to provide.
  6. Back then, people were not stupid enough to declare the blue and gold accents as 'new official colors'. You never saw people, especially university employees, running around in gold or blue Mean Green shirts, and those colors were never more than outlining on athletics uniforms. Now, the identity of the university is severely compromised as gray and black have become the dominant colors for merchandise and uniforms. Yeah, it looks like shit and has nothing to do with Green and White, but it's extremely easy for sportswear companies to get, so therefore laziness prevails. Why go through the effort to produce kelly green spirit wear when nobody really gives a shit at North Texas.
  7. https://247sports.com/player/r-j-keene-46100344/
  8. Her daughter is CNN's Senior White House Correspondent Pamela Brown.
  9. The North Texas alumna, former Miss Texas and Miss America, and sports broadcasting pioneer has passed at 70 after a lengthy illness. She was Miss Texas 1970 and she was Miss America 1971.
  10. Red Oak? I thought Mathis was from the same town as Mean Green great Donald Henley, Gilmer, Texas, but Chances Are my memory is a little Misty.
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