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  1. I was in New Orleans several months ago and stopped at the spot on Iberville just off Bourbon where the ground still shakes. It's where Spencer crossed paths with an enormous Colorado State lineman for a side-street brawl. It was a classic two hit fight...Cody hit the lineman and the giant hit the street, felled like a tree into the filthy gutter.
  2. And here's the next conundrum... Even if a spring season league goes swimmingly, will there be a fall 2021 football season? P5 players are already requesting 50% of the money from media contracts. What demands will be made if they are playing twice as many games during the 2021 calendar year? We may be seeing the end of college football, at least the way it's been since student athletes were eliminated and college sports became strictly a competitive business of hiring athletic mercenaries.
  3. If they choose not to decide they still have made a choice.
  4. Winter bowl games would be a huge money loser for ticket sales, sponsors, and the tourism that they are created to generate. Bowl games that have any potential Big 10, Pac 12, or MAC ties will be played in June to accommodate spring games, and cancelled if the spring season fails to materialize.
  5. The pandemic is a convenient scapegoat for UConn. Like the Ivy League, UConn had already gone to 'online only' for this semester. Having football this season made absolutely no sense at all. UConn will likely cancel their 2021 football season as well. They have no conference games scheduled, no Big East football television contract, and they're not going to keep 85 players that can't practice for over a year on scholarship. Watch for them to join for football only as an associate member of the FCS Patriot League or the Colonial Athletic Association in 2022 with all new players. .
  6. Zach, I see your mother at many of the games and how supportive she is of you and the team. Prayers from my family are certainly with your family for her quick recovery.
  7. Best Class Ever is determined by history and not a 247 rating. There does seem to be a lot of exceptional potential in the 2020 class and they may eventually achieve that designation. Time will tell.
  8. That day's UTA game was our last home game ever to be played on natural turf. Fouts had Astroturf installed in the following months, and the archaic cinder track encircling the field was replaced with a rubber all-weather track. Being one of the last stadiums with cinder tracks in the country, Fouts was selected as a shooting locale for the Robby Benson movie "Running Brave" which chronicled Native American runner Billy Mills and his incredible upset victory at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.
  9. Michael Hickmon being congratulated by Patrick Cobbs and Ja'mal Branch that afternoon. .
  10. Junior season video: https://www.hudl.com/video/3/11070206/5e5332205eecd517ec1c45ae
  11. Epps was his adopted name, and he changed it back to his birth name Corbin Montgomery for his senior season. After graduating, he again changed his name to Umar Muhammad to reflect his new religious commitment. He then had an nine year career as an RB and DL in the Arena Football League. AFL Career , Wikipedia
  12. I know the rule wasn't retroactive when it went into effect in July 2018, but the NCAA should offer all seniors (2017 signing class) that played in 4 games or less their freshman season an extra season of eligibility. Why? Because they have extended that to everyone from their class that has played in four games or less in subsequent seasons, and every signing class since then has been extended a redshirt year under those conditions. It's the right thing to do, but it has been overlooked by the NCAA. They still have time to correct the omission,
  13. I concur, only if there is a return game scheduled at Apogee. I don't care if it's contracted for 2030, but there really needs to be a return game. Tech was contracted to play at Fouts in 1998 and 2001. Tech refused to play in Denton after North Texas won 30-27 in Lubbock in 1997, and demanded that the return games be played in Irving at Texas Stadium, or they were backing out of the agreement. North Texas won again in Lubbock in 1999, and had a shot to win on the last play of the 2000 game in Lubbock, but wait, LaDarrin has broken free and is racing down the sideline carrying the football like a loaf of bread.... Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! NOOOOO!
  14. Jeremy Combs (born November 24, 1995) is an American basketball player for the Köping Stars in the Basketligan, the highest tier of basketball in Sweden. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeremy_Combs After a high school career at David W. Carter High School in Dallas, Combs committed to North Texas Mean Green men's basketball, where he played for coach Tony Benford. In three seasons for the Mean Green, Combs averaged 12 points and 8.2 rebounds for the team and as a sophomore was named second-team All-Conference USA. At the close of Combs' three seasons at North Texas, Benford was fired and subsequently hired as an assistant at Louisiana State University (LSU). Combs was eligible as a graduate transfer and followed Benford to Baton Rouge.[1] In his lone season at LSU, Combs was limited to six games as he struggled with the lingering effects of his ankle injury suffered at North Texas.[2] Following the season, he and LSU parted ways, but he was granted a fifth year of eligibility and transferred to Texas Southern to complete it.[3] Combs made the most of his extra year, averaging 17 points and 9 rebounds per game and earning Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) Player of the Year honors.
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