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  1. Died in helicopter crash today. https://fox6now.com/2020/01/26/tmz-report-kobe-bryant-killed-in-helicopter-crash/
  2. Unfortunately, this is all the information you get if you try to check on tickets through the Mean Green Athletics web site: Something went wrong We are sorry for the inconvenience. https://meangreensports.com/sorry.ashx
  3. fify WKU was more than bystanders, but the run was mostly propelled by horrific CUSA officiating. Horrible foul calls, two dishonestly wrong possession calls on balls slapped out....It's nearly impossible to win with that type of crap officiating.
  4. Recruited by North Texas Committed to Arizona State Flipped to Oklahoma from ASU prior to signing in 2019. Now......per OUDaily...... OU football: Safety Ty DeArman enters NCAA Transfer Portal, per report http://www.oudaily.com/sports/ou-football-safety-ty-dearman-enters-ncaa-transfer-portal-per/article_1e68dcba-2bf7-11ea-b934-8b0ad0c21e1b.html Tough, aggressive player. Would probably benefit from a season at a juco and then have three seasons remaining to play FBS ball.
  5. Former UTSA football player Michael Egwuagu, age 25, was arrested and charged with murder Friday in Pflugerville after stabbing and killing his sister, who authorities believe may have been pregnant. A Pflugerville native, Egwuagu played safety at UTSA from 2013-16, appearing in 44 games and making more than 200 tackles. https://www.expressnews.com/sports/college_sports/utsa/article/Former-UTSA-football-player-charged-with-14936232.php Very sad news for all involved. Admins, please move this to Eagles Nest forum if necessary,
  6. Vanity of vanities, all is vanity. Todd Dodge was handed an outstanding opportunity at North Texas and pissed it away. He exhibited no sense of urgency, was distracted by self promotion and Under Armour contracts, and quickly found himself in a hole from which he couldn't dig himself out. In the meantime he flatlined our football program and deprived his only son of having a valuable collegiate experience. All because of his own personal vanity.
  7. Congratulations! We are very proud of you.
  8. Well, we lost this one to UTSA. Not one of our higher ranked recruits, but one that still shows a lot of potential. Best of luck to him in San Antonio. It's a little further drive but still an ideal situation if he already has a brother playing there and his family can watch both play.
  9. Yes, if we can. He'll first need to see if he has any HC or P5 OC options. If not, then we'd certainly be an option.
  10. https://tunein.com/radio/North-Texas-Basketball-s308176/?_branch_match_id=730236184240944193
  11. His offensive schemes, and the quarterbacks that he signed to run them were his downfall.
  12. UTSA has already lost 7 of their 16 commits since yesterday, including many of their higher ranked players. I could see them possibly losing their next highest three as well this week.
  13. Short timing routes were our bread and butter on first and second down and those disappeared with the Reeder hire. We were always facing 3rd and long, and we didn't exactly have a dominating OL that could block efficiently for that. Mason was trying his darndest and getting killed for it.
  14. McCrae was a three-star recruit in NC State’s Class of 2018. He redshirted the 2018 season and played juco ball during the 2019 season after transferring. He will have three years of FBS eligibility beginning in the 2020 season . and...he's already posting pictures of Apogee and Mean Joe Greene in his Twitter signature.
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