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  1. Do these transfers count only against the 85 FBS scholarship limit, or do they also count as the annual 25 signee limit? In other words, would a school theoretically be able to sign only grad transfers, and lots of them, every year as long as the school stays at or below the 85 scholarship limit?
  2. Would he even have had to take Spring classes since he graduated in December? Couldn't he just train for the NFL all spring, then enroll this week for Fall Semester grad classes even if he has no real intentions of attending them. This scenario may eliminate him from being eligible for a bowl game but he sure would be better prepared for the NFL draft and training camp. Either way, I wish we had him back for this season. Great kid and I loved his enthusiasm; and I will always remember his hyper celebration ramble after the 2017 UTSA game.
  3. Happy Birthday Mr Fincher from the bride and me. It's always a pleasure visiting with you at games.
  4. Its accurate that more North Texas fans attend the La Tech games than Rice or either of the border twins. I don't think the interest is on par with the SMU series or what it will be for Houston.
  5. Tech will be fine. Mason Narcisse is a solid 3* player (247 .8199) but not one of the higher listed La Tech recruits. Committing to Tulane makes sense since he's from the New Orleans suburb of La Place.
  6. There were discussions last year about opening it back up after the games during the postgame radio show. It would be even better if the postgame show could be hosted there.This would be an excellent way to boost involvement for the alumni association, and fans could spend meaningful time while waiting for traffic to clear.
  7. Same. It just looks better than any other combination.
  8. When actual facts and statistics are considered when forming an opinion: https://dentonrc.com/opinion/columnists/walter-williams-was-trump-right-about-baltimore/article_47064595-a144-5780-b1da-b8e9c2509fec.html
  9. My wife has now asked me to try that and see if it works.
  10. Incarnate Word brings more of their own fans than SMU.
  11. It's pregame, most fans would still be tailgating, and everyone wearing ponchos indicates inclement weather which would further keep fans out of their seats until kickoff.
  12. A likely starter here from day one, yeah, it looks like he'll shun his community for the glitz of riding a P5 bench. Blood is thicker than water, but in this case, not as thick as that distant Great Lakes water. Wow, what could have been, and should have been.
  13. I viewed the eagle on the stadium as a North Texas icon for decades and didn't want to see it unceremoniously discarded during the renovations. I would have liked to have kept the entire bird, but my bride is not quite that lenient with my fanaticism. (pictured with it are a rare NTSU bobblehead, and an ultra-rare NTSC eagle statue on which the bobblehead is based)
  14. I remember the huge Mean Green Eagle on Fouts that faced I-35 for decades. I also remember how sad it was when I saw the dismantled eagle components sticking out of the construction dumpster during renovation. I wish I had at least kept the head for prosperity's sake. Oh wait, I did.
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