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  1. ADLER

    And So It Begins

    La Tech is a very good football team. They have talent, experience and depth, and they are very well coached. Tech is also ware that this game, although not officially for the CUSA Western Division Championship, will make it a lot more difficult for the loser to become that champion. They will be ready for battle. I remember the 2014 season when we played them at Apogee. We were favored after dismantling SMU and they came in and destroyed us.
  2. ADLER

    La Tech Tickets Still Available

    No, that's a horrible idea. I'm not trying to be brash, but let me tell you why. We are way beyond those type promotions. Leave the exploitation of elementary students, cub scouts, and orphages to our neighbors in the Park Cities.These have zero return as very few of those children are likely to ever purchase tickets to games, and tickets given at less than 50% face value do not count towards paid attendance count. We have a product that people actually want. Instead, utilize our best salespeople, the season ticket holders that obviously already see value in North Texas games, to distribute any leftover tickets. Reward every season ticket holder by sending them a matching quantity of tickets to the Rice and Florida Atlantic games and request them to invite fans/alumni that they believe would be interested in seeing the Mean Green this season. Getting tickets to people that are in our target audience is what will build our season ticket base for future seasons. And..the tickets given away count as paid attendance as long as the quantities only match those of the season tickets.
  3. ADLER

    La Tech Tickets Still Available

    True, they have a large contingency of Dawg fans that live right here in the metroplex.
  4. ADLER

    La Tech Tickets Still Available

    Our guests this week are not SMU fans. These are La Tech fans and they travel well, especially when they perceive the Western Division Championship is the prize. According to the Tech web site, North Texas has made inquiries regarding buying back part of Tech's ticket allotment and Tech has declined. I'd prefer that there be a bunch of North Texas fans in the middle of the Tech section, and that the Tech fans be disbursed throughout the general admission seats. They can get pretty loud when they are all seated together and partially negate our home field advantage.
  5. ADLER

    Issues with ESPN3

    Alamo Draft House theater is perfect, and the clapping and cheering only adds to the atmosphere.
  6. ADLER

    Where to rewatch Arkansas game?

    It's been replayed a couple times on the SEC Network, but it is edited to show mostly drives that ended in scores. Unfortunately I didn't set the system to record while I was at the game. I did record the edited-for-time-reduction version but it skips too many plays.
  7. I too retreated to the concourse as well for a cold soda an a brief respite from the sun. It wasn't brutally hot like a few games we've hosted in Denton but there was absolutely no break from the sun and no breeze in that enclosed bowl.
  8. ADLER


    Well take the best, forget the rest, and some day we'll find these are...
  9. ADLER

    Tailgating in Ark?

    I just had a flashback to the pregame function the last time North Texas played at Arkansas in 2007. It was hot and there was nowhere to park close to the stadium but we eventually found the Official North Texas Tailgate Party tent. It was nice just to have shade and something cold to drink. A group of younger alumni, around ten of them, showed up a little wile later happy to find this small green oasis in a sea of red clad hog fans. Joy quickly turned to frustration and disbelief for them as they were quickly intercepted by the Mean Green Club coordinator who informed them that the soft drinks and the shade were provided only for dues paying members of the Mean Green Club and they were asked to leave. I was appalled but certainly not shocked because this type of rude behavior was typical for this individual when she wasn't being closely monitored by her boss. I kept thinking that through ticket purchase and travel those people had made such an effort to support North Texas, and possibly would subsequently turn their backs on the program forever because of the wicked actions of one dreadful individual. That horrid person is now long gone and this road-trip and tailgate at Arkansas should be significantly better for everyone. Go Mean Green Beat the Hogs!
  10. Editor's Note: Brett Vito covers North Texas football for the Denton Record-Chronicle. We asked him to answer five questions about the Mean Green to give Arkansas fans a better insight into Saturday's opponent.
  11. ADLER

    Keys to the Game

    Clay Henry's Top 10 Keys: Arkansas vs. North Texas Per Whole Hog Sports
  12. ADLER

    CBS 129 ranking we moved up 2

    Jim would you start a new thread and tell the whole story. There aren't too many people that know the historic details.
  13. ADLER

    Throwback Gear

    Nice web site, I love the attention to detail. I, like many of you, have long pined for the day when I could shop for a Nike Tulane Green Wave Early Season Polo right in the middle of our Mean Green gear page.
  14. ADLER

    UNT vs Arkansas Watch Party?

    Plan B for everyone wanting to have a watch party. I already bought some but there will be a lot of tickets available in Fayetteville for cheap this weekend because of their loss at Colorado State. Just go up there for the tailgate parties an then purchase tickets from fans or scalpers when it is very close to kickoff.
  15. Winning non conference games, often perceived as pre-season games, is nice but certainly not imperative. Morris would be a fool if he spent this whole week concentrating on North Texas when they have a trip to Auburn looming the following week. As much fun as they are to cheer about or bitch about post-game, the non-league games have no lasting implications. Arkansas has a perfect trap game scenario for rival Auburn if they prepare correctly with Auburn playing a highly ranked LSU team this week and another highly ranked Mississippi State team the week after their match-up. Which of those two games, Auburn or North Texas, would the Arkansas fans be more interested in bragging about? Winning against North Texas does absolutely nothing for Arkansas if they get their tails whipped every week in league play.