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  1. https://tunein.com/radio/North-Texas-Basketball-s308176/?_branch_match_id=730236184240944193
  2. His offensive schemes, and the quarterbacks that he signed to run them were his downfall.
  3. UTSA has already lost 7 of their 16 commits since yesterday, including many of their higher ranked players. I could see them possibly losing their next highest three as well this week.
  4. Short timing routes were our bread and butter on first and second down and those disappeared with the Reeder hire. We were always facing 3rd and long, and we didn't exactly have a dominating OL that could block efficiently for that. Mason was trying his darndest and getting killed for it.
  5. McCrae was a three-star recruit in NC State’s Class of 2018. He redshirted the 2018 season and played juco ball during the 2019 season after transferring. He will have three years of FBS eligibility beginning in the 2020 season . and...he's already posting pictures of Apogee and Mean Joe Greene in his Twitter signature.
  6. His teams have always been carried by defense. I hope he's up to the challenge.
  7. And it would frre up cash to go after Kendall Briles on the offensive side. We should be able to retain our previously committed quarterback, and could possibly get three of Frank's highly ranked recruits.
  8. An excellent defensive coordinator / recruiter is now available, and his salary will be paid by UTSA for two years.
  9. Conference game dates for 2020 have not yet been set.
  10. My guess would have been Oklahoma State as well, but their star receiver that they expected to turn pro got injured and will return for his senior season. That may have eliminated a spot for Rico, and they would certainly have to be concerned with having too many rehabilitating receivers on scholarship.
  11. All eagles, and all dinosaurs, they are all Raptors, and that's a better mascot than the two adjectives we currently employ.
  12. We had an enormously disappointing season this year, we all understand that. But attendance has been the best ever, even with this weeks anticipated emptiness ( I'll let the Debbie-Downers do their little celebration dance) even though the vast majority of the NCAA has seen a reduction. Recruiting has improved drastically last year, and in this year's current class. We are going to be developing the type of talent and depth that should give us a good chance of being in the upper tier of G5. And most of all, Seth wins. We all understand this has been a down season, but like you stated, two 9 win seasons in a row is not a common at North Texas. He has raised the bar and raised expectations. Right now we're all in the dumps because we didn't make a bowl game, that's understandable. We've witnessed enormous growth for this program in the last several years and we need to find and achieve whatever decisions that will not only maintain that momentum but possibly enhance it.
  13. Which is a correct statement. We had a bad season, and an even tougher schedule next year. I believe Seth is an outstanding coach for North Texas, he just has some hard work, and difficult decisions to make.
  14. Right there with you on the FSU employee. That would be a huge win for North Texas. Now, if only UTSA would go ahead and pull the trigger on our potential future DC as well.
  15. Nobody from North Texas recruited Zuniga. Zuniga had never heard from North Texas and had committed to Louisiana-Lafayette. His picture was in the local Grand Prairie paper as having committed to ULL. Somebody posted on the old Mean Green Message Board about how this local star player was overlooked and going out of state.. Zuniga's high school coach received a call the following Monday and was notified that he had received an offer from North Texas. Richard Bridges was the same situation. Never contacted by North Texas. He was discussed on the message board one night and was informed the next day at baseball practice that he had received an offer from North Texas.
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