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  1. I guess I am one of the few that actually enjoys CUSA-West. I'd like to add a couple, possibly Arkansas State, Louisiana, and Texas State whenever Larry Teis dies, but I enjoy playing our current rivals.
  2. No, you're standing under an oak tree and acorns frequently drop.
  3. Must be true, I saw it on the internet.
  4. It's not true. Kentucky, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina have a voting block pact to keep any of their in-state rivals from joining the SEC. There may be a lot, a whole lot of ESPN money being offered, but it's never going to be enough to break that pact. Their alumni will never let them sacrifice their "clear supremacy" for an increased paycheck. A&M had no such alliance so they were powerless to keep out Texas. The only consolation for the Aggies is that the SEC will be four divisions of four teams, with Texas paired with Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri. A&M will likely be pared with LSU, one of the two Mississippi schools, and one of the two Alabama schools in it's SEC quad.
  5. I'm just goofing with everyone. I have been just about everywhere and seen just about everything in New Mexico, except the ice cave, so I still have at least one reason to go back.
  6. First, OSU (neither Ohio St, Oklahoma St, or Oregon St) is going to be moving to CUSA. For what results from this recent upheaval we'll have to wait and see, as a lot depends on how quickly the Big 12 leftovers find new homes, if they can. They're all trying to immediately find P4 homes. If the leftovers can't relocate on the same schedule as UT & OU, then they'll be forced to backfill the Big 12 with G5 schools like the Big East did. Grab your popcorn as it'll be fun to watch. We're not a candidate for the Big 12, and we won't have a dog in this fight until the end when potentially more regionally based alignments are being formed amongst the non-P4 crowd. It's all good. We're well prepared, and we have the right people steering the ship.
  7. Could happen... Although there is relatively no chance of the Big 12 taking both, it's almost certain that they will add either SMU or Houston. But, then again, the consensus of all the knowledgeable pundits on the AAC message board is that the remaining Big 12 teams are going to quickly come running to the safety of the American Athletic Conference. That too could happen... but probably won't.
  8. https://conferenceusa.com/news/2021/4/6/general.aspx
  9. That's great. It starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, and aeroplanes, and Lenny Bruce is not afraid. All kidding aside, we'll need to take care of our own business, munch some popcorn, evaluate the situations, and explore potential possibilities. The remaining Big 12 is about to have their media contract decimated, and that's regardless of whichever schools they backfill with. The AAC is going to have it's large, at least by G5 standards, ESPN contract terminated. The conference has relatively little value now that already UConn, and potentially Cincy, UCF, Memphis, and Houston are departing. I am so happy we have Wren and I trust him to make the best decisions.
  10. Sanford was with Lamont, Grady, and Esther, and has now gone to be with Elizabeth after the 'big one'. Samford is in Birmingham.
  11. Well sportsfans, the rumor is starting to look a little more legit.
  12. I think it's a sad statement about the bleakness of New Mexico that not even one person realized that was a photograph taken by the Mars Rover.
  13. I think so. Top recruits will now, for their own financial reasons, want to play only at schools that will elevate their personal exposure.
  14. I see Tom's two Big Twelve divisions as a possibility, but probably adding Colorado State and South Florida if they go to 14. I don't see a 5th Texas school being a viable option, and BYU seems to love the Notre Dame-like status and freedom independence gives them. I could also see the Big Ten adding Kansas and Virginia to get to 16 if UVA can get out of their binding ACC contract.
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