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  1. Must be true, I heard the same thing from Simone Adamley.
  2. Thank you team, not only for this outstanding season, but also for the several preceding it. It's been a wonderful run and we have shared in your many victories and loved every minute of it.
  3. The NIT has also been great for our branding. You cannot watch any game highlights without seeing our logo plastered across the court or on the seating. A special 'Thank You' to Wren Baker and Brint Ryan. And a huge Thanks to the Lovelace and McNatt families for the Indoor Practice Facility. Our branding is not only visible to all on the interstate, the facility with it's huge logos is featured every evening on the news prior to the weather reports. Now, if we can only get our football managers to use our school colors and logos. We should immediately burn all gray, black, tan, mauv
  4. Thanks for the explanation VCU74. Those events are the reason that I am glad that this season doesn't count against any of the players eligibility.
  5. Their message board is speculating that they may have had some VIP visitors at a dinner this week. There could yet be hell to pay by somebody.
  6. Oregon moves to second round with 1 - 0 forfeit victory. Fans are melting down on VCURamNation.com much the same as would be expected anywhere. Their fans that travelled must be going nuts. "How can you be in the freakin' bubble for 6 days and then test positive??? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Multiple Positive Tests reported for their team.
  7. ADLER


    From ODU BBALL: It's too bad that WKU and La Tech have to play each other so early in the tournament, but it's great that the NIT is guaranteed to have a CUSA team in their Final Four. .
  8. We are conference championship contenders in just about every team sport. Not every sport, but most, and even those others are showing promise. Football, which many of us realize has not yet reached it's potential, has earned a bowl game four of the last five years, and we should hopefully start to see results of significantly improved recruiting. Our Soccer team has been nationally ranked and annually racking up CUSA Championship trophies. The North Texas Men's Basketball team is repeat CUSA champs and currently making waves in the NCAA Tournament. The North Texas Women's
  9. They are very good, and they are a legendary program. They were the ultimate giant killers back in 1985 when Ed Pinckney led the regional eight-seed Villanova Wildcats to the NCAA Championship over the heavily favored defending National Champion Georgetown Hoyas led by Patrick Ewing.
  10. The DEATHMOBILE! Nobody knows a damned thing about it until it's unleashed. Purdue was already talking about Baylor because this was all they saw coming down the street.
  11. A couple of things to remember about Villanova: Virginia is the defending National Champions, the year before that, it was Villanova. Since 2013, Villanova basketball has won 10 out of 13 Big East championships (combined regular season and tournament) and 2 NCAA Tournament Championships. Right now, Villanova is the ultimate Blue Blood program in the country. They recruit at an extremely high level, and according to one fan, North Texas doesn't have a single player they would have even looked at. .
  12. Villanova is playing pretty well against Winthrop right now on TNT.
  13. I'm so glad they extended his contract.
  14. Should we rest him?
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