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  1. From Paul Lucas at Uni-Watch: A Cowboys rep confirmed that the team has indeed adjusted the shade of its silver-blue pants — a possibility that I explored a bit in yesterday’s post. “We switched the pant color a bit to the ‘Cowboys Star Blue’ — the name of the dye lot on the fabrication of the pant,” he said. “We updated the dye lot for 2020 to have more blue in the color, since over the last few years it had become more greenish than the blue/green tint it originally had.” https://uni-watch.com/2020/09/22/cowboys-confirm-two-different-patches-new-pants-color/
  2. This is probably the right answer. North Texas moved their September 20, 1952 home game to a neutral site in Odessa because the new Eagle Stadium (Fouts Field) was not quite ready. UTEP should return the courtesy on a weekend that their stadium cannot be utilized.
  3. No, I don't tweet, and for sure would not be posting on a recruits page.
  4. I love the green jerseys, but we just did throwback helmets at the last game. We need to keep working on getting our current branding to be better known around the country. The interlocked NT from the 60's does nothing to promote the university.
  5. So, our lowest rated high school commit is now Oklahoma State's lowest rated high school commit. I'm not sure fans of which school should be disappointed or pleased by this announcement.
  6. Chrisdon's teammate at DeSoto, 3* 6-8 PF Duncan Powell, has decommitted from Arkansas this month. It may be late to get into the chase for this incredible player, but North Texas would be a perfect home for him. https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Duncan-Powell-140686/RecruitInterests/ Powell obviously has strong emotional ties to the North Texas region. Why would he want to go somewhere where his friends and family will seldom (or ever) get to cheer for him, just to entertain distant fans of another school that will never know or care about his people. North Texas has always
  7. I am thrilled to have Chrisdon coming to North Texas. His father Ronnie was an outstanding talent that was a team leader as a freshman and helped guide North Texas to its first NCAA Tournament. Ronnie had to leave basketball due to serious illness, but eventually fought through it and returned to basketball to carry his teams to the next two SLC Championship games. I just wish his brothers Ronnie Jr and J'mison "Bobo" Morgan had both played at North Texas. They would now be Mean Green legends and would be excellent local examples of success in their North Texas communities.
  8. As one of our alums eloquently stated, two out of three aint bad.
  9. I would imagine that it was the University of Houston that made the decision to cancel the game. Their athletic department has been closed all week and is not accepting phone calls. Tropical Storm Beta may have also been a contributing factor, but they haven't released any details because their offices are closed. You can call the U of H Ticket Office main line at 713-472-6647 for confirmation of closure. This is the number customers are directed to call on ticket confirmations. ***UPDATE***: The U of H Ticket Office CAN be reached at 713-462-6647 . They are issuing full refunds
  10. This year, because of no eligibility being expended, is by far the best to be chasing graduate transfers. For one year only, ,most fourth year players will be graduating with a year of eligibility left, and many, many players will be graduating with two and even three years of eligibility left.
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