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  1. The management has confirmed that they have the Mountain West Network, and they are running several drink specials for the Mean Green crowd.
  2. The North Texas - UNLV game will be on all three big screens in the dining area at The Dive in Denton. Try to get there a little early for best seating, but all tables should have a good view.
  3. Yes, that Flying Worm is just so 1970's GROOVY!!!
  4. The ladies won 4-0 to go to 1-0 in conference play. The highlight for the Mean Green was that for the first time this season they were not upstaged by their opponents interacting and thanking their fans for coming out and supporting their team at the end of the game. It wasn't that the Charlotte team was also being comically aloof though, it was just that there didn't appear to be any Charlotte fans in the stands for their players to thank. Again, no acceptable excuse on our side. North Texas Softball, immediately after every home game, win or lose... NORTH!.....TEXAS!.....NORTH!.....TEXAS!.....NORTH!.....TEXAS!.....GO MEAN GREEN! (It only takes about ten seconds, but it means a lot)
  5. Welcome to the Mean Green Katy! PERSONAL STATEMENT My name is Katy Brock. I live and love to compete! My passion is softball and I strive everyday to improve my game. I'm fast and coachable. I throw right but bat left; and can still bat right if needed. I have a mean bunt and punch slap! I love to steal bases and try to put my speed to good use. I bring a positive attitude and drive to win while lifting up my teammates and keeping our momentum always moving forward!! I'm a devoted student with a 4.29 GPA in all advanced and AP classes. I'm 3rd in my class of 291 at Mabank High School. I haven't decided exactly what my college major will be yet; it will likely be something in the science or math field though as those are my favorite and best subjects. My teammates would say I'm fun and a positive force on the field and in the dug out. I try to always have a smile and look for the fun in order to moderate my disappointment with a bad outcome. I do tend to be hard on myself but have worked very hard to learn to "let it go" as Elsa says. This is how I keep the last at bat from interfering with my next at bat! My dream is to play college ball on a positive and cohesive team while working hard towards my future goals.
  6. Welcome to the Mean Green Ausha! Batting Average #7 in Oklahoma 5A .500 - Ausha Moore Carl Albert On Base Average #4 in Oklahoma 5A .618 - Ausha Moore Carl Albert Slugging Average #7 in Oklahoma 5A .618 - Ausha Moore Carl Albert Runs #2 in Oklahoma 5A 25 - Ausha Moore Carl Albert Doubles #5 in Oklahoma 5A 8 - Ausha Moore Carl Albert Triples #5 in Oklahoma 5A 2 - Ausha Moore Carl Albert Runs Batted In #7 in Oklahoma 5A 19 - Ausha Moore Carl Albert Base on Balls (walks) #2 in Oklahoma 5A 13 - Ausha Moore Carl Albert Sacrifice Fly #2 in Oklahoma 5A 2 - Ausha Moore Carl Albert Quality at Bat % #3 in Oklahoma 5A 69.09 - Ausha Moore Carl Albert As a junior, Ausha sure made her mark amongst the Oklahoma 5A state leaderboard this past season.
  7. Damn, she had me at "Green and White Uniform". Welcome to the team Taylor. Go Mean Green!
  8. Not crazy about Scott at all, but I'd take Jack Frost at this point if he'd express any interest in supporting this program. Seth is merely phoning it in, riding out the remainder of his contract. We COULD be using this time to conduct a national search. It may not change our candidate list, but it would at least show the customers (fans) that there is a least an effort to improve the product.
  9. Up 26-15 with 2:55 left. Notre Dame starting to receive some officiating magic. NO PENALTY WILL BE CALLED ON THE IRISH. Irish picked again!!! Those refs are going to have to get very creative very quickly. Wow, last play only took 2 seconds off clock.
  10. Marshall now up 19-15 on Notre Dame with 5:16 left.
  11. Now Marshall up 12-7 on Notre Dame.
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