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  1. Our former North Texas basketball player Ann Sheridan's likeness was much more often used as bomber nose art. The "Oomph Girl" as she was commonly called in the early 1940 was unique because, unlike all the tiny frail actresses of the day, Ann was 5'9" and had extremely long thin muscular legs. Though hundreds of planes, maybe thousands, bore her likeness, only the B-25 Sheridan Express actually carried her name. Being somewhat modest, she would only let them use her name if the picture wasn't a "sexy cheesecake" pose. It still looks pretty good if you ask me. .
  2. 1906-1979 And now for the "Adler, please tell us more" trivia part. From James Verinis the co-pilot: "It was in Bangor, Maine, in September 1942, just before we flew overseas. Captain Bob Morgan and I went to see a movie called ‘Lady for a Night’ Joan Blondell starred in it with John Wayne. In the movie Miss Blondell was repeatedly referred to as 'that Memphis Belle'. We were walking back to our quarters after the show and Bob suddenly said ‘Gee, that would be a good name for our plane, the 'Memphis Belle’. " Bob later tried to cover his tail and said that he named his plan after his fiancé'. They used Joan's 'likeness' or as close as they could get from a pinup pic in Esquire for the nose art...and the rest is, well, literally History. https://memphisbelle.com/2016/04/22/whats-in-a-name/
  3. Trial by fire doesn't always work, especially in a function where so much synchronicity is involved. There's a reason that Ruder was a 4* recruit, the top quarterback prospect in Kansas, and why he moved so quickly up the depth chart at North Carolina with very acceptable statistics. What we saw was a quarterback thrown into the starting role two weeks after arriving on campus. He had very few repetitions in this offense, and after a couple of early interceptions, started forcing the ball to make up for mistakes. That obviously didn't work. Jace will now have a spring season to get in sync with his receivers and will soon be ready to show us what he's actually capable of accomplishing.
  4. Here's the link: Dick's Sporting Goods They are selling out quickly. Yesterday all sizes were available (including XXL and 3XL), now it's S, M, L, XL in limited quantities. I'll probably start a "Hoodies and Sweatshirts" thread in the football forum after the bowl announcement. A lot of fans can then post what they've seen online and what's available in their local stores. **Edit** Dick's shows they have larger stock at this link: Dick's Sporting Goods .
  5. Wow guys, great fun podcast. I don't think there has been enough discussion concerning what a huge opportunity a local bowl victory could do to launch this program. A green-out show of force, gazillions of green pom-poms, with all the pomp and ceremony of major college football, could be exactly what we need to activate our alumni base. The team needs to do their part and win the game. The rest of us need to help with the planning, promotion, and propaganda. I want this to be one hell of a big Green celebration. .
  6. Yes, and this is a very good thing.
  7. I don't see it as a step up, maybe only a new coach that has a clean slate with their university. Time will tell.
  8. I don't think wild horses could keep Torrey from playing in this game.
  9. Greenjoe is right, we're playing this up for television. For one day ditch the gray, white, or black North Texas gear. Go buy yourself an early Christmas gift if needed.
  10. Probably something like "schließen zählt nur bei Hufeisen und Handgranaten". Only The Flavorful Hellenic (code name) and The Führer himself would know for sure. Große Köpfe denken ähnlich.
  11. And while we are all having a wonderful evening reminiscing ... does everybody remember this classic television masterpiece? Good times.
  12. They're bowl eligible so they practice.
  13. Remember that time UTSA was undefeated? Wasn't that 2017 and there was nothing to keep them from going 12-0 after they had beaten Baylor? What happened? .
  14. Actually the cheap homemade logos made from electrical tape look cheap and amateurish on any helmet and act as a performance kryptonite. Green and Novil just had the strength to help fight off its effects.
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