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  1. They all look so unhappy, as if the Alpha Betas just trashed their house?
  2. So, John Steen is a member and former vice chairman of the UTSA Development Board. Well, I guess its a little out of the ordinary, but this is just one more way that UTSA has found to lose to UNT. They do a lot of that.
  3. SOLD! Thanks Mark. I love these auctions and hated having to miss it but I had a family event out of town.
  4. Plummer is also such a dominant rebounder and gets everything under the basket.
  5. In what areas are you seeing improvement for next season? Do we have any areas of obvious weakness? How is the team adjusting to the coaching changes and how are the philosophies different? How about the Womens' Basketball team? How will tournament success, even in a minor tournament, help in recruiting and building a fan base? Any news on facility improvements? We've seen pictures of the IPF and the track/soccer complex, but aren't there additional improvements being made to the weight rooms, locker rooms, and other AD facilities?
  6. Chris Carpenter 247Sports Profile Three star prospect already holding offers from Virginia, ULM , Arkansas St, and receiving interest from TCU and La Tech. He has several highlights posted on MaxPreps: Highlight Films
  7. Please don't forget the incredible Cosmosphere Space Museum in Hutchinson, Kansas. This Smithsonian museum is by far the best in the nation for chronicling achievements from Robert Goddard to Peenemünde to the Soviets and American space race and the more recent shuttle programs and space stations.
  8. I remember when Godzilla didn't respect the Mega-Thread and almost got his atomic tail whipped by a couple of Mothra's larvae. Always Respect The Mega-Thread!
  9. I too think that the lighting at the pit is horrible and depressing. I have heard opinions that the darkness is used to mask the empty seating away from the court, and that may be a factor in the decision. Our upcoming three game home stand against Rice, UAB, and MTSU should be very well attended. Maybe the university can turn on adequate lighting in the Super Pit for those three games. It's readily available, why not use it. Then again, maybe the Athletic Department is not confident in their abilities to attract a respectable sized crowd. ...and on a side note, that single weak powered flashlight that is used to spotlight players during introductions is so insufficient. That spotlight introduction routine should either be fixed or cancelled.
  10. That's not the weirdest thing they've done. Under Armour signed an exclusive deal with the North Texas Mean Green and then produced a very minuscule amount of green merchandise for that school. They suck, and Todd Dodge sucked for making the Under Armour contract his highest priority when he was hired. I am amused that they have had their stripper reimbursements revoked, and would be pleased to see their whole company go out of business.
  11. Funny bit off WVU message board when discussing potential candidates: "Seth Littrell, Head Football Coach, Damn Glad To Meet You" *apologies to all Gen-X, Gen-Why, and Millennials
  12. ...or 1937, north of Madrid in the town of Guernica. Look closely. Do we really want to risk having that happen on our campus? .
  13. https://www.cokestore.com/custom-bottles-1/team-bottles/north-texas-coca-cola-bottle
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