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  1. Are we sure he is on scholarship there? From my understanding, grad transfer scholarships mess up a team’s future scholarship numbers and are only actually awarded to more elite players. Would OSU use one on a backup OL? Or might he just be a transfer student who has walked on to the football team?
  2. But Delong is correct. I root for these players because they represent my school. I would have no interest in them otherwise. The school is the draw for me, not the player. If they don’t like the free education plus other perks, they have the freedom to go do something else.
  3. I don’t think we have a “bad” reputation in this area, it is more like DFW is overrecruited. Many coaches across the country get hired because of DFW recruiting ties and they have to deliver kids. There are certainly many good players in the Metroplex, but it is a better value to shop where the inventory hasn’t been picked through.
  4. Grades? Isn’t he a grad transfer?
  5. Oh, well, who cares about him then?
  6. I guarantee the kid wanted to get out of Denton and not play FOR his father and in the shadow of his father’s legend at UNT. Seth has shown a great willingness to offer ‘ships to his coaching buddies’ kids. Of course we approached this young man about playing here and it was agreed that he would pursue other opportunities. I’m disappointed but I understand why. Seth and his staff aren’t perfect. They aren’t idiots either.
  7. We once beat the University of Texas out on a high ranked recruit because of the connection the kid had to our coach. It happens.
  8. Can you grad transfer twice among FBS schools? I don’t think so.
  9. Well, I was very underwhelmed by watching him play in person but I want to give Seth the benefit of the doubt and don’t want to talk smack about a future Mean Green player... But yes, now that he is decomitted, I have no problem sharing my negative evaluation of him. If he had signed here I would have kept that thought to myself.
  10. Saw Renfro play in person this season. Was not impressed. Reminded me of Connor Means. We can do better.
  11. I would be interested in hearing Mason’s thoughts on potentially playing for a team with the name “Redskins”. That could be a story heading up to the NFL Draft.
  12. JUCOs will always be less than 50% hit rate. And when they don’t make, they are usually “expected to report later” until they don’t. Have to be strategic and take calculated risks with JUCOs. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
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