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  1. First time BB season ticket holder here. Won’t be able to make as many games as I would like since I live far away, but gotta support the programs that make us proud. Section 108.
  2. Just for the record, I’ve thought Ruder stunk since the first time he walked out on the field. This is the most boring and hopeless North Texas team I have seen in almost 30 years of following this program.
  3. He was awesome! My sons and I talked about him on our drive home and how hard he kept playing even after it was certain they would lose. That is high character right there.
  4. Yes, we all remember the last ride of Mike Canales and his immortals. Seth hasn’t won enough and needs to go. But hell, Nick Saban ain’t coaching this bunch past 2-3 wins. Which is Seth’s fault too. USC is a funny comparison because it was evident to their fanbase for years that Helton couldn’t win at their level and he just now got the ax. Will we have some players opting out of the program this week to transfer and save a year of eligibility? This is the deadline for that, correct?
  5. What’s the point of firing Seth in season? What interim coach is going to turn this poo poo into diamonds (in Emmitt Smith voice) this late in the game? Who would be the interim head coach? Phil Bennett is a part-time retiree. He don’t want it. Is there an obvious candidate on this staff? This is the worst skill position play I have ever seen at the college level. Why can’t North Texas win consistently? The reasons that we used to not win, aren’t the reasons any more.
  6. Wren ain’t hiring Art Briles. I would love it, but Wren is trying to climb the ladder and any AD that hires Art Briles just erases his own name as a candidate for too many future jobs.
  7. Well, if my aunt had balls, she’d be my uncle.
  8. Yeah, but that is cheating the program. Support the program. We need people paying for seats. If we had more people paying for seats, we would have more options as a program.
  9. Shorter is a freak of nature? Why? What’s he ever done?
  10. Jace Ruder is not good. Pretty sad that with all the new transfer rules we can’t identify and land a good quarterback. SMU was trying to give that game away. Gonna be a long season.
  11. We don’t have as many traditions as some other football programs, but the ones we have are VERY important to me. “That’s good for another MEAN… GREEN… FIRST DOWN!!!” with the karate chop towards the end zone is important. It’s fun. It keeps people engaged. My kids love it. We’ve been doing it forever. WE HAVE TO KEEP IT. I like the new guy’s voice. I support the law firm and stanzas bit. BUT HE NEEDS TO DO THE THING on first downs. Everyone around me, people I don’t know, were furious and cussing that he wasn’t doing it. And they can even work the sponsorship into it. “That’s good for another MEAN… GREEN… FIRST DOWN!!!” with the karate chop towards the end zone “… presented by First State Bank.” Come on, Wren, don’t let us down.
  12. Jason Bean is INCREDIBLE when he is standing outside the pocket with no one in front of him and he can take off and run. Not many Olympic sprinters could catch him. Any other situation, MEH. He couldn’t win the starting job in high school or at North Texas. Why should we think he will win it at Kansas?
  13. Who cares about Kansas football? Not even Kansas cares about Kansas football. Warmest regards to Jason Bean.
  14. This kid could have hit the portal and picked any school in the country. He chose to stay at UNT. What a breath of fresh air.
  15. A bunch of these college football players have kids and keep playing. A bunch. There are many government programs that they take advantage of to take care of their babies. I’m not buying it one bit that he quit football to take care of a kid. If these guys deleted their social media accounts, as someone here said they did, then that is very suspicious. You only do that when you do something embarrassing (or you just watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix).
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