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  1. He is a kickoff specialist. Didn’t kick PATs or FGs at Baylor. I wonder if that is why he transferred?
  2. Our 3rd string tight end is good enough for P5? This makes no sense to me.
  3. Losing a 4-star QB doesn’t hurt your roster depth?
  4. Coach Morris is almost 40 years old and has been a successful college head coach before. He doesn’t need a babysitter.
  5. His age is irrelevant and actually works in his favor as teams will assume he has the maturity to handle a backup role. All that matters is he has three years of starting experience at a high level and one year of eligibility left. Proof that you are a semi-competent college football player is enough to justify scholarship offers (as depth) at the biggest of programs. Even freaking Jake Roberts is getting offers from blue bloods. Just wait and see what kind of offers Aune gets. They will blow your mind. (I suspect Aune wants to land at TCU. It is where he wanted to go in the first place, he can keep his house, they are losing their QB, Seth might end up there too)
  6. Aune’s experience alone will get him a spot with a major P5. The old man got the majority of snaps at UNT for 3 seasons. That is incrediblely valuable. Even Alabama would want that type of experience on the roster as a 3rd string QB. Aune’s Twitter account is about to be posting offers from the biggest programs in college football. Now, am I super pumped to watch anyone other than Austin Aune QB’ing UNT next season? Hell yes.
  7. Excited about this hire, but my question is: If Gilbert is so good, why did Texas let him go? They can certainly afford to pay him more than we can. It looks like his position with us is a promotion over what he was doing with Texas, but UT could have certainly money-whipped him to keep him at his previous job or promoted him themselves, especially if he was tied to certain must-have recruits. Did he not get along with Sarkisian? Not like Austin?
  8. Uhhhh… you qualified for a bowl game and get to play on national TV. That is the highest level over 99% of college football players will ever achieve. You have just 4-5 seasons of eligibility before you get to move on and get a normal job. Some players never qualify for a bowl game. You put in the work all season and you don’t see it through to the end? Finish what you started and don’t be selfish.
  9. You would be dumb to enter the portal before a bowl game. You only get 4-5 chances in your life to play in a bowl game. Why waste one to enter the portal early? The portal is gonna be there after the bowl game. Also, the portal and signing day should be AFTER the season. So dumb that it is not.
  10. Hahaha! Pitt crying when Jordan Addison was illegally recruited from them and then turns around and illegally recruits a player from us. I think this situation perfectly symbolizes the ethics of college athletics.
  11. Hahaha! I remember those twins. They couldn’t step foot on the field without drawing a personal foul.
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