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  1. This kid could have hit the portal and picked any school in the country. He chose to stay at UNT. What a breath of fresh air.
  2. A bunch of these college football players have kids and keep playing. A bunch. There are many government programs that they take advantage of to take care of their babies. I’m not buying it one bit that he quit football to take care of a kid. If these guys deleted their social media accounts, as someone here said they did, then that is very suspicious. You only do that when you do something embarrassing (or you just watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix).
  3. I would not be surprised at all if Stoops passed on discussing our DC job with Seth because he thought he was going to Texas for more money and less work. We may have lucked out here.
  4. Kid has character and loyalty. Both are traits that eventually pay off. He’s a good Mean Green. Super pumped to see what he does under Bennett.
  5. SMU gets WAY better QBs out of the transfer portal than Jason Bean. LOL.
  6. I saw Bean execute zone-read options and he was NOT GOOD at it. Bean usually lost yardage on those plays. He may run like a cheetah in a straight line, but he has the elusiveness of a fire hydrant. The guy gave zero jukes. Lamar Jackson has an elusiveness similar to Barry Sanders (in addition to great speed). Bean’s strength as a runner was when the defense had all the receivers covered and he could pull the ball down and run into green space. No one was going to catch him. And he had some amazing gains that way. Not running a zone-read.
  7. If you were Austin Aune, wouldn’t you rather QB a college football team than having a job filling out TPS reports? Aune got a $1M bonus from the Yankees in 2012. If he is smart, after taxes and normal life expenses, he still has around $300K of that money. That net worth is way more than most 28-year-olds in the workforce. He’s still way ahead in $$$ even if he plays college football beyond age 30. Plus, he is from Argyle so his parents are probably rich. Keep playing Austin!
  8. Bean was fun to watch and boy is he fast. You can’t compare him to Lamar Jackson though, because Bean has ZERO elusiveness. Bean never could earn the starting QB job in high school and he couldn’t hold on to it at North Texas. How much would having a real QB coach to learn from and build a relationship with have helped Bean this season. I don’t really see Bean as a FBS starter but will be interested to see how his career unfolds. I have a suspicion we have already seen it’s peak.
  9. So all of these transfers are competing with the incoming high school recruits and JUCO recruits for one of the 25 new scholarships each school gets every year? Seems like the math won’t add up.
  10. But we aren’t getting any extra scholarships! It’s not “lose one, get one”. If a kid transfers with two years left, you just lose out on two years of having a scholarship player. We only get 25 new scholarships every year no matter how many transfer out. And every transfer in (who gets a scholarship) counts against that 25. Correct?
  11. This dude would likely have been the new featured WR in an offense that just had its’ featured WR lead the country in TDs, earn All-American honors and be a high projected NFL draft pick. I don’t get it.
  12. I wish Siggers a long, happy and fulfilling life. For his football career, however, I hope he loses .5 second off his 40, fumbles every time he touches the ball, gets moved back to DB and loses every game that he plays with SMU.
  13. The easiest position to replace is RB. I liked Siggers too, but you can’t build an offense around him as he has not shown an ability to stay healthy. I know you think he was freshman Jamario the last few games of the season, and he did look good. But even when he came back from the knee injury he was still missing games. I understand that there are unlimited reasons why a player might transfer (many non-football related). But I am curious why Siggers left? It was obvious that even if he was third on the depth chart that he would still get a good amount of work here. Does he want to
  14. Siggers was fun to watch. But was he ever really the same after that knee injury? IMO, he went from dominant to just OK. I believe Siggers can be successful at his next stop but a lot of these guys are going to discover that the grass ain’t always greener. And some of them are going to be left without a place to sit once the music stops.
  15. What is the scholarship situation for when we lose a transfer? Are we still limited to 25 new ships? Or can we replace a transfer with a transfer?
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