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  1. … and we get a punter transfer from Texas Southern…
  2. Happy birthday to Stone Earle’s dad?
  3. Absolutely. UNT athletics pre-RV vs. post-RV is unrecognizable. RV’s mustache alone deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.
  4. Drez was great. Such a smooth shooter and played hard on defense. I loved watching him. Kinda ruins his legacy by transferring. I understand a kid transferring if the team sucks or if he isn’t getting to play. But Drez played a big role on winning teams in front of some decent crowds. Why transfer?
  5. SMU is no blueblood. Why would Grant go to a school with as many challenges as SMU where a 23-win season (barely missing the NCAA tournament) and a trip to the NIT gets you run out of town? Better play for Grant to stick with North Texas until a real blueblood comes calling. And they will.
  6. I don’t begrudge Torrey about the bowl game. The guy played on one leg all season.
  7. No, in the real world you can’t just quit and take whatever job you want, often there are contracts that must be honored and also non-compete clauses that limit free movement. I bet even the bluebloods are tired of losing their backup QBs and third WRs.
  8. My daughter’s rec basketball league has stricter player movement rules than the current NCAA. This version of the transfer portal is bad for the game and must be amended. The portal should be available for the guys stuck on the end of the bench who don’t get an opportunity to play (Kason Martin). But there has to be some restriction on player movement to allow teams to build rosters and not lose every valuable player they develop without compensation. A few suggestions: If you DID NOT get to play in some number of games for your team last season, let’s say half the games (but people smarter than me can figure out how many games it should be), you can transfer and be eligible to play immediately. This protects the players who don’t get an opportunity in their current situation. But if you DID get to play in X games, you can only transfer under these conditions: 1. You have to sit out a year and lose a year of eligibility. Or 2. The school that you transfer to must “transfer” one of their 25 annual scholarships to the school you are leaving. If this happens, you are immediately eligible at your new school. This allows superstars to transfer schools, but also compensates the school that invested in and developed that player. In the scenarios above, everyone wins: the guy stuck on the end of the bench, the star who wants a different opportunity, the school that lands the star and the school that loses the star. Prove me wrong.
  9. I mean, I buy season tickets, bring my family to the games, donate to the MGSF, read everything I can about the team, etc.. I’m not a Lovelace, but I feel like I do my part to give the players something to invest in. And I do it because I fall in love with watching guys like Mason Fine, Jeffrey Wilson & Zach Orr grow and compete and represent my school. If the guys like that are just going to transfer as soon as they can, it is not really fun anymore and maybe I should reevaluate how I spend my time and resources. That sucks, but it really is how I feel right now.
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