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  1. Well, I was very underwhelmed by watching him play in person but I want to give Seth the benefit of the doubt and don’t want to talk smack about a future Mean Green player... But yes, now that he is decomitted, I have no problem sharing my negative evaluation of him. If he had signed here I would have kept that thought to myself.
  2. Saw Renfro play in person this season. Was not impressed. Reminded me of Connor Means. We can do better.
  3. I would be interested in hearing Mason’s thoughts on potentially playing for a team with the name “Redskins”. That could be a story heading up to the NFL Draft.
  4. JUCOs will always be less than 50% hit rate. And when they don’t make, they are usually “expected to report later” until they don’t. Have to be strategic and take calculated risks with JUCOs. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
  5. All you guys being critical of schools telling Renfro they “may” have an offer for him knows that NT is also telling other QB recruits the same thing, right? I would love to have Renfro. If he chooses someone else, I’ll be excited about Seth’s next man up.
  6. If Garrison Johnson wasn’t going to sign with us tomorrow then he wasn’t going to sign with us in February. I know Coach Choice really wanted him and put a lot of work into building a great relationship with Johnson and his mother. The early signing day was time for Johnson to $&@* or get off the pot with us. I’m glad our coaches pressured him to sign early. That is the only leverage we had with him. Johnson has other options, but so will we. Better to know that he isn’t IN now so we can find someone else than getting ghosted in February when the alternatives have signed elsewhere. We need to move on.
  7. Fourth college team: FSU, EMCC, FAU and ???
  8. Wilson wanted to play pro baseball in the off-season instead of doing football workouts. This pissed off the NC State coach who threatened to name Mike Glennon (future NFL journeyman) as the starter. Wilson got mad and transferred.
  9. I think it would take a pretty unique situation to get Mason to grad transfer. It would have to be a national title contender. And how many of those are there, really? Maybe Kyler Murray goes to play baseball and Austin Kendall tears his ACL this spring? Most national title contenders have 4 or 5 star QBs with multiple seasons of eligibility left as backups. Even Mason’s original “dream school” of OK State has Spencer Sanders in line for their QB job. Why would a good P5 prefer one year of Mason Fine to the potential upside of it’s own younger highly-rated QBs. And why would he transfer to a P5 that doesn’t have a shot to win a national title? He already has a chance to play on TV and on the biggest stages in out of conference games. Heck, even at home games he is playing in front of large crowds. Plus, I would guess that he has relationships and loyalty towards teammates here that he would not want to betray. Most grad transfers switch schools for more playing time. When Russell Wilson left NC State it was rumored that it was because he had lost the starting job there. Also, many grad transfers don’t end up working out. They don’t even end up winning the starting job at their new school. I think Mason will finish his career at UNT and always be remembered as an all-time great.
  10. I stayed home. Pouring rain, lightning and a tornado warning were happening when I would have needed to leave for the game. A tornado ended up hitting Waxahachie HS a few miles from my house. I wanted to be at the game but getting in the car and driving through that with my wife and kids would have been dumb. I regret nothing Wren Baker. Go Mean Green!
  11. They need two car lines in the blue lot. One for those who already have their blue tag and another for those paying cash. I pay extra to get that blue tag so I can park quickly. I had to wait in line 15 minutes last game while people paid cash and got change, etc. A logical person might not support the MGSF just to get the parking pass if all they have to do is pay cash on game day and they have the same parking experience either way. Plus, if you pay cash on game day, you don’t end up paying for parking to games you can’t attend like I am right now by making a donation to the MGSF to get a parking pass. Wren needs to protect the value of the parking pass and encourage supporting the MGSF by offering an express line to those of us with the blue tag.
  12. We also have to prepare for the nightmare scenario that Littrell gets an attractive P5 job (OK State?, TX Tech?) and Mason Fine follows him as a grad transfer. So far, the grad transfer thing has only benefitted us, but it could also burn us. Really, really hope it doesn’t happen.
  13. I don’t care how many other offers these recruits have as long as we keep landing in conference championships and bowl games.
  14. You don’t think Littrell recruited well right out of the gate? He signed a kid who is now the best college quarterback in the state in his very first class!
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