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  1. So embarrassing to have no audio from the officials 😭
  2. My bad then, guess I am just lashing out. 😭
  3. I may just be salty, but how is UNLV's slot machine TD celebration not unsportsmanlike conduct?
  4. According to http://streamingtvguides.com/ it's on beIN sports. Which is part of the Sling Orange "Sports Extra" package. Edit: I can confirm that it is available via Sling. If you've never signed up before you can do a free trial (just make sure to include the Sports Extra package). Quality is pretty good.
  5. Definitely not a legitimate stream.. but if you're willing to live on the wild side.. http://stablelivestream.com/army-west-point-vs-north-texas/
  6. Decent game against a bottom of the league team. p.s. Wasn't a bad holding call imo.
  7. Great idea...what about the Omni? Isn't the Omni the hotel with all of the LED windows that can display all kinds of things on the side of their hotel?
  8. Pretty good deal, thought you guys might enjoy. http://www.finishline.com/store/shop/_/N-/Ntt-north+texas
  9. So is this game not being streamed on mean green premium? I don't see it listed anywhere...
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