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  1. WOW what a comeback! Wish I would have followed the game!
  2. Agree. We need a big crowd for this next one, Utah St. beat us earlier in the year at home by 17! Right now we’re sitting at 16-15 overall, 7-9 in conference finishing in 9th place. A win against USU next week would guarantee us a winning record for the year!
  3. Make that 14 wins by run rule, OU wins 8-0. Still 16-10 record, not bad at this point! We need to focus our attention on La Tech and the stronger teams in our conference...which is right around the corner. #GMG
  4. Rice very similar to our UNT women's soccer team, both #1 seeds & ranked #24 Nationally! I believe our women can pull off the upset, only down by 8 at the half! To be the best you have to beat the best! #GMG
  5. Sorry but we should always beat our Lil Sister School in any sport!
  6. with CUSA championship trophies? As of now the program is at 0! Let’s hope we get our first title this year!
  7. Easy to read on the run rule! Congrats to our team...now let’s go sweep UTA!
  8. Interesting move from Kent St not to go with their star pitcher...especially how she dominated us in the first game of the tournament! So for the people that think coaching doesn’t really matter here’s living proof! Our girls are going to run rule this backup pitcher!
  9. Not sure if this is right or makes sense but I believe UNT 1-3 will play Kent St. 3-1 in the championship game tomorrow at noon and the two ranked teams ULL 3-1 will play Baylor 2-2 for the consolation game at 10am.
  10. Nice to see our ladies get the split against ULL. They could have easily quit being down 0-3 in this tournament but kept on fighting! GMG
  11. I believe Baylor seemed to be always ranked and we had their number the last three or four years!
  12. Just wondering but is the Regular Season Title determined before the bonus play or after? Isn’t really the bonus play for getting RPI’s higher?
  13. Who replaces our First Team All-Conference kicker Hedlund? That could be the difference between 2-3 wins! Surprised Vito did not have this in his Top 5.
  14. Records mean very little without the ships! The only thing that matters is winning the regular season title, tournament title and going on to the NCAA’s! Pretty much what our women’s soccer program does every year! Let’s finish the season out strong! Go Mean Green MBB & WBB!
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