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  1. blurbeard

    2018 CUSA Women's Soccer Tourney Info/Results

    Congratulations on a great year ladies winning both CUSA championships and now dominating their sport with 7 CUSA titles! We're so proud! On advancing in the NCAA tournament, it's more about the draw then the direct system UNT plays. If you watch enough womens college soccer UNT, Baylor and Arkansas are identical with the way they play. Very direct, utilize their speed/ athletes and extremely physical...when you read alot of the coaches game quotes, most schools hate playing these three schools in particular and all three teams consistently lead in fouls/cards each year! Now the question is can you win in this tournament with a direct system? Yes... Baylor with a little luck last year went all the way to the Elite 8 and won the Big 12 this year and Arkansas won last night, although it was UALR but they have advanced in recent years. Arkansas also got to the SEC championship game the last two years. The only diference I see in these three programs is Baylor and Arkansas have more depth then UNT but hopefully with the new stadium Hedlund can build his depth instead of relying solely on his starters! Now as far as A&M, they get the best talent out of Texas every year (5 star recruits) Very silly to say the talent is the same because its not even close! Hedlund finds athletes with speed and fits them into his system to counter these national type players he cannot get. A&M was ranked as high as #3 in the country this year...that's the talent they have, if your read the box score, Emmitt Smith's daughter couldn't even get off the bench last night, that's how deep they're. So what our women did last night to almost steal a win against that team/environment was simply amazing and they should be commended not torn down! I believe this program will advance someday when they start hosting or their draw becomes more fair to their RPI...this year they got screwed and right now all the NCAA committee is doing is throwing us to the wolves!
  2. blurbeard

    2018 CUSA Women's Soccer Tourney Info/Results

    Who cares, this is about winning and getting fair treatment from the committee! I believe Hedlund has beaten TCU the last two times they have that should have been the first round matchup!
  3. blurbeard

    2018 CUSA Women's Soccer Tourney Info/Results

    Agree this makes no sense! We should be playing TCU...can you imagine the crowd we would have and it's an easy 30 min drive! RPI just came out (Texas Schools) #5 Baylor, #10 A&M, #13 Texas, #19 TCU, #31 UNT, #34 Texas Tech. All Texas schools got to host first round games even Texas Tech at 34 except for us. Why are we not hosting...heard we did not put a bid in...Texas Tech should be coming to us or at the very least we play at TCU! Bull Shit politics...take care of the Power 5!
  4. blurbeard

    Soccer Gets Blasted 4-0 by ODU

    Win Win Win! RPI is 28, our team beat Rice 2-0 and ODU the home team in the tournament lost tonight 3-2 OT! Guess we have the smarter coach, Hedlund rested his players against ODU and when you look at the stats she pretty much plyed her starters the whole game. Well it backfired, ODU is out and UNT will be playing La Tech Friday night at 7pm.
  5. blurbeard

    Women's Soccer Ranked #25!!! This weeks national poll - #24 Go Mean Green!
  6. blurbeard

    Soccer Beats FAU 2-1 (battle of unbeatens)

    If Rice beats FAU tomorrow at home and our women take care of FIU which we should, then we will rap up the #1 seed/title. Last two games would be more about RPI/rankings. Rice needs the win tomorrow to get into the tournament...look for the upset!
  7. blurbeard

    Soccer Beats FAU 2-1 (battle of unbeatens)

    Huge Win for our women! Looks like if everything goes right, a win Sunday against a poor FIU team gives the UNT soccer team the regular season title and the #1 seed going into the tournament.
  8. United Soccer Coaches NCAA Division I Women - National - Poll 8 - October 9, 2018 Rank School 1 Stanford University 2 University Of Southern California 3 University Of North Carolina 4 Georgetown University 5 Texas A&M University 6 University Of Virginia 7 Santa Clara University 8 Boston College 9 University Of South Carolina 10 UCLA 11 Duke University 12 Vanderbilt University 13 Florida State University 14 Baylor University 15 University Of Memphis 16 University of Colorado 17 University of Tennessee 18 West Virginia University 19 Washington State University 20 University Of Texas 21 Rutgers University 22 University Of Wisconsin 23 Mississippi State University 24 University of North Texas 25 Northwestern University Records shown are through games of Oct. 7, 2018 Also receiving votes: Clemson University (33), Penn State University (31), University Of South Florida (25), North Carolina State University (24), Princeton University (21), Oklahoma State University (16), Brigham Young University (16), University Of Kansas (16), University of Nebraska (12), Auburn University (8), TCU (2), University of California-Riverside (1), Butler University (1)
  9. blurbeard

    ***OFFICIAL UNT vs. UTEP Game Thread***

    Huge game for Cole Hedlund! We really needed those two FG's especially the 52 to win the game! Go MeanGreen
  10. blurbeard

    Golf uniforms

    Rough first tournament. Must be the blue uniforms! MEN UTSA/Lone Star Invitational Sep 10 - Sep 11 2018 Team Leaders 1 UTSA +2 2 Arkansas State +4 T3 Little Rock +13 T3 Sam Houston State +13 5 ULM +15 6 South Alabama +21 T7 Texas State +23 T7 Rice +23 9 North Texas +24 10 Louisiana +27
  11. Great for Mason on receiving offensive player of the week but how in the world did our kicker Cole Hedlund not receive special teams player of the week! He went four for four with a long of 51 and scored a total of 15 pts in the game. Hedlund is now second in the nation in field goals. Special teams player of the week went to a punt returner from S. Miss who returned a kick off for a touchdown against Jackson St. S. Miss won the game 51-7.
  12. blurbeard

    UNT Soccer beats Pitt 4-1

    Great win for our women's soccer team winning 4-1 over ACC Pitt!
  13. Did a little history check in the CUSA archives for women's soccer * Rice has been in CUSA since 2009 and their women's soccer team has won a total of three Championships * UNT has been in CUSA since 2013 and our women's soccer team has won a total of five Championships When you look at the other present 12 members only Charlotte has a conference title. (1 CUSA Championship)
  14. blurbeard

    Drive for 5

    Nice article, great story on our women's soccer ladies: The Drive for 5 CUSA Championships in a row!
  15. blurbeard

    Soccer Schedule released

    The Drive for 5 CUSA Championships in a row starts in August! #greatestprogram