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  1. 6’1 GK but still think we have the better keeper! Arkansas roster is full of 6’0, 5’11 and 5’10 players...huge team! Saw a stat where this team is #1 in the country on set pieces scoring 19 goals this year...to me that is the key to the game!
  2. Great info Matt! #47 UNT playing the sixth best team in the country and #32 FAU not even in the tournament shows no respect towards CUSA! Yes I agree we’re going to have to win one of these but much easier to have #55 TCU’s draw (Arizona) then playing the team that beat #1 UNC 2-0 in Fayetteville during the year!
  3. Hey anytime you can get seven goals in a championship game that’s pretty exciting! Great crowd today as well, very loud and into the game! Agree on FAU, they didn’t do enough with the wind in the first half and Hedlund made them pay for it in the second half! Some great goals on beautiful crosses in and that 6’1 freshmen Bird is a stud!
  4. Agree! Counting, seven straight years in the semi-final and will be going for three years in a row CUSA tournament champions!
  5. Not in that HS gym... the ceiling is way to low! CUSA would never allow us to host, need a new facility!
  6. Rice swept us here 3-0 and will probably win the tournament pretty handily! Our women’s volleyball program still looking for their first tournament championship in program history! Women’s soccer this week, starting Wednesday will be going for their third CUSA tournament championship in a row! Good luck ladies!
  7. S. Miss won at Auburn 2-0 FAU’s RPI is #19 in the country I can keep going, bottom line is our women’s soccer team has won 7 CUSA championships! Complain about the several NT teams that are still looking to win one!
  8. Nice article and tremendous record by our women’s soccer team! This would be a BIG DEAL at any school in the country but UNT...only crickets!
  9. Great win! You had the CUSA’s offensive player of the year from MTSU going up against the defensive player of the year - UNT own Dominique James! Both players have received this award two years in a row and Dom wins the battle! UNT wins 3-0! Our women’s soccer team has now won 25 straight home matches and has set a NCAA record of 52 straight home conference matches without a loss! Our last home conference loss was in 2008! Wow, that is simply incredible! #GMG
  10. Hedlund went 2 for 3 in FG’s/pat the other night against Cincinnati, scoring 7 of the Colts 13pts in the win! He’ll get picked up, too many kickers struggling throughout the league!
  11. Yes both Cole & Trevor were competing at NT pro day. Love seeing North Texas on the Colts full roster! Congrats Cole! https://www.colts.com/team/players-roster/cole-hedlund/
  12. Fun team to follow this year! Regular Season Champions...has a nice ring 💍to it! Congrats to Softball, Soccer & M Cross Country for winning Titles this year!🏆
  13. Mason Fine - Student Athlete of the Year - Well deserved! Already excited about next fall - Prediction 12-0 with this guy under center!
  14. Congratulations to all of the athletes & teams on another great year with UNT athletics and our new administration! Thank you Wren! https://meangreensports.com/news/2019/4/29/general-north-texas-celebrates-years-best-at-scrappys.aspx?fbclid=IwAR0eDVP-ujuB1YoVRRkZMKwqouRt_sJVaToRq7c00G8sM5YtXmIbff_aPdo
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