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  1. Did a little history check in the CUSA archives for women's soccer * Rice has been in CUSA since 2009 and their women's soccer team has won a total of three Championships * UNT has been in CUSA since 2013 and our women's soccer team has won a total of five Championships When you look at the other present 12 members only Charlotte has a conference title. (1 CUSA Championship)
  2. blurbeard

    Drive for 5

    Nice article, great story on our women's soccer ladies: The Drive for 5 CUSA Championships in a row!
  3. blurbeard

    Soccer Schedule released

    The Drive for 5 CUSA Championships in a row starts in August! #greatestprogram
  4. blurbeard

    Snyman: Third and Final Round

    These five teams advanced: OU, BYU, N Florida, Auburn and Arkansas. So looking at the player board, here are the individuals that are not from the top five teams that finished a head of Snyman: Two players from Pepperdine, three players from Virginia and one from FSU, SDSU, Nevada, Missouri KS and we're tied with a player from SMU. So reading the other posts, why does it come down to us and the SMU guy when there are several players on the non top five teams a head of Snyman?
  5. Nice Story. Congratulations to our Women's Soccer Team! Pretty incredible feat on soccer already winning five CUSA titles and the program has not lost a home conference game since 2008. Wow!
  6. blurbeard

    NT Women vs. WKU (CUSA Semifinal)

    5 for 17 from the three point line and 15 turnovers did us in!
  7. blurbeard

    NT Women vs. WKU (CUSA Semifinal)

    Was really hoping for two CUSA tournament champions..crowned this year! Right now our women's soccer team is the lone wolf!
  8. Correct. Hedlund already has 5 CUSA titles, 13 overall.
  9. blurbeard

    Bowl Projections 11/12/2017

    I believe the Frisco Bowl has to take an AAC team. Would love to see a UNT/SMU rematch!
  10. blurbeard

    Mens Golf beat SMU at SMUs own invitational

    Ok, next to last..but SMU had the worst score of the day at 12 over! Pretty sad!
  11. blurbeard

    North Texas Volleyball beats Oklahoma

    The 3-12 Sooner's get rocked tonight by our lady eagles!
  12. blurbeard

    Mens Golf beat SMU at SMUs own invitational

    SMU finished dead last in their own tournament, pretty sad!
  13. blurbeard

    OU Coming to Denton

    Trouble in OU land, the 3-11 Sooners are about to lose seven in a row and be swept by our lady eagles. Congrats!
  14. blurbeard

    Volleyball continues roll

    Nice to see VB finally winning some games especially from last years 13-19 record, but at what cost with this soft schedule does this really start to hurt us! WKU just knocked off Nationally ranked Ohio St. 3-0 and have played a very tough non-conference schedule. Have we played anyone comparable to WKU so our girls will be ready for them or even the top teams in our conference. Why not play a few middle to upper schools in the P5 conferences instead of the bottom feeders throughout the country. I'm really not understanding the logic here on the scheduling unless championships mean nothing and racking up wins mean everything. Example: In the tournament we're presently playing in Mississippi St is picked to finish 13 out of 13 teams in the SEC. They already have been blownout by two Southland Conference teams earlier in the season.(Lost to SFA 3-0 / Lost to McNesse St. 3-0) The other two teams we're playing - in this tournament are Jackson St. who has a record of 1-12 and SE Louisiana sitting at 2-10. This competition has really been the norm for us this year. Hope this soft schedule pays off but I think when it comes to scheduling, we need to take a page out of WKU book! Go Mean Green!