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  1. Yes agree, clearly better than Rice a team that was ranked #14 in the country earlier in the year! Read Vito’s article on all of the injuries this team has gone through during the year, several ACL’s including our top forward Byrd! Doubtful Rice’s defense would have been able to contain her if she was on the field and now your looking at a second seed! A much easier road!
  2. Women beat La Tech 2-1 on the road, sets up big match next Thursday at home against Rice! Winner gets the first round bye in the CUSA tournament.
  3. ESPYS! Sarah Fuller by far our highest profile athlete on campus! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4408957425784079&id=130759533603911
  4. North Texas entered a new era in college athletics today when the NCAA began allowing athletes to profit from use of their likeness. Expert said soccer goalie Sarah Fuller could make $160,000 annually after playing for Vandy football team. #DentonRC UNT set for new era in college athletics beginning Thursday, when athletes can profit from use of... North Texas prepared for Thursday and a landmark shift in college athletics for months. dentonrc.com
  5. 𝘽𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝘽𝙖𝙧𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙧𝙨 - #TeamWass is excited to welcome @SarahFuller_27 as our first NIL client! We're ready to watch her play this fall @MeanGreenSoccer
  6. And Kudos for Tracey Kee on finding and signing Hope to come play at UNT! Let’s all take the high road here and wish Hope the best at OU!
  7. Sarah Fuller starting goalkeeper for Vanderbilt (last season’s SEC champs) Grad student: Could have stayed but wants to come back home!
  8. Congrats to Marshall! Best team in the tournament hands down! * 45 players on his roster half being international. A lot of great players. * Head Coach just signed a five year contract at 375k per year! Good for him, well deserved!
  9. Ladies will be going for a record four CUSA tournament championships in a row! Pretty Amazing! I’m sure the conference is tired of the MeanGreen hosting the trophy...Big Target on the ladies back! Looks like we start out with Charlotte. Gook luck!
  10. Yes a tie is 1 point, a win is 3 points and 0 points for a loss! Remember their is no regular season champion only tournament champion this year! So with the tie and a win at home next week our ladies will have no worse then the second seed!
  11. Not really! A tie gives them a point and with a win at home next week the ladies rap up at least the second seed in the conference tournament! If Rice ties or loses next week, UNT gets the one seed! Remember our MB got the three seed and look what they did with it!
  12. Starting GK did not make the trip to S.Miss...concussion against OSU! She was back in goal tonight against UAB! Ladies win 3-1, back in first place!
  13. Well our women did something Texas A&M couldn’t do! A&M loses at Rice tonight 3-2 in overtime! Our UNT women went down to Rice last week and beat them! Should help us in the National Poll!
  14. I believe I read on the UNT twitter page that soccer just moved into the top 25 national poll! 💪
  15. Big road win for our women, it puts us in the driver seat to win our 9th CUSA title!
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