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  1. Darden just returned a ko and caught a bubble screen which godwyn missed the block an got him tackled.is that his first nfl action?
  2. I don't know but its the pre med neurobiology major that really impresses me.
  3. Just an early prediction: wbb wins confer. And a tournament game,just putting it on record.
  4. Known him since a baby. Great character,and very humble. Talked to him right before the season, he was totally locked in. Hope it rubs offs on others.
  5. Yea and he had a few words for the coach in the yellow im guessing that's Bennett. Might be a bad sign.
  6. Could a consistent deep run in the tourney for men and women bball be a smoother path to a better conference for unt,because the football team constantly drops the ball when its time to show up. Could we spend more money and focus raising the bball program to semi elite status snd slip into a better situation. Im just asking. Dont really know how the ncaa politics work. Someone enlightened me please..
  7. Anyone see wbb picked up a commit from a Jahcelyn Heartfield from south grand prairie?
  8. 18,468. Covid anxiety might keep the numbers a little low .my 3 children will be there cheering on big cousin Tyreke D.gmg!
  9. I believe he also had a ff/fr late 3rd qrt.
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