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  1. First game I remember attending.i was ten ,my father who is resting in peace took me.never went to UNT but repping from this day
  2. Go to a high school fb or bb game and listen to the kids in the stands talk,its downright r rated.i think we'll keep on living
  3. Still took us from a very dank basement to a top conference team on a six game win streak.They at least are garnering respect now. Jmo
  4. To everyone calling for Jalies job,can we let things play out first? GmG
  5. The straw that broke the camels back,the nail in the coffin...biggest fear regarding unt football has manifested .sad sad day in mudville!!
  6. Michael Heir,we are gonna hear his name ringing by midseason the guy can really play QB. Good find.
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