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  1. I called and was told Tuesday at 9 AM. They are apparently going to be sending out a second round of email notices since a number of people have been calling that they haven't received one.
  2. I haven't received any email about ticket selection. I just logged into my account, which shows my priority points ranking is 566 of 4820. I take it that would mean I should be far enough up the list to make a pick at some point. I triple-checked email and junk folder and have nothing. Guessing I need to call someone or email to check on what has happened with my notice?
  3. Word Mark MEAN GREEN Goods and Services IC 018. US 001 002 003 022 041. G & S: [ Backpacks, fanny packs, wallets, and ] athletic bags. FIRST USE: 20080600. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20080600 IC 021. US 002 013 023 029 030 033 040 050. G & S: Housewares and glass, namely, cups, mugs, [ steins, ] beverage glassware; barware, namely, [ flasks, ] trivets [, alcohol and wine decanters ] ; [ wine bottle chillers, namely, ice buckets; ] [ china, namely, plates, cups, bowls and serving dishes; ] crystal, namely, [ high ball glasses, ] shot glasses, be
  4. I may be heading to that side until the shadows reach on the east side. The first quarter is going to be miserable.
  5. On a somewhat related note, I went to Rally House Old Town in Dallas this weekend to try to get a couple shirts for the kids. They had only adult sizes and baby with no youth size shirts at all. An employee there told me that Euless was the go-to store for UNT with a greater selection. I was hoping to get new white t-shirts for this weekend, so here's hoping the extra expense of overnight shipping from shop.meangreensports.com will get them to me in time. Sometimes Dallas feels so close but so far away from Denton. πŸ™‚
  6. If UNT starts 3-0 and 4-0, then (barring horrible weather), not only will we see the first Apogee Stadium sellout, but we will see the first two Apogee sellouts in a row.
  7. I was hoping to use SWA points and go there and back same day like I did for NO Bowl last year, but I don't think that will be possible. I guess I can now experience watching NT in a bowl game on TV for a change. As a 12-year season ticket holder, I hate that, but I just can't make it work to go and stay within budget. Bummer.
  8. Looks great ! We went with the paint versus carving this year.
  9. Ah, this makes me miss Ellington's on the Square. I do love the chicken fried steak at Cartwright's, though.
  10. Moving generally west to east. This is from the Texas Tech weather model btw. Here is 2 hours later:
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