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  1. You were the one who asked when we were going to beat a better team. Every ranking organization had them rated as a better team. We beat a perceived better team. If you didn't want that response, then you should have asked when are we going to beat a good team and not a better team. It has nothing to do with green glasses. It has everything to do with the question asked. I think SL should go as well, but your question asked when were we going to beat a better team.
  2. I looked at the teams we have left on the schedule. I looked at their wins and losses and who they have played. This team is more than capable of beating everyone left on our schedule. UAB, WKU, and UTSA are not what they were last year. They have beaten teams that are ranked below us and have lost to teams that we would think they would win against. UAB was just beaten by Rice. UTSA played Texas Southern about the same as we played them so we look more evenly matched. WKU lost to Troy whose only decent win is against Marshall and Marshall lost to Bowling Green. Based off of that, we are more than capable of winning the conference. Will it happen remains to be seen.
  3. That's not what your question asked. This is what you asked "If this team beats no one that is supposed to be better than them are they successful?" No one said FAU is good, but your question asked about better not whether they were good or not.
  4. What makes this game even worse for me is that I taught at U of M for two years. All I did during that time was bad mouth their football team. That was just before they hired Justin Fuente and his first year there.
  5. I am guessing you didn't watch the game? Our offense scored 21 for Memphis.
  6. You are remembering correctly. I am saying it is his fault because it should have never been thrown that direction because the receiver was not open.
  7. We have to agree to disagree because the two pick sixes were entirely his fault. The fumble was not.
  8. They need to get one of the other QBs ready for the rest of the season. This was a winnable game, but was lost because of poor QB play. I can take losing, but not when we all see the obvious problem for losing and the 2 million dollar man does not.
  9. On third and three; Aune looks at Ragsdale, sees he is open and can get the first down, looks down field, then throws into coverage almost resulting in another interception. Does he have money on this game and is betting against his own team?
  10. What is the 52 yard line? That's what the play by play guy said.
  11. Although it would have been nullified, I feel like Burns didn't run full speed for that pass because they are so used to the balls being underthrown.
  12. The play by play guy said Aune has real command of this offense.
  13. Bush should have kept running. Did he do that because they don't have confidence in Aune's ability to get it there? I don't know, but he gave up on his route.
  14. Why did we run such a long developing play when we only need 5 yards? Is it me or is Cam Robertson playing better than Tom Trieb?
  15. The defense is playing a lot better without Trieb, Jackson and Crosby.
  16. Hope left when Trautwein left. Oh wait. Not that Hope? Surely you jest.
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