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  1. Well, I am going to put on my rose colored glasses and chalk this season up to losing four coaches in Graham, Filani, Brown, and Koonz. Losing four magnificent players on defense in Ejiya, Garner, Brooks, and Hall. Losing a great receiver in Guyton. His flirtation with K-State and several injuries across the board. However, when the season is over, I am throwing those glasses away. He better get his ass in gear and coaching or he needs to be replaced.I am sure there are several great coaches out there that are willing to take a 1.8 mil salary who can actually win when it counts.
  2. Reffett makes 250K a year so I think you have to pay more than that. It would be nice if we could find a DC with ties to North Texas and loves the school. Kind of like PC is for our RBs. PC loves this school and his RBs do very well despite the subpar offensive line. I believe PC pours his heart and soul into coaching the guys to be the best. Thirdly, he needs to be able to recruit talent. No matter what scheme you run, if they are not talented, then you can only get so far. Fourth since I don't think fourthly is a word (but it could be), he needs to be able to make adjustments quickly. Who is that person? Hell, I have no idea, but it certainly is not Ref.
  3. Cross Country won a CUSA championship last year, volleyball won two years ago, soccer wins almost every year, and softball won last year in Coach Delong's first year. SL is making more than all of them put together and gets a raise every year. He has to start producing or his seat should be getting very warm.
  4. The struggles would continue, but I think if you replace him, you send a message that you are committed to winning and that it's not just players that are being held accountable, but coaches as well. When a company is not doing well, you don't say well it's too late in the fiscal year to change. You make that change and hope that the impact is immediate, but you clearly say you are committed to improving for the future.
  5. Venson

    Our DC

    I think it will change the philosophy over to let's get stops and turnovers so that our offense can Tee it high and let it fly. Now the philosophy seems to be bend, bend, break and rely on the offense to save us because they Tee it high and let it fly.
  6. Defense is horrible. Out of the 8 games we have played, we have only held two teams under 30 points and both of those teams had horrible offenses. Three of the eight put up over 40 on us and Charlotte came real close to putting up 40. When an FCS team drops over 30 on you, it points to a bad defense.
  7. I don't think the team has quit, but I do think they are placed in bad situations especially on defense.
  8. Venson

    Our DC

    Jennings I think would do a decent job. I thought maybe they would go with Scott because he seems to have more DC experience, but so did Ref and we see where he has gotten us.
  9. Venson

    Our DC

    Serious question. If SL fires Ref this week, who do you think would call the defense? Also, do you think the defense would change or would we continue running 3-3-5? I personally think we would keep 3-3-5 because it's so late in the season, but part of me says change it because you can't do any worse defensively. What are board members thought?
  10. Venson

    Our DC

    He may not take a job at a G5 unless it's as a HC, but one thing for certain about Wilson over SL, he had the balls to fire his OC last year when things were not working. He didn't hire a better one or at least it seems he didn't, but he had the balls to make a change. I'm not sure if SL has the balls to fire anyone that he has hired. I believe Nate Brown leaving was a Reffett call. I hope he grows a pair and we have a new DC by Monday. If he doesn't, then he may not be the HC we need.
  11. Honestly we all made GH the bad guy. Without him, UNT football has been shit. SL may be the problem. Definitely not what we thought he was. He rode GH and others to an almost 2 million dollar salary. I don't blame GH, Joel F, , and other coaches for leaving. They bring the success and SL gets the raises.
  12. If Seth has any balls or smarts, it will be Ref.
  13. Reffett has to be fired now. We will not make a bowl game. He has to go now. Can't get any worse.
  14. You score 38 points and can't win the game, the defense is the problem.
  15. Proud of our guys on hard fought win against a good Charlotte team. Something like that.
  16. We got fortunate that they had a bad snap. The offense has to score to win this game.
  17. SL needs to call Skladany and see if he wants to coach again.
  18. It's too late to replace D Coordinators now, but if Ref is not gone at the end of this season then Seth may not be the guy we need because that means he has no balls. Ref may be a nice guy, but this is not about friendship and it's not personal. It's business.
  19. Even if we win this game, Reffett and his Defense needs to go.
  20. How the hell does this D give up a 99 yard drive to a sub par offense? What good does it do for the special teams to pin them deep when the D can't hold anyone?
  21. What the program needs to move forward is to replace Troy Reffett. That defense sucks. He was fortunate enough last year to have players that covered up for it's flaws. However, since he has been here we have had only one season of a decent defense. He needs to be able to put players in the right positions to fit their talents and abilities not forcing them to play his scheme when they cannot. No matter how good offenses get, defense still wins championships.
  22. This! This is like finding out that your wife wants to be with another guy who makes more money than you, but finding out the only reason she didn't leave you for him is he did not want the kids she was bringing with her so she decides to stay with you instead. No matter what you will never trust her again. Obviously I am being a little over dramatic, but I am not sure if this team is as emotionally invested in SL as they have been in the past. I saw them quit last night in the 4th quarter like they quit on McCarney during the Portland State debacle. I know as a person it would be hard for me to want to give my all to a guy who wanted to leave me, but the only reason he didn't is because K-State wouldn't give him as much control as he would have liked. I am not sure if any of this coaching staff is very dedicated to this team as they should be with the exception of Patrick Cobbs. It shows to me because PC's running backs are the only ones giving 100% effort and they are the only group performing at a high level.
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