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  1. I don't take much stock in the loss because Coach Hedlund said before heading to Florida that he was going play everyone on the roster. I am sure he played new younger players much of the game. He knows what he has with his veterans.
  2. The school mascot is not named after Joe Greene.
  3. I apologize as well. I wish I was being facetious. I had genuinely never heard the music before. I never played the Super Mario Bros game before. I stopped playing video games when Galaga was in the arcade and the music sounded similar so I thought maybe that was where it was from.
  4. No need to call me a dummy because I didn't know the music. I am sure there are a lot of things you don't know. I just wanted to know where the music came from because it sounded similar to the music from the video game Galaga. I could get nasty back, but I won't.
  5. Ahhh Mario. I knew it was video game music. It just sounded similar to Galaga, but Galaga was a little different. Especially when you let your fighter get captured to save it so you could have two fighters. Haha
  6. Was the music from Galaga or something?
  7. That's what I should call it. LOL
  8. Emergency Administration and Planning
  9. My time was way different than everyone else. I grew up in Denton so I lived at home with my parents until the second semester of my sophomore year. Then I moved to Windsor Village near Strickland Jr High now middle school. Woke up at the end of my sophomore year and decided to join the Army. Was planning on doing 3 or 4 years in the Army and coming back to UNT. Was enjoying it too much and 3 years turned into 23 years. Retired and decided I had unfinished business at UNT. The wife and I settled in Little Elm and I commuted to finish my Jr and Sr year. So, I must have had the longest break ever from Freshman to graduate. LOL
  10. Mason looks like the weight room is paying dividends for him. He looks more jacked than times past.
  11. I agree. FW is a recruiter not a football coach. Haha. he needs to run someone's recruiting operations.
  12. I personally think we could go 10-2. However, I also believe we are capable of beating anyone on our schedule if we do not start reading all the hype and stay focused. I see a possible loss against UH and Cal. UH because defensively we really struggle against mobile QBs and King is as mobile as they come. Cal because of the travel distance, time zone change, and the fact they watched the Ark game last year and know that they cannot underestimate us because we are North Texas. Not saying that Ark underestimated us, but the media certainly did. The belief was that a bad Ark team would beat us because they are SEC and we are just North Texas. That's why it was so satisfying to watch the Mean Green beat the brakes off of them.
  13. I see what you did there. Air Force flying to AAC.
  14. I don't see the AAC adding us because I do not see them adding another team from the DFW metro to the conference. If anyone from CUSA goes to AAC, I see it being Marshall. Not that they are better than anyone else, it just makes sense to me because of the market and location. They have some decent history and other than WVU, there is nothing else going in the market. If not them, I can see UAB, Old Dominion, or USM based on location. I just do not see AAC saturating the DFW market with another team. Our best bet out of CUSA is MWC.
  15. I'm with you. I cannot stand Starbucks, but then again, I don't drink coffee either so they never get my money anyway.
  16. Wow! I never knew any of that. I already had a tremendous amount of respect for Coach Littrell, but after reading all that, I have a new found respect for what he has accomplished amidst such tough trials. For him to keep going and achieving like he has, that speaks to the character and the soul of the man. God has truly blessed him and after what he has been through and keeping his trust in God, he deserves those blessings. Often as fans, I think we do not think about the fact that the people we cheer and yell at have lives outside of football. He has managed it well. I am sure lesser people would have crumbled under the pressure to win when they have the trials that he has faced with them daily. Glad he is here with North Texas. God continue to bless Coach Littrell and his family.
  17. Exactly. I agree with what you said. I think there was an assumption that you were trying to relate them to bodybag games.
  18. I with Brett here. He never said they were bodybag games. He only said that UNT has cut down on the number of games in which we play P5 schools. All those teams may not be powerhouse football programs, but they are part of a P5 conference. We went from three a year to one a year. That is cutting down the number.
  19. Hopefully you get an interview with him soon to give us some insight on why he chose UNT.
  20. This is huge when you can get 4 star recruits. I know he may be a retread, but the fact that he chose to come to UNT says to me that we are trending in the right direction. Pretty soon we will get 4 star guys right out of high school and won't have to take guys who are transferring. If things keep going this way and we keep winning, we will have to start looking seriously at coaches salaries. Right now, IMO North Texas is becoming very attractive and P5 schools are going to come very hard after what we have. With a student body and alumni base as large as ours, there is no reason why we cannot compete with P5 schools. Especially the ones on the smaller side. However, I know we have a long way to go to energize an apathetic alumni base. I think we are starting to sell the new students. It's the older students and alumni that we need to get on board.
  21. That was great. Thank you for posting this.
  22. I was looking at the all time football recruits for North Texas according to 24/7. Mason Fine, Jeffery Wilson and Zach Orr were so far down the list, it was ridiculous. Hint, it's easier to start at the bottom to get to those guys sooner.That goes to show that giving stars to players do not necessarily give a great indication of how well they will perform at the next level. https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/Sport/Football/AllTimeRecruits/
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