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  1. Me too. I just knew I was going to open it up and see that he was transferring. Can't do this to me. My heart can't take it.
  2. I really like this pick-up. Let's just hope he puts in a lot of defensive effort because if he doesn't you know Grant will bench him.
  3. I am sure you were somewhere around the scene of the crime. LOL Seriously though, congrats.
  4. Brett Vito is reporting this. I am not surprised. She seemed very frustrated with the offense at the end of the season. It was like no one knew the play call or what to do. There just seemed to be a lot of confusion, people not moving, Noble and Gamez just going to the corners and standing there. No one seemed to be trying to create.
  5. This sounds like the guy who got turned down after asking a girl out to the prom. Famous last words "I didn't want to go with you anyway." Hahaha.
  6. For those of you who really follow college basketball, who would you rather us play? Miss St or UVA?
  7. My wife went to get us a beer and they said they were not selling. She asked why and was told NIT rules. Not sure if that was a cop out, but that's what she was told.
  8. I agree with this statement so much. I am not the smartest guy in the world when it comes to basketball, but this is crazy. It's like why does C-USA even play a season? They should just play the tournament at the beginning of the season so they can go ahead and decide who is going to the NCAA tournament. No need to play the other games if they ultimately mean nothing when the tournament comes around. I hate this too. There will be teams that will get in who didn't win their conference and didn't when their conference tournament and will have several losses but because they are in another conference, they get in. Just dumb to me.
  9. Well, when I was leaving, he was upstairs talking to different fans and not in the LaTech locker room with the rest of his teammates. I even saw him sign a couple of autographs for Mean Green fans. I gave him some dap and told him "Good game my dude." and he was very appreciative. Probably not coming to Denton, but man what a force Abou and him would be.
  10. Now people who know more about NET rankings than I do, shouldn't the top teams drop some? Still showing Gonzaga, Arizona, and Kentucky in the same spot. St. Marys didn't move up. They stayed at 20.
  11. Thanks for letting me know. That's what someone else told me as well.
  12. Okay. That's something I didn't know. Thanks for letting me know.
  13. I would take that with a grain of salt. That same NET rankings that has us dropping to 38 says we are 20-4 and we are clearly 22-4 and all the top ranked teams are ranked in the same place after losses. I don't think it has been fully updated. I think the date changes automatically, but I don't believe a real update has happened.
  14. The streets in west McKinney have improved a lot. How are the roads in Denton?
  15. I agree. I wish we could take 800k from SL and move it over to basketball. No sense paying a guy almost 2 mil just to go below .500 every year. I know it won't happen, but it is wishful thinking.
  16. I'm an old skool rap head so I have never seen this, but in the beginning of the video did he say "Hey you with the c-section scar and no kids?" That had me dying laughing.
  17. I wouldn't speak too fast. Although I want to see more of the bench playing, MTSU only has three conference losses and UAB and LaTech could conceivably catch us if they win out and we lose three of the remaining four games. We need to play hard until the end. Not likely to lose to UTSA or USM, but stranger things have happened. LaTech will be tough and going to UTEP will not be a cakewalk.
  18. The Mayor of Denton is a UNT Alumni. He should force all the businesses on and around the square to close during game time to force the students to the game. LOL. I know he can't do that, but the pit needs to be packed. I know I will be there.
  19. What? We were and are the better team.
  20. The women dominated Rice just like the men did. At one time, they led by as many as 26.
  21. How was that not a foul when he poked TP in the eye? Refs are doing their best to keep UTEP in this game.
  22. Bieniemy was killing us in the first half. He can't miss tonight. This is definitely a dogfight.
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