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  1. I’d like to see a defensive stop in the 1st quarter.
  2. Moobs


    In my humble opinion, Wren has the rare marketing fail with this one. The first marketing I’ve seen for this coming from the athletic department came out today. Just 4 days before the event. Didn’t they promote this event for a couple weeks last year? On another note, looking forward to seeing Animal! 😂 He can’t possibly be in worse shape than Hacksaw Jim Dugan was last year.
  3. Would have been cool to have the band participate in the White Out too. But I’m not mad at it. I’m very impressed with everyone else’s participation and the other changes with the band.
  4. And it was played much faster tonight than usual. However, we can all say “mother fucking” pretty fast too. I thought it was funny when we scored at the end of the second and they had to play the recorded version at the same old speed of the song. 😂
  5. I thought this was pretty damn cool.
  6. I believe that info is posted on some of the pillars around the concourse. There’s a lot of historical information posted on each of the pillars.
  7. I didn't like it when the schedule first came out. But after seeing some conference projections and reading about their coach being on the hot seat, I'm okay with where the game is. It'll be a nice primer to get ready for Houston High coming to town.
  8. We don't host Tech until 2027. There in 2024. Cal doesn't come here until 2022. https://fbschedules.com/ncaa/north-texas/
  9. You might want to see everyone’s menu before you commit to tailgating with any particular group. 🤔
  10. Well shit! Now I need a Sams Club membership. And I just renewed my Costco membership last weekend. 😐 Is that grey striped polo underneath it also a UNT polo? And I wonder if these have been spotted at any other Sams Clubs?
  11. Screw TCU and Baylor. I’d love to laugh at SMUt’s numbers.
  12. Should have hit the mail yesterday or today.
  13. This would also really hurt those programs (like we were not that long ago) that take the body bag games and build their entire athletic budget around that. School like that would likely vote against something like this. They need the check.
  14. Thanks to @glick1980 for telling us about their sale. Had to go check it out myself today. I just bought the last 2 XL Columbia shirts on sale. LOTS of Larges left in several colors. Paid $51.92 and got 2 Columbia shirts with logos. That can’t be beat! Still quite a few things there in XL. A lot of Large stuff too, including Columbia shirts in several colors/patterns. Lots of women’s clothing available too. It was worth the trip to Denton. Here’s a pic of their sale.
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