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  1. Ouch. Does Cobbs have any eligibility left? What about Morris?
  2. This sounds like coach speak. I think if you could ask Morris (or any other FBS head coach for that matter), they would say something a lot like this and would completely agree with their failing grade. That being said, what I really wanted to see was a competitive product. It’s been a few years since we had a competitive product in bigger games. My expectation is a product I can watch for 4 quarters and I got that this year. We had some close games in the end that we came out on the wrong side of, but the fun and excitement watching those games was something I hadn’t experienced much of in years, and I’m grateful for that. This team is close. Real close. Perhaps just a DC away…
  3. I already tried to book a hotel and their website wouldn’t let me book it for that Saturday. But I’ll likely be making that trip.
  4. And in her response, she called it the Safeway Bowl! I didn’t think that was a real, official thing. I thought that was just something we called it. I love it! IMG_2784.mov
  5. Another vote for 106. This is year 9 down on the front row, right behind the offensive bench and we love it down there. Our daughter gets to high five cheerleaders and Scrappy all the time. Side story: we recently went to a high school game and when my daughter saw the mascot, she asked where Scrappy was, lol. Shes 3 and associates football with Scrappy evidently. 😂 We do all the stuff you’re talking about. It’s been a while since it’s happened, but we’ve had a couple occasions of randoms buying tickets on row 2 and complaining that we stand. But F- em! We stand anyway. Mason’s mom and family sat behind us on row 4 or 5 for years and we got to know her a little bit. That was really cool too. And I’m pretty sure there are some open pockets big enough for 8-12 seats all together, but you’d have to ask the office. I’d avoid 105 if you want others to join in your fun. In fact, at the last game, we had someone in 106 yelling and heckling section 105 for not standing or doing much. “We see you 105!! 106 is watching you!!” 😂😂😂 I think there’s a pretty good average age gap between 105 and 106.
  6. When can we expect to see a game time for this game?
  7. That’s awesome! Now can we get Pantera to Write us a song? That would be epic!
  8. There tends to be some realignment moves every 10ish years or so. Would be funny as hell if the ACC gives SMU the boot after splitting their TV revenue for 9 years. 😂
  9. Eric got up on stage carrying a Coors Light. I’ve met him twice now, and both times he had a drink in his hand. I love it!
  10. I’m really thinking about getting one of these black jerseys to keep me warm at a cold weather football game. (Now it’s a football related post) These are 🔥🔥🔥!!! https://xjerseys.us/collections/unt-club-hockey
  11. Damn. We really dodged that bullet. glad he wasn’t allowed to prey on our community I hope those young women get the justice and closure they deserve. No one should ever be treated that way.
  12. Now they need to hire Keegan Brewer and let him drive that thing around everywhere.
  13. Never should have left Denton.
  14. We’ve only had about a dozen shades of green used in our history. One of them was bound to match someone else. 😂
  15. There’s a pic of Gunnell on the field, but no mention of his in game action. Did he not touch the ball?
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