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  1. Reportedly Big12 and ACC are on the fence. Big12 is meeting with health officials today at 5 pm. SEC is holding out, which is odd since it spans the area that seems to cover many of the current hotspots.
  2. No one’s playing anyone this year.
  3. That might be the first FBS conference to cancel, but it’s far from the first domino. D- 2&3 championships have been cancelled. UConn already cancelled their season. And all the P5 conferences going conference only or conference +1 are previous dominoes. The writing has been on the wall for some time, but we just haven’t wanted to read it. We’re all going undefeated in 2020 because unfortunately, there will not be a 2020 season.
  4. It won't be long before all their opponents cancel the CSU game on their schedules.
  5. UConn going undefeated in 2020... as we all eventually will.
  6. Will not be surprised one bit to see it pushed back to starting in the spring semester like several other states have done.
  7. How is a "socially-distanced Gerald J. Ford Stadium" for 2020 different from any other season?
  8. If there is no season for Hawaii, and if/when Rico gets drafted, does Roger Goddell now say, "Rico Bussey, WR, Hawaii" or does he say, "North Texas"? Can we break our draftless streak with Rico? 🤔
  9. You better believe this is a coaching statement. Young people (recruits) are watching and taking notice of the events in the world around them right now. At its core, it a message of unity and healing. Not really anything any reasonable person can disagree with in his statement.
  10. Ok. Now say that again... but for the question you originally asked. Same logic applies.
  11. Damn. So sorry to read this. When I was a young undergrad in the early 2000’s, I remember Cary being a regular attendee around the SigEp fraternity alumni events. Was always nice to see him at other events and knowing his school spirit and support run deeper than just the fraternity. We lost a good one. And way too damn soon. 😥
  12. Just have the ashes spread out on the field. It'll save them the trips up to Denton.
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