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  1. Already booked my flight to Vegas!
  2. Not that it’s helped. Perhaps he should try something new?
  3. We’ve seen RB’s grow and improve, so in Cobbs I trust. We’ve seen defensive players grow and improve, so in Bennett I trust. We haven’t seen a QB grow and improve since Fine was here, so in Harrell I trust. Seth… I don’t trust.
  4. Hope he’s all that we’re hyping him up to be. If Seth keeps calling the ultra predictable first down run up the middle and putting ourselves in 2nd and long situations, we’re going to need his talent… a lot.
  5. I hope he lights it up out there and makes Seth wonder why he never gave him a chance to start.
  6. I think I saw a sign for that school the last time I drove through Abiline.
  7. I wish we had better facilities so recruits would want to come here. 🙄
  8. I'm surprised to see that they think so highly of our donor support and potential for football success. I think most of us here feel like we struggle in those 2 areas.
  9. I saw a lot of the same from him at the spring practice. There were a few nicely thrown balls. But I saw a lot of receivers slowing down to catch his balls too. And this isn’t much different than we saw last season. He always has a few flashes to give you some hope he could be good and a lot of underthrown balls that made you say, “WTF?” I won’t believe any positive reporting about Aune until I can see it in games. I’m not falling for that crap again. Been fooled by it too many times before. I’m still hoping someone else steps up and gets a chance.
  10. Yeah, seems like a real missed opportunity in marketing his line.
  11. I'm also looking at UNLV, but I have to work late Friday night. So I'm hoping for a late afternoon/evening game in Vegas to give me some time to travel there in the morning.
  12. Not sure I even want to know how this compares to the AAC. 😬
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