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  1. But will Seth be there? I mean, he’s not going to be a head coach in the AAC anytime soon… we hope.
  2. That makes sense. Those private schools play by a little different set of rules when it comes to the finances. $3M sounds totally believable to me. I should have clarified. Yes, our Head Coach budget is in line. Where everything else falls, I don't know. I didn't look into that, but it looks like Wag Tag did a little research above.
  3. I got curious. Are we going to have to step it up? Or are we overpaying Seth so much that we'll fall right in line? Found this article with a list of coaches salaries. Some interesting notes: Salaries range from $1.34M (SMU) to $4M (Houston) - Sonny Dykes is the lowest paid coach in that conference. Wow! Of the remaining teams, the highest paid coach (Navy) makes $2.3M If you take out the teams leaving (Houston, Cincy & UCF) the average HC salary of the remaining schools is $1.75M. Only 2 remaining schools (Navy & Temple) pay more than $1.8M. We match 2 other schools (Memphis and USF) that currently pay $1.8M Looks like our budget is already in line with being amongst the biggest in the conference. Hopefully we can find a coach soon for that kind of money who can compete in that conference.
  4. Excellent example… look what SL did with a beaten down squad recruited by Old Man McCarney.
  5. I am certainly far from an expert on the topic. But I do know that when they recruit, they aren't just watching edited videos. Those guys are out all over the state on Friday nights watching players play.
  6. Is his name Seth Litrell?? No? Then yes, I'm interested!
  7. Word on the street is that SL has been calling plays this year and Bloesch never started calling plays. I'm starting to believe it. I think the biggest evidence of this is the fact that we are now halfway through the season, the offence has been completely anemic, SL is on one of the hottest seats in America that continues to get hotter, and we have yet to be told that he's going to take over the play calling again. I know if I was on a seat that hot and my $150,000 a month job was on the line, I'm watching an offence that struggles to get 100 yards passing per game until it's garbage time, and I'm supposed to be known as the offensive genius, then I'm taking over play calling pretty quick.
  8. Link to article. Excerpt: It is time for a change at North Texas: Head coach Seth Littrell won nine games in his second and third season in Denton. Since the of the 2018 season, Littrell has won nine of 28 games North Texas has played in. The program isn’t the same without Mason Fine at quarterback and the roster isn’t talented enough to expect a turnaround in 2022. The offense, which is supposed to be Littrell’s forte, struggles to reach 100 yards passing routinely. The only difference-maker on the offensive side of the ball is running back Deandre Torrey. North Texas trailed Marshall 42-7 at home on Friday night in a new low point in his six-year tenure. Ouch! And written by a nUTSAck alum too. The only thing not fair here is the comment about not being talented enough for a turnaround in 2022. I think with the right coaching staff, this is an easy program to turn around. We have great talent on this roster.
  9. I’m pretty sure God is on Liberty’s side. It’s an evangelical Baptist school. 😂
  10. Yeah, had to be at a high school football game tonight and couldn’t stream the UNT game. Would rather have been at Apogee, but in the end, I was definitely at the more competitive game. Should be there next week though.
  11. I might be handing them out in 106.
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