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  1. I took a summer school golf class with Patrick Cobbs on that course. Nice guy with a hell of a swing. Although, they had already torn up much of the course already. I think we only had 4 holes or something to play on. It is crazy how much the campus has changed over the last 15 years.
  2. Here’s a thread from a few years ago when we were lucky enough to get some advance pricing. This should give you an idea. But certainly subject to change.
  3. looks like a lot of the same stuff, plus some stuff I’ve not seen for sale before, including chrome helmets.
  4. But do they put it on their basketball court with a light saber coming out of it?
  5. I do LOVE the Battle Flag. But it doesn’t translate well to cover a full size basketball court. Perhaps it would look better if it took up just the center part of the court? The Diving Eagle is at least consistent with the football field. I like it over the state of Texas.
  6. Saw this article on Barstool Sports and thought it might spur some interesting conversation here. https://www.barstoolsports.com/barstoolu/an-astounding-amount-of-georgia-fans-would-take-a-gunshot-to-the-thigh-in-exchange-for-a-national-championship
  7. Now that the story has been updated to clarify that CUSA now allows it, Wren MUST find a way to get the students back down there starting THIS year. It’ll look so much better on TV and it’ll be great to have the home field advantage increased.
  8. It will be interesting to follow this and see how it turns out. I’d love to get our students back down there on those first 5 rows. Maybe FAU could be good for something?
  9. What could go wrong here?
  10. I don't think so. Kyler is a WAY more mobile QB than Mason. They have very different styles of play. It'd be hard to place one's expectations on the other's performance.
  11. There was a nice one made by JanSport in the stadium 2 seasons ago. I bought one and it was so comfortable. I ended up ripping a hole in it and found it on clearance at the store in the Union towards the end of this past football season so I bought another one.
  12. “I know we’ve only got 10 minutes left of practice, but I think I just felt the wind blow. Maybe we should call this one and make up the practice tomorrow.” -Nick Saban, if this wasn’t a rule.
  13. I was looking forward to blowing a paycheck at the garage sale. But rain (even the slightest bit) has an effect on attendance. And attendance has an effect on how much gets purchased. And it's a lot of work to haul all that stuff out of storage and set it up if people aren't going to show up. I'm guessing it'll be at the season ticket pickup this summer??? I can't think of another event they host where it would be a decent compliment to have the garage sale set up.
  14. Welcome! It's also Mason's parent's section. It's a good section.
  15. I think this author just started paying attention to college football about 2 years ago.
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