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  1. Lol! We wish. Dykes is about to get a big raise and extension to stay at SMU.
  2. They do an invocation at TCU games too (my wife is alumnus, so don’t hate). I’d expect it at private christian based schools like TCU and SMU. Not sure why La Tech is doing it too.
  3. Since UTEP has only scored more points against Houston Baptist this year, I have a very real question. If Reffett stays for next year, does Texas A&M hang 100 on us? I really hope he’s not here next year, but he hasn’t been fired yet so I’m starting to lose hope.
  4. I know we don't all agree on much. But can we agree that they were better than the TCU uniform last week? 😂
  5. UNT for the win. But I’d take the points and UTEP if I were a betting man.
  6. Why do you think I posted it?
  7. I’m not sure what correlation you’re trying to make here. They are the Crimson Tide and use an elephant as a mascot. We are the Mean Green and use an eagle. You can add Stanford Cardinal and their tree to the list too. All similar situations. Except that they know what they are. I don’t see Alabama or Stanford running out any alternate mascots... not that I’m paying much attention to their programs.
  8. I’m fairly certain that spending $1,000+ on that thing, slapping a UNT shirt on it and marching it around the stadium qualifies as an “official tradition”. Sad, but true. 😓
  9. Not very unique... https://ugs.utexas.edu/slc/albinosquirrel
  10. @FirefightnRick - What are your thoughts about this on the sidelines in the 4th quarter today? Do tell...
  11. They do let us in with a sealed bottle of water. Is that limited to only 1 bottle? I think so. I wonder if they'll let us in with more if it's not all worked out by then.
  12. Here's another divisive idea. Would certainly be popular among the students. But when the team scores and the band plays the fight song, the student section like to throw in a "Mother F***in'" in the middle of the lyrics. So something that said "U-N-T Mother F***in' Eagles" would be an interesting product. But it might get your license pulled too. Haha!
  13. I have to believe we can beat Rice, UAB & UTEP. Then just need 1 more between La Tech, Middle Tennessee and Charlotte. We can do that. But we won’t be in any more conference championship discussions.
  14. We need to just leave Reffett in Mississippi.
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