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  1. What makes Kiffin think he'll actually be there in another 7 years? What's the longest he's stayed anywhere?
  2. Moobs

    Things we need

    I still miss the kettle corn fresh from the kettle over at Fout's. It's just not the same at Apogee. That very well may be the only thing I'd give Fout's over Apogee.
  3. I got y’all. I was able to screen capture it and upload it to YouTube. Prepare to be amazed!
  4. The only thing that would make it better is if the box was replaced with a KFC bucket!
  5. It must have been moved. I originally found it posted in the football forum.
  6. Do we have any players living in that house? Is this football related?
  7. I guess '98 and '08 weren't good enough to be honored this week? I guess 3-8 and 1-11, respectively, will get you overlooked. 😢
  8. Moobs

    UNT Stuff

    They’re a major U of Arkansas sponsor. I’m not sure their higher ups are big fans of ours right now. 😂
  9. Moobs


    You created an account here just to post this? Wow!
  10. Moobs


    It’s Lane Kiffin. Of course there is stealth stuff going on.
  11. Moobs


    As other schools bring in more commits and fill their classes, we may drop down the list a bit. But I think we’ve got a top 3 CUSA recruiting class and I won’t be surprised if we stay in first.
  12. Moobs

    I have something to say, so listen up!

    If you want to blame questionable play calling, it wasn’t in the 4th quarter when you’re playing against the clock. It was in the 2nd quarter, when we tried to move away from the run that was so successful in every other quarter. But thats only “if” you want to blame the play calling. Personally, I think there were several breakdowns on offense, defense and special teams so there’s plenty of blame to go around. However, I’m ready to reset too. We’re still backing a great team. This is still a very special team and a very special time in Mean Green football history. I’m just going to sit back and cherish it and enjoy every game possible.
  13. Moobs

    Crowd Cheering Pre-Snap on Offense

    Yeah I facepalmed this too. But I think to the untrained fan eye from far away and up higher, it may look a lot like what the players do when they want the fans to yell on 3rd downs. Maybe if they help up 1 finger in front of their mouths to signal for quiet, that may be a better motion.
  14. Moobs

    RealTime RPI Ratings/Rankings Week 5

    I’m not sure how we’re still that high, but I’ll damn sure take it! See everyone, we’re not the worst team and we’re not going to lose every game just because we lost by 2 to LA Tech! 😂
  15. Moobs

    What do you think about...

    And he must have been good with it since he is in the video that's announcing it. Not sure I'd care for an annual tradition either. They don't do throwbacks every year, and honestly, I don't think they should.