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  1. Bottom 10 List Here it is. We got the 2nd spot on the Bottom 10 list. Fully deserved after last weeks performance. And so far, this week’s performance isn’t going to get us off of this list either. Good news is we got a shout out for our awesome stadium. 😂
  2. Last week, we were on the waiting list. This week, I fully expect us to claim one of the top spots on the list.
  3. Have you seen his Special Teams? And you want him coaching the D?
  4. Since word on the street was that the Davis' sat out last week due to Covid, I have been waiting on this announcement. Totally saw this one coming.
  5. I also work in a school. And due to contact tracing, 10 cases have put about 200 students in quarantine on my campus.
  6. Well, this comment didn’t age very well.
  7. Do we know for sure it’s COVID-19?
  8. I’d guess it’s a COVID casualty. They wouldn’t want the cameramen and stuff on the sidelines with potential exposure to players. Although, I hope I’m wrong. I did enjoy it each week. Hope they can put something else together as a recap.
  9. He’s the Mean Green String Bean. 😂
  10. Not gonna lie. I had to Google that one myself. I was really surprised at the use of the word.
  11. The arrest record has a "Count 1" and "Count 2." on it. What does that mean? Was there one incident in October with 2 students and then another incident in December with one of those students again? #FireHisAss
  12. 5-7 with a bowl loss because practically everyone makes a bowl with so many conferences sitting out.
  13. It's not the first time they've done it for the low level body bag games that are over by the end of the 1st quarter.
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