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  1. As he was symptomatic, I'm pretty sure he was given the viral swab testing. You generally don't give an antibody test to someone symptomatic, since at that point they very well haven't developed sufficient antibodies yet.
  2. Even at Florida State? (because that doesn't sound right)
  3. Yes, smaller receivers do better in the NFL than small QBs. Quick hips and short field agility getting in and out of breaks are more useful to that position. There's also 5-7 WR on a given team, so a lot more spots to go around and a lot less risk in missing on one. For Darden, it will all be about numbers (either measurables or stats) and positional scarcity. Something about his performance will have to be AMAZING for it to happen. Whether that's beasting a Combine/Pro Day and or lighting up a scoreboard, he'll have to do something that makes coaches/GMs sit up and take notice. That's the thing with Mason. He is great. Has ALL the intangibles. But what did he do last year that was so amazing it made people HAVE to pay attention? The regression we suffered as a team did him in. It's part of why we fired an OC after one year. When I say "what did he do", understand I'm not blaming Mason. Our football program failed HIM in his senior year. If he threw closer to 50 TDs and/or had 70-ish completion percentage, we'd be having a different conversation.
  4. Hamilton's measurables weren't in the range of what teams are looking for at the position. I've already gone into depth about what Graham Harrell accomplished at college and how he went undrafted. For Mason, no signature wins (not HIS fault), and solid but unspectacular statistical lines, on TOP of his size, will likely keep him from being drafted. He also got killed by not getting a Combine invite and not getting to have a Pro Day. I just think people here get their hopes WAY up about our draft prospects. Jake Fromm won a crap-ton of games at Georgia and he went in the 5th round. Tyree Jackson last year went to the Combine and was team MVP at the Senior Bowl and went undrafted. Brett Rypien went 10-3 his senior year, completed 67% of his passes, set a ton of records, and went undrafted. Without green glasses, I really don't see how anyone thought we were breaking the drought this year. DiNucci is a dual-threat QB and completed more than 70% of his passes last year while en route to the FCS Championship Game. He ran for 569 yards and 7 TDs as well. He was a much better fit for the Cowboys offense (matching more the profile of Prescott) than Mason. I certainly think Mason has a shot at the NFL. His best fit, though, is something more like the Patriots, Saints (and not just because he worked out with Brees), 49ers, Broncos, Cardinals etc. than the Cowboys.
  5. I was just coming here to post this, dangit!
  6. Thanks. It's just a weird situation, because this basically happened RIGHT at the beginning of the Covid outbreak, and they'd normally be rushing me in to poke and prod and test everything. But here we are...
  7. I can give you my numbers, but I only work in coding, billing, and consulting, so I do not have direct patient care. I work for 4 different companies in Dallas, Houston, and Ft Worth, and we have patients in every major hospital. Between the approximately 1200 patients whose paperwork I process (including their coding) and submit to both insurance and CMS, we've had 22 deaths in the last three weeks related to respiratory illnesses. I do about $100,000 worth of claims a day, and I read about 6000 patient notes on a weekly basis. Deaths are NOT being recorded as Coronavirus (U07.1) deaths when they have not yet had positive test results back. They might be doing that regularly in some places, but not anything I've seen (and I'm still only seeing a small percentage of the overall). Since we're still getting caught up on testing, a number of patients have died on day 3-4, and we're still waiting test results for them on day 10-11. They are being coded for pneumonia or R99 for the most part. This means that there are currently deaths that have NOT and NEVER WILL BE reported as Coronavirus (I have 7 specifically right now), and many more that will be investigated (hopefully, but there's a major backlog right now) and added later. As the CDC has stated is simply coding clarification meant to capture the most accurate patient information. There are separate codes for probable coronavirus U07.1, U07.2 (most of whom have been getting coded for pneumonia or any number of other respiratory illnesses for the better part of a month now), and potentially R99. And keep in mind, the coding instructions for the CDC are not flying into the hospitals, nursing homes, and coroner's offices and coding for them. Death certificates contain MULTIPLE codes, beginning with the IMMEDIATE CAUSE OF DEATH. They'll generally contain up to 3 or 4 codes. Coders and individual physicians and coroners are going to code how they're going to code. You can have two physicians seeing the same patient, and you could get completely different answers depending on who filled out the paperwork. It should also be noted that, as our Covid-19 death reporting has gone up, our pneumonia deaths have gone down roughly 30%, but are still nearly twice above our regular average for this time of year. At this point, neither our death rate nor our total numbers of cases are anywhere near accurate. But I'll say we're not OVERSTATING deaths due to Coronavirus right now, from what I've seen dealing with some of the most populated cities and counties in the state. But while we're understating the deaths, we're also understating the cases, so the rate itself is meaningless at this point, and probably will continue to be until we're through about 3 waves of it. On a personal note, I'm getting to wait an extra two weeks to get assessed for possible lymphoma or pneumothorax, because I have a cough - a cough that's as likely being caused by a lung tear or chest mass at this point as Covid, but we're gonna throw an antibiotic at it for now. I've found it near impossible to get a Covid test (as a proven negative would get me in for ultrasound/CT/biopsy), because I'm not "sick enough", as I've not had a fever (and I'm on week 3-4 of having the cough).
  8. The evidence was damning. His defense team dragged the girl through the mud for months and she was getting death threats. She agreed to drop the criminal charges if he apologized and admitted it was not consensual, which he did, sort of, with an apology he had his LAWYER read in court. Evidence from the rape exam showed tearing consistent with non-consensual intercourse and she had significant bruising on her neck from when he choked her. Bryant also had her blood on him. He lied about having sex with her until told they had physical evidence. He lied about having his hands on her neck until they said she had bruising. He tried to ask of there was a way to "take care of it" and invoked the name of famous friends to try and get it swept under the rug. If this happened in 2017 instead of 2003, it would be a different story, and people wouldn't be gushing over him so much right now. Yes, it's a tragedy that these lives were lost in a horrific accident. But Kobe Bryant was a POS rapist, and I haven't forgotten it. I'll even admit that at the time of the initial claims, I was one of his defenders (at least until all the evidence became public knowledge). But that was my mistake.
  9. They haven't updated the rosters for this year yet, because they haven't gotten coaches and split the players yet, so there's not an East and West team at this current time.
  10. Except for his first year under Young, he's never had a good defense. Ever (highest ranking is #83). When given opportunities to be a DC, he's always either had to be paired with someone else, been demoted, or gone running back to Kansas for a lesser position. While you can't please everyone, it seems like most Kansas fans are overjoyed that we've hired him away. The best you'll get is "he's a good guy, but hasn't been a very good coach. wish him well." This looks to me like a guy who's most likely reached his ceiling as a position coach. He loves Kansas, and that's great, I guess. It's certainly possible that he's stunted his own growth by staying there or continuing to go back. But I'm not giving him the same excuse we gave McCarney (but it's HAARD to be good there). That was his choice, and I can only go by the history he has. I mean, I'm not going to call it a BAD hire. I'm just also not super excited about it. The most positive thing for me is that he's a good age (40s) for his experience level and he's run a 4-man front historically.
  11. Meh. I believe he runs a 4-2-5, though, and not a 3-3-5. Kansas played 4-2-5 under him at least his last few years as DC before he was demoted when Miles cam in and brought his own DC.
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