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  1. Yeah they just outmuscled them from the jump. Just physically dominating them. Boise was NOT prepared for it. Fun to see.
  2. Damn, I said 4... just call me Mr Sunshine!
  3. I said it before in another thread, but I simply don't believe that NONE of the QBs we have and have had on our roster can consistently complete passes or execute in FBS football better than we have seen, INCLUDING Aune. This is on the coaching staff. And, if I'm wrong (which DOES happen according to the list my wife keeps), then they've failed in recruiting, which is also on the coaching staff. There are TRUE FRESHMAN out there performing just fine at this level.
  4. I'm good at my job, and if my boss was like "you're great, but we're gonna fire you because we hate your stupid face, and also your mom is stupid and your wife is ugly and stupid" and then gave me $1m, I'd give them a hug and say "I love you, too," on my way out the door, because money speaks louder than words.
  5. "mumblemumbleexecutemumblemumblemissedtacklesmumblemumbleassignmentmumblemumbleexecutemumblemumble"
  6. I went through all of his throws in the TSU game, and all of his throws but the pick (which was very very bad in almost every way) were good. The SMU game there wasn't much to go on. He had an early scrambling throw, believe it was his first, that he just rushed and threw at the feet of the RB like 4 yards away. Pretty awful. Then he took an ugly sack where he probably should've gotten rid of the ball (but everyone was pretty well covered), and had to throw to a blanketed WR on 4th and 9. Next drive we had a play-action on 2nd and 1, he had all the time in the world, and threw to a wide open Gumms down the sideline. Accurate throw, and one I'd expect to be made. Then from the 9 yard line, we run it twice and get nothing, so it's 3rd and goal from the 6 before we throw again. Nobody gets open, and Gunnell tosses it out of the end zone. Goes through all his reads and nobody is even close to open. 4th and goal from the 6, looks like it's a designed play to Ragsdale just past the LOS, which sounds worse than it is since the WR DO successfully clear out the underneath. But Ragsdale is a bit too wide and stumbles as he catches the ball. And there were more reports from Spring than just the coach. Local media and fans had said he looked good in Spring Practice. Not raves or calls for him to take the starting job, but just that he looked good. I'm starting to think it's less about the injury and more about rust from not playing in a long time and our offensive coaching staff/lack of QB coach, though I leave open the possibility that he's re-injured or aggravated the leg in some way. All of that said, I'm not seeing anything from the game footage that tells me he would be any worse than Aune.
  7. Re-watching the tape... First throw was fine, nothing great or bad, and his feet were planted but he just didn't look like he was driving. Second throw is a play-action and our backup OL gets obliterated. Has a guy in his face, but makes an accurate throw to a WR who's being interfered with (flagged and accepted). Off his back foot, but unable to do anything about that because he has a defender hitting him. Third throw was a play-action and he either did a GREAT ball-fake or he bobbled the ball a little on the fake (or both). It threw off the timing enough that once again he had a defender in his grill and wasn't able to step into the throw. Not a great pass as it hung up there for a while, but it still got 30 yards in the air off his back foot to Maclin crossing the field and was completed. If he's able to step into it, it's probably 6. Fourth throw - pick in the end zone. Everything about this is bad. He's not under tremendous duress, the WR is bracketed, he doesn't set his feet. THIS is the jump-throw I was thinking of, and idk why it happened. This is just a bad bad bad rep. But we're at 3/4 of his passes being fine at this point, and his first inaccurate pass (might only give him partial credit for the 2nd throw). Now, I feel like I missed one, because he's listed as 2-4 with the pick, but the incomplete 2nd pass shouldn't count as an attempt. After the pick, he never threw the ball again. I was skipping around, so it's possible I missed an attempt, but I don't think so. The problem is I just don't have much to go on from his time here. He should've come in earlier against TSU, but I think SL still feels the need to get Aune as many game reps as possible.
  8. Yeah there's something in the footwork. He's hop-throwing. Arizona tape doesn't look like that, so I would normally assume it's injury-related. However, reports were that he looked good even in spring ball this year at Memphis, and the QB competition between he and Henigan wasn't settled at that time. So there's a part of me that's concerned that our lack of a proper QB coach is an issue or that we've tried to "fix" something with him mechanically that's led to this. Idk, but yeah, his footwork doesn't look right (in the very limited reps we've seen).
  9. Yeah, I'm just going on what he's done since Liberty 2018. He's 0-11 vs OOC FBS since then. Overall, 5-18. And don't look at the score differential. People talk about body bag games when that's everything outside of FCS and CUSA for SL. Armyx2, SMU, Arkansas, Liberty... that's the OOC FBS wins for his career.
  10. Start even simpler: “What do YOU think are the three phases of football?” Maybe we’re all just looking at different things, you know? Maybe jersey combos has been one of the phases this whole time and we need more jersey threads…
  11. Eh, he just kept a great program going, similar to Clark at App State. Both deserve credit for their accomplishments, but it's not the same as building a program or taking over a bad one and making it good. We're talking about a Coastal Carolina program that started from nothing in 2003 and has an all-time record of 152-80. Want to look at our record over the same timeframe, even if we cut out everything after he became the CC Head Coach in 2019, and see if it looks like he'd be taking over the same sort of program he did at Coastal? I'm not even against Chadwell, I just don't think he should get all the credit for a program that was winning games from pretty much day one, and rarely skipped a beat. Same as I wouldn't give Clark all the credit for App State.
  12. He didn't make a great program out of Coastal. David Bennett built the program from scratch and had a 63-39 record there, then Moglia oversaw their next few years including the transition into FBS by going 56-22.
  13. I originally had us for 5 wins. I guess I should still have us at 5, since we've got the exact record I'd figured we'd have at this point. HOWEVER, our defense has been pretty atrocious, so I'm gonna take back one and say we end up with 4 wins.
  14. Uhm... this is the first year we haven't had a P5 "body bag" game on our schedule (not counting the canceled A&M game from 2020). Florida, Iowa, Arkansas, Cal, Missouri... With SL, the FCS games are the only ones we have a better than average chance of winning. I don't really have an issue with our current scheduling. Our problem is we can't beat them enough for people at the end of the year to be like "Yeah, but who have they beaten...?"
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