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  1. They should just bone and get it over with.
  2. Yeah I was watching that video too... he was running for his life the whole time, but as the game went on, he clearly got more comfortable and did what he had to do to make plays.
  3. Dude has gotten some actual playing time. Have to wait and see, but that's a big difference from our previous transfers. I'm all for more competition at this position. We know what we've had since Fine left hasn't been good enough.
  4. D1, D1, D1... all FCS teams. The top 5 D2 teams this past year: Ferris St, Valdosta St, Grand Valley St, Colorado Mines, NW Missouri St...
  5. How about we win 10+,a bowl game, and Seth gets hired away? (I mean, it's not going to happen, but we don't have to lose for Seth to be gone.)
  6. Seriously, can my dad get in, or some of the vendors? Maybe every year we can induct a random person from the stands at homecoming into our HOF.
  7. UL Board: "Hey, if you resign, we can spare you the embarrassment of the vote."
  8. If anything, I suspect it will get even crazier after Spring ball for everyone.
  9. Federal courts have ruled this very thing multiple times. State Universities are a part of the state government and have sovereign immunity. UT-Austin uses it every 3 days or so. See it a BUNCH when it comes to patents and contract disputes. It's why Leach couldn't sue Texas Tech.
  10. Getting ugly. So it's really the 3 SBC schools vs the 5 schools who are stuck in CUSA. The SBC doesn't want to touch it at this point, not really wanting to be a party to the lawsuit(s). The AAC 6 are just counting down the days until they can bolt, aren't really involved in CUSA discussions, and aren't concerned about a media deal they're forfeiting $$$ rights to if they have to stick around longer than anticipated.
  11. I mean, it's a nice and clearly intentional click-bait thread title, but one should be able to see from the link that the author is Brett McMurphy and not Vito. Vito posts his stuff here directly, anyway.
  12. Yeah, you forgo two years of conference revenue even WITH 14 months of notice. So I'm guessing they want to make whatever deal it is (pay fees?) to get out. I mean, what's the point of sticking around and not getting paid by the conference (even though the conference pays you in beads, shiny rocks, and Arby's gift cards)? The Sun Belt defectors aren't having to wait on UT-OU like the rest of the world, so they absolutely SHOULD leave ASAP.
  13. Meh. Doesn't really matter at this point, and it actually could help us in the long-run, since we're also leaving. Nothing that hasn't been done before, though.
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