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  1. The evidence was damning. His defense team dragged the girl through the mud for months and she was getting death threats. She agreed to drop the criminal charges if he apologized and admitted it was not consensual, which he did, sort of, with an apology he had his LAWYER read in court. Evidence from the rape exam showed tearing consistent with non-consensual intercourse and she had significant bruising on her neck from when he choked her. Bryant also had her blood on him. He lied about having sex with her until told they had physical evidence. He lied about having his hands on her neck until they said she had bruising. He tried to ask of there was a way to "take care of it" and invoked the name of famous friends to try and get it swept under the rug. If this happened in 2017 instead of 2003, it would be a different story, and people wouldn't be gushing over him so much right now. Yes, it's a tragedy that these lives were lost in a horrific accident. But Kobe Bryant was a POS rapist, and I haven't forgotten it. I'll even admit that at the time of the initial claims, I was one of his defenders (at least until all the evidence became public knowledge). But that was my mistake.
  2. They haven't updated the rosters for this year yet, because they haven't gotten coaches and split the players yet, so there's not an East and West team at this current time.
  3. Except for his first year under Young, he's never had a good defense. Ever (highest ranking is #83). When given opportunities to be a DC, he's always either had to be paired with someone else, been demoted, or gone running back to Kansas for a lesser position. While you can't please everyone, it seems like most Kansas fans are overjoyed that we've hired him away. The best you'll get is "he's a good guy, but hasn't been a very good coach. wish him well." This looks to me like a guy who's most likely reached his ceiling as a position coach. He loves Kansas, and that's great, I guess. It's certainly possible that he's stunted his own growth by staying there or continuing to go back. But I'm not giving him the same excuse we gave McCarney (but it's HAARD to be good there). That was his choice, and I can only go by the history he has. I mean, I'm not going to call it a BAD hire. I'm just also not super excited about it. The most positive thing for me is that he's a good age (40s) for his experience level and he's run a 4-man front historically.
  4. Meh. I believe he runs a 4-2-5, though, and not a 3-3-5. Kansas played 4-2-5 under him at least his last few years as DC before he was demoted when Miles cam in and brought his own DC.
  5. Already in it. G5 is just Div 1-AA, FCS, whatever. Only difference is the money we spend and our level of denial. That's not to say I'm advocating a G5 playoff. I just don't think it matters much what you do outside of the top 25-50 teams.
  6. Does our OL seem to get better as the year and their time in the program goes on? If not, it's a coaching problem. It can ALSO be a recruiting problem, but late in the season we're competing against CUSA, not the SEC, so I don't think it's just a recruiting problem when the line is getting manhandled in their last game of the season against 3 and 4-man rushes.
  7. Regardless, did anybody see Reeder's offense from before and think that's what we got? Did anybody wonder why we didn't get that offense? I know I did. There could be any number of legitimate reasons, including players not meshing well with it. I don't know.
  8. That's been the general consensus. Peterson believes in more work/life balance than is generally afforded to professional coaches. Reports are that he's simply worn out.
  9. Lol. At your JOB, you have accountability, because your ass is getting paid. A consumer of a product or an investor of a stock has no responsibility to keep buying something that isn't good or increase investment in a company that hasn't shown it's capable of growth. Smear that BS somewhere else.
  10. There was a game in the late 90s at home... either 98 vs Nevada or 99 vs Boise, I think. It was 40s and raining. They were giving out free t-shirts to the first 200 fans or something. My gf and I went home with 5 of them. Band and a few pockets of fans at Fouts. I remember because we stayed and we stayed because we won.
  11. So he goes from an $8k check this week to a $28k check.
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