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  1. I believe Andre was there with Fritz von Erich watching Kevin practice. This was Kevin's freshman year, I believe... backup fullback? Fritz supposedly came to a lot of the practices, and brought Andre at least once (well, obviously). I was -3 in 1975, though, so this is all based on internet history, so...
  2. The difference is the Astros lost 85+ games for 6 straight years, including 3 100-loss years in a row (w a 90+). THAT’S how you tank. Got a talent infusion and some cheating along the way.... WS. Only half of that is repeatable, but you’ve got to be REAL bad for a long while. And it’s harder to do now that most teams are just fine being bad. The Rangers are just always on the wrong side of how to do things.
  3. Yeah, I went in to this off-season thinking Seth’s next DC hire was going to be the one that makes or breaks his career here. Now I believe it was his previous DC hire that did that, and it’s broken.
  4. I will add (since I haven't added enough LOL) Currently, you should be able to add yourself in most counties for the 1B phase if you are: 65 years or older. 16 years or older, with at least one chronic comorbidity: Cancer Chronic kidney disease COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) Heart conditions, such as heart failure, coronary artery disease or cardiomyopathies Solid organ transplantation Obesity and severe obesity (body mass index of 30 kg/m2 or higher) Pregnancy Sickle cell disease Type 2 diabetes mellitus NO
  5. I’ve not heard of anyone getting pushed to the front at any of the 3 places where I know people working in DFW. That’s two hospitals and one public station. I know people TRYING to. But everything is reserved and logged and you have to give your employer/profession and which of the categories you fall into to get on the rolls. I suppose people could lie. But again I haven’t heard of a bunch of people being even that clever. Most just call or show up and angrily demand it. Even physicians and other hospital workers without appointments are getting turned back. If you have a
  6. Yes my phone makes me type it like 4 times to get it right (but you can clearly see it correct in the bottom of the post).
  7. No. UNT has FOUR retired jerseys: Hayes - 1st round AFL pick, AFL ROY, AFL 4x All Star, 3x AFL rushing TD leader, AFL MVP, AFL All Time Team, AFL Champion, KC Chiefs HOF, KC Chiefs retired jersey Renfro - 4th round pick, 3x NFL Pro Bowl, 2x NFL Champion, 1x Super Bowl Champion (as coach) Richard Gill - All conference linebacker in 1968 and 1969. Died his senior year due to a blood clot following surgery. HIS WAS THE FIRST UNT JERSEY RETIRED... in 1971. Greene - #4 pick in NFL draft, 4x SB Champion, 10x Pro Bowler, 5x 1st Team All-Pro, 3x 2nd Team All Pro, 2x NFL DPOY,
  8. The governor (Jim Justice, Marshall alum) has been trying to get Holliday out for years. Must be a personal beef or something.
  9. Nobody does less with more.
  10. Well right now we are in phase 1A still. My mother in law (nurse), brother (first responder), and sister in law (PA) have already received dose 1. We’ve had limited doses especially for some counties and there have been numerous people trying to jump the line, so many places have had to have police come in to act as security as people try to get friends and family in. Also have your normal “don’t you know who I am” types who’ve gotten ahold of the information and just show up. CVS and Walgreens I believe have sent all theirs to long-term care facilities. Very limited commercial entit
  11. I said “Meh.” Boy, was I wrong. Meh would be a massive improvement.
  12. Hmmm... yes, I believe he’s onto something. We need to find a way to WIN these games.
  13. I was going to make a joke about improvement when we lowered their YPC from it's 13.6 avg at halftime. It didn't happen. I'm just glad the field is only 100 yards long.
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