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  1. I agree it's weird. But I always thought it was weird, not just suddenly because Aune got pulled. I also thought it was weird that people here had so much conviction on our QBs based on such little evidence. For what its worth, I think we're going to see a LOT of back and forth in this crazy Covid season. This Team Bean/Team Aune thing will likely continue. I know what Seth has said before about wanting a starter, but I still haven't seen anything to tell me its all settled.
  2. I mean, it’s YOUR thought process man. Seth was playing both QBs, and you were dogging one and stating preference for the other. If you think the thought process you exhibited was strange... own your strangeness.
  3. I just like to read the headlines from SL press conferences and assume they are vague because it’s goes: Seth: “mumblemumbleAddawaymumblemblebackmumblemumbleUTEPmumble hope”
  4. Without them available, we are sorely lacking size on D. We need them to properly play this defense.
  5. You took part in Team Aune vs Team Bean for weeks. You also opined and prescribed meaning to those stats you posted. And not all of the 3 pages worth of posts you wrote about Bean were based on statistics. Regardless, you are the people and the people is you. Why would it suddenly be “strange”?
  6. The strangest part to me is seeing Team Aune's team captain take off his jersey and quit at half time, then walk up into the stands like he didn't have anything to do with what's happening on the field. You didn't seem to have a problem making some pretty declarative statements in an ENTIRE thread called Aune vs Bean. You didn't find it strange then? Did you not think any of the posts you've made in the last month or so was taking a side? Are you admitting you were rooting against Bean in your comments, or does that only apply to the "other side" of that debate? I mean, I don't have
  7. The receptions and TDs are the crazy thing. Opponents KNOW they need to stop him and they just can’t.
  8. Football Name checks out. Mean Joe "other" Kevin Greene was also a beast.
  9. Really need some size on this defense. I know some of that is Covid and some is injuries/losses from last year, but this defense looks like a 2-3-6 or a 3-1-7 to me.
  10. If we were to somehow win ANY number of games and get invited to a bowl, we should take it, not because we deserve it or that I'll watch it, but it's extra practice time and game time for our players... and we clearly need it.
  11. Moore left in 1980. He was referencing 1961 as his freshman year. Just for clarity.
  12. Alabama was more successful when they ran a 3-4. In fact, there's a lot of discussion around their defensive decline in the last 3 years, coinciding with their move to a 4-3 from the 3-4 (which they ran for all of Saban's tenure through 2017). Clemson runs a 4-man front (4-3 with smaller hybrid players or 4-2-5 historically). Georgia runs a 3-4 base and a good bit of 3-3-5. But those teams can run whatever they want. They recruit NFL linemen, linebackers, and dbs. That said, the 3-3-5 (tite front) has replaced the 4-2-5 (the original "spread defense") for a number of schools, in part to
  13. While I was not a big fan of DD's time or record here at UNT, I would hire him back in a second if the timing were right. A lot of that, though, is based on his career SINCE he was our head coach. He's earned his way into his position now and is well-respected in the college ranks. As others have said, though... I doubt he would come back here.
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