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  1. I can't even think about football and SMU right now. I'm one of 10,000 people without power since Sunday. To put that into perspective, that's roughly 4x an average SMU home crowd.
  2. Watch out for it, bud.
  3. I'm not a big fan of our band looking like Vacation Dad.
  4. Yeah, but this way I get to wildly speculate about all the drugs, necrophilia, and gunplay it involved.
  5. Gilder and Belk, EWU's tight ends, combined for 35, 525, 10. Gilder had 7 TDs on 20 receptions.
  6. Urban Meyer went 22-2 in 2 season at Utah and won both bowl games over that time period (after going 17-6 in 2 years at BGU). Tom Herman went 22-4 in Houston (1-1 in Bowl Games). Of course, this came right after being the Broyles Award winner at Ohio State, helping them win their first championship in over a decade. Seth hasn't had nearly the star over him that Herman had, even before Houston. Frost went 13-0 and beat Auburn in a Bowl game. SL does that, then I don't think anyone doubts he can go to an upper lvl P5. They're just pointing out that he HASN'T done that. Frost, like Herman, had been a coordinator at a major P5 program in Oregon that played for a Nat't Championship. He was also a Broyles Award finalist at Oregon. Hoke had been a HC for 8 years, and had a middling record when Michigan hired him, coming off a 9-win season and bowl victory. Despite his amazing first season, I don't think anyone is looking to the Michigan hire of Hoke and saying "that's what we need to emulate." After 4 mosly mediocre seasons at Michigan, he was dumped. Tressel was a coach at Youngstown State for 15 seasons. In that time, he won 4 Championships in 6 Championship games, and went 135-57-2. If Littrell stays here that long and wins that many games, then I definitely think he will also get a shot at a major P5. He hasn't done that. I'm not saying that SL WON'T be hired away, or that he WON'T even be hired away by a Big P5 if he doesn't win a bowl game. I'm just skeptical that your ADs at the Auburns or USCs of the world will have the balls to hire a HC who hasn't won their conference or a bowl game in 5 years. Heck, winning 9 games but losing big ones gets Head Coaches FIRED at those programs. So, I think you're looking at a minimum of 8 wins, and you HAVE to win CUSA Championship/Bowl game to get hired away by your top-tier P5 program. But I think a former great on a down-turn or a 2nd tier P5 is a lock at least, as long as he doesn't completely crap the bed. I think SL has been a great coach for us, and I am pleased with his accomplishments. But at some point, even WE would have to start questioning whether or not he CAN take the next step (not unlike what happened with Dickey). I don't believe we're at that point yet, and the way the coaching carousel goes in college football, we likely won't ever get there. It is what it is.
  7. Agreed. The XFL also failed because it was a crap product. They're very focused on it being quality football here. AND they're not trying to compete. It's a developmental league and one which they'll use as a testing ground for the NFL. They're not pulling out all the stops in costs and expectations, like the XFL did. I think Ebersol learned from his mistakes.
  8. Yes, it's attempting to act as a bridge/developmental league for the NFL. NFL teams don't have the reps/opportunities to give to a lot of fringe guys. This gives them opportunities to play and develop NFL skills during the off-season and get paid to do it, while delivering football to some markets that show a willingness and ability to support at this level. There's a lot of guys out there between 22-28 that it's probably unfair to say are DONE with football, but there's not much chance for them to prove anything. The way it's scheduled, it should be wrapping up during free agency/pre-draft, so I think it will provide a good look for NFL execs. The Ebersols understand the NFL. They're not trying to take down the giant. They want to supplement it. They've put a ton of research into it, with lessons learned from the failure of the XFL, and clear goals in mind. The result is a much better product/production than we got before. I really expected it to be a lot rougher than it was (not that it was perfect).
  9. Yeah I looked through the rosters. Couldn't find anyone.
  10. https://deadspin.com/report-southern-miss-coach-who-wanted-to-hire-art-bril-1832448237/amp
  11. http://www.nflcombine.net/faq/how-are-players-selected-for-the-nfl-combine
  12. Call me old-fashioned, but I just swim through egg patches and broadcast a cloud of sperm. It's a numbers game. But back to the topic, has anyone ever SEEN JayD and Bert in the same room at the same time? How do I know which one is Andy Kaufman and which is Tony Clifton, when I'm pretty sure they're both Tony Clifton? How do I know which one to shoot?
  13. A lot of these guys just have the QB coach as an Eye-in-the-sky/co-OC to give them the booth view (which is always the concern w HCs calling their own plays).
  14. Does the "or something" include the sticks they beat the raccoon to death with? Or did the sticks have to be literal baseball bats? 1) The University needed to act quicker, so this wouldn't become the story that it is. Even hinting at SOME kind of punishment would have been a better reaction than their own dismissive statement. 2) That's not how you train dogs to hunt raccoons, just to keep that dumb excuse from coming up again 3) So, manipulating nature... like dog-fighting and cock-fighting and, well, any other two animals that you can put in an area? 4) The worst part isn't even any of that. It's that these dudes, including Muhammad, got their jollies from it. It was apparently awesome enough to not just TAKE a video of, but to then decide to SHARE that video on social media.
  15. Lol, Dickey doesn't even play Dickey ball anymore.
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