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  1. Except our green doesn't look like this photo at all, unless you've got some insane settings on your TV or left it on the store display mode. Literally look at it compared to the main header or "Reply To This Topic" button on this website, which will be much closer. Still, it gets washed out badly on TV with the stadium lighting or sunlight. https://identityguide.unt.edu/create-our-look/color
  2. You still need both. And you still need to recruit and build relationships with high school kids. Because if a year or two later they're unhappy with their situation at another school, then you'll have already built a relationship with them. And while a couple of coaching staffs have used the portal for massive roster turnover, I think that's best for new staffs. Otherwise, it's primarily for filling the gaps left from players leaving/graduating, and replacing players who aren't developing well enough/properly. So, YES, you need to be heavily focused on the transfer portal, but you can't just be like "no point getting high school kids". It's not like every one of those kids, or even every one of the BEST kids will leave.
  3. Yeah, I would hate having Deion and all of his exciting winning football here. Blech.
  4. Naw, he looks like he had a thread deleted.
  5. Maybe not. Now we know we need a lead of around 30 points.
  6. Tear down the goal posts. Just find some in your neighborhood or whatever.
  7. Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop murdering.
  8. Wow. Trying our hardest not to win this.
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