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  1. They still headhunt and play dirty. It's apparently a part of their philosophy that doesn't change, no matter who's there. Not a fan of Army. I've never seen a team so regularly lead with the helmet when tackling.
  2. I can't tell if our defense is this bad or if they're even worse. I mean, is the plan to give them half their yards by penalty so our Yards Allowed doesn't look as bad?
  3. Also, if it helps me get an NCAA football video game back before I'm too old to enjoy it, that'd be swell.
  4. Yeah, this would be death of college football. I actually don't have a problem with players getting paid. I just think in the realm of college athletics it needs to happen equitably. I know it sounds terribly socialist, but I'd be fine with a system where the money funnels up from the schools and conferences and gets revenue-shared by the NCAA and re-distributed back to the players. #1 QB at Ohio State makes the same as the 75th man on Miami (OH). One's not necessarily working harder or doing more at their job than the other. It's the only way it doesn't remove all competition from college athletics.
  5. I feel bad for him. Ever since he failed out or got kicked out from UNT or whatever and had to move back in with his mom in Houston, he's gone off the rails. He's basically the Antonio Brown of message board trolls, except Antonio Brown used to be good at something.
  6. I generally don't make a lot of proclamations on week one. I mean, I like to overreact in the moment on a game day thread as much as the next guy, but I'm not of the opinion that the first game means much of anything outside of winning, losing, and injury.
  7. As long as it's not like last year and we throw them 4 bones.
  8. He'll be cut, but probably has a good shot at PS. He and JVJ were both a mixed bag, but showed enough skills. He's probably their 8th WR at this point. Last year, they only kept one WR on the practice squad, so it's possible he's fighting JVJ for the spot. However, they may try and stash 2 this year given the guys they have with injury histories and/or on one-yr deals.
  9. McConnell (TAMS, baby!) Bruce Clark West, but really my gf's apartment in Cement City.
  10. Briles: "what a fool... she reporting to authorities." Briles: "What kind of discipline... she a stripper?" Briles: "Hopefully he's under the radar enough they won't recognize name." Briles: "Those are some bad dudes. Why was she around those guys?" Briles: "We need to get your name cleared ... always all in with my players." (He changed his mind and opted not to show up at this player's trial)
  11. I can't even think about football and SMU right now. I'm one of 10,000 people without power since Sunday. To put that into perspective, that's roughly 4x an average SMU home crowd.
  12. Watch out for it, bud.
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