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  1. Aune sucks. Period. I would rather see mistakes from someone else than do the same Aune bs.
  2. The next coach will likely be looking at transfers
  3. Well at least we came out throwing? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. Nothing more amusing than self-deprecating humor, so let's lighten it up and post memes about our thoughts on the upcoming game against the Tigers.
  5. There are really only two stats that matter: Scoring Offense Memphis 56th NT 73rd Scoring Defense Memphis 99th NT 115th. Total offense is the most worthless stat ever. We don't score even when we move the ball.
  6. I'm holding out for "Houston I'm Not So Much Religious as I am Spiritual University."
  7. Sad to report that UTSA’s WR is more accurate that Aune.
  8. Such an amazing running team that we can’t get one yard in two tries. And we have our worst RB in for it.
  9. Btw agree that Trieb was ridiculously overhyped. That dude is SLOW.
  10. Vito will use that TD as evidence of our deep passing game. (It was also thrown slightly behind Gumms, btw)
  11. How many times has a defender flown past the RB or QB? This is why we constantly lose containment. @BillySee58beat me to it. To add to this, is this KD Davis worst game?
  12. Unfortunately Aune is incapable of being accurate on the run. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. He was targeting the whole game. He was flagged early on and it was overturned bc he missed but the intent was clearly there.
  14. Exactly what I said. Roll out to the right and tuck it and run or throw out of bounds if nothing was there in the first 3-4 seconds.
  15. I take it back. According to ESPN we are winning!! 🤣🤣
  16. And now this passing team is gashing 6-7 yards a carry.
  17. I think our recent experience against Dykes and Holtz show this can be a good approach. Either Fuente or Brown would be a home run hire in my book. I feel like we need some name recognition.
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