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  1. I can’t imagine we have any OL spots left at this point unless they are just absolutely a stud.
  2. https://247sports.com/Player/Brandon-Campbell-46058435/ 19 offers already
  3. Per Vito’s latest, it does seem the staff intends for him to play CB. This is good news.
  4. And they may not be actively recruiting him. He could be going to the camps to get coaching from top programs or to get noticed by them. Which is fine. We want high caliber recruits that believe they can be successful anywhere.
  5. Let’s all be honest with ourselves: if a storied program like FSU or OSU offers this kid (or any of them) is likely gone. This isn’t like recruiting against Kansas or Iowa St.
  6. This is an interesting addition that would seem to make sense if he is slated to play CB here. But did he lose a step because of the ACL injury? It is possible since he moved to safety at South Carolina. Not sure if they were stacked at CB or if he moved due to the injury. If the plan is for him to play safety, I am not sure I understand it given we have two returning seniors (three if you count Rover) and I would think they would want some younger players to gain experience as backups. I am not completely confident in Robinson, but not sure I would bring in a one-year player as the answer at the expense of the younger players. Overall I am glad he chose NT, but still curious where he fits and how this affects our 2019 or 2020 scholarships.
  7. The bold is exactly my point. And the top of the list is particularly full of busts. But again I am excluding recents recruits, who make up a lot of our list of top recruits and looking at the past. So we might be pretty much on the same page.
  8. Never arrived, never played, or never made an impact. William Johnson, Boone Felt (and his 4 star transfer brother additionally), Kevin Dillman, Darren McNair, Alonzo Horton, Justin Edwards, Jeremy Bean, and the list goes on and on. I am obviously excluding recent recruits bc we don’t yet know about them, but I guess we can add Demeco Roland to that list as well.
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