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  1. Plus we keep hearing how high school players are getting less attention bc of the portal. Shouldn’t we be able to bring in higher level recruits if the P5s are signing fewer high school recruits? Even G5s like SMUt are signing fewer high school kids, right? Shouldn’t there be a trickle down effect that benefits us?
  2. Was their second leading tackler yesterday.
  3. Funny way to spell “creepy”
  4. So it took them 9 months to offer a guy at a position of need playing a couple hours down the road? Ten P5s seemed to figure it out a little sooner…
  5. This. Show multiple looks throughout the game. Bring in a bigger DE and let Mazin loose as a pass rushing once in a while.
  6. It would be great if a bunch of fans bought them and wore them to games. Would definitely catch the TV camera’s attention. Might also shame the AD into upgrading Scrappy.
  7. Refreshing honesty…that pretty much backs up those saying that coaching was the problem. Looks like they are acknowledging and addressing some of the issues. We will see how they deal with the defense over the bye week, which will be the most important adjustment. If you check the recent offers, looks like they are prioritizing DL size from the JUCO ranks - a clear sign they don’t think it sufficiently exists on the current roster and immediate contributors needed.
  8. Looks like the staff is really looking to upgrade the size on the DL. Should have done that last offseason…
  9. You are almost getting it. This site, like Twitter, isn’t “free” just because we don’t have to pay to subscribe. Pretty sure those ads we are bombarded with are paying the rent. Clicks/engagement increases ad revenue for a site. I am of course speaking generally here with no insight into GMG’s finances but rarely is a site totally free. No idea what this site or the ads are collecting on us.
  10. Notice that a certain head coach appeared on a certain podcast and then the criticism gets blunted on here.
  11. The color guy was fine but the main guy was absolutely terrible. He talked about bullshit constantly. He even talked over touchdown plays.
  12. And if my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle. The play was absolutely unnecessary given how successful we were playing it straight up. Not only was it an unneeded risk (that failed miserably and was a big momentum and point swing) but it showed future opponents the play. Just a terrible call and a sign of overconfidence from a staff that has no right to it.
  13. Exactly. And a smart runner too. It was such a bad call. If you had to point to one play that led to almost losing the game, it was that shit call.
  14. His stats looked good but I think the running element of Harris might be the big difference.
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