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  1. I could also only see the dealer’s card if I turned my phone sideways. I know the old folks use this site on their desktop computer but most of us need mobile compatible apps.
  2. Doesn’t need to be in conference. Probably bowling or sand volleyball. Whatever has the least travel expenses.
  3. I have played a fair amount of blackjack in my years…never seen the dealer win that many times.
  4. Does this mean I am supposed to stop making fun of P6?
  5. Thank you. I knew there was something out there!
  6. Hiring a coach coming off a losing season would be peak UNT… I am trying to think of G5 to G5 head coach poaching. I am sure it must happen but can anyone think of an example?
  7. If we can’t afford to buyout coaches then we have no business talking about moving up conferences.
  8. It would be best to have a new HC in place before the early signing period in December.
  9. GreenBacker didn’t put anything out there. It was out there and he alerted the fan board to it.
  10. Get to and win a bowl game and stay. Otherwise…
  11. All the Dodge teams and 2015 were worse than this team. That’s a low bar, but still this isn’t doomsday bad. Just really bad. At least the team is fighting. Those teams quit.
  12. I haven’t gotten up to watch the last couple of games (they air in the middle of the night here) and I have never been happier. I don’t plan on watching until we have a new coach. I will continue my donations and season tickets bc I support my university and not one person, but I don’t need to exhausted all day Sunday to watch us get curb stomped repeatedly.
  13. Good news is that Tech gives up a tons of passing yards and points. Perhaps this is the week to turn around the passing game?
  14. I feel like a lot of these people ended up taking their cousin to prom.
  15. This is the quarterly notification to inform you that AmazonSmile has made a charitable donation to the charity you’ve selected, University Of North Texas Foundation Inc, in the amount of $96.47 as a result of qualifying purchases made by you and other customers who have selected this charity. Another reminder the smile.Amazon.com option for ordering and designing the UNT Foundation as your charity. With as many students and alumni as we have, this should be bigger each term. In history of this program, this is all that UNT has gotten. I have no idea why the alumni association and university advancement doesn’t promote this. $3,027.46 to University Of North Texas Foundation Inc*
  16. Please tell me someone posted this on Twitter
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