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  1. Reading former players make analogies about Covid and rushing stats is pretty entertaining
  2. https://247sports.com/Player/Tommy-Bush-46037220/
  3. Looks like this might have been news to the players?
  4. I think that this likely explains, at least in part, why he returned. After a somewhat disappointing senior year, it would have been extremely difficult to get picked up by an NFL team when not healthy. If he can recover and thrive in this new system he will have greatly improved his chances.
  5. I sure hope not since Sanders is a senior and this kid was a freshman starter with three years left.
  6. Are we sure Bennett didn’t just take this job to tank it and get revenge for NT ending his head coaching career?
  7. https://247sports.com/Player/JP-Deeter-46101126/ No rating yet. Conference mates Marshall and Utsa offered.
  8. Oh I don’t think it is the cure for the common cold or anything but I have heard many players mention that they valued their position coach’s NFL experience. I think specifically in reference to Cobbs. Filani certainly wasn’t an NFL mainstay but he was drafted - which is more than anyone from NT can say for the last 15 plus years. Harrell can point to a few years learning from Rodgers. And both coached under Mike Leach. And of course we know Cobbs had a solid journeyman career. Definitely all more than an invite to a mini-camp or tryout like many of our guys have had. Again, we are all roo
  9. That is some extreme hyperbole. I think it is more than fair to question or voice concerns about both Bennett and coach nepotism.
  10. what a great name for a LB. come on Trice, help us bring this guy here!
  11. Just watched it and he was absolutely amazing. Was so natural and the other guy never stood a chance. You could tell he was impressed even though he was going to lose.
  12. PS Did we lose the gif button and now have to manually post memes like savages?
  13. Kind of reduces our options since we have fired the last two DCs and last OC, two of those after one year. Plus it could mean we have to buy out Seth and Bennett should this experiment flop. I REALLY want him to succeed and turn around the defense but I am a Mean Green fan so I’m used to failure. What can I say? Seems like following two four win seasons is a strange time to give out big contracts.
  14. Well in this article they mention players with one-two years experience starting, some all-conference recognition, and high profile transfers. Ours is a guy from ACU. 🤷‍♂️
  15. I liked Bennett’s comments about making sure the players are comfortable and keeping it simple. It will help, in addition to more 4-man fronts.
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