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  1. This is why they try to primarily sign midterm transfers. Fall transfers often fail to qualify or don’t contribute much the first year.
  2. I have known his wife for years. She was one of my students back in the day. They have awesome cornhole boards!
  3. Agreed. And a pretty good indicator he probably has that starting job locked down.
  4. My only thought is that he is a little slow for DE and a little small for DT.
  5. 450 members of which 400 play the flute...
  6. I mean, there is plenty of precedent. According to Coach Dickey, at least.
  7. History is on your side, this is true. Nichols in 2014 drew over 21k and I think all other FCS games were under 20k. But I don’t think that will be the case this season (depending on weather of course since our fans are delicate flowers), independent of ACU’s alumni .
  8. It was with the help of many games against inferior opponents. Last year proved you can easily schedule 20 wins. We need a fresh paradigm.
  9. Why don’t they just sub in Mean Green for MF?
  10. Joe Ozougwu I had a good run the last couple of years with Wheeler at the Jack LB, so I will take his understudy Jo-Jo. Sticking with my guy Jo Jo
  11. Did you see his new one “Ivory”? Pretty good
  12. I believe they get a per diem payment of somewhat over 1k a week.
  13. Apparently DB is a strength: https://amp.si.com/college-football/2019/08/13/cal-bears-secondary-jaylinn-hawkins-ashtyn-davis?__twitter_impression=true
  14. Maybe we can use him on a trick play?
  15. 9th best in TX? 97th in FBS? Am I reading that correctly? And we actually have a fairly veteran Oline with 3 seniors.
  16. Just what I was thinking. He had no time to throw at all.
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