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  1. I would think in this OC scenario Mainord would still coach WRs and they would hire a QB coach.
  2. Well not Galen Scott obviously 😉 They did recruit them but they couldn’t break the starting lineup or left, like Fulp did.
  3. This would definitely fall under a logistical/organizational framework like that. This isn’t something that needs a new position. The portal exists. The recruiting sites are tracking. Just sort them and email to position coaches. She could also do quick internet searches (or task to GA or student assistants) for red flags.
  4. Come on we had two first year starters at the position- one of which was a freshman. And a Freshman backed him up.
  5. It was mentioned that SL wasn’t at the coach’s show bc he was on the road recruiting. From Twitter it looks like they are visiting our committed players after the firings to make sure they are still on board.
  6. How bad were we this year? https://www.pff.com/news/college-football-2019-pff-all-conference-usa-team Only Darden makes first team on offense. Lawerence, Pirtle, and Fine make third team. And that is it. Not one OL graded high enough to be in the top four in the conference. On defense Novil is a first team selection and receives high praises. Hamilton gets third team and Khari an honorable mention. That’s it. #sad
  7. Why the interest is this kid specifically? Not from DFW, no previous NT offer, not rated higher than our current verbals, and would likely have to sit a year.
  8. I think they fired their coach. But this kid has P5 stars in his eyes so I would doubt he reconsiders NT.
  9. Big boy programs have big war chests they can pull from to hire and fire coaches. We don’t.
  10. Not sure if this is a scholarship or PWO https://www.hudl.com/video/3/8155147/5dc23944b3c83d0e643d685f
  11. We were there, but spent most of the game in the parking lot under the pop up gazebo with two grills going for warmth (and plenty of booze). We were parked where we could watch the game on the jumbotron. Stayed to the end and ran on the field after, if I am remembering correctly.
  12. Mason ends his football career with a sack. So f*****g typical. Reeder and Langston MUST be fired.
  13. Well no Siggers next season 😟 Btw are we sure about this turf? So many injuries.
  14. Mason is pressing and the play calling isn’t helping. To be fair, if the line could block at all it would be different. they literally can’t block a 3 man rush
  15. I have lots of fuzzy memories there...
  16. Are you asking if a true freshman that came in over the summer should have started over a 6th year SEC player? I mean I think Gaddie is talented but in reality he likely would have redshirted instead if the defensive backfield wasn’t such a mess. Roberts leaving the program was probably why he was listed as the backup.
  17. At this point, I don’t care about previews and predictions. They have meant very little this year. The game will be played and we will likely end up embarrassed again. I just feel bad for Mason and hope the coaches don’t get him another concussion or another injury.
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