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  1. Many were not starters but that doesn’t make them walk-ons. 85 scholarships and only 22 starters. That means the overwhelming majority of scholarship players are backups by definition.
  2. Thinking that a Houston walk-on is what we should get pretty much defines how NT is viewed, even by our own fans.
  3. Exhibit A-Z: Defense. Also not starting Rogers from day one was a huge blunder. We had the money to hire a more experienced coach and we went with the bargain hire again. We got what we paid for.
  4. Do you want him to refuse the offers or just not talk about them?
  5. NIL/portal has lessened my interest in college football in general but my lack of enthusiasm for this season mostly revolves around Morris. The lack of a defense kills my confidence in a good season (and then anyone worth a damn will get plucked by a p4).
  6. Deng is killing it in the French 3rd division:
  7. Jaelon Darden is with Cleveland.
  8. Apologize if a repeat but what a great guy. So glad he has this opportunity - he earned it.
  9. Everyone scored against us last year.
  10. Same. But fortunately way too early for predicting anything.
  11. As evidence of the lack of hype/communication, were we tracking that junior day was coming up? I feel like that is trumpeted by the program for weeks and this is the first I have seen anything on it. Granted, I have paid less attention this year due to lack of interest but I feel like this staff hasn’t publicized the program as much (other than coach O). This year’s sprint ball was the quietest I have seen in a couple decades probably.
  12. First CFB game would have been very early 80s TCU. First NT game would be 1997 so I guess Jason Mills.
  13. Conversely, many accounts have tens or hundreds of thousands of followers but only spout disinformation.
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