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    To play an exhibition tour. And there are limits on those.
  2. @TheReal_jayD I haven’t been able to listen to the podcast. Is it Junior Day this weekend or some other big visit weekend?
  3. Film has him playing pretty well on both sides of the ball. Twitter shows Texas, Tulane, Kstate, LaTech, ArkSt, Houston, Memphis, Arkansas, ULM, Baylor offers
  4. 97and03

    DRC: UNT offensive line outlook for 2019

    Fine was, at least in part, injured multiple times bc of the beating he took due to a lack of blocking!
  5. 97and03

    DRC: UNT offensive line outlook for 2019

    Vito really needs to stop listing no-name walk ons as “key” returners and losses in these articles.
  6. Probably autocorrected to the most conventional spelling. Updated