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  1. I think there will be two playoff structures in the new league (whatever they call it). The choice for G5's who don't like it will in all likelihood be moving to FCS
  2. Agree the split is going to happen. I just think they will keep more schools so that the top schools do not have to play every game against another top school. While the Alums will like the split, how happy will they be when their team is only winning 3 games a year.
  3. They are AAU schools which had been important to the Big10 with the possible exception of ND. Still think North Carolina and Duke might slip in
  4. My guess - The Football portion of FBS will break off into its's own governing organization There will be two divisions but with minimums on how much they must spend on football - low end P5's and most G5's will be in the second group. Low budget P5's will have to invest more of go FCS The NCAA will still govern all other sports.
  5. I still believe the lack of a quality QB coach makes a tremendous difference. QB coaches do make a difference. Even at the professional level you can see stories where players discuss the impact of the QB coach on their performance.
  6. Unlike the party that believes while they are able to show ID to buy beer and cigarettes it is suppression to ask someone to show ID to vote
  7. For today at least we have the P2, then the N3 (next 3) and then the G5
  8. Great suggestion to hint to Read Books when you freaking use Wikipedia as a source 😬. Truth is, if someone this high ranking in the previous administration mentioned any type of "World" order most on the left would be shouting collusion/conspiracy and demanding impeachment.
  9. Makes you wonder how they choose. If i'm not mistaken, the preseason CUSA teams have Ethan as no better than the 4+ best kicker (even behind UTEP's kicker). Something against him or does DCTF think the rest of the kickers in Texas are that bad?
  10. Have a feeling the TV contract for the Pac12 will not be as good as the Big12. Fox Sports is the main player and their love for the Pac12 was directly aimed at USC/UCLA. Oregon and maybe Washington and Stanford were OK, and the rest marked up as cost of business. Oregon will be gone. To big of a risk that the SEC and Big10 do their on thing and they are left out. And, you have to be the powers that be at Nike are calling in every favor they have. The remaining conference will be no where are good/valuable as the Big12. Can not believe the SEC is going to stand by and make no additional moves. If they raid the ACC, then you set up an opportunity for the Big12 and ACC to combine, and then the PACXX is basically a leftover. As for ND, the money will have to be great for them to make the move and break away from NBC, and even more face the reality that they will be the 3rd-4th best team in the Big10 or SEC in most years.
  11. At the time of his hire this was considered a game-changing move for North Texas not only in our region but across the United states. The athletic director letting him bring in High School coaches as coordinator has to go down as one of the dumbest moves in college sports.
  12. I think that depends a lot on what happens with Oregon and Washington. At this point if I was Colorado, Utah, and the Arizona schools I would still be making an aggressive move to join the Big 12
  13. The AAU status is often mentioned when the Big10 has talked about expansion after the issues with Nebraska. If I remember correctly, they were AAU certified at the time but lost it about the time they joined. There was talk at the time of resending the invite. But hey, that was when they were actually worried about educating the athletes.
  14. So this is more about your dislike of America than the issues with Saudi Arabia. OK
  15. So was this a straight up trade for K Martin or do we get a player to be named later?
  16. Follow the money path from FOX The are the key player in the Big10 The PAC12 contract is coming up. They (FOX) are primarily interested in the LA area schools. They do not want to pay a massive deal to the Pac12 USC and UCLA (for a start) takes care of that. So we are headed for the ESPN Conference (SEC) versus the FOX Sports Conference (BIG10) and everyone will be schedule filler for the various services.
  17. Liberal World Order? This gentleman is Biden's Director of the National Economic Council of the United States
  18. I'm sure they would pass on existing P5 schools for SMU if given the chance for the schools you mentioned. Before SMU fans once again anoint themselves the most desired, they might want to see what is left of the PAC. If Oregon, Washington, and Stanford leave it seems likely the remaining schools would much ratter merge with the Big12 than rebuild from current G5's
  19. Question to ponder..... Would Cal join a league with Texas schools?
  20. IMO, Oregon. Stanford and UW will end up in the Big10 If the new Big12 comissioner is not working on a merger with the remaining schools, or at the least going after Colorodo, Utah, Arizonia and AZ State he is worthless. P.S. You know WVU and possibly Okie State are making calls to the ACC on on ongoing basis
  21. But if there is a chance the SEC and the Big Ten end up doing their own thing and Notre Dame does not choose to join they could be left out
  22. If this is the case, then I would guess the Bid12 and ACC would follow a similiar path
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