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  1. The cluster F our program seems to be turning into under Seth and Wren (and yes, this is 100% on Wren's watch)
  2. I find it curious how so many feel someone who could not start at a P5 must automatically be better than a FCS or G5 player
  3. Not so sure about the options. Think more and more people are getting tired of the professionalism of college sports
  4. Again, boiler plate. Keep the requirements low so that they have all of the flexibility they want.
  5. Was all on board until you took the jab at Passwaters. Still to soon to say it was a great hire, but nothing to say it was a bad hire.
  6. Hope he enjoys it when his coach he followed leaves in a year or two
  7. There are exceptions to every rule. How many hours does a player have to take to practice? Can a player enroll in the 8-week session and still practice?
  8. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/33027223/nick-saban-kirby-smart-call-increased-nil-regulation-college-football-going-haves-nots
  9. I believe high school players not being recruited as much is also a victim of the transfer portal. I believe the next in line will be that scholarships will start not being renewed for backup/scoutteam players. I think historical you see that most schools have kept players once they sign them as freshman if the player chooses to stay. With the amount of players available in the portal it would not surprise me if more and more schools start releasing players.
  10. I believe the coaches convention starts tomorrow. Not saying we will have changes, but I believe there will be a lot of discussions going on there.
  11. Just about as amazing as when someone supports it when it fits their narrative
  12. I wonder how long it will be before the IRS forms a NIL tracking division 😇
  13. The problem is in their hurry to get something out there and allow this to happen there were no serious thoughts giving on how to regulate. I guess they thought everyone would be very ethical in this process (extreme sarcasm meant). The same as with tampering with players who have not entered the portal. There is no way for them to regulate contacting players before they enter the portal. This will only get worse and I'm not sure at this point how they get control of it.
  14. End of the day even though they won't admit it most college presidents are only concerned about the bottom line of how much money it brings in. As long as they're getting these ungodly amount of Revenue they're not going to make a big effort to change. So as far as saying these are student-athletes we all know that's a joke.
  15. So every QB coach that Alabama has played and whipped up on is "not anything special"?
  16. I think until Seth hires a QB coach it's a gamble to make any predictions on the QB play
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