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  1. Good for the AAC. Look, they will never be P5 (IMO) In the next round of shuffling the top teams (UCF, Memphis, UH, and Cinci) are looking to find new homes in a revised P4 world.
  2. I know they want to lay the foundation, but while I don't see expansion, I do think you could see a team or two relocate after next season if the attendance does not improve. I know they're showing good numbers now, but for butts-in-the-seats, I'm surprised SA did not keep Manziel.
  3. You may be right, but I hope it does keep going. As they continue to move forward I believe they will need to get the support of the NFL. I think it is clear they are not trying to compete with, but basically, offer players a chance to get to the NFL. I would like to see The NFL basically place players with teams, sort of like AAA baseball.
  4. Based on the timing of their season not sure that players coming out this year would be playing at least this season. But you would think between the AAF & XFL there will be more opportunities
  5. I do agree that people should listen to both sides and make us their minds. I usually put much less, to zero credence on those for either side who claim to be the only ones that know what's correct and if you disagree with them, on anything, your wrong. All things being said, a lot of predictions, on both sides are crapshoots. Have you ever notices there seems to be a correlation between the results and those funding the studies Since the 60's we were going to - Run out of breathable air Run out of water Run out of fossil fuels The next ice age was coming Global temperatures would rise to the point where would all melt And so on and so on. As the Billy Joel song said so well, "We didn't start the fire". Can and should changes be made - yes. Has progress been made - yes. One of my frustrations is that many want to put the blame and responsibility on the U.S. and us alone. Not many seemed to have issues with the fact that the Paris Accord would not hold many other countries to the standards that the US was to be held to, but they were expecting us to pay the largest share. Also, places like China, Russia, and India are not measuring and reporting the same way we do. Some other, Have you ever wondered .... How do these protesters for both sides afford to fly all over the place? How many of the ones preaching fly in private planes? How many of these Global conferences are help in the most expensive and luxurious locations?
  6. Per ESPN The Cowboys have agreed to a three-year deal with fullback Jamize Olawale worth $5.4 million, according to a source
  7. I can tell you the company I work for was able to keep and add jobs in the US that had been slated for Mexico. In addition, they have made capital investments ahead of schedule.
  8. Thank goodness Seth was able to trick USC (and others) into thinking GH was a good coach
  9. To me this is like a recruiting class .... time will tell. How will they work together? Time spent working together can make a big difference. On paper, this should be a good staff
  10. My point. There are groups that find out where thwse events happen and they send people whose only purpose is to instigate conflict.
  11. Seems to go this way .... Conservative - Does not agree with a company - will stop using, but if you choose to that's on you Liberal/Progressive - Does not agree with a company - with protest and try to run them out of business Socialist-Dems - "Liberal/Progressive" AND will try to personally ruin any person and their family that chooses to purchase from that company - If they choose not to use you have no right to disagree.
  12. Just wondering .... can anyone confirm he is actually a UNT student??
  13. And there we a real issue - what they are asking for is for the US only. China, India, Russia, etc are not included
  14. Agree. Too many on this site can be asses. Would love to be able to see who leaves the votes.
  15. 🤣As a Grad of Tyler Lee (Robert E. Lee) you all suck 🤗
  16. Per Footballscoop.com North Texas: Adrian Mayes has officially joined the staff as tight ends coach.
  17. From Footballscoop.com http://footballscoop.com/news/air-raid-philosophy-xs-os/
  18. PER FOOTBALLSCOOP.COM Former North Texas corners coach Nate Brown has accepted the corners job at Towson, sources tell FootballScoop.
  19. Just saw, on Footballscoom.com, Michigan will be taking their annual Spring team trip to South Africa (France and Italy the last two years). The trip is a "team bonding" paid for by supports, mainly one person. Just wonder how this falls under the rules (and yes, I understand the same rules do not apply to all)?
  20. I'm willing to bet that with our HC, OC's, QB and receiver situation quite a few up and coming coaches would be very happy to be here
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