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  1. Sadly it's time for the we only got to keep him because they got someone they wanted more crowd to come out
  2. 😈 If only there were a special place for conference realignment 👼
  3. And if a Coach leaves under contract he pays a penalty. So a player could still leave but they would have to reimburse the school some fixed amount
  4. Just wondering ..... If the PAC 2 were to get an invite from the Big 12, would they turn it down to preserve the PAC?
  5. I have a feeling there are a lot of other P5 programs that use very creative bookkeeping to avoid showing how bad things are financially. If I recall, during the beginning of COVID-19, several programs had to take out loans immediately to continue operations. The bottom line is that many schools are going broke trying to "keep up" with the top schools and have created a Ponzi scheme system to keep up appearances.
  6. It's way too early, but pending some late additions to the D-Line, guessing 5-7 : @South Alabama: L SFA: W @TexasTech: L Wyoming: W @FAU: L @Memphis: L Army: L East Carolina: W Tulane: L Tulsa: W @Temple: L @UTSA: W *** If we start the first six games and are 1-5 or 2-4, and our defense gets trashed, I expect to see Caponi sacrificed.
  7. I can understand the growing frustrations. Costs are rising, and students see the greed on all sides and constantly hear athletes talking about being "professional" athletes and that they should "get theirs." I am not arguing if they are right or wrong, but I can understand why average students do not believe they should have to support it unless they choose to. PS - With all due respect, please don't play the "If they don't like it, they can go somewhere else" card. '
  8. In no way do I have any understanding of how the two most irrelevant teams in the PAC seem to be able to continue to carry so much power.
  9. What he did add was a post showing his commitment to North Texas and that is still there
  10. Why? With all due respect, they are trying to improve the program just like we are.
  11. It seems like we gave about the same effort in improving our offense in softball as we have on improving our defense in football.
  12. When hosting a tournament, it seems that most teams try to set it up to where they have the best possible chance to win. In our case, we seem to be scheduling the hardest possible route. Hopefully, getting hammered by top teams, and we'll have some positive impact down the road.
  13. I think that the PAC 2 does not want all the Mountain West teams. Not sure why the Mountain West would be bending over to help the pack these next couple years if there was not a guarantee for that to happen
  14. 😈 Have you noticed there's not nearly as much complaining about the impact of traveling on a student scheduled when their trips are going to places like the Bahamas or Hawaii 😇
  15. Good points. I am not saying he is sabotaging, but if we can get the interest from P5 O-linemen, we should have better luck with D-linemen.
  16. Until our HC changes his AirRaid defense thinking (a reference to Leach's defenses) and decides to place an emphasis on the defensive side of the ball and focus recruiting efforts there, it might not matter who is DC. PS - Yes, I am ticked that we had the worst Defense in FBS, and Morris made a lackluster effort to improve it.
  17. Can we keep this to at least '25 offers? I appreciate your efforts, but adding page after page of 26+ makes it crowded to try and keep track of the more active recruiting activities.
  18. Let's see how quickly players who are all about "business" start complaining that real-world-business-rules should not apply to their situations.
  19. He's wishing a friend good luck. You never told someone that you work with that left for another job that you wish them luck?
  20. Nothing says Mean Green like.... never mind. Would it be too much this year if we play again on Saint Patrick's Day to wear green? Last year, it threw off the announcers when they said where else would you rather be on S.P. Day than the home of the Mean Green, and we came out in black. P.S. - NO, I will never stop commenting when one of our teams chooses Black over Gren and White week after week, and the softball team is the worst at this.
  21. Look around and find a FCS DC who has been successful. Go after him, and hopefully, he will bring a few players.
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