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  1. More concerned about one Senior in particular who I hope is coming back
  2. I wonder how many for Gore and Hankings were against us?
  3. Not sure how you can judge how good this team is with the gaps in the schedule.
  4. Wasn't sure if PB might reach out to his contacts and grab a couple of JC players. Speaking of PB - Is the hire "official"? I guess that's why we're not hearing other coaches being added?
  5. Here's a question - With many JUCOs playing in the Spring, if we sign a JUCO should he be "encouraged" to Opt out of any games?
  6. I believe the same rules are in place with the exception being the Seniors who return do not count against the 85 limit
  7. Some are going to continue to hate Seth and Wren regardless. There are many reasons people leave. Situations change, people do not alway continue to see eye-to-eye. Hell, if you had a company with the amount of employee the football team has you would most likely see a much higher turnover than we are seeing.
  8. You seem to be confusing compensating for added work compared to giving raises. I would think if we were able to check, that the combined increases to the three are most like lower than replacing the person that left. So don't assume there is not a net reduction.
  9. Perhaps we should wonder why he hasn't got better offers before. The rating and the interest just seem strange.
  10. To be that highly rated his list is a little strange. I'm wondering if he had hoped on Columbia or Dartmouth and thoses didn't work out?
  11. This is why I still think there could be a couple of late HS signings - if the right players slip through. Next year could be a big walk-on year for a lot of schools.
  12. I heard a good, at least I thought it was, explanation on this. The draft geru (🤣) said QBs at the Alabama, Ohio States, etc. are hard to judge at how good they really are when almost week after week they have 5* lines and receives who are just that much more talented than the competition. He commented that is why you see QBs on NFL teams that might not have seemed like great college players or had the best numbers, but their skill sets were actually better and some of the "best" college QBs don't make it.
  13. I think Burrow is a great example of no matter how much potential, some coaches are set on the type of QB they want and "better player" becomes subjective. Look at Fields. Same could be said. He was not going to start at Georgia and now he's looks to be a early draft pick. Side note - OSU QBs have not fared so well in the NFL. Will be curious to see how Fields does.
  14. Your right, it's a two-way street. Do players get "asked" to look for other options, sure. But there are also many cases where backups stays at a school 4-5 years, contribute and get an education. While the intent is mostly good there will be cases where players make bad decisions based on emotions, not best-case. Hopefully, at some point those involved from all sides take a look at how the transferring impacts players completing their education. Most are not going to the next level, and some end up with no offers and no way to finish school. I just hope for FB it doesn't turn out like B
  15. I agree that the scheme this past system seem to be a cluster F. I also understand that the coaches are ultimately responsible, but there also need to be accountability by the players. There seemed to be no buy-in by this unit on what was happening. When PB comes in if we see immediate marked improvement it will tell a lot. After the showing this year I find it hard to believe any player on Defense would not be ready for a change and a chance to show others what they can do. We talk about the S&C program - look at the Murphy Twins! Why are the progressing and getting bigger and stron
  16. This. King is a very good player. he did what he thought was best for his "branding". He did what I worried Mason would. I am thankful Mason stayed true to UNT.
  17. Guess they could photoshop his UNT highlights
  18. Still think he had not been hurt he could have been drafted in a fair position
  19. I think King is doing the right thing and staying in school another year. If he stay healthy he should greatly increase his draft value.
  20. Then if he gets drafted it better say from North Texas 😇
  21. @PlummMeanGreen If you look at the 247 transfer portal report you can go back and look at previous years and see where they ended up. If it does not show a school they either went to a non FBS/FCS school or did not find another home. It also does not confirm if they received a scholarship or walked-on https://247sports.com/Season/2021-Football/TransferPortal/
  22. One of the keys for this, and most decisions, is who you get your advise from. The problem is most people want to hear only positives and not negatives so they limit who they ask. If you only ask those who will tell you what you want to be told then the risk probably increases. Being honestly critiqued is not easy for most, especially athletes who might have always been told how good they are.
  23. Always a risk if you transfer that things won't work out the way you planned. Still curious as to why he left the way he did.
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