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  1. If were honest enough to admit the Louisiana football program is probably more well thought of than ours. It gets me how many of our fans get pissed , for example when it comes to the UNT-SMU relationship, but then turn around and act like were too good for other CUSA and Belt schools. As a G5, we need to push for a regional conference. We need to also keep in mind sending non-revenue sports all over the map is costing a lot of money. Maybe we can look outside the box and an option to possibly have Football conferences that are different than Basketball and non-revenue sports conferences. Perhaps you can have a more clustered grouping in a conference for "Olympic" sports?? Not sure, but if cost are not contained more and more schools will be in trouble.
  2. All while Blue Horse is in the corner playing with fuzzy balls
  3. I prefer to think that while playing tennis at the country club he was hit by a ball and woke up with a new sense of understanding
  4. You are really undermining my image of a SMU fan with all of these sound comments.
  5. Just finished Parks and Recreation. Enjoyed it for the most part. My son is trying to get me to watch Green Arrow.
  6. I enjoy your comments. Nice when there can be discussions and shared points of view.


    Knox Johnson 

  7. I fear, regardless of who gets elected, the next four years will be worse when it comes to being divided. The Democrats who hate trump will continue to hate him and if they control the House they will try again, and again to impeach him. On the other side. I believe there are a lot of Republicans who will be hell bent on treating Biden, his family, and his staff, the same way they feel Trump has been treated. If the Republicans take the house I would be surprised if they do not attempt to impeach Biden. Sadly, for our country, the proverbial Genie has been let out of the bottle and the bottle may have been cracked beyond immediate repair.
  8. I have heard before, but have no actual knowledge, that many of these "professional: staffers move from working for candidates from one party to the other more than most would thing.
  9. I think if you dislike Biden you might be better off focusing your attention on his running mate. Do not believe he will serve a full 4, by his choosing, if he gets elected.
  10. They should put those on a loop at the stadium and all around campus
  11. Have a feeling some of these kids are going for "San Antonio" the city (the city does a good marketing job). Would not be surprised to see several transfers after a year or two.
  12. You bring up a great point about blindly following the R or D. El Paso is infamous for their straight party voting. We have had some god awful people get elected and some really good people who ran as R didn't get close. However, the Mayor's office runs as "non party" and there have been several Republicans elected when people actually listen to the candidates (Disclaimer - I am sure the opposite happens in other cities). My point is, too many people vote for the letter and have no clue what the person stands for.
  13. If we could ever get in the AAC together, especially now with the AAC moving to DFW, the two schools could actually work together and co-host quite a few tournaments
  14. Very valid points. However, a lot of people, especially in the case of Kavanaugh, came out and said all women must be believed and men should be treated as guilty until they prove their innocence. I can understand why many women have been reluctant/afraid to come out. However, the "politicization" of sexual assaults (starting back with Clinton) has, IMO, made it even more difficult as the women and the accused are paraded in front of the media and the stories spun to fit their desired narrative. Then if they are completely wrong, in most cases, any retractions are buried, and peoples opinions have been set.
  15. This is a good point. Many of the elected officials depend way too much for others to do the research and help form their "opinions." If you watch coverage where staffers are not there and the elected officials (either side) have to ask or be asked questions it can get very uncomfortable and at time outright hilarious
  16. History has seen (let's not count this current situation) that men's programs and opportunities have been greatly reduced. So Title 9, while providing for improved opportunities for women, has been mostly a one way street. However, the NCAA stance remains - And their response to the impact on men - So while the opportunities are needed, and good for women, men's programs have suffered.
  17. Question, at some point when schools are back, will schools be sued under Title 9 for under representing men's team? Not sure if that has been done.
  18. SFA has to give up those wins, but the other teams don't get the wins. V = Vacated A vacated game is expunged from a school's record, although its opponent's record is not changed. F = Forfeit A forfeit changes a school's original win or tie into a loss and its opponent's original loss or tie into a win.
  19. Compared to this cluster ... at FIU --
  20. In case you had not seen the artist rendition of the their covered practice area
  21. With the trend of more women than men at more and more colleges I wonder if we will start to see some women's programs trimmed?
  22. I would hope that in addition to success, which we have been trending up, our massive investments in facilities would be a benefit when the time comes.
  23. Exactly- Cleaning up old problem under the umbrella of this pandemic. This is where we end up with the support and especially monies earmarked for Covid relief going elsewhere and then many of these same States, cities, and companies will come back and ask for more money to actually fix what the original money was for. I am OK helping people who are impacted by this disaster. Not OK with those who want to pay for preexisting problems. Not using, as Rahm Emanuel once said: "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste" as a guide 😈
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