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  1. El Paso Eagle

    Saints have been screwed

    I guess the refs suck at all levels
  2. El Paso Eagle

    Reaming Scholarships?

    Sorry if this hs been asked and answered. With Guyton moving on is there a spot open?
  3. Very rarely. More and more political agendas are more important to individuals and groups. How many time have you heard lately "well if they didn't do this they probably did something else"? It seems like it has become a case where innocence needs to be proven, and if the accuser lied, so what.
  4. El Paso Eagle

    Saints have been screwed

    Rick agree, but losing out because you played poor is one thing. Missing the chance to move on due to an inept (at best) call is a another
  5. Shouldn't that have been one of them putting their best foot forward 😎
  6. El Paso Eagle

    Building a Winner with Wren Baker

    I really hope, behind closed doors, plans are being made to keep Wren around for a long time. In G5, I really believe that Wren can keep us relevant in all sports and continue to grow the brand.
  7. El Paso Eagle

    And the rich get richer

    Not disagreeing but two issues. First, Grad Trans previous school has no say. Secondly, WVU is in the same conference - a lot of schools would do the same
  8. Good point. I also think it helps at the in NCAA has really put an emphasis on academics , or so they say. More schools are making sure the players attend class and get the schedules they need to ensure they are taking classes that will help for their graduation.
  9. El Paso Eagle

    Texas San Antonio (1/12/19)

    I understand comments about not calling a certain way is the final seconds of a game. But what that tells me is that these call should not be made at any time during the game. I really hate the inconsistency in the way sports are refereed
  10. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25715541/arizona-cardinals-hire-kliff-kingsbury
  11. El Paso Eagle

    UTEP (1/10/19)

    He usually does the UTEP raido
  12. Question. Once they declare are they automatically ineligible to return or can they change their mind?
  13. WOW Hate to be negative but this doesn't seem to make sense
  14. El Paso Eagle

    Pre Spring Offensive Depth Chart

    I predict we will see at least one transfer out after Spring from this group
  15. Or maybe they can thank him.
  16. El Paso Eagle

    "Hardship Transfers"?

    http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/25684235/former-georgia-bulldogs-qb-justin-fields-expected-enroll-ohio-state-next-week Reading on the ESPN site where this young man is looking to transfer to Ohio State from Georgia (basically, he realizes he will not be the starting QB). It says he has hired an attorney to petition the NCAA for a hardship waiver to play next year (I thought maybe he was from Ohio, but he's from Georgia). Wondering how they will spin this to get a hardship? But, then it's a major P5 program ....
  17. El Paso Eagle

    P5 School finally gives Neal Brown a shot - great hire

    Would you also be in favor of allowing the new staff to revoke the scholarship of any players they didn't want?
  18. El Paso Eagle

    Something I really dislike

    Watching the start the Michigan Florida game. Story about michigan's all-American captain linebacker is sitting out the game to protect himself for the draft. Call me old school but I really really dislike this.
  19. El Paso Eagle

    Some motivation from Kason Martin

    Does anyone know what his major is?
  20. El Paso Eagle

    Some motivation from Kason Martin

    BYU had Jim Mcmann we have Kason. Love it!!!
  21. El Paso Eagle

    Something I really dislike

    Just wondering... Michigan is noticeably affected by the 4 missing players. I know what the team will most likely say in public, but in private??
  22. El Paso Eagle

    Something I really dislike

    Maybe if more players in college and the pros had this type of "Team" attitude the numbers watching watching and attending games would not be dropping. Understand why some support this choice (and they have every right), but look over the past few years and see how the "Me" has taken the place of "We" and it seems to have a close correlation to the drops in ratings in attendance.
  23. El Paso Eagle

    Something I really dislike

    Didn't Seth stay when he had a chance for "more"?