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  1. There are a lot of good men playing in the NFL, but let's be honest, character is not that important if they think you can produce https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/32293410/kansas-city-chiefs-set-sign-newly-reinstated-wr-josh-gordon-practice-squad-sources-say
  2. It's hard to admit it but the two teams we probably dislike the most have it going. Think Traylor will move on soon. Would not be surprised if Dykes stays for a while; not that he won't get offers, but he's got a good thing going.
  3. That's the million dollar (well closer to 2 million). I am the first to admit it's easy for fans to sit back and have wish list, but I would like to see someone who has been a HC and see how he put staffs together and adjusted to changes. Times like this are when AD's make their money. I would think we could keep the salary pool about the same and pay the HC less than Seth (maybe make the contract similar to what Michigan did with JH and make it incentive based)and use the rest to make sure we have as strong of a team of assistants as possible and add 4+ analyst.
  4. If you have not watched the ESPN2 version with Peyton and Eli I highly recommend it. Very enjoyable. Tonight's special guest - Nick Sabin https://www.espn.com/watch/catalog/60459870-f8fc-3b3a-a6b9-d8af4bf19223/football#bucketId=29774&sourceCollection=Browse_By_Sport_New
  5. My point. don't get too caught up on the P5 OC/DC credentials.
  6. Might be saving him for the "winnable" games at the end where he can play in 4 and still RS
  7. Seems like most want a "name". Seems not that long ago where a lot of people were making jokes about that low level assistant from Arkansas who was hired by UTSA. Find someone who has proven they can develop 3 star level talent.
  8. In the post Fry era we might not have had a better opportunity than this. We had national attention and flat out got embarrassed. In hindsight, you can add the fact that it seems Seth came in with no plan to put a good Defense on the field. Seems like he thought he could outscore his way to success
  9. Look I want to believe in a mean green as much as anybody but before we get too excited about tonight please remember their quarterback did not play
  10. They hired his offensive coordinator. There's also four or five other players from his team last year on their team this year
  11. Okay so he played better than a quarterback who completely sucked. We lost. Quit accepting failure as a North Texas Fan
  12. Here we go now people will be saying Seth is close. My fear is we still have two more years of this type of play to go
  13. Terrible clock management by Seth we should have called a timeout
  14. Typical for North Texas. We play just good enough at the right time to give fans hope
  15. Why not let KM have a series or two? Afraid we might break our not scoring streak?
  16. With all due respect shut up😇 we're still getting our asses kicked and not moving the ball into the red zone
  17. I believe they said he was banged up at the beginning of the game
  18. LT is playing 11 different transfers on offensive rotation
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