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  1. Almost gave you the laughing emoji until it hit me I'm one of the ones you're talking about
  2. Side note- I really dislike the UNT commercial with the theme we're not like other schools.
  3. This year we're near the top in a watered down conference. We have one win against a team with a winning record. The extent some people are going through to try to make a sound like a good team has other fans laughingat us. And we wonder why expectations are so freaking low When the administration realizes our fans will put up with anything they put out on the field
  4. Side note - does Ryan move their sponsorship to the American starting next year?
  5. Nice run but I would love to see us actually put the quarterback under the center when where in that position
  6. I still can't understand when we know that our defense will get tired why we rush and don't try to use up the clock
  7. Has a great platform he can use to his advantage (win/win for all involved) - With the talent he get he can rack up wins against low level FCS teams and talk up not being respected since he knows he will not have to face the better FCS teams
  8. I guess Dilfer will be the actual OC?? https://footballscoop.com/news/trent-dilfer-hires-alex-mortensen-as-uab-offensive-coordinator
  9. If only we could figure out how to take advantage of a great name amd market it!!
  10. Your right, and it's all guessing. Do you really think we would have been in the top half of the American? But saying were a good program because we're finishing 2nd this year in CUSA is like saying DD's teams should have been ranked in the top 20 due to their conference domination
  11. Since we did play SMU and Memphis - We could guesstimate that we would have been near the bottom of the AAC
  12. Would not be surprised to see him stay at JSU.
  13. Texas State: Texas State has announced GJ Kinne as its next head coach. Kinne will remain with Incarnate Word through the Cardinals' playoff run; UIW hosts Furman in a Round 2 game tomorrow. Green - Hire made Yellow - AAC related Blue - Texas/potential recruiting related
  14. Go kick some ass and bring home the championship!!
  15. No turmoil? Seth is safe only because our standards are so freaking low. It continues to amaze me how many seem so determined to keep a High dollar very average coach. This attitude is probably one of the leading reasons we have so many alums who follow other colleges. #TimeToExpectMore #StopLowStandards
  16. Completely agree! I hope that every team moving to the AAC, and the existing teams keep stepping up their games. I hope Mike Aresco keep the pressure on the Athletics Directors and Presidents to keep improving.
  17. So we're about to play for the conference championship, yet, and sadly probably correctly, were worried about who we could hopefully be competitive against.
  18. With all respect, we have been a middle of the pack CUSA team. How does changing the conference make us better?
  19. Nice thoughts. Please, let me know one change we have made that leads you to honestly believe we are poised to take the next step?
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