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  1. Why can't he sign the good players right out of high school? Seems like he could beef up the first line of recruiting and evaluation process.
  2. What does this mean? Are they scared using P5 would make them seem boastful?
  3. Tulsa has always had problems. Rice made a whole lot of sense but UofH didn't want another school in Houston. Tulsa is a very small private school that has no business in the current environment spending as much as the do on football. They should be way more concerned about keeping their doors open in a post Covid world. Average small private colleges that charge a ton of money in tuition are in big big trouble. Tulane is similar but offers access to New Orleans and has a better academic reputation than Tulsa. I don't see East Carolina offering a lot of value either.
  4. My question is do you think they will bring 25 or so teams from the G5 to use as easy wins to ramp up the top P5 team W/L records? This might provide us an opportunity to move up at that time.
  5. To put it more plainly, a separation of the Power Five conferences from the NCAA has long been possible. Those 65 schools, including independent Notre Dame, already exist as separate entities -- financially, competitively and even corporately. But with the coronavirus ratcheting up the stakes, a tipping point may be at hand. "I'm telling you, if you or I were going to place a bet on a stock … you could double down on the Power Five being a separate entity now within two years," said Vince Thompson, founder and CEO of MELT, an Atlanta-based sports and entertainment marketing firm. "T
  6. read more: https://www.courant.com/sports/hc-sp-uconn-football-tv-contract-cbs-sports-20200511-by6lljlw2ff63ivkh5gr3xpxre-story.html
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