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  1. They didn't deliver the ratings needed to continue. iHeart doesn't know much about programming and supporting sports talk and it showed. Once again, it appears DFW doesn't have enough market for a third all sports station.
  2. My father graduated from what was then called Edinburg Junior College in 1937. It was started by the Edinburg ISD and the shared campus and buildings with the school district. The town made a very big deal out of them changing from Pan American College to Pan American University sometime in the 60s. I'm told by friends who still live down there that the support in the area is still mixed but growing slowly.
  3. I grew up in Edinburg back when Abe Lemons was their basketball coach. Their finances are more stable now than back when they "withdrew" from the Belt.
  4. Not likely. Ross doesn't have the track record their donors will require.
  5. St Joseph's would win easily if they just had Weasel Johnson .
  6. IIRC, both WKU and MTSU wanted to go accept the invite from the Mac. However, the MTSU administration told the athletic department there was no money for the move. Often, schools don't actually write checks for exit and entry fees. What happens is they forego payments from conferences. The MTSU budget was so tight they could not afford to forego any payments. So they were stuck. Because it was a both-or-nothing offer, WKY was stuck also. I would think there is a new level of hatred from WKU for MTSU because of this!
  7. The NCAA has been consistently losing lawsuits brought by members since 1981. After 43 years of losing, they have found they MUST be spineless!
  8. If you read Jim Williams's post, it's ALL speculative. Those are HIS ideas, not something currently in progress. FSU still has not found a way out of the grant of rights. Louisville is certainly questionable for the B1G - they wouldn't take OSU or WSU so I'm not sure why they'd take Louisville. This COULD happen in a few years, but certainly no reason to panic like it's going to happen for 2025!
  9. Thanks! Yes, it was my smart TV. Next game I’ll check the computer. Also reinstall the ESPN app on the TV.
  10. Watching on ESPN+ and the game keeps skipping back 10 to 12 seconds. Anyone else experiencing that?
  11. We're not talking now, the game they might be thinking of buying out is in 2027! And, no one at Tech has actually said they want to buy it out, just that they want to move to having seven home games each year. EDIT - I need to stop trying to post from my phone!
  12. Home games generate lots of dollars, not just for team and school but for the town as well. The City of Norman has been pushing OU for decades to drop the annual game in Dallas in favor of a home and home with UT.
  13. Rust On is a good description of the town.
  14. Three of the big heavyweights in sports broadcasting are joining forces for a combined streaming service. Here's a podcast that explains what's going on. As the Podcast states, "The dinosaurs are seeing the asteroid coming and are trying to do something about it." Here's the link. https://www.wsj.com/podcasts/the-journal/why-three-media-giants-are-betting-on-sports-streaming/97E7A6C2-46AA-428C-8719-ECAAB17941C0
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