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  1. You aren't, but learning how to make it work has rewards. I had to google the instructions, but I was able to add the ESPN+ app to my LG Smart TV. I plan on watching the Super Bowl streaming in 4K on my TV via the Fox app.
  2. The latest thread on the Mountain West Conference got me thinking about brand awareness and where NT stands. I did a little digging and found we are MUCH better off than I thought. Here's an article from 2018 on national brand awareness of college teams. Scroll down to the "Top of the Non-Power 5" and check out the list. Spoiler alert - we're #3!
  3. Back to original thesis of the thread - Boise moving to the AAC. I don't think it is likely, although stranger things have happened. The idea is since the AAC lost UConn they need another school to fill the space. Maybe, but that's not a certainty. Yes the will need a waiver to have a championship game without 12 teams after next year, but there is no reason to believe they wouldn't be given one. Secondly, Boise today isn't the Boise of a decade ago. They simply don't draw the interest they did back then. Third, the AAC has always been driven by TV markets more than the quality of the teams. While I think that's a flawed system, it's the one the AAC hasn't dropped yet. Losing UConn loses the 33 market in the 2020 rankings. Adding Boise adds the 101 market. It's unlikely the AAC really wants Boise, at least wants them enough to split their pie more. Boise just doesn't grow the pie enough to equal the slice they'd take. Simply put, there isn't going to be any MWC opening for NT to be considered as a candidate.
  4. I think it likely the pick was Petrino all along. They float the rumor about Briles so that Petrino looks good in comparison.
  5. I saw this as part of the "College Briefs" column in today's eEdition of the DMN. Three more bowls next year even though attendance was lower this year. They provided the answer - even with lower TV ratings, the bowls games draw better than anything else the networks can plug into those times. ESPN owns 14 bowls and is adding two more next year to keep their ever shrinking audience. Here's a link for everyone with a DMN subscription. https://epaper.dallasnews.com/html5/reader/production/default.aspx?pubname=&pubid=d7d94d17-1cc1-4585-94e9-f98d19763bdb
  6. KWTX is quoting a "source with knowledge of the situation" that the one in house candidate is Joey McGuire and the top outside candidate is Billy Napier of Louisiana. It should be pointed out no one had Rhule on any Baylor lists until it leaked that he was interviewing. Baylor has a lot of buy out money to play with, plus Rhule was one of the top 10 paid coaches in the country thanks to an extension from this summer.
  7. Yes, but Brewer has had a series of concussions. There is a chance he won't be playing next year. Much like us, Baylor needs a LOT of OL help. Reading Baylor news sources, none of them are listing Littrell as a possible target. Sonny Dykes, Josh Heupel, Blake Anderson, Joey McGuire and Jeff Nixon seem to be mentioned most often. But I'm not sure how much of that is reporters reading each other's article and then quoting each other. Rhule showed the right coach can do well there - the job is no longer an impossible challenge.
  8. Usually, ESPN works to NOT show empty stands.
  9. Argyle has made a great choice! Congratulations
  10. Well, there actually are about 40 - I think 41 this year. Not "almost 80." Making a bowl game at 5-7 is an academic accomplishment and demonstrates how far NT has come academically with its athletes. A little math to explain: roughly 2500 FBS scholarship football players run out of eligibility each year. There are less than 275 NFL player positions open in any given year meaning around 89% of them will need to do something other than football to support themselves for the rest of their lives. Actually, most of the 275 will need to do something else most of their live since the average NFL career is just 3.3 years. The purpose of college is to educate students including the athletes. If they are going to be successful, the vast majority of the athletes we enjoy watching really will NEED this education. Winning our way into a bowl game in the classroom clearly is not as good winning it on a football field. But, obviously, being able to show NT is doing more for its student athletes than 90% of the other FBS schools most certainly IS an outstanding accomplishment.
  11. From the article, "Repeat after me: There is no such thing as too much college football. That being said, we've got 40 games to watch, so get your popcorn ready and let's draw up a road map from the least entertaining (note: We're not saying "worst," because they're all good) to the most entertaining." Now, some people don't really like college football. But for those who DO, bowl season is the most wonderful time of the year! By the way, Disney wants ESPN to carry MORE bowl games as they are net revenue generators - more so than the regular season.
  12. From the WSJ via Facebook. Joe Burrow of LSU is a graduate transfer who takes his classes online. He's a stranger to the LSU campus. https://www.wsj.com/articles/college-footballs-best-player-doesnt-set-foot-on-a-college-campus-much-11576242004?mod=e2fb
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