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  1. I read the article Vito posted and it was clearly very positive, "The Sunday leftovers -- UNT softball, women's basketball teams pick up hugs wins." Ok, it should be "huge" and it was huge in the body of the article. The print article appears to be very positive, at least that part I can read from the picture. The only negative appears to be in the teaser headline which VIto says is written by a "designer." I was technically correct in that there was a loss but obviously doesn't tease what actually happened accurately. But Vito wrote it was a poor choice of words. It appears to be more in the category of a mistake than a plot to hurt NT athletics.
  2. So no staff people should be in the hall of fame? Hayden Fry isn't going to be always connected to NT? Now, I'm not suggesting him for the Hall of Fame! I am just saying his accomplishments have raised the profile of the Offensive Coordinator position and he has demonstrated to future applicants that taking the position of OC at NT lead can directly lead to a coordinator position at one of the traditional national powers. That's worth celebrating at the top of the forum for a few days!
  3. Based on this logic, we shouldn't have anything about any players moving on to the NFL with NFL or team supplied pictures.
  4. If we have to lose a coach, being able to point to someone coming into North Texas and then getting hired as OC at USC certainly helps make our jobs more attractive. We certainly are losing the "career killer" reputation. I trust Littrell to find a quality replacement just as I trust Baker will find a quality replacement for Littrell some day.
  5. More on this https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/college-sports/collegesports/2019/01/26/report-north-texas-offensive-coordinator-graham-harrell-deep-discussions-usc
  6. I'm thrilled we have two games on the list. Having 20% shows at least some of the DMN reporters think we matter.
  7. I thought you traded jerseys with guys on the other team, not guys on your team!
  8. Forgot about him, that rarest of beings the grad transfer with more than one year of eligibility left.
  9. This got me thinking, why don't we hear about linemen being graduate transfers? My memory could have failed, but I don't remember ever hearing about one.
  10. It might make sense IF Morris needs someone who knows the system and can execute AND teach. If Hicks takes on a role starter/teacher where he's going to be starting but with the knowledge the backups are coming in some no matter what he does. Hicks has shown if he's got good receivers he can get the ball to them in Morris' system. Losing those receivers and changing systems was more that he could handle. I didn't watch a full minute of an Arkansas game after we played them so I have no idea how their backup QBs progressed. But in our game they were terrible and IF the Arkansas receivers are good then Hick would be an upgrade. It could buy Morris a year more to develop some QBs of his own. I don't know of a college that's done this, but several NFL teams have brought in a QB just to help teach.
  11. Rhule is staying at Baylor, at least through next season.
  12. There are a lot of fun places in Louisiana but Rust-on simply isn't one of them.
  13. Did I miss something, didn't he graduate in December? The purpose of college is learn and earn a degree. He did so early while playing football - something that is NOT easy. It calls for a lot of long nights after practice studying. I'm guessing since he has no plans for a Masters, he really has no reason to take a number of graduate courses just to play football. Leaving school after you graduate isn't leaving early.
  14. I'm basing it on comments from DMN columnists, DCTF reporters, Sonny Dykes and Chad Morris of the course of the last season. EDIT - I just noticed @Cerebus post that Fine was named QB of the "All Texas all star team" for 2018.
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