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  1. And Arkansas State. And others. More importantly, schools from other conferences saw how they behaved. Even schools who were never in the Belt don't want to have to deal with that kind of behavior.
  2. That would presume another conference wants them. The way La Tech administration has behaved toward other schools over the last 30ish years, not enough members of any other conference does.
  3. I’ve no real doubt the most common words in a college football broadcast are so variation of “brought to you by.”
  4. One reporter per beat is normal in 2020's news coverage. I believe the DMN only has one reporter covering the Rangers and one covering the Mavericks with various columnist writing articles after games or significant events.
  5. You might start with "Will ANY phases of the game be working this week?"
  6. If don't know if it's in the agreement, but if I'm an advertiser I wouldn't like most of the listeners tuned into a feed that can't play my actual advertisements.
  7. Yes. Bill Snyder, who wanted the NT head coaching job when Hayden left, comes to mind as a pretty good assistant that became a successful head coach.
  8. Yes, it would be nice but it's not technologically practical. Years ago when the Dallas Cowboys broadcasts were on KVIL, the station made sure to delay the radio broadcast to sync up with the TV broadcast from over the air channels 4, 5 or 8. It was pretty simple as the delay was only about 2 to 4 seconds and the delay was the same for everyone watching, even those on cable TV. Then came satellite broadcasts like DirectTV and Dish. Those were a LOT more delayed - often 5 to 10 seconds. There was the live game, the local broadcast and the satellite broadcast all with different delays. Which delay do you choose? KVIL decided to keep the local OTA and cable signal. Then when cable companies started carried HD signals, the cable companies changed so intead of all the signals going down the cable to your house at the same time, only the signal a decoder box was watching would be sent to save bandwidth. You might notice that is you are watching in the same program in two rooms the signal isn't exactly in sync. That's just in your house, imagine trying to sync when every TV is getting the signal at a different moment. Oh yeah, and now since the play by play is steaming, it is algo getting to every player at a different moment! Yes, it could be possible for the feed of play by play to go down the same signal path as each broadcast signal. But only if every cable, satellite and streaming organization was willing to cooperate. And they are not. That's why the school's play by play isn't going to be in sync anymore.
  9. There is no reason to believe he wants to leave TSU. Seaton Hall got in trouble for transfer tampering. https://www.app.com/story/sports/college/2019/11/15/seton-hall-basketball-ncaa-penalty/4201849002/
  10. It doesn't appear he's entered the Transfer Portal. I don't remember the details, but there are serious penalties for encouraging a player to enter the transfer portal. Is there any reason to believe he wants to leave TSU?
  11. As I told my wife, most church broadcasts look better. I can understand a lens smudge on a high mounted unmanned camera in the end zone that you can’t reach during the game. But all of the cameras should be matched better. This wasn’t a game at the old Texas Stadium where the sun forced massive adjustments as you went down the field. Every camera plugged into the switch should be matched before the game. You point every camera at the same spot on the field and adjust the exposure, the pedestal, and the gamma - in that order. If you can’t make in broadcast adjustments, you don’t touch the pregame settings. The sideline camera might look a little off when not shooting the field that way, but will still be fine for most shots. No two cameras even looked close. You have a person dedicated to pregame set up. The was embarrassing for a school with a media art’s program.
  12. I'm guessing you never say a Tom Landry press conference. Very matter of fact with his praise. Almost monotone. Littrell doesn't expect much of an audience to see these - they are done to allow local beat reporters to fill in background information. Landry also emphasized not getting too excited on the sidelines as that could make you get too emotional to make the correct call on the next play. He had 20 consecutive years of winning records in the NFL so his approach obviously worked. I remember hearing him say you have to watch the film to know what really happened on a play as after every successful play you will tend to think it went better than it actually did and after every unsuccessful play you think it's worse. "Film doesn't get emotional."
  13. I'm not going to belittle any school trying to get better turnout for a home game. We need more attendance. All the other schools in CUSA need better attendance. SMU and UofH could both use better attendance. I'm not sure how, but we need to work toward getting people to come see North Texas play regardless of the opponent. Visitors should never be counted on bringing more than a few thousand fans - just enough to fill up the visitor section and let home team fans fill the rest of the stadium.
  14. I certainly feel better about our team. An 18 point win on the road in a close to sold out stadium against a team the almost EVERY ranking service says is better than last year is great. The sports writers that know CUSA best ranked us one spot about UTEP with the prediction of an extremely close game. We can't have a better record that 1-0 after one game! SMU is going to be a much tougher game but I definitely feel better going into that game now than I did a week ago!
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