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  1. Am I missing something or is this guy just a random Tech fan who decided to write an article? He doesn't appear to be a professional journalist. His research appears to have been simple reading the Avalanche-Journal and little else. This isn't worth a two page thread!
  2. From Wikipedia - History[edit] The stadium, named for the game it hosts, was opened in September 1963 with a Texas Western win over North Texas State. The opening play was a 54-yard touchdown run by Larry Durham of the Miners. The land on which the stadium sits was originally donated by the university to El Paso County, who built the stadium for the school and the Sun Bowl game. Both had previously used Kidd Field, the school's current track and field venue, which seats 15,000. The city had realized that the game could not expand its audience or the list of teams that it could invite without a bigger stadium, so the Sun Bowl was built in a natural bowl adjacent to the west. It originally sat 30,000, with only the sideline grandstands. The playing field runs nearly north–south (tilted about 10° NW–SE)at an elevation of 3,910 feet (1,190 m) above sea level.
  3. Don't feed trolls and they will go away!
  4. Chase their cheerleaders off the field with swords. Oh wait, the Aggies did that.
  5. A friend used to edit the old TCU coaches shows back in the late 70s. If you watched those, you'd think the Frogs were undefeated! It's what PR/marketing departments usually do. I'm always impressed with Beyond the Green actually showing that we lost when we lose.
  6. That doesn't mean the fan's of smuT (all six of them) think it is their game of the year. And more than once, publications have listed UTSA in the past as our game of the year yet almost none of our fans feel that way. Yet again, perception is NOT actually reality!
  7. Great analogy! TCU really doesn't care about SMU who thinks of TCU as a rival. SMU really doesn't care about UNT who thinks of SMU as a rival. And so on. Now, all of them care when they lose a game! And all of them REALLY care if they lose a couple of games in a row. That hasn't happened a lot, at least not enough to upset the balance.
  8. One positive about the off season - there is time to do the in depth interviews needed to research an article like this. Good job Brett!
  9. I read the article Vito posted and it was clearly very positive, "The Sunday leftovers -- UNT softball, women's basketball teams pick up hugs wins." Ok, it should be "huge" and it was huge in the body of the article. The print article appears to be very positive, at least that part I can read from the picture. The only negative appears to be in the teaser headline which VIto says is written by a "designer." I was technically correct in that there was a loss but obviously doesn't tease what actually happened accurately. But Vito wrote it was a poor choice of words. It appears to be more in the category of a mistake than a plot to hurt NT athletics.
  10. So no staff people should be in the hall of fame? Hayden Fry isn't going to be always connected to NT? Now, I'm not suggesting him for the Hall of Fame! I am just saying his accomplishments have raised the profile of the Offensive Coordinator position and he has demonstrated to future applicants that taking the position of OC at NT lead can directly lead to a coordinator position at one of the traditional national powers. That's worth celebrating at the top of the forum for a few days!
  11. Based on this logic, we shouldn't have anything about any players moving on to the NFL with NFL or team supplied pictures.
  12. If we have to lose a coach, being able to point to someone coming into North Texas and then getting hired as OC at USC certainly helps make our jobs more attractive. We certainly are losing the "career killer" reputation. I trust Littrell to find a quality replacement just as I trust Baker will find a quality replacement for Littrell some day.
  13. More on this https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/college-sports/collegesports/2019/01/26/report-north-texas-offensive-coordinator-graham-harrell-deep-discussions-usc
  14. I'm thrilled we have two games on the list. Having 20% shows at least some of the DMN reporters think we matter.
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