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  1. It's only $30 for a digital subscription from now till after Christmas. A day pass is 99ยข. Neither is an expensive choice to get updates on what's going on in Denton county PLUS all Mean Green sports.
  2. I'm very sorry you are ill and hope you recover soon. I couldn't find an appropriate tag so I went with a heart.
  3. I'm going to say the ESPN story at the time is likely the most accurate.
  4. I was told a while back that every strategy is run by a committee of Presidents for approval before being implemented. That included media negotiation strategies, but that was back when Banowski was commissioner. It's possible they have voted more freedom of action for MacLeod but I doubt they voted much more freedom.
  5. Conference commissioners do what University Presidents tell them to do.
  6. It was a little more complicated than "if it's ULM we don't want a bowl," but close. The I bowl in Shreveport offered a spot to ULM and then started looking for an opponent. They called La Tech and offered that spot to them. La Tech wanted to look for another bowl before accepting but the I Bowl put a time limit on the response. La Tech didn't call back till well after time expired. La Tech said more prestigious bowls were talking to them, but what these bowls were have never been confirmed. Understandably, a number of their fans were furious and the La Tech athletic department claimed it was
  7. First of all, can we all agree this year is going is just going to be crazy. There will be crazy winners, losers and conference champions. As for ranking conferences, all of the G5 conferences are close enough that the variances from year to year mean there is not going to be a consistent ranking of the conferences. Before the last round of realignment, there it was much tougher for a conference wide improvement. After the last realignment, everyone was weaker but the strongest G5 lost the most. Membership changes have made the MAC, SBC, CUSA, MWC and AAC all close enough in the middle an
  8. I get cold just looking at that clip! My freshman year and being from the Rio Grande Valley I'd never been to a football game in the snow.
  9. It was nice to read your article in the DMN this morning. Yes, we should have HBU totally out manned.
  10. Last year, Learfield stuff wasn't on the regular KNTU app. You had to get it through a Learfield source. KNTU can broadcast but has to stream it separately.
  11. I don't know how many games they will actually play. Right now it's 11. So, I will say they will win enough to be over .500. One game over .500.
  12. I can't imagine a case where all of the bowl games happen. But, ESPN owns most of the minor bowls and has about 15,000 of air time to fill each month. Bowl games, even minor bowls from minor teams, draw very well. They draw a LOT better that FCS or lower games even with lower conference teams playing. And right now, sports writers need SOMETHING to write about and guessing who is going to be an bowl games is a great way to fill space and draw interaction from readers. This article certainly did that!
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