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  1. While I've never lived in Allen, I worked there for from 88 till 2012. Many of my coworkers talked about the decision to limit to only one high school. The reason was civic unity when compared to Plano. The people who lived in Allen looked at how progressively more divided Plano became as more and more high schools were added. Generally, the newer high schools were in the newer and more socio-economically advanced areas which only increased to divisions between the parts of town. I can't remember his name, but a (now former) Principal made a very passioned speech to the school board to never a
  2. Wow. Interesting picture of the ball bouncing out of his hands.
  3. The chance at the National Championship is actually UP from what it was!
  4. TeamRankings gave us a 25% chance of beating Purdue. They like our chances of beating Nova a bit more! We're still significant underdogs, but 38% is certainly a better chance. North Texas Basketball Predictions Update Mar 20, 2021 • North Texas beat Purdue 78-69 yesterday to advance to the next round of the NCAA tournament. Updated tournament advancement odds are below.
  5. Here's what TeamRankings is writing about NT - North Texas Basketball Predictions Update Mar 14, 2021 • BOOM! North Texas won th
  6. Hey, the threat has worked so far!
  7. While we like the transfer portal today after getting a great QB, the last few weeks we've hated losing what felt like a lot of players. As of Jan 27, 2910 football players has entered the transfer portal. Schools are reserving scholarships for potential transfers that used to go to high school players. The trickle down is hurting the chances of guys like Argyle's C.J. Rogers who won more games in 2020 than any other HS QB in Texas and threw more TD passes than any QB in the Dallas area. Here's the story from today's DMN. https://edition.pagesuite.com/popovers/dynamic_article_popo
  8. Can we drop the whole "Seth won't look at Graduate Transfers" thing now.
  9. Hey, someone's going to give him a chance. And in the since he was let go, I've not heard of anything additional happening. Hopefully he's figured out a way to discipline without hitting anyone. I think both Leavitt and Bennet will do fine in their new jobs.
  10. Does a wild bear ... I think someone will give him a chance as a head coach again, punching a kid then telling players and assistant coaches to change their stories to protect him isn't a quality reference. USF and he reached a settlement of $2.5 million on the roughly $7.8 million he was owed. Up to now, he hasn't accepted any head coaching positions assuming one was offered.
  11. No doubt Tennessee would not be talking "integrity" if they weren't being forced to do so. But Freeze is NOT a coach you even interview while the NCAA is still doing an investigation of your program.
  12. Five, including two that already played a senior year. So really three entered the portal. I don't think of three as a mass exodus.
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