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  1. Colorado is so small the cities all blur together.
  2. Something strange is going on in Colorado Springs! First ignoring COVID protocols and now racism charges.
  3. It's the tone that is so bad. "Feel free to try and be a normal student and pay your own way" when most of his girls are on half or quarter or less scholarships. He does seem to grasp that most of them ARE paying most of their won way already. If I'm a coach recruiting against him, I show my recruit his text and ask if they want to play for someone who has proven to not care about their concerns, fears or feeling in any way. I can't see how it can't be used as a negative recruiting tool. And there was no reason for the self inflicted wound! All had to do was write, "It's a privilege to be a student athlete and you should take that privilege seriously in these difficult times." Same basic message without come across as an ignorant, uncaring jerk. And no way for negative blow back.
  4. Wow. That reads like a great example of don't get on social media when you are angry. It's very possible to convey the same basic message without coming across so irrationally angry and hateful. He can delete it, but once things are out there they always seem to resurface.
  5. I laughed and then I want to know how much they are!
  6. Exactly, we don't know his circumstances. He could have an at risk family member/close friend. Or he could have someone who is extremely worried/scared and be doing this for them. These are extraordinary times and if he's willing to give up the big money, that's his decision and no one else's.
  7. There is precedent for colleges playing unique schedules during a crisis. There were a lot of unique schedules during WW2. I believe we played Randolph Field - then the rough equivalent of the Air Force Academy - in 1943. They were a good team with only one loss to #18 Southwestern Louisiana (now ULaLa). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1943_Randolph_Field_Ramblers_football_team
  8. Maybe there were drafted into someone's Army.
  9. I think that's what we are doing. I also think - at least it appears - that all the CUSA schools are doing just that.
  10. This class is really good on paper. We'll see in five years how they work out. And, many of our best classes were before internet rating services existed! Late 50s and the mid to late 60s were also very good.
  11. I think it's from 2019, but not sure yet.
  12. But the decision isn't being made today. Things change rapidly and will most certainly be different in a few weeks. A few weeks ago, things were far better. And based on non-political sources like Your Local Epidemiologist, there has been improvement since each day since last weekend. The decision do not need to be made now - neither the Big XII nor the SEC have made decisions - so let's wait and see.
  13. Or February, March or April. Not sure when the season will start, much less when it could end. With trials already starting on vaccine candidates, the chance of a post season after the regular season improve. Delaying or canceling the regular season is certainly an unknown.
  14. I should point at the several ADs from CUSA have said there is no discussions at all about a merger, team swap or anything with any other conference. The whole thing appears to be being pushed by reporters, generally reporters who cover non-CUSA school, who don't have anything else to write about.
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