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  1. I always want NT to win every game. Period. No exceptions.
  2. Yes, there are some positives this year. This is great news and likely a major reason for our current winning streak. Let's keep up the good work!
  3. THIS!! Hiring coaches is always a crapshoot. Coaches fail one place then are wildly successful the next. AND vice versa! Jimmy Johnson was not particularly successful at Okie State. He goes to Miami and is. I've lost count of how many previously successful coaches fail at Texas. Spurrier at Florida and then at South Carolina. It goes on and on.
  4. Maybe, but USC and UCLA certain give then a run on the "schools that don't own their football stadiums."
  5. Not sure exactly how Justin getting paid $10MM is going to have anything to do with us buying out Seth. His agent is NOT going to agree to less money because he just got a big buy out.
  6. It's not the NCAA but the Justice Department that might do something. Or, NT get's sued by women students who feel they don't have equal opportunities in athletics. Fresno State is in the middle of a case brought by their former women's lacrosse team. Fresno won the first round - sort of, at least they didn't lose - but the case continues.
  7. I think that's it. They are broke, but they can't spend exit and entrance fees AND do the facilities upgrades they need to do. They had NOT been doing ongoing upgrades as we have. When realignment came, they weren't ready and you can't start a building program and then join a new conference. You need to have already built facilities when conference realignment happens. THAT was the reason we got passed over for CUSA by UTEP back in 2005 - according to multiple media reports CUSA needed ONE more member and it came down to UTEP, LaTech and NT. UTEP had the facilities and La Tech and NT didn't. This time around, the President of SMU and the Commissioner of the AAC both comment that NT didn't have to promise to upgrade facilities, we are already doing that continuously. Spending on facilities shows other schools commitment to athletics and that is what other University Presidents look for!
  8. Excellent analysis, @Zeleny' Orel. The team this year is no where near what anyone wants. Likewise, we're no where near the 1 win in a season team we were before Littrell took over. We are somewhere in the middle. If we hadn't lost six games in a row, likely there would not be as much angst among our fans. I'm glad I'm not the one trying to read the tea leaves. Coach Littrell has pull off a significant number of positives in the last six years. The same guy that got us to back to back nine win seasons for the first time EVER has a net losing record. When he got here, the standard of success would be to just get to a bowl game, any bowl game! Now, winning most of those is required. Make no mistake - even today's CUSA is far stronger than the SBC we left. And the AAC, even without Houston, Cincy and UCF is going to be far stronger than today's CUSA. A winning record is going to be tougher and tougher to achieve. The one thing that makes me feel positive is the guy making this decision is the one who started working toward conference realignment at LEAST 18 months before it started. A write "at least" because he had to have had things in the works before that to get approval to start when he did. Baker has shown he plans for the long term, not just one or two years. He showed that early when he kept Bedford because he couldn't get a replacement of the quality he wanted. He could have made a minor upgrade, but chose to wait and get a coach that was a huge upgrade. It has proven to be one of many excellent choices Baker has made. I trust him on the football coach decision as well.
  9. Nice article @Brett Vito. I'd forgotten it was just 3 years ago Littrell lead NT to back to back nine-win seasons for the first time in school history.
  10. Yes, he's hurt. It was going to be a gametime decision. https://dknation.draftkings.com/2021/11/13/22779667/jason-bean-injury-update-news-game-status-kansas-vs-texas
  11. Moving up to FBS when you aren't financially ready can have decades long effects. Just look at ULM for what could happen!
  12. Technically not until the end of the season.
  13. I never hope for an NT loss, no matter what the circumstances. If a win means Littrell might be back, so be it. I still want us to win and beat UTSA.
  14. If I'm a WKU fan, I'm REALLY going to hate MTSU if they mess up the move!
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