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  1. VideoEagle


    Arkansas doesn't have good luck when involved with fake punts!
  2. There is no one left on the schedule we can't beat if we play well. Likewise, no one we can't lose to if we don't play well. It's a matter of the team wanting it enough to do what it takes.
  3. You can't do #3 as so few of the MTSU fan have even seen indoor plumbing.
  4. Just curious, were all of those in one year, two years or over a longer period of time?
  5. Maybe, it's too early to tell for sure. You certainly correct it can work for a year or two. You're allowed a total of 85 full scholarships but you can only give out so many a year - I forget how many. The system is built to favor using the majority of your scholarships on players who will be there for the full four/five years. In the past, a lot of coaches in trouble would push hard for lots of JUCO transfers who only had two year of eligibility. They could build great teams, but in the third year, they started to run into having less than the full 85 players on scholarship which kills depth. I suspect in a few years, teams that put too much emphasis on Portal transfers are going to find they their dozen or so stars but only 70 to 75 other players on scholarship. We've seen first hand what happens when you aren't over 80 players on scholarship.
  6. I'm guessing you never been to the Addison Oktoberfest if you think Oktoberfest isn't family friendly! During the daytime till about 8pm it is MOSTLY families that come out.
  7. Our O line isn't as consistent as it needs to be. They clearly have flashes of being good, but they have too many breakdowns.
  8. This is North Texas. We cornered the market on bonehead decisions back when Dr Matthews was President.
  9. You guys know Oktoberfest is traditionally the last two weeks of September and the first week of October, right?
  10. It's CBS doing the game - it's just airing/streaming on Facebook live. Great video here in Coppell. The picture is as clear and clean as the Baylor game was from ESPN.
  11. I agree with Cerebus! By the way, a poster earlier suggested his guess that the game be aired anyplace that would take it. No one, certainly no one with inside information, suggested the game time was moved to accommodate Facebook! I still think streaming of sports is going to be more common in the future. Yesterday I was reading DirectTV is thinking of dropping NFL Ticket or at least dropping their exclusive rights to it as they are losing too much money to make it work.
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