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  1. I think the answer to Plumm's question is yes, there are only about 10, maybe 15 programs that aren't stepping-stone programs.
  2. VideoEagle

    New Mexico Bowl Mega Thread

    Interesting. I wonder if he'll try to coach the bowl game or just observe?
  3. VideoEagle

    Worst Stadiums in College Football

    Yes, Alex. What is Fout's Field for $100.
  4. VideoEagle

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Posting just so I can contribute to 100 pages! White space helps to get to 100 faster!
  5. VideoEagle

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    The National Football Foundation awards dinner will have a LOT of coaches in attendance. It's a big deal with a lot of awards. BTW, our old favorite commissioner Karl Benson is getting an award!
  6. This came up in another thread as one of the many subtopics. I first heard about esports at a networking event through the Baylor Business network. Baylor, NT and a number of other Texas schools are starting to drop real money into esports. At first, I was really skeptical - not unlike @UNTLifer, I didn't consider this "sports." I also misremember at least one stat I wrote in the other thread - while esports championships are drawing more viewers than some pro sport championships, last year's SuperBowl drew 154 million and "League of Legends championship" drew 54 million. That 54 million is more than the World Series (38 million), the NBA finals (32 million) and the Stanley Cup finals (11 million). I started paying attention when it was pointed out the average age of viewers for NFL, baseball, NBA and hockey are all now over 50 and increasing every year. Esports of mostly 15 to 25, but as they age they still watch esports so that 25 keeps going up. There's a guy who goes by Ninja who currently makes about $1,000,000 a MONTH streaming his game planning. Both the NFL and NBA are creating esports leagues to stay relevant to fans in the future. A number of colleges are adding esports. Baylor is starting to give scholarships out. I"m not sure about NT, but we are definitely investing in esports. Here's a report by Goldman Sachs on esports I thought many might find interesting.
  7. VideoEagle

    New Head Coaches Hired

    His agent is the moron. Say yes or no but not "only till I get a better offer" even if that's what you are thinking. Now, who wants a moron represented by a bigger moron?
  8. My thought is for Wrenn to call his agent and tell him they can talk contact after the bowl game. It wouldn't be a huge raise, but something to recognize he's got sus to back to back 9 win seasons for the first time in 40 years. A bowl win means its a slightly larger bump. The bumps should reset the buy out clock. For those who don't realize it, buy outs decrease each year from the first year of a contract. A bump can start the clock over. It also shows him we're committed to him, but realize he's going to likely move on at some point. We aren't going to win a bidding war with K State and shouldn't even try. But we should still show we are serious as that makes NT look better to the AAC, MWC and other schools. A track record of financial commitments are going to go farther for us in the coming realignments than even winning will. Everyone has up and down records, but showing a sustained financial commitment means we'll be able to compete on a bigger stage. And a sustained financial commitment isn't something that you can just start right before realignment - you need to start well before and keep it up.
  9. Not to you and I, but we're old. This IS going to be a huge thing in coming years. I heard a talk on esports at a networking breakfast a couple of months ago. The esports SuperBowl last year had several times the total viewers as the NFL' SuperBowl. The NBA is starting their now esports league and the current audience for NBA games on TV is getting old - averaging over 50 - as people in their 20s just don't watch it much and in steadily decreasing numbers. Here's a link to the NBA story. Here's an article from Goldman Sachs on how esports in a major growth investment in years to come because 20 something and younger prefer it to "real" sports in steadily increasing numbers. At the breakfast, the speaker talked about the average NFL viewer is now 55+. Baylor is investing in esports already and is either now or soon going to be offering esports scholarships. I don't get it, but at first I didn't get texting either!
  10. VideoEagle

    OT. Matt Simon

    He certainly didn't endear himself to the rest of the athletic department. Didn't he also say some kind of nasty thing about the Commandant of West Point after he lost a game up there? He didn't have much of a filter on what he'd say.
  11. VideoEagle

    Team Ranking 11/28

    Who is making those projections?
  12. VideoEagle

    Kendal Briles Tx State Top Target

    There were only two convicted of anything. I believe this two were the only ones ever charged with anything, but I could be wrong. One of those never was on the team and I don't think the other played much. That's what made this so stupid, Baylor was doing well without recruiting bad guys. They didn't have to but choose to.
  13. VideoEagle

    ESPN Loses Another 1.5 Million Subscribers

    Here's a WSJ article on cable losing another million subscribers in 3Q 2018. It's behind a paywall, but there's a good explanation video you can see without being a subscriber.
  14. VideoEagle

    Oklahoma (11/27/18)

    From the recap, it appears we were in rhe game till the last 8 minutes.
  15. VideoEagle

    Kendal Briles Tx State Top Target

    In 54 years of playing at the major college level, we've had seven 9-win seasons. In 54 years of playing at the major college level, we've had enough sustained success to have only two back to back 9-win seasons. In 54 years of playing at the major college level, we've only ever had a 10-win season with the help of an NCAA imposed forfeit. If we win the bowl game, this will be the most actual wins ever. EVER. @DallasGreen is correct that this could have been an even better season. But he's wrong that this isn't already a special season. It is tied as the most sustained success in the history of the program with a signature win over Arkansas. Next year, we can improve. That doesn't mean this year isn't special.