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  1. Horseshoes, cornhole, dodge ball. Anything virtual that doesn't hurt someone's feelings. Let's play ball!
  2. You can be outraged all you like. So, when did your outrage begin? Last month?
  3. Except you, or no one else, gave a rats ass about it until a few weeks ago. Where was the outrage then?
  4. Hell, let's create space on or near our campus. Why not North Texas? https://video.foxnews.com/v/6169416154001
  5. You're not invited, anyway.
  6. I always thought the name Foreskins was a pretty good name for them.
  7. Actually, it was the Lone Ranger who mistreated Tonto... even though Tonto saved his life... but, Ill bet he would have left him for the wolves if he'd known he was a entitled, white supremacist racist.
  8. All of them first round NFL picks? Defensive line all day long. Dominate the line of scrimmage and you'll win championships.
  9. Couldn't agree more! Thanks, Emmitt.
  10. That, my friends, is the $64 question.
  11. Stand pat until the TV contracts expire and wait for realignment to really begin. Wren will hopefully have us positioned to make a step forward. If not, I've proposed a "new SWC" consisting of, UNT, UTEP, UTSA, Rice, Ark. St, LaLa, La Tech, S. Miss, Texas St and any other regional who might be left out of the realignment. (Texas Tech?) Let the rest of SBCUSA eat cake.
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