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  1. Looks like they're well on their way.
  2. So who do we root for in this game? Do we want TCU to put them in their rightful place? (not ready for prime time) or smut to make our loss to them look not so bad? I'm torn. No I'm not. GO FROGS!
  3. That's a sellout!...for them.
  4. Watching this game (TCU now up 14-0) don't you love how both these offenses spread the defenses out with quick passes to the sidelines and letting your receivers make big chunks of yardage which seems to open up the running game? Sure wish we would/could do that.
  5. In ONE year, Dykes led smut to 10 wins, using the portal. Imagine that.
  6. IMHO, it will come as soon as we're eliminated from a conference championship or mathematically eliminated getting to a bowl. Whichever comes first. The sooner, the better.
  7. Anyone watching Utsa taking it to the horns? Excellent coaching and play calling. They may not win, but by gosh they came to play and play to win.
  8. Lack of execution, bad coaching decisions, blah, blah, blah.
  9. Ya, he was interviewed and it was painful for all concerned.
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