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  1. Hunter Green


    I guess this is the glass half empty thread. I too am disappointed in our performance. It comes down to this. Our last two bowl opponents were simply better than us, especially on the O and D lines. We were getting manhandled at the point of attack all day and as we all know, that is where games are won and lost. Every team has injuries, but losing Easly, then English (again) and then Bussey hurt a lot.The bottom line is, we have to get bigger, faster and stronger across the line of scrimmage. We can have all the skill players we want, but if you don't have time to execute your plays, then forget it. Face it, Utah St. was a better team yesterday and probably everyday. Love had all day to stand there and find an open receiver. Our incoming recruiting class will help us achieve our goals and hopefully for years to come. Random thought; lets see how Texas fares against Georgia. That game could have a similar outcome.
  2. Hunter Green

    Early Signing Day

    So a bowl win would be huge.
  3. This is shaping up to be a great class!
  4. Hunter Green

    Weather in NM next Saturday
  5. Well, we could still have Ramon Flannigan!
  6. Hunter Green

    Seth Littrell withdraws from KSU search

    Great news! GO MEAN GREEN!
  7. Hunter Green

    GMG recruiting podcast. Need questions

    1. What is the status of Bryce English and Rico Bussey for the Bowl? 2. If Seth leaves, which coaches will he take with him?
  8. Unfortunately, it's now survival of the fittest. We squandered so many years in mediocrity that we're playing catch up. Hopefully, the spending will pay off in a few years when realignment comes up again.
  9. Hunter Green

    J.T. Hollins

    Sorry to hear of his passing. Prayers going out to his family.
  10. Hunter Green

    Bowl Practice Update #1

    Is English practicing?
  11. Hunter Green

    KTXD Chamnel 47 To Carry College FB Bowl Selection

    I suppose its better than staying home like smu and tt are. HeHe.