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  1. Indeed it is! God bless you, you sanctimonious little snowflake. Your milk and cookies should arrive shortly.
  2. Well, I hope you enjoy the next six years of President Trump! Go Mean Green!
  3. I agree with you on many points. But I didn't vote for Trump as Pope. Not do I look to him for moral guidance. If he is guilty of crimes, he should be held accountable. But you know what? He hasn't been found guilty of anything. I refer to Obama as the Deceiver in Chief. And the press is/was complicit. Never a word about Bill Ayres, Jerimah Wright, Al Sharpton, Louis Farakhan, the list goes on. Racists and anti-semites all. Was he a Muslim? Debatable. But with a name like Barak Hussein Obama, what do you think. So I'll just cling to my guns and Bible, content in the knowledge that I didnt get fooled by that bamboozler who told me i could keep my doctor and my health insurance. Trump may be some of the things you claim, but at least you know what your getting. I hate liers.
  4. In no particular order: smut - because of proximity and recruiting battles utsa - because they are upstarts who we had trouble beating for a couple of years La Tech - quality program - makeable travel game and recruiting battles
  5. And this says a lot about you, "Brah." If you can't admit your shortcomings, then you're just as big a denier as the rest of your ilk. And I said "we are ALL racist" to an extent, not to justify racism or explain it away, but as a statement of fact. It would do me no use, to you anyway, to say I have several black friends, which I do and I think dearly of them. That's why they are my friends. I treat people as individuals and take them on their own merit rather than paint with a broad brush. "Racist" should not be used as a fall back when you can't win an argument. Sorry about no paragraphs, nephew Laurie. I'm not writing a term paper.
  6. There is no maybe about it. Oh, and I forgot to mention, anti-American.
  7. Why do we slam Trump for his choice of words when he has been called a racist, a xenophobe, a bigot, a misogynist, Hitler, etc. etc. etc. Whether we admit it or not, we are all racists. Some much more than others. That does not excuse bad behavior, but it is the Socialist/Democratic party that fosters this type of behavior on a much larger scale. I'll never forget the image of young, Mexican children lining the streets where Trumps motorcade was traveling holding signs and yelling "Fu&% Trump!" Fu&% Trump!" Do you EVER see conservatives doing this? No. Even at the height of the Tea Party and Obama's occupation, you NEVER saw that type of behavior where people are attacked my masked fools, buildings burned, property destroyed, people threatened with their lives for having opposing viewpoints. Dems foster this and have made no effort to hide the fact they want to do away with the Second Amendment and the Constitution in general. THAT is why Trump got elected. Not because were all racist. Because we want a strong economy, lower taxes, a strong military and a leader with backbone who wont back down from people and governments who continually take advantage of us economically politically and militarily. We have liberated and helped countries with billions of dollars and have for decades. No, Trump isn't perfect but clear thinking people will look at our economy, the stock market, the opportunity to succeed. Trump isn't perfect, the country isn't perfect and we are not perfect. We do the best we can and don't want the government dictating how to run our lives. Some people want to be victims because I suppose it's easier than getting off your ass and working hard to make yourself a success. If we're constantly looking to blame others for our situation, then we're destined to fail. Trump has lifted this country out of economic doldrums and, in my opinion loves his country and wants everyone to love it as he does. What's wrong with that? Why would a billionaire leave his cushy surroundings to take the shit he takes on a daily basis? To destroy lives? To oppress others? BS! He does it so we can all share the bounty this country has to offer while getting government out of the way of our right to pursue happiness. If some would rather be "victims" so be it. Thank you. That is all. Oh, GO MEAN GREEN!
  8. Perhaps he should have referred to these woman as idiots (not racist) anti-Semites (not racist) socialists/communists, (not racist) misanthrops (not racist) liars, (not racist) and deniers (not racist) - would have been a more descriptive terms for "the squad."
  9. One more reason to beat their asses!
  10. Fortunately, that hypothetical, if it becomes reality, will be addressed correctly by WB and NS.
  11. I could make none of those games. Give me the AAC!
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