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  1. Can you imagine if we had played A&M? Good lord.
  2. That's right, smut Broncos. Don't mess with North Texas! GO MEAN GREEN!
  3. HaHa! They're worried! Mean Green 34 Dallas Broncos - 28 GO MEAN GREEN!
  4. I called this morning and was told our ticket office is not selling tickets to any away games. So, there you go.
  5. We won't know until next spring, will we.
  6. Yes Jim, but that takes leadership and forethought.
  7. Looking to visit the kids down there and attend the game...if possible.
  8. If you're of the notion to support first responders, here is a nice way to remember and honor their sacrifices. https://tunnel2towers.org/
  9. I agree, especially early on. He seemed to get better as the game moved along. Haven't seen enough on Aune to form a strong opinion one way or another.
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