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  1. So proud of our ladies. With a team made up of mostly sophomores, I can't wait till next year.
  2. Away from the TV today. Can someone provide score updates?
  3. They didn't have anything until a few days ago thanks to our lame licensing agreement/partner. I was told there'd be more items (polos) on the way soon.
  4. All of a sudden, we're afraid to swing to bat. Runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out and then two called strike 3s. Jeez.
  5. 5-0 top of the 6th. OSU beat Nebraska 7-4, so if we go on to win, we get the Huskers again.
  6. We're up 4-0, top of the 3rd. Grand slam bottom of the 1st.
  7. I have good news fellers! After a few emails and phone calls, it looks like our friends at laststandhats.com is back online with UNT hats, polos, etc. Good folks who really wanted our business and was able to overcome our cumbersome licensing process. They have the battle flag hat which I'm going to order. Go Mean Green - Softball!
  8. Do Ortiz or Munoz give anything back or promote UNT in any way? Do they ever wear green when they play? They play under the banner of their home country, which is fine. But if there is no tie to UNT, to me,, they're just another golfer.
  9. I was following Munoz at the Nelson last week and thought I heard him speaking Spanish to his caddy. Does he speak English? Perhaps his caddy doesn't?
  10. Already sent to him and Jared Mosely.
  11. At last week's softball game, I saw a cap, worn by a fan, that I would buy several of. Simple in design, but very sharp. It was a white cap with green bill and the battle flag displayed on the front. I inquired where I could get several and I was directed to a website, Last Stand Hats. I perused the website, expecting to find an array of UNT hats and apparel. What I did find, amongst the usual suspects, smu, Rice, Texas, etc, was Sam Houston St. and Tarleton St., but NO North Texas! I emailed a rep from the company and he told me that the licensing company that we use was too restrictive and would not work with them on design, so they made a business decision and no longer make North Texas gear! You can sure get SHSU and Tarleton St stuff though. Hey, FFR! Sound familiar? What a joke that after all these years, we still can't get UNT stuff to the general public unless you live in Denton. Did I mention I saw an Idaho Vandals cap in a gas station in Ft. Worth not long ago? Ridiculous.
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