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  1. They were selling them in the Apogee bookstore last season. Flag on the back of a black short sleeve T. SOW on the from left breast. Bought one last season.
  2. But I sure admire their determination to "better" themselves. GO MEAN GREEN!
  3. "If and and butts were candy and nuts..."
  4. Whisky-tango-foxtrot, son! You want to talk about unsecured emails?? Look no further than your girl HRC and her load of accomplices. Does Anthony Weiner ring a bell? What about the sale of 20% of our uranium inventory to Russia? What the hell was that all about? Talk about collusion! Has Trump, or anyone associated with his campaign, destroyed evidence like cell phones, servers and God knows what else? No. There was NOTHING! What about the $150,000,000 IN CASH sent to Iran without approval of Congress under the cover of darkness? This is the REAL treason. This is the REAL collusion with our enemies, Russia and Iran! That is the REAL threat to national security! This whole debacle regarding the tarmac meeting, the corruption within the DOJ, Hillary ACTUALLY destroying evidence, endless meetings with the Muslim Brotherhood, etc. etc, etc. This REAL collusion is about to see the light of day and at the end of the day, you dems have nothing to offer to improve the economy, defend the border, improve education or anything else to improve the lives of everyday, tax paying citizens. Democrats are all about undermining the Constitution of the United States. Undue the Electoral College, stack the Supreme Court flood the country with illegal aliens, infanticide...and oh ya, getting rid of the Second Amendment. Wouldn't THAT be convenient?
  5. 49 - 46 with 7 seconds left.
  6. NT 47-46 with 10 seconds left and the ball. Time out.
  7. Bradley shooting free throws
  8. Tied at 45 with 3:00 left
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