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  1. To me, smut and nutsac are our biggest rivals, but for different reasons. Smut, because they have always lobbied against us, and nutsac because, well, they're nutsac! A school with no history, yet they're in cusa with us after we scratched and crawled our way in after smut and others of note, left. They've never paid their dues.
  2. Name a rookie coach in this league who hasn't schooled us this year. I'll wait.
  3. Can't wait to hear these. "well, we got out played..." "well, we got out coached" "our players didn't make plays..." Anything else, Sherlock?
  4. I guess it doesn't make a difference now with the game out of reach, but I have spent the whole game trying to get Stadium to load, which I still cant! Why, on Gods green earth is every college football in America on television and ours isn't? Fing ridiculous!
  5. And to think with all of the cancellations this weekend, we'd be on something besides espn3.
  6. Good for us, bad for the conference.
  7. Have yall noticed the smut billboard on I-35E coming into Denton? "Pony up, Denton" it says. They don't consider us a rival, they say. BS! Screw smu!
  8. Smut vs Houston cancelled. Who's the guilty party?
  9. That's not to say that some of "us" didn't get it. Some of "us" did. Now, did we contract it in spite of using PPE? Are some of us more immune than others? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it was contracted outside of work. It still is a fact that people in those same demographic as student athletes, are not a high risk group. It will be interesting to hear Treavor Lawrence's story when he returns from quarantine. Chances are, he remains asymptomatic. And there is still hysteria about this disease.
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