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  1. I'd like to know if the university has hired any lobbyist's to influence state legislatures in our quest to NOT be left out of the realignment process. I read where Rice has hired eight of them. Are we going to sit back again and wait for scraps from the dinner table, or are we going to at least fight for our destiny?
  2. Perhaps a letter writing campaign to your state rep will bear fruit. It can't hurt.
  3. With the way San Antonio supports the Spurs, you'd think a football team would receive the same support. But, what do I know?
  4. There is no way smut and/or Houston would leave the AAC. In that case, screw them and add La Tech and S. Miss. Done!
  5. No word on the realignment front...nothing on whether Wren is leaving...so... When do the freshmen report? GO MEAN GREEN!
  6. As long as we're on the football board, I think we're ok!
  7. Or, have all eight go to the AAC and UNT makes 20! Perfect set up! GO MEAN GREEN!
  8. I just mean "new SWC" by name only. Pick any name you like.
  9. My pick for a new SWC would be (assuming Tech, Baylor and TCU stay in the B12) North Texas, UTEP, UTSA, Rice, La Tech, S. Miss, LaLa, UAB, Ark. St (plus, one or two others that make geographic sense). Not sure any schools in the AAC would defect, but who knows? Tulsa maybe?
  10. Boot her out! Serioulsy, what has she done to advance the conference in any way?
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