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  1. Random thought: If we're not it, who does smu consider to be their hated rival? And does that school consider smu their rival? TCU? I don't know if the Frogs give two shits about them anymore.
  2. That's true for all their games. How do you explain the uniform change? I doubt we'll see that again this season. That was just for us.
  3. Don't be fooled by their faux disinterest in us. They changed their entire uniform for us and had "Dallas" on the front of their jersey. It's a rivalry for them as well.
  4. But just think boys. We need them around just so we have someone to really hate. Who else is there ? UTSA? Not near the history we have with smut. We love to hate them. So... Screw smu and the Peruna they rode in on.
  5. 4 seats in Sec. 115 But rest assured, we'll be moving close to our Mean Green brethren.
  6. Yes, smut fans. Be afraid. Be very afraid... GO MEAN GREEN!
  7. Screw them. We're going to "Jason Pertile" all over them.
  8. Call me old school, but I hate it when our running backs and receivers stop running and juke and jive trying to pick up extra yardage. There are times for that, but in short yardage situations I wish they'd put their heads down and hit the hole hard instead of losing momentum trying to score on every touch. I think more injuries happen that way too by getting blindsided instead of dishing it out. I'm sure some of you coaches would agree. I hope Coach Cobbs can instill some of that into his running backs. In my view, Easly is the only one who, at times, will initiate contact. Than you. That is all.
  9. No use crying over spilt milk. It is what it is.
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