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  1. Hunter Green

    Rainbow Classic

  2. Seems to be a positive move with promotions already beginning. Hopefully, we'l be in it.
  3. Hunter Green

    New UNT Kicker Ethan Mooney

    Trivia question: Who was the last(?) NFL player-man who did both punting and kicking. OK you old timers, time to step up. Hint: I believe he played for the Cowboys.
  4. Hunter Green

    Bucs waive Trevor Moore

    Well, $&IT!
  5. Hunter Green

    DRC: UNT Sunday practice notes and observations

    Are practices open to the public?
  6. That's because he knows we're kicking their asses this year. Friggin' A hole!
  7. Hunter Green

    New Mexico Cuts Four Sports

    What are the ramifications for not being compliant with Title IX?
  8. Couldn"t agree more. However, we squandered the last ten years to build what we have now. A real shame.
  9. Hunter Green

    TE Kelvin Smith Named to John Mackey Watchlist

    Well deserved.
  10. Hunter Green

    Fla schools starting to dominate?

    Fla schools in the east, North Texas in the west. Good pub for the conference.
  11. Hunter Green

    Breaking recruiting update 7/7

    Do tell!
  12. God bless you, Mean Joe.