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  1. Hunter Green

    Helmets that change color

  2. Hunter Green

    2018-19 schedule

    Thank you, sir!
  3. Hunter Green

    2018-19 schedule

    Has our complete schedule been public anywhere? Can't seem to find it. GO MEAN GREEN!
  4. Hunter Green

    BEIN on DISH

    Anyone know which channel on Dish carries the game? GO MEAN GREEN!
  5. Hunter Green

    DRC: 5 things UNT fans should know about UAB

    Their win in Ruston can't be discounted and blanking Rice 42-0 raises my eyebrow. This will be a tough game for us. Can we win? Yes, but we have to eliminate the mistakes. It'll be a good challenge for us. This week would have been a good time for the IPF.
  6. Heard this morning on WBAP that here were 4 people arrested for engaging in illegal voter registration/fraud. There was an attempt to find out if they were republican or democrat. "They" were unable to release that information which tells me they were democrats! If they had been republicans, it would be front page news. However, we all know that this is an age old tactic used by the democratic party. The party of no issues, no respect for the rule of law, the party of mob mentality and the party of socialism. They can't win an election straight up. Only by cheating. #vetobeto
  7. Typical liberal argument. Absurd reasoning. How about making sure the process is fair and enforceable for everyone? You're the one who thinks people are too stupid to register to vote. Ridiculous argument.
  8. Hunter Green

    Possible bowl dates

    Any bowl, any team, any where. I'm there! GO MEAN GREEN!
  9. Plumm, we need a thousand more fans just like you. Keep on keepin on! GO MEAN GREEN!
  10. Hunter Green

    College kids

    Lubbock may have something to say about that!
  11. Hunter Green

    North Texas Chant

    I agree! It sent chills down my spine!
  12. Hunter Green


    Of course, all of this talk is mute if we don't fumble the punt on our own 10 yard line and give them an easy TD right before the half. That decided the game right there. We made too many mistakes and they didn't make any.