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  1. In reality, aren't there littrelly Three Phases in the Baker situation and isn't there room for improvement in each?
  2. Wren did incredibly well with the financial aspects, our student athletes thrived with excellent APR scores, fundraising, and we were winning in just about every sport. That's 95% of his responsibility. Where Wren did fail was in marketing, branding, and gameday promotions. Those kind of fell into the "who really gives a poop" file because the results were not measurable and didn't include financial incentives. Values and traditions that are canon at almost all other schools were simply ignored here.
  3. This is outrageous! We should FIRE WREN before he has a chance to go to West Virginia! Then, rehire Johnny Jones and FIRE JOHNNY as well!
  4. It should be a distraction for some players Friday. Wren has proven that he's not timid at all about buying out a contract, and WVU has proven that they aren't concerned about financing a buyout if it gets them the coach that they want, and waiting until January 1 will significantly reduce that buyout. Who would Wren want as his new football coach? Who's name would be at the very TOP of that list? Hmmm? Who does Wren know of that is a proven young football coach in C-USA? Two conference titles in 3 years? Had a higher rated recruiting class than UCLA in only his second year? And, a coach that is already friends with Wren Baker? Of course NOTHING can be mentioned prior to January 1 but it's probably already in works. That delay will save WVU a half million dollars on the future coach and a million on the departing coach, making this call even more obvious. So yes, it should be a distraction.
  5. I'd be happy with either of those destinations, a local bowl, or even Shreveport. ESPN seems to own all the smaller bowls so anything is possible. I would prefer though to play against somebody that hasn't clobbered us recently in a bowl game.
  6. Or we should have kept UTSA from scoring that late touchdown and made them worry about the buses.
  7. Someone that looks like this, but is also willing to wear GREEN. Seriously, I'd take him in a heartbeat whether he wears orange, pink, purple, black, or blue. Wren and Jared have done an amazing job and we win at pretty much everything, our student athletes are doing well academically, were moving up in conferences, and we're doing well financially. It's to their credit. I think he's earned the job if he wants it. As the great philosopher Crash Davis so eloquently stated, "You never mess with a winning streak". You know we're doing pretty well when our biggest complaints are about a football team with a 7-5 record and going to the Conference Championship Game. But I would still like for him to correct the obvious wardrobe problem.
  8. In reality, that decision will probably be made, either way, by mid season. We need to be ready and building for the 2024 year by the end of next season, not another year of evaluating and rebuilding.
  9. I think that Wren leaving ensures that Seth will be here next season. But I believe that any extension for Seth will now be dependent upon his and the teams performance in the 2023 football season. He's got a hell of an opportunity, a full season to make an impression. He needs to recruit his ass off, live and breath coaching football (bye-bye golf), burn every stitch of his "disgruntled me" black clothing, and seriously promote the hell out of this program (bye-bye playing with toes while wearing flipflops during speaking engagements). There is no question that Seth has the ability, he does, but he hasn't yet produced results that may impress a new athletic director who arrives with a list of candidates, and a fan base that requires at least moderate success in important games to keep making financial and emotional investments in the program. He'll have a season to show what he can do. He'll have huge challenges without an extended contract and will face a big step up in competition. But it's still a shot which very few thought he'd have that a month ago. Produce and huge opportunities will come, just ask Willie Fritz. Prioritize golf, black clothing, and flipflops and he could be a lame duck following the South Alabama game. Is Seth, his coaching staff, and the players he's signed during his eight year tenure up to that challenge?
  10. Not to spook anybody but, West Virginia's legendary basketball coach Bob Huggins turns 70 this upcoming summer, and has compiled a 28-43 conference record over the last four seasons. If any changes occur, who do you think would be on Wren's short list of potential replacements?
  11. On a long and lonesome highway east of Omaha, you can listen to the engine moaning out his one note song.
  12. Beautiful! Those look ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Kudos to the equipment staff! "Neon Green" is actually listed as a secondary color for athletics. It would be interesting to see the 70's era white & neon green throwback jerseys matched with current neon green logos on our helmets; essentially our classic "Icy Whites" but with neon green instead of kelly green. These, but with current branding on the helmets. They are so good looking that South Florida has already tried to copy them with their "Slime" uniforms.
  13. I received this from Tulane a little while ago:
  14. Ugh! The first known team in history to lose a game they were favored in by more than fifty points. That was a point spread that many thought would never be beaten, but, Dan McCarney was up to the challenge a decade later.
  15. It wasn't the refs, or fatigue.... It was the damn black costumes, the same ones that almost got us beaten by Rice in football. PLAY IN OFFICIAL SCHOOL COLORS, NEVER PLAY AGAIN IN A TERTIARY COLOR!
  16. I don't think it would be right for us to deny him that opportunity.
  17. What the UNCW fans are saying about the Championship Game
  18. Huntsberry leads North Texas over Long Beach State 68-47 ByData Skrive NASSAU, Bahamas -- — Kai Huntsberry had 22 points, Abou Ousmane scored 20 and North Texas rolled to a 68-47 victory over Long Beach State at the Nassau Championship on Saturday night. Huntsberry also added five assists for the Mean Green (5-1). Abou Ousmane scored 20 points and added six rebounds. Tylor Perry recorded 12 points. The Beach (3-3) were led by Jadon Jones, who posted 11 points and two steals. AJ George added 10 points. BOX SCORE .
  19. Oh wait! Sorry. This has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with our school.
  20. I don't think that Louisville has a particularly attractive campus... but... I do think that it's cool that the photo is part of Google Street View, and that you can click on it and walk right onto the field at Papa Johns Stadium. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Thrust+Theatre,+Louisville,+KY+40208/@38.2064558,-85.7586385,2a,75y,189.24h,89.08t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sbahArWjTHVlksT4oTcCugQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x88690d68b033694d:0xe542a1d2a58a3f4b!8m2!3d38.2141865!4d-85.7556712
  21. Perry scores 35, makes 7 3s in North Texas' 69-54 win ByAP 5 hours ago NASSAU, Bahamas -- — Tylor Perry scored a career-high 35 points, making all seven of his 3-point attempts, and North Texas beat San Jose State 69-54 on Friday in the first round of the Baha Mar Nassau Championship. Perry was 9-of-12 shooting overall and made 10 of 11 free throws. Kai Huntsberry added 16 points. The Mean Green (4-1) made 13 of 20 3-point shots while the Spartans (4-2) were 11 of 23 from deep. Trey Anderson made all four of his 3-point tries and finished with 16 points to lead San Jose State.
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