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  1. Wrong, they've been told, "No, not now" while the BIG tries to force Notre Dame's decision. Only then will those dominos start falling into place.
  2. I don't foresee this happening, at least not in the stated order. 1) Follow the money trail, 2) Follow the whims and required appeasement of the "Golden Child", 3) See what concessions will be wanted by USC and UCLA. The BIG is attempting to set itself to be unquestionably the nation's premier college football conference, and this is all an attempt to form a more marketable alliance than the SEC. TV money steers this competition. Notre Dame has it's sports parked in the ACC for scheduling but football is still independent, and would stay that way unless sufficiently pressured to change. Their big football rivalries are with BIG schools, USC, Stanford, and the service academies. Notre Dame can actually be pressured to move to the BIG now that all of their major rivals, outside of the service academies, are potentially joining that league. Even Notre Dame cannot risk losing all their rivals. For political reasons it would be extremely difficult for UCLA to outright ditch Cal. Notre Dame will want Stanford added. USC also wants to maintain their longstanding rivalries with Notre Dame, Stanford and Cal. They all get what they want. Washington and Oregon will both be included because of their strong sports programs and national following. All this leaves the BIG as the most marketable, and potentially most dominant, athletics conference with these 21 members, and other open spots to be eventually filled by potential candidates among Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and Virginia. (yes, Missouri would jump at the opportunity, and the BIG would relish the slap to the SEC) The SEC will be forced to counteract with the additions of among Florida State, Clemson, North Carolina, Virginia, Miami, and maybe a Big XII leftover. Notre Dame would be their ultimate victory but I don't see that happening. The rest of us, locked out of the two "Super Conferences" are relegated to second tier status and will all make the best of the situation presented.
  3. If anyone is actually familiar with the Emancipation Proclamation, it was not intended to end slavery, it was only a tactic to destabilize a wartime enemy. Several states that sided with the Union retained slavery until after the war's end, with Delaware being the final holdout. A more fitting holiday would be celebrating the ratification of the 13th Amendment, which unlike Lincoln's plans to ship freed people to Liberia (created by the US for this purpose), Haiti, and Panama, actually freed people as full citizens of the United States.
  4. I appreciate everything he accomplished for us here and hope he does exceptionally well there in front of his home state fans.
  5. Fan gear will always have some selection of black, grey, white, and tan options. That happens even at schools which utilize and promote their school colors. It's the athletic uniforms and university employee textiles which need to adhere to our school colors. Right now, they very, very rarely do.
  6. Or if there are roving gangs of criminals that stop you and say "wear an orange UNT shirt or we'll beat you up." Let's quit with all the ridiculous scenarios. Our schools athletic teams, as evidenced by the golf team shirt and countless other unique color combinations in all sports, have nothing to do with our university. We simply cannot build brand loyalty while letting everybody and their dog pick coloring for our school's most visible groups, our athletic teams. For varsity uniforms, it's GREEN and WHITE, or it's WRONG.
  7. This is incredible news. Our soccer team annually finishes either at the top or very near the top in whichever conference we play. Hedlund has proven that he can consistently identify talent, recruit talent, and coach talent.
  8. Well, I'm an alumni, you're an alumni, all of us individuals are each an alumni.
  9. It alienates our alumni and fan base when someone arbitrarily changes our school colors to any odd color. It also looks trashy and destroys generations of trying to create an image for our university's sports.
  10. I love our softball team and am one of it's more vocal supporters. The fact remains that the black uniforms aren't representative of the "Mean Green" and should never be worn in any sport aside from maybe an annual blackout game.
  11. That may be overstated, but I believe that the U.S. needs to have a stated goal of only having Russia vacate Ukraine, pay reparations for damages, and hold accountable anyone proven to be involved in committing war crimes. I do agree that Biden's incredible stupidity is making this horrible situation much worse than it should be.
  12. Those colors were possibly worse than all that black crap our teams are wearing now; gaudier for sure, but not as trashy as our Glad Bag uniforms.
  13. Softball Run-Rules LA Tech To Advance Link to meangreensports.com UNT 34-14 11 LA Tech 39-19 1 Score By Periods Team 1 2 3 4 5 R H E UNT 3 3 3 2 0 11 12 1 LA Tech 0 0 0 0 1 1 4 1 W: Skylar Savage (14-7) L: Menzina, Lauren (7-7) DENTON, TX – North Texas run-ruled top-seeded Louisiana Tech, 11-1 in five innings Friday afternoon at Lovelace Stadium in the 2022 Conference USA Softball Championship. The Mean Green advance to the conference championship game for the first time in program history and will play a TBD opponent Saturday at 12 p.m. CT.QUOTING HEAD COACH RODNEY DELONG"We were urgent, hungry, and motivated. When we play that way mentally, we're usually pretty good. We had something to prove today for sure. We worry about ourselves and how we play. If we bring that same mentality tomorrow, we'll be pretty good." RECAP- UNT 11, LA Tech 1North Texas grabbed an early three-run lead in the top of the first inning as the first five Mean Green batters reached base. Lexi Cobb led off with a double down the left line before Molly Rainey reached on an error, allowing Cobb to score and make it 1-0. One batter later, Tayla Evans then took the first pitch deep to right center for a two-run blast to extend the lead to 3-0 in the first. Cierra Simon and Cobb led the second inning off with singles before Rainey came back to the plate and launched a three-run homer to widen the lead to 6-0. North Texas (34-14) bats stayed hot in the third inning and recorded another four hits. Sydney Ingle recorded her first hit of the day with a single up the middle before Simon reached on a bunt to put two runners on base. Cobb then returned to the plate and hit the third North Texas homer of the game to stretch the lead to 9-0. UNT scored two more runs in the top of the fourth when Mikayla Smith homered for the fourth time this season, to make the game 11-0. Louisiana Tech (39-19) added one run in the bottom of the fifth inning before UNT recorded the final out. Skylar Savage (W, 14-7) pitched a complete game and finished with two strikeouts while holding the Lady Techsters to one run on four hits. Cobb led the team in hits (3), runs (3), and tied for the lead in RBI (3) while finishing an efficient 3-for-4. Cobb, Rainey, Smith, and Evans all homered as the Mean Green hit the second-most home runs in a game this season. North Texas increased its program-best record for home runs in a season to 65 and will play in its first conference championship game in program history. Lauren Menzina (7-7) was charged the loss for Louisiana Tech and struck out one batter. Amanda Gonzalez homered for the Lady Techsters and finished 2-for-2 with one run and one RBI.UP NEXTUNT will face a TBD opponent on Saturday, May 14 at 12 pm CT in the Championship game of the 2022 Conference USA Softball Championship. The game will be broadcast on CBSSN.
  14. NORTH!!! ... TEXAS!!! Our North Texas Softball Team destroyed the CUSA Regular Season Champions Louisiana Tech Lady Dawgs 11-1 today to advance to the CUSA Tournament Championship Game. Opponent will be determined by games later today. Game starts at 12:00 , Lovelace Softball Stadium , Admission is only $10 for adults and even cheaper for students and children. This is the last spectator event at North Texas for this school year, Please Come Support The Team If You Can. Wear Green and Be Loud. This game will be on national television. Try to get there a little early, high school graduations at the Super Pit may cause minor traffic delays. ***This post was placed in the football forum to maximize exposure only because of the magnitude of the event.***
  15. Fred was an incredibly nice man and he loved the university.
  16. Best of luck to the young man in his future endeavors.
  17. Back-to-Back: UNT Women Repeat As C-USA Champs MEANGREENSPORTS.COM
  18. University of Mary, Private Catholic NCAA Division II school in Bismarck, North Dakota: Mary Marauders
  19. And that Kellog's PEP being advertised. They should sell that now using the same advertising campaign.
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