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  1. Venson

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    I may be naive, but something tells me that SL will stay here for awhile. I listen to him talk, watch his eyes, and watch his body language and they all say to me that he wants to stay here because he loves where he is. When I hear him speak, he often brings up how OU football was down in the dumps until a guy named Bob Stoops showed up and turned things around. Stoops is of course a legend in OU football now. I believe SL wants to do the same at UNT. When Stoops arrived at OU, he was doing a rebuild, but let's face it, OU had been national championship winners before so the potential was certainly there. UNT has never been national champs and have never even sniffed a top 20 finish. This is a much tougher hill to climb. To even get UNT to a top 10 finish would send that coach into CFB history forever. I think SL wants to make history and build a program, that some people probably still thinks is in the FCS, into a perennial power. He has an Administration, AD, Regents, City, and fan base that is 100% behind him. He is getting facilities that he wants. Donors are starting to come out big time. He is getting paid well and depending on how this season ends, I can see his salary being pushed to 2 mil or just north of 2 mil. When I was in the Army, I had one of my Soldiers talking about Memphis and how large the student enrollment was. He asked me who was my team. I said North Texas. He asked why and I said because that is my alma mater. He asked why I went to such a small school. He was shocked when I told him their enrollment was larger than Memphis'. That is what people think of UNT or that it's just liberal arts and music with no real athletes. For SL to turn UNT into a nationally prominent university that all sports fans talk about in the same breath as Texas, OU, Auburn, Alabama, LSU etc would be historic and would be talked about long after many of us are gone. I think he wants that and may only leave if OU opens up. Again I may be naive.
  2. Brett Vito just reported the NCAA confirmed to the Denton Record Chronicle that there will be no rule change. Now maybe Arkansas can just admit they got beat by a better football team and out-coached by a better coaching staff.
  3. Being a Mean Green fan and a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I have already signed up for this. Completed my donation paperwork and sent it back already.
  4. Venson

    ESPN: Arkansas to start Storey against the Tigers

    Whoever starts there, I hope they win. I am sick of people all over talking about how bad Arkansas is instead of how good UNT is. I think UNT has a good football team and a great coaching staff. All Arkansas fans and everyone else keeps saying is UNT is not good, Arkansas is just very, very bad. Maybe Arkansas is bad, but for once, why can't people just admit that UNT is good?
  5. Venson

    Lauren Holmes leaving UNT

    Did anyone else notice that Lauren Holmes was at the football game vs Arkansas? I saw her there sporting the Mean Green colors and sitting in the Mean Green section. Though she is no longer with our WBB program, it was nice to see her there supporting the Mean Green.
  6. I agree with everyone on this board. They are only looking into changing the rules because North Texas dominated Arkansas (of the big, bad SEC). If Arkansas would have done that to us, no one would be wanting to change the rules. They would have just talked about how we got tricked. The fact is we dominated their A$$ in all three phases of the game and like UNT alumni Stone Cold Steve Austin says "And that's the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so."
  7. Venson

    Arkansas fans call for intentional targeting

    I was treated very well by Arkansas fans. I talked to quite a few of them during and after the game. They all had great things to say. Went to 21st Amendment on Dickson after the game and people all said nice things except one kid. Some guy was telling me how good UNT looked when this kid buts in and says "North Texas really ain't that good. No Offense. We are just really bad." I thought about punching him in his mouth, but I had my Mean Green colors on and didn't want to make the school look bad by starting a fight with some big mouth kid that weighed about 120 lbs soaking wet.
  8. Venson

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    When I was leaving Razorback Stadium yesterday, a few of their fans asked me how long Seth Littrell's contract was and what was his buyout. Seems like maybe their fans want him. LOL. The crazy thing is that I never thought of him going to Arkansas, but that could be a possibility. He is from Muskogee, which is 87 miles from Fayetteville. I doubt he would end up there, but if Morris fails, you never know.
  9. From what I understand, they went to one camp and his father took notes of what they taught there and then they came home and worked on what was taught there. Not sure if it was multiple camps, but I could be wrong.
  10. As far as former NFL Players, I was told by someone in the know that the following players would be there: Franco Harris Mel Blount Tony Dorsett Earl Campbell Charles Haley Rayfield Wright There may have been one or two more, but I cannot remember the names the person said. Terry Bradshaw was definitely not one of the names mentioned. I would have remembered that being that I am a Steeler fan.
  11. I am going up Friday, but staying in Fort Smith. Really could not find anything decent in Fayetteville or surrounding area that was available. Plan on driving up from Fort Smith Saturday morning and heading back to Fort Smith after the game.
  12. Venson

    Ark tickets

    Thank you very much.
  13. Venson

    Ark tickets

    Does anyone know what section we have? All my ticket that I bought from the UNT ticket office says is that I pick the ticket up at will call and that it is general admission. It says nothing about section or seat.
  14. Venson

    Born and Bred: Mason Fine

    Great segment to watch. Glad we have Mason Fine as our QB. He is a great football player and an even better man. He is a great representative of UNT.
  15. Venson

    Saturday Incarnate Word Weather Report

    Update to the weather as of 12:54 PM. Looks like it says it will rain heavy up to kick-off. I don't think forecasters know at all. Hopefully it will not be raining much.