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  1. Glad she got away from that mess at Chicago-Loyola that Sheryl Swoopes made.
  2. This went so bad. I am willing to stick with GMac because this is his only his second season and Benford put us in a bad position. However, you only have so much time that you can keep blaming the guy who came before you. When you get a job, your boss is only going to put up with blaming the guy who was there before you for so long before he fires you. Grant has got to figure out what's going on with this team. It is more than just injuries.
  3. What is up with this no halftime adjustments? Seems to happen in football too. The other teams make adjustments, we don't, we lose.
  4. LaTech Video is the worst. Did anyone else notice the 15 to 30 seconds of the screen showing "Defense" while the action was going on?
  5. First meet will be April 6.
  6. I never said he should be kicked off the team. I said it is not my decision to make. What I did say is because of all the negative press, that they will most likely dismiss him. Will that happen? I don't know. I just see the university as trying to save face here. Inner city or not, the university and animal lovers are not going to care about that. People who don't give a damn about raccoons will say what is the big fuss? However, if they dismiss him, those same people will say they should not have dismissed him, but they will not go out and harass sponsors, they won't picket, and they want keep calling the university because he was dismissed. They will say crap happens and move on. On the other hand, the animal lovers who think he is evil for filming this, they will never stop. They will call, protest, and be an all around nuisance. Most of those types don't care for sports and will use this as an excuse to protest sports. They will stay on every news station they can and will not let this die. That's why I think the university will dismiss him. I never said they should.
  7. I didn't even think about that, but you are correct.
  8. I am not going to say what should or should not happen to him because that is not my decision. I will say what I think will happen. I could be wrong. I honestly believe that with all the negative press that the University is receiving, I think he will eventually be dismissed from the team. I say that because UNT is trying to build something here. I think with Baker and SL on the rise like they are, that they will not let one player stop them. I believe UNT will look at what happened at Baylor and say "we don't want that." I am not equating rape with this at all. My point is that something bad happened there and the response of the University, football program, and AD was not enough for most and it caused a lot of problems there that they will deal with for a long time. I believe NS, WB, and SL will say that a G5 school trying to raise it's stock just cannot afford for this happen. Let's be honest, if they dismiss him from the team, there will be a quick report and that will calm down the people calling for his head. The people that think he should stay on the team will say it's wrong, but they will move on. They will not make a big scene about it. If he stays, the people who are upset about the video will not let it rest. They will keep going until UNT is seen in the same light as Baylor nationally. I just don't see NS, WB, and SL believing that Muhammad is so valuable to the team that they can keep him. Just my opinion. Big lesson learned for the younger generation, stop posting everything you do or say to social media.
  9. I recorded the game and watched it after the basketball game. Brooks and Hall looked good. They seemed to lock down the receivers on the National team for the most part. The only time the National team was able to complete balls down the field on corners was when Brooks and Hall were out of the game. They completed some underneath stuff, but nothing major. When they did complete underneath stuff, they made sure tackles to keep them from gaining the first downs. Brooks got the INT. I think they both did a lot to help themselves. I know EJ is our best prospect to break the draft drought, but I don't think he helped himself yesterday. He just seemed to get lost in all the ash and trash. He wasn't able to shed blocks well. Maybe he did some things that I didn't see, but he didn't look like he did anything to help himself from my POV.
  10. Marshall has a tough stretch coming up going on the road against WKU, LaTech, and USM. So, if we take care of business, we could be at the top of the conference again.
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