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  1. I may be stupid, but if there are 10 conferences and you are going to allow 12 teams in the playoffs, wouldn't it make since to put all 10 conference champs in and then the next two highest rated teams that are not conference champs? That way, you are guaranteed five G5 schools. At least then a kid knows that if he goes G5, he has a chance to compete for the biggest prize in the game. May not get there, but at least you have the opportunity. Kind of like basketball.
  2. Brett this was a great article. I really enjoyed reading it. Being a T&F fan, I can appreciate the write up here
  3. I understand what you are saying, but all of the women transfers have landed at lower tier programs. This is the first to land at a top tier conference. The others I can accept because they were either looking for playing time or got crossways with Coach Mitchell. This one is hard to accept because she had playing time. I am sure they told her she would get better exposure and a better chance at the WNBA or playing overseas. Neither amounts to good money unless you are the best out there or have something else to sell. It sucks that the NCAA doesn't stop this illegal recruiting of players and
  4. Looks like she landed at Oklahoma State. I take back what I said. I now know she was definitely recruited. That should be a violation if it isn't.
  5. Are you saying Boyd was a grad transfer? She was not a grad transfer. She came to us directly out of Mesquite Horn. She was a true Freshman last year. This year Mitchell signed a grad transfer guard from Fresno State named Aly Gamez and she was a starter at Fresno State. She also signed Chloe Callahan a guard out of Canyon High School, a 4A program. She is an All State Guard who was also the state tournament MVP on the state champion team. She also signed Kendall McGruder, a guard at South Grand Prairie, a 6A program. McGruder is also a McDonald's All American. That's three guards that I feel
  6. I think she is leaving because of the incoming talent. Her playing time will probably dwindle and maybe she was told that so she could start looking now. You have a healthy Randy Thompson coming back along with the two transfers coming in and the high schoolers that are set to arrive. I don't think this hurts as much as it seems on the surface.
  7. Show me the proof that your defense improved after the change.
  8. I think Bush will do very well here. He just had a string of bad luck with injuries. If we can keep him healthy, I think he will be more than serviceable. Last year he got hit by a car. How often does that happen? Hopefully he stays healthy here and shows the reasons why he was so highly recruited out of high school. Hopefully not a Sam Bowie type of guy for those old heads who remember him and Michael Jordan coming out at the same time.
  9. Okay. Thank you for that. I always thought it was similar to the service academies in commissioning rate, but I guess it's more like Texas A&M.
  10. I have a question. If he graduated, did he go into the reserves? Almost 100% of Citadel graduates go active duty. Did he get an exception?
  11. Looking at his Twitter page, he shows a lot of UNT. He highlights Darden so maybe he is feeling us.
  12. This was a BS decision by the NCAA. That's why you play the game. You don't determine championships by rankings. For those old enough to remember, had Buster Douglas just went by rankings then he should have never fought the fight against Mike Tyson. He should have just told Mike to keep the title because he was the champion and ranked higher. He didn't. He fought the fight and won. Play the damn tournament.
  13. This is old information. Ejiya, Hedlund, and Mayfield are no longer with those teams.
  14. Now it is there on their site. https://www.steelers.com/news/steelers-add-eight-undrafted-free-agents
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