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  1. I hope so, but I fear just like with Fine, size and conference is going to be an issue for NFL Teams.
  2. Cramps have to do with not properly hydrating all week. They need someone to make sure these guys are pushing fluids during the week. People tend not to drink when they are not thirsty, but when you are going to be sweating a lot, you need to push those fluids even when you are not thirsty.
  3. Why don't we do what the Steelers did with Kordell Stewart that year when Neil O'Donnell was QB? They made him Slash. He was QB/WR/RB. It worked until Kordell decided he just wanted to be a QB and then he was exposed as average at best at QB and quickly traded away. LOL. We can do that with Bean. Teams would never know who is going to throw, Aune or Bean. Then we get both guys on the field. I'm just kidding, but I think they could throw a few offensive plays in there like that each game.
  4. I say two TDs given up by the offense. The fumble return for a TD and the interception returned to the 15 was practically giving them a TD. The defense could have actually stopped that TD had they played disciplined. They gave up penalties down there that gave MTSU new life.
  5. I wholeheartedly agree. Only thing I would say about Siggers is that I saw him try to run over guys a couple of times when he could have easily gone around.
  6. I am not coaching this team, but I am wondering what they are seeing in practice that made them think Aune was our best option? Bean looks amazing. I am guessing they were going by his game performance against SMU.
  7. If you watch that play again, he puts it up in the air over his head and then sticks it out. I think he was celebrating early.
  8. Torrey almost lost that at the end trying to celebrate too early. Leon Lett comes to mind. Again, that's discipline. If they can get some discipline on this team, they could be better.
  9. The Murphy bothers playing LB look better than what we have had playing.
  10. This team lacks discipline. Plain and simple. That's coaching.
  11. All those defensive offsides keeping MTSU drive going. If I was SL, I would have called timeout and gone to their butts. That is the discipline problems rearing their ugly heads. At this point what does it matter if you burn a timeout when your team's penalties are keeping teams in the game?
  12. Undisciplined football on that hit on O'Hara. They need to fix these discipline issues.
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