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  1. I disagree with your argument about the facilities. The Drake Relays, one of the more popular T&F events is on a blue track. There is nothing wrong with the color. 1500 is adequate seating for T&F because, like soccer, it's not very popular in the US until the Olympics. People in the US don't even watch the World Championships. Sure some of the smaller schools get great T&F athletes, but that's usually one person. As a team, they are none factors. They have one great athlete and the rest are mediocre to down right abysmal. As teams, the schools with best football programs are usual
  2. I was about 6 in 1975 so I definitely would not know what was going on, but having grown up with a Dad that loved wrestling and would not let you change the channel on Saturday night on channel 11 after High Chaparral and before Roller Derby to watch wrestling, I had to become a fan. Between the Von Erichs, who some played at North Texas, and Bill Mercer being at North Texas my guess is he was there to see one of them. Back then wrestling was regional so guys would come into your region and stay a while before moving on to another region. Andre was in the Dallas region back then. As far as Ray
  3. I believe they have a big part in this, but I doubt Lee ends up at a P5 school. She was really soft. She just didn't play tough enough.
  4. I didn't see this coming, but I guess with the way Emma Villas-Gomis came on at the end of the year and during the tournament she saw the writing on the wall.
  5. I am not saying that you are wrong because I was not there to see, but Vito and Brune seem to have a different take. Are they just sugarcoating it or are you just being very harsh? If you say you are giving a fair assessment then I have to believe you because I was not there. I am just going by their write ups that things are not as bad as we may have thought.
  6. My guess is Reese is leaving to be closer to home because of his Mother. When your Mom is hospitalized with something many considered a death sentence when it first came out, it makes you reevaluate some things. We now know that COVID-19 is not as deadly as we thought, but it still scares you to realize you were half the country away at a time you probably wanted to be home. Then thinking had she made a turn for the worse, even a flight could have taken hours depending on what airport you are flying into. It also makes you think about how much time you are missing with her being so far away. A
  7. I wonder who "a couple of the guys said Coach we will be back" are?
  8. The way they are shooting threes, we can't win. If they do not cool off from three, this game is over. We are challenging the threes and they are still knocking them down.
  9. Damn. I knew we needed Avery Johnson calling our game.
  10. We better defend the perimeter and take our chances in the paint because they are proving that they can shoot it from deep.
  11. Well that seeding of the remaining 32 did not age well. IL is gone bye bye. New video.mp4
  12. I love this picture. Where did you get the original? I need to frame this.
  13. Not that it means anything, but we played Loyola better than Illinois did and on short notice just like you get in the tournament.
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