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  1. Thanks for that information. I didn't know as much.
  2. It looks like my suspicions about Walsh may be wrong. I just looked at UNT's roster over the last 10 years and we have had about 7 players from Guyer over the same time period. Now about 3 went somewhere else prior to arriving at UNT. In that same time frame, I only saw one other player from all the other Denton schools and that is Tyreke Davis from Ryan. So, Walsh's players came to UNT more than all the other Denton schools combined. In that same time frame, Webb would have been at Mesquite Horn and Rockwall. I did not see any players from Rockwall at all and the players I saw from Mesquite Horn would have been in high school at Horn after he left. Elex Woodworth could have been a freshman during Webb's last year, but I doubt he would have had any influence on him by the time he was a senior.
  3. Was Walsh an Oklahoma State alum because a lot of his players seemed to have gone there? Hopefully Webb will encourage his players to at least not shun UNT. Not saying that Walsh did that, but I suspect that he may have.
  4. I did the survey as well and mentioned the same. It is too hot in September to be wearing a mask in Apogee for 3+ hours.
  5. Doing a drill and wearing something on your face is not the same. That's usually over in a few minutes and happens about once a semester. It's not an every Friday thing for an entire semester that requires them to wear masks for 3 hours.
  6. I don't think we can wait for a vaccine. It's very difficult to find a vaccine for a virus. We have been trying to find a vaccine for HIV for almost 40 years and still don't have one. I do not think people will stand for living in fear until a vaccine comes.
  7. I may get down voted for this, but part of the game day experience is to eat and drink and it is just very inconvenient to eat and drink with a mask on. You would have to pull the mask down at some point to eat comfortably. Hopefully we will have a more definitive answer by mid June because season tickets are due by June 30th. I am not sure I can enjoy the game day experience fully with a mask on. I will still donate to the MGSF, but I don't know if I would purchase my season tickets.
  8. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/04/30/saints-made-a-spite-trade-to-draft-a-fourth-quarterback/ I had read this article the other day. It hints at the Saints took that QB in the 7th round just to spite the Carolina Panthers, a division rival. If this is true and they didn't take Mason Fine or even sign him as an UDFA just so they could play some silly game of one upsmanship on a division rival, I am not sure what to think about that organization. The article even hints at they may cut that QB in the end. This would be completely insane if it turns out to be true.
  9. I would say his parents taught him well. We really didn't have anything to do with that. If you get a kid who has spent 18 years of his life not saying yes sir or no sir, four years of playing football at a university is not going to make him start. That is home training.
  10. Thanks. I wasn't sure how that worked.
  11. I know this may not be popular, but could he grad transfer to a P5 program that really needs a QB like a TCU? That way he can show what he can do at that level. I know I would only like to see him in Mean Green, but at some point you have to do what's best for you.
  12. This will be a great idea until 10 years after first uses they get their first case of being sued because someone has cancer. Then they will have to pay millions or billions of dollars because initially they thought it was safe to later find out it causes cancer.
  13. I will be praying for him. At this point, it's all in God's hands. I will pray that God gives him the patience to endure. Once he is given that chance, I will pray that God elevates his performance to the level that we all know he has. I have never wanted a player to make it as badly as I want him to make it. Not just because he is Mean Green, but more so because I hate to see someone not given a chance because they do not fit in some box that others say he should fit in. I guess it's the Army side of me coming out. Our biggest military award winners were the smallest guys like SGT Alvin York and Audie Murphy. Physical size doesn't measure a man's courage, heart, and talent and Mason has all that in spades.
  14. Agreed. Mason broke all those records running for his life. We have done okay in run blocking, but pass protection has been a glaring weakness.
  15. Darden I don't see although he is fast, he is just too small. Plus, he will probably not catch a lot because we will be breaking in a new QB and I do not think the O-line will be much improved if at all. That may be why Rico chose to move on. No QB, No O-line, means not much good for receivers. Our best chance is Novil. After Novil, I think our next best chance is Tre Siggers if he can come back healthy and stays healthy.
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