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  1. Venson

    I would rather work..

    I am for the free beer. LOL.
  2. Venson

    I would rather work..

    No. I got your point. Let's just say we have a difference of opinion. Although they blew that lead, I still will spend my time and money to go watch them on Thursday. You choose not to do that and that is fine. Thank you for being a fan. I was not saying that you are not a fan, I was just saying I choose to spend time and money on them no matter what. Is it smart? Probably not, but at the end of the day, we all spend time, effort, and money on things that others may feel is not smart, but for the one spending it, as long as they enjoy it is all that matters.
  3. Venson

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    He is not going anywhere. No P5 will touch him after this debacle.
  4. Venson

    So, we aren't as good as we thought.

    This coaching staff needs to figure out how to make adjustments at halftime. We are on fire in the first half, the opponents make adjustments at half, we make none, then we lose. That is bad coaching.
  5. Venson

    I would rather work..

    I will be there as well because I am not a fair weather fan. This was a complete debacle, but I am and will always be a UNT fan.
  6. Venson

    Rice vs UNT game thread

    Being a Steelers fan, I want them to take a look at Ejiya. He could play opposite of TJ Watt because Bud Dupree is not the pass rush specialist they thought he would be. He is constantly getting himself push up field past the QB. EJ has the knack for bending underneath those linemen and taking a better angle to the QB. He may not get there each time, but he sure forces them to throw early. I can see it now. EJ and TJ. That has a great ring to it. Sort of like a Superbowl ring.
  7. Venson


    I think so. LaTech and UAB both had breaks somewhere along the line before playing us. You can allow guys to recover when you get that break. We will see how they play against ODU coming off the bye week. I expect to see them firing on all cylinders again after the first quarter against ODU. I think they will come out a little slow after having the bye week, but will get it going in the second and will cruise to the win.
  8. Venson

    Women's Soccer Ranked #25!!!

    Well, we got those two wins. Hopefully we move back into the top 25.
  9. Venson

    North Texas Volleyball beats UAB

    They got some revenge for the football loss. I think injuries and them being a young team had something to do with how they have played this year. When Barbara Teakell went down with injury, they were losing consistently. Now that she is back, they are much improved. Henrianna Ibarra, the starting libero, has been out all season. Not sure if she will even play this year. Youth and injuries just caught up with this team. I expect they will be really strong next season barring injuries.
  10. Venson

    Soccer Beats FAU 2-1 (battle of unbeatens)

    Our ladies are firing on all cylinders. They will win the conference and the conference tournament. If they play like they are capable of playing, they should move through the tournament relatively easily. There is no other team in CUSA in their league. If they play like they played against WKU, look out. They were missing Taylor Torres for WKU so I do not expect that to happen again.
  11. Venson

    We need standards around here!!

    I see what you did there.
  12. Venson

    Is 8 Wins/Year Littrell's Ceiling Here?

    I like what SL is doing. I think we want more, but I knew a guy in Pittsburgh that took a North Texas DT in the first round in 1969. Everyone thought he was crazy. They didn't win much in his first few seasons, but he was changing the culture there after 40 years of losing and coaching up what he had and bringing in what he needed. Once everything was in place, that guy won 4 Superbowls in 6 years. No team in the NFL has done that again. New England was close, but they have not done it. So SL is changing the culture at UNT, coached up what he inherited, bringing in what he needs. Once it is all in place, we will see championships. Just like the Rooney's were patient with Chuck Noll, I am hoping Wren and Smatresk are patient with SL and not like us fans wanting to maybe pull the trigger on him. He is going to pay dividends for us big time.
  13. Venson

    Bowl Game

    I hope Independence Bowl myself. I have no desire to go to New Mexico plus I do not think as many kids pay attention to that bowl like they would Independence. I also think we would travel well to Shreveport.
  14. Venson

    Just another bowl team

    I think this team is great. We may not win a championship this year, but no one on this board can honestly say they thought we would even be competing for championships or in the conversation about one in year three of a rebuild. We were 1-11 in 2015, 5-8 2016, 9-5 2017, and now 6-2 so far with the most difficult part of our schedule behind us. We have 5 more games left because we should beat everyone else and have a good chance of winning our bowl game. That would make for an 11-2 season. We still have McCarney era players on this team. We have a lot of Littrell players as well, but really how well could he recruit when he came to us mid December and had a very short time to convince kids to come to a school that was really a dumpster fire? He had to take what he could get. He took what he inherited and coached them up to exceed expectations and came away with a 5-8 season. After that season, his staff was raided and he had to reset. Plus 5-8 doesn't convince a lot of 3 star kids to come to a place that has been losing for years. He coached them to a 9-5 season and the result is now we have the number one recruiting class in CUSA coming in. Next year all of McCarney's players will be gone and this will be completely SL's guys and a huge recruiting class coming in. If he cannot start winning championships in the next two years, then I would worry, but right now I think he is moving this team right along nicely. I think we as fans want more sooner because we are just so tired of losing.