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  1. It is not a lost cause. We win out, then I will chalk the early offensive woes to Reeder finally figuring things out. The defensive woes though is another story. We need to play a different style of defense. The 3-3-5 is not going to work consistently here. We just don't get the players to play it. If that is all TR knows then SL needs to move on from him. I am sure he is a nice guy, but being nice doesn't always translate to wins. We can run through CUSA after what I saw today. We need to change the defense and force D. King to beat us through the air.
  2. My last thoughts about this game. I thought when Brett Vito came out with his get your rear on the record segment that this would be one of the games they lost. This was a winnable game though. I think for me what makes it sting more is that I did not expect the SMU loss. I thought for sure we would head to the Houston game at 3-1. Had we won last week, this would be easier to take. The fact that we were decimated last week meant we really had to have this one. Then to see it slip away because of a slow start, bad decisions, dropped balls, undisciplined penalties, and failures to make tackles makes it hurt. Hopefully Reeder will figure out a way to get the offense going sooner. I will still love my Mean Green, but we have to get out to faster starts. Maybe instead of deferring when we win the toss, maybe we should take the ball and put pressure on opposing defenses first. Just my opinion.
  3. I think he was comparing it to Marino with the Dolphins. Best QB to never win a Superbowl. Would have been the best if the NFL was like today back when he played IMO.
  4. This was a winnable game. The slow starts have to stop. Reeder has to figure out what the defense is doing sooner. It takes him too long to make in game adjustments. Had the offense started faster, we would have won. Defense eventually settled in. Question, did Nick Harvey play? I didn't see him getting beat as much this game or did they move him around?
  5. I don't know if SL wants to leave. Why leave when you are being paid 1.8 mil a year and have done enough for UNT to keep you around for awhile? Because after all, he has gone to 4 bowl games. They keep extending and restructuring and all he has shown he has to do is get to a bowl game. I would take that everyday all day. Maybe they shouldn't give him anymore money until he can win something significant.
  6. I hope them wanting to coast and go home is not true. That would be just crappy.
  7. I think the defense is not playing great, but they are playing well enough to be in this game. The offense is pathetic. The defense has had to defend a short field most of the game. The defense has seemed to settle in a little, but the offense and more importantly the offensive line is not playing well. Dropped balls, missed assignments, no ability to pass protect equals a recipe for disaster.
  8. You're right. The program as a whole is not on a downward trend. We have performed well across all sports. I am just frustrated at the way this season is starting across all sports. I will still contribute to the MGSF and will continue to go to as many games as possible. I don't like the way things are starting, but I am a Mean Green fan through and through and will be until the day they place me 6 feet deep.
  9. At the end of the day, this athletic season for UNT is not starting out well. Football just got decimated, volleyball is losing consistently, and soccer has lost the last two, but at least those losses were against ranked opponents. I don't worry about soccer because Coach Hedlund has a very young team and he will get the ship righted and cruise through CUSA. The other sports, I don't know about. The way this season is starting, I hope basketball doesn't continue the downward trend of this season.
  10. My thoughts. I can take a loss, but a complete beat down is unconscionable. Their punter had to be the most rested guy in the stadium. I think he came out twice and one of his punts pinned us on the 1 yard line. Our defense couldn't have stopped my son's high school (Lone Star) who beat my Alma Mater, Denton High School 75-0 on Friday night. For that matter, I don't know if our offense could have moved the ball on them. This was a tough loss to stomach.
  11. I am wondering the same thing. I am starting to wonder if it was really GH calling the calls we didn't like when he was here or was it really SL? After last night, SL may have been the guy behind the questionable play calling and GH may have been the guy behind the great play calls.
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