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  1. I don't know about when playoff teams come to Denton, but my Son plays for Frisco Lone Star and they have come to Denton and used the IPF a couple of times during the regular season. So my guess is they are opening up for teams to use if they have availability and teams are willing to come. It gives our coaches a chance to see the talent up close and talk to coaches without traveling and it allows teams to see what we have.
  2. As far as I know, Mims, Owens, and Thompson are out for the season with injuries. I did see Thompson in the crowd for one game and she had a huge leg brace on. As far as Shepherd and Jones, I think they have minor injuries and should return, but I also heard the radio announcer say Mitchell's team has dealt with COVID issues so I am not sure what is correct. My guess is if you saw them behind the team at the game then it's probably just minor injuries and not COVID related.
  3. Update this to 4-0 in conference. Best start in school history. Doing all this without Char Shepherd, Callie Owens, Trena Mims, Summer Jones, or Randi Thompson.
  4. I knew they wouldn't go undefeated in conference, but this seems like they were not ready. Oh well, at least the women are getting it done.
  5. I don't see it on ESPN. It is playing on CUSA TV.
  6. Damn I paid to renew my subscription to ESPN+ to watch this garbage. At least my renewal to CUSA paid off because the women won.
  7. Even if there is, my guess is he has already been in talks with someone. Just need for them to send their resume so he can pretend like he is actually going through resumes. Will probably conduct a few interviews to make it look good, but already knows who he is going to hire. I'm just guessing.
  8. My apologies then. We both want what's best for the school we love.
  9. You are taking this way too seriously. I think he meant it as a joke. I know I did. I really could care less if they were or were not on vacation. It's none of my business.
  10. It wasn't. I believe and have always believed that his heart was in Kansas. Of his 25 years of coaching, all but 4 were in Kansas.
  11. I am not against Seth Littrell. We need him to be successful here. We probably already have a reputation of being a career ender for coaches. We don't need that reputation. We need him to win. I know this is not the NFL, but I prefer the Pittsburgh Steelers model to coaching. The Steelers have only had three head coaches in the last 51 seasons. Call it what you will, but they allow their coaches to finally get their systems to work and it has resulted in 8 super bowl appearances and 6 super bowl titles. Teams like Dallas, Cleveland, etc have had more coaches in the last 10 years than Pittsburg
  12. I can't believe Seth pulled the trigger. I am glad that he did. 2021 is already starting off better than 2020.
  13. I think it would be more than money. I just cannot see Chad Morris coming here to work under Seth. His pride won't let him do that, but stranger things have happened. It would be something if we got them both.
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