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  1. I don't understand the move to New Mexico. That is a lateral move at best.
  2. Breanna Davis is not coming back. She has landed at Abilene Christian. As far as I know, Jaaucklyn Moore is coming back.
  3. The answer is no. Yes, this weekend was terrible, but I think it is all mental. We take the number 7 team in the country to the wire and can't get past an average UAB team. That points to mentality. They have made way too many errors and stupid plays. That is all mental. Is it coaching as well, yes. I think DeLong has to get them focused again and I think he can. I think he needs to take a page from Jason Burton. Stop thinking about championships and think about winning each game. Championships will take care of themselves if you do that.
  4. This is one of the dumbest comments you have ever made. He came from JUCO which means he has never gone to the NIT or NCAA tournament. How can you be tired of something you have never experienced? Did you even think that through before posting?
  5. The plane will probably make it, but you may be assaulted on the flight. That is the Greyhound of the skies.
  6. https://www.si.com/college/2024/03/17/amid-gambling-investigation-temple-mens-basketball-could-earn-ncaa-tournament-bid There is a gambling investigation of Temple. I am usually not a conspiracy theorist, but hear me out. If this ends up being legit, it may explain the refs choking on their whistles in our game against FAU. The money was not to be made in Temple beating North Texas. The money was to be made in Temple beating FAU because they were a final four team last year. The amount of money one stands to win if Temple beat FAU was probably astronomical. The refs had to make sure that game happened. They couldn't let North Texas spoil that. There is no way Temple went from being trash all season to playing in the AAC Tournament championship game. Someone needs to look into friends, relatives, and acquaintances of these refs and see if someone won big during this tournament. Now my conspiracy rant is over.
  7. This was the worst loss of the season. There is no excuse. We cannot blame the refs. They came into our house and kicked our butts. This was just bad on so many levels. It was a good crowd and we crapped the bed.
  8. I am guessing the part about QB coach was being tongue in cheek because he coached TEs.
  9. I understand Kratch leaving is a continuity issue, but will he really be missed? He was a first time coach here and our LBs were not exactly a strength here. They seemed too slow to me, seemed to have trouble diagnosing plays, and couldn't shed blocks. That's just me. We were last in defense in all of FBS so is this really a big loss? I am no football guru, but this just doesn't seem that bad to me.
  10. I will be the first to admit that I am no basketball guru. I really didn't learn much about the game until I started watching the Mean Green, but Edwards seems to not be a great ball handler. He loses the ball so much.
  11. Obviously I want to hire the best person, but coaching is much different than alumni engagement. Plus, Burton is from this area and wants to be here. This guy isn't even a Texas guy. Again, I hope he does well. I just ask isn't there a UNT person out there who could do the job just as well? Part of being successful in a job is having a passion for it. I believe a UNT person would have more passion for the job. If there is not, then so be it. It's just we keep getting these non UNT guys who come in just to use us as stepping stones to the next job while making a lot of money to do it. Other than Jalie Mitchell, what other UNT guys have we had as a HC? There may be some, but I don't know of them.
  12. I always wonder about hires like this. I hope he does well in his job, but is there not a UNT Alumni in this field of work that could fill this position at UNT? Just seems like you need someone who actually cares about UNT in this position. I am not saying that he will not care, but looking at his resume, there is nothing that ties him to UNT and pushes him to make this university great.
  13. I am not saying they don't use X at all because they do. I am saying they are more into Instagram than X. A lot of them will only use X to make big announcements, but their everyday use comes from using Instagram. I hear them all the time when they are trying to ask a girl out for her Instagram kind of like we used to ask for her phone number and rush all over the club trying to find a something to write with and write on.
  14. This is the biggest reason I think. They will have to move to a completely online platform.
  15. Even if you do that you are still losing them after one year due to them being out of eligibility. At least with a HS kid, I have the chance to try and recruit him to stay as when you are out of eligibility, I cannot. That would be my take.
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