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  1. Everyone likes to point to the Marshall game, but don't forget that was the same time over 18 players had their cars broken into while they were at the team hotel getting ready for the game. Hard to concentrate as a 18-22 year old when that just happened and you have to sit around and wait to deal with it because you have a football game to play. Their heads were probably not in the game. Is that an excuse? Maybe, but I think it's a legitimate excuse IMO. Because after that, they almost pulled out a win against a very tough Liberty team and then won five straight. We play those teams again and I think we win. I was on the fire SL train too, but now I don't know. Now the UAB loss and the way it happened was inexcusable, but I do think the guys were still learning Bennett's defense at the time and our QB play was atrocious. We have adjusted and now they are a load to deal with. SL has to get some credit for that. QB play isn't stellar, but last year everyone was saying give us a better defense and a serviceable QB and they would be happy. Aune isn't a world beater, but he is serviceable and the defense is much improved after playing in Bennett's system and now we just knocked off the, #15 AP and #22 Coaches poll team in the country.
  2. I think SL's time has come and gone, but I will say he has done one thing for us. He has helped to raise the profile of the University to where this job as HC doesn't seem like a coaching career ender.
  3. Since my nephew plays for Aubrey, I am definitely hoping they win despite that logo that looks eerily similar to UTSA.
  4. If this is true then SL should have been winning here and then he would have had a chance at his dream job. He didn't win here consistently and now OU probably wouldn't even offer him an OC position even though I believe that is where his heart has been all along instead of on making North Texas a winner.
  5. So tell our guys to stop using condoms? Is that the key? 🤣
  6. I think WBB will be okay. She has a lot of new faces and they are trying to gel. Where Jalie has made her mistakes in the past was playing an easy OOC schedule. I think the OOC schedule is much tougher this year and that they should be battle tested by the time conference rolls around. The three transfers need to get better in her system and the team will be okay. Well, at least two of the transfers because Ally Gamez is a beast.
  7. It was borderline. I was courtside and thought it was good D. One official called a foul. The other said no foul. They went to the monitors, the three of them had a conference and ultimately decided it was a foul. I still think on questionable calls, you let them play.
  8. I think Seth comes back next year. I may not agree, but I think he will and here is why. If you read Brett's article Five thoughts on UNT's win over Florida International, he states in his second thought "It's time to acknowledge that UNT's defense has something going. We were told it would take some time for UNT to get used to Phil Bennett's system." I think the reporters were told that because they were setting the stage to give Seth those two years. I think Wren gives Seth those two years with Bennett as DC. I believe that's why the contract was two years only. Another reason is it lessens Seth's buyout. My last reason is because from what I have heard across this board, the real big money donors like Seth. I may not like it, but I think he gets one more year to turn this around. The only way I see him getting fired is if UTSA comes in here and absolutely destroys us. If we play them tough, I would bet money that Seth will be back for one more year.
  9. Yeah that ending was BS. On a close call like that, if I am the official I would let it go to a second OT to see if any team can get some separation and win it outright instead of making the call they did with .7 seconds left. I felt like the officials inserted themselves into the game.
  10. Putting Wood at WR is a no for me. LOL. I know you were being sarcastic. His run back reminds me of this. James Harrison intercepted Kurt Warner for 100 yards.mp4
  11. The uniforms in football are not cursed. The coach is. McCasland can coach so gray, white, green, black, or hell even pink; we will win.
  12. At the end of the day, we on the board can want him gone, but none of us are the big money donors. We are just the diehards that love the Mean Green. If he wins out, Wren will weigh the cost of firing him based on his payout and he will listen to the big money donors. Sure he wants our money too, but how much do the few of us who come to this board really mean in the grand scheme of things? There are many others who probably contribute who never come to this board and then you have your big money donors. I believe that is what will drive Wren's decision. I agree that Seth's complete body of work in 6 years is not stellar by any stretch of the imagination, but I also believe that what we on this board want is not going to matter when Wren makes his decision to fire or retain Seth.
  13. National Wreaths Across America day is December 18, 2021. If you can, please sponsor a wreath for a Veteran's grave at Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery. WAA Flyer_1.pdf
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