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  1. From all the articles, he wasn’t even on our radar, but Littrell played with his hs coach at OU. They said once they put on his tape, their was no question who the guy they were going after was. It was Mason.
  2. Mason Fine gettin the love. Still love seeing these for our QB1. This is their ranking of the top 50 PLAYERS (not qb’s) in the country for next season.
  3. Rice will probably never be able to be Cusa’s version of Duke or Stanford, Duke makes huge exceptions for their SA’s. Stanford is Stanford. You can’t make it pro, you probably get cherry picked by an alum in the technology sector. Let’s say they can be cusa’s Baylor, but it will be closer to our Vanderbilt. Lol I would rank us 1, NOW, because of our location, facilities, and current administration. Everyone is right that we are in a very short attention span society now. No recruits (on average) care about anything that schools have done since before they were in 9th grade. Controversial founder aside, ODU should be #2 because they have by far the most potential. $$$$$$$$$
  4. Lol. No joke. This belongs in a meme on fb.
  5. Can someone send a link? I can’t find it for some reason.
  6. Can’t find it either. Anybody have any luck?
  7. I agree with this. If Aune ever does anything here then, “Hell yeah!” Martin just seems like the next dude.
  8. I agree, I’m worried about LB, but I’m impressed with the crop we are bringing in. I think the Murray twins should make an impact. I think the “lesser” thought of the 2 will actually make the immediate impact. As far as the returnees.... All we can do is hope one of them steps up. They didn’t recruit any juco guys, so we gotta think that’s because they didn’t think they needed one. Right? We’ve recruited pretty heavily at DB and gotten some highly regarded guys at that spot Either way, we are still gonna live and die by our offense. As long as Mason is playing, we will probably be in every game
  9. What’s the deal with Fine lately?? Doesnt seem to have the same mixture he had last year. I know the line isn’t great, but damn, he’s missed Several opportunities today.
  10. To all the people that are down on Littrell for being where we are in his 3rd year after the team he inherited is laughable. I mean....seriously! We were in the bottom 10, and not as a joke! Should we settle for where we are....no, absolutely not, but should we be realistic and realize that we aren’t to a point yet where we CAN be that cocky? Yes, we should! If you objectively looked at Littrell vs Tom Herman, who would you say has done the better job? Guess my point is, you newbies, don’t dismiss the vets POV because they have........ perspective. Now say, it’s year 6, and we are flattening out at 10 or 11 wins a year, then maybe we know that is our ceiling, so let’s enjoy it! Like Boise does.
  11. Agree 100%. I was talking to my buddy yesterday, and even when we were up at half, I told him the Mean Green fan in me was having a hard time thinking we had this one wrapped up.
  12. I always park at east side and either take the shuttle or uber/Lyft. I hate dealing with the parking and traffic. $15 round trip to uber. The houses on the soutside of the stadium down Bonnie Brae usually offer make-shift parking lots for a fee as well. Ala cotton bowl/state fair parking. One of the houses used to be owned by the track coach. Not sure if he’s still there. That was nice because there was no traffic getting out. You just head south and cut through Denia(shhhh! Don’t tel them)
  13. Their goal is to be the Protestant Notre Dame. That’s why they have been throwing so much $$$ into athletics recently. BYU would be a disappointment in their eyes. We’ll see should be interesting. I don’t think most people have enough awareness of what Liberty is really for them to be able to do what they want. Hope they have a good Marketing Director. Lol
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