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  1. I think Seth is back next year barring a catastrophe. I agree with the post about last year affecting us. We had to break in a new qb, and defense without any kind of spring or really ability for the guys to get together during the summer. Our D was atrocious last year, but we also had several games without our best defensive players because of the Vid. This is just me wearing my green tinted shades, but if we are able to see 80% of the strides between year 1 and 2 as a starter that we saw from Mason, Aune could be in all conference conversations. I know that’s a big if, but th
  2. I watched this kid be flat out unstoppable against the number 3 AND 4 (tamu and tech signees) prospects in TX last night. Not looking forward to facing him for 4 years.
  3. Love this dudes stuff. you have to see his videos. The girl dancing in them is his wife, but they are well thought out. his freestyles are INSANE, he has a freestyle battle on sway (one of the biggest DJ/podcasters in the US) where it was clearly set up for his competitor to come in and win he was a bigger act at the time. He goes, it’s pretty good, then Tobe goes...... You ever want to see the look on somebody’s face when they immediately realize they douchebaged up? Lol. That’s the video. Tobe just kills it, and you know this guy is just sitting there texting his age
  4. How many sacks has Gabriel Murphy gotten since being out at de. Man!!
  5. And game not playing on youtubetv right now. Says stay tuned. Lol
  6. This is dumb and makes no sense. He Has never been a “rah, rah” guy. Also, how does it make sense that he turned down the k-state job and checked out?
  7. Is everyone gonna floss over the fact that Art Briles doesn’t coach in the Big 12 anymore?? Jc im only disappointed because of the number of ball busters on this board. Great lost, though. Lol
  8. I agree, but what I saw was that they were also running a lot of screens and set up short passes, so when we did blitz, the ball was out before anyone could get to him. It’s tough to keep blitzing when they are doing that to keep you off balance. Yes thats coaching because cause it’s a chess match, but we got blown up on a lot of short passes and runs that we did blitz on.
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