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  1. Touché I actually forgot all about him.
  2. Agree, but sadly it was followed up by one of the biggest failures when we lost to la tech at home the very next game. We were actually getting top 25 votes.
  3. Yeah, but Baylor hired one of the best coaches in the nation. Despite his fall from grace exit, he was already a legend in Texas. He turned around Houston who was basically us before him. He also brought a transcendent talent with him to Baylor that kickstarted everything now props to both Baylor and UH, because of all the coaching hires they’ve made since Briles, the only one that wasn’t a home run was the guy UH hired between sumlin and Herman
  4. Especially if it’s as our coach again if Mac ever gets poached.
  5. Our PG went down. Hope it’s not too serious of an ankle injury. Our offense will be even worse without him.
  6. I’m curious how are we not all over this kid, but I’m also curious how nobody else is either. There has got to be some off the field stuff. He’s the starting running back for a top 5 team in the state.
  7. As much as we like to pile on Dickey, the reality that everyone overlooks is that we had a terrible fluke tragedy to the incumbent qb, and a stupid decision that led to an arrest by the backup all happen right before fall camp. He was left with a rs freshman and they were never able to get another qb developed or in here after that.
  8. Man, we have to have someone in our department now that’s responsible for finding these guys NIL deals, right? And that persons number 1 priority better be finding those boys a deal with someone because if not, we are gonna lose them. Two more years, and they could do some really special things here. I really hope we find a way to keep them here AT LEAST 2 more years.
  9. This topic has been a great read. Gotta love that so many of us wanted Briles the last time around, and he turned us down because he was being groomed to take over for his dad. Then he was bashed on here after the Baylor debacle. We were all,”Bet he wished he took the job now.” Then he ended up at FAU, and his offense just embarrassed us. Now we are back to him as one of our top targets. Love it. To the Oahu guy, Denton is part of DFW bro, we are a bandwagon town. Look at every professional sport as well as TCU and SMBleh. This area supports winners. If you win, people show up. Only exception to that is the cowboys. A few years ago SMU had a killer bball season and every game was sold out. TCU started winning and FW adopted them. The Rangers were going to WS and people that didn’t even know who the 3rd starter in the rotation were asking off to go to games. FWIW, my choice is 1:)briles, just like last time 2) Sumlin 3) someone ridiculous like Deion sanders because you know he’s gonna get athletes we have no business getting. Just like he’s doing at an FCS
  10. I think we will win today, but I haven’t seen anyone else that thinks we can win. That’s how I know it’s dower.
  11. Somehow after blowing a huge upset last week La Tech manages to squeak by their fcs game. 45-42
  12. First off, don’t you know you never try to respond to a PMG post. Secondly, it’s so funny because after year 3 you couldn’t have found many people that would’ve said otherwise. Including AD’s. I’m also shocked this hasn’t lead to more love for Harrell. Our offense completely fell apart without him which was shocking. I also am at a loss as to why our team has not been able to show up for a big game since Arkansas in SL year 3. Seems like we were on a roll then that’s dam. La Tech game happened and it’s never been the same.
  13. I agree with your 9-3 or 3-9. Lol I feel like if we give up 21 to NWST it’s not a good sign of things to come for our D. Just not. I’ll hope for a win against SMU, but man I’ve been impressed with what Sonny Dykes has done. We ABSOLUTELY HAVE to beat all of the CUSA teams we play early on to have a real shot at turning this around. I disagree, unless I’m misreading it, that we had a much better roster in 2018. We had a much better qb, that’s about it. I don’t think Liberty is drastically more talented outside of their QB. He is special. Mizzou is a loss unless Grant McCasland decides to come help us out for a game. Win the rest of the CUSA games, and that’s how we get to 9-3. We absolutely have the talent. We have to figure out a way to do a little of what we did in 2013 which is control the clock. As good as our O was last year, there was too many times we would follow up an opponents td with a 3 and out. That just can’t happen for us to have a chance. Even when we had decent D’s under McCarney we would do this and they’d get run down. The difference under Littrell is that his teams are able to rack up the stats when the game is out of reach.
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