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  1. NTEdgex2

    When do tickets get delivered?

    Pickup on Saturday, August 18. Mailed the following Monday. GMG!
  2. NTEdgex2

    Need 3 club seats for SMU

    Got 2 tickets. Only need 1 more. GMG!
  3. NTEdgex2

    2018 GMG Concession Talk

    Kettle corn has been my favorite for years. Beth Marie’s ice cream is always good, too. Cannot wait for the 1st! GMG!
  4. I need three smoo club seats for the grand babies. Location doesn’t matter, don’t need to be together. Send me a pm if you are unable to use your tickets for that game. Thank you. GMG!
  5. Michael Lawrence GMG!
  6. NTEdgex2

    Tristan Thompson

    Says he played college and semi-pro basketball. I’m pretty sure it’s him. Looks like I remember. I’d have to pull out an old basketball poster to be positive. GMG!
  7. Wardly, Fort Worth Caravan was May 10 at the Reata. Sorry you missed it. GMG!
  8. NTEdgex2

    Florida Atlantic (2/24/18)

    TuneIn is silent. The FAU radio feed is behind the video, too. GMG!
  9. NTEdgex2

    WKU 2/15

    Says it’s on Stadium. We’ll be at the game. GMG!
  10. NTEdgex2

    Prosper Dicks Sporting Goods

    Rally House in Euless has a pretty good selection. Just bought a toddler NT hat for my grandson. GMG!
  11. NTEdgex2


    🏈 NORTH
  12. NTEdgex2

    New Orleans Bowl Uniforms

    Love this helmet! My favorite. Looks really sharp on tv. GMG!
  13. Best pralines at Southern Candymakers in the Quarter on Decatur St. Yum! GMG!
  14. NTEdgex2

    Horribly derailed FAU look-a-like thread

    Yeah, thought it looked like the white jerseys got washed with the black pants when watching the Rice game on tv. GMG!
  15. NTEdgex2

    Online access to Bein Sports

    662 or 1662 on uverse. GMG!