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  1. Need one club ticket for the ACU game. PM me if you can’t attend and want to sell. Doesn’t matter where it is. Thank you. GMG!
  2. Carolyn,

    I'm trying to work out which games I'll be able to attend this year, but I should have my two tickets available for some of the games.  If you're interested in my two seats,  I'll let you know which ones will be available for you.

    Phil Drago

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    2. NTEdgex2



      We definitely want the tickets and the parking pass. I’ll get the check in the mail in the next day or two.  Thanks again. 


    3. DeepGreen



      Send me your address again.  I'll get the tickets and park pass in the mail to you.

      Philip Drago Jr

    4. NTEdgex2


      Carolyn Edge

      2611 Sprucewood Lane

      Euless, TX 76039

      Thank you

  3. Going to pick up our tickets and watch a little practice. Also check out the white out t-shirts. GMG!
  4. Need Club tickets for grandkids. Need 3 for each game, and seat location doesn’t matter. Don’t need to be together. If you find you can’t attend and want to sell, PM me. GMG!
  5. Clark Hall freshman year. All women had to live in a dorm until 21, no matter their classification this changed after my sophomore year Crumley Hall sophomore year. Both all women. This was ‘70 and ‘71. 11pm curfew. Little apartments behind Legends Hall that is now called North Texas Lofts. Don’t remember the name. Now home of the Office of Sustainability. Lived there two different times. Junior year and Senior year ‘73 and ‘74 Lived in a house one semester, don’t remember which year. It was between campus and the square. My mother was horrified. This was at the height of “hippie” culture. I was right in the middle of it, and the house reflected the style. Lots of stuff from Pier One. Streakers, John Denver, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (multiple times), all night movies at the Rock Bottom Lounge in the UB, music in the park (it no longer exists), the Pit, guys with long hair. Great times. GMG!
  6. Who's going to the Coaches Caravan Tomorrow? FYI, there is a free parking pass on the athletics website to print off I just found. Daughter and I will be there. GMG!
  7. Apogee Fouts Texas Stadium Cotton Bowl TCU SMU Superdome Rice  Houston Baylor Arkansas Tulsa  OU  La Tech i think that’s it. GMG!
  8. Uverse just dropped the NFL Network. Figures. GMG!
  9. Ferguson #85 to the Ravens GMG!
  10. Picked up our tournament tickets today. See you there. Side note: I have never seen a visiting team act like such jerks as Marshall did in the second half. All of them crying to the refs constantly and acting entitled. (We have had season tickets since 2009.). We need students like we used to have behind the visiting bench to let ‘em have it. GMG!
  11. Can’t make it tonight. Both of us are sick. Hopefully we’ll make it Saturday. Is Bein the only way to watch? We don’t get it anymore. GMG!
  12. “The game is scheduled for 2 p.m. PST/5 p.m. EST kickoff and will be televised on FS1.” GMG!
  13. Mentioned in the other watching party thread that 2 of us are also planning on attending at BoomerJack’s. GMG!
  14. The two of us will try to make the party at BoomerJack’s. Always more fun to watch with other fans. GMG!
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