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  1. I have a 2002 program for the game vs Monroe on 11/2/2002. Cody Spencer is on the cover! Would that be of any help? GMG!
  2. Oh my Lord! Heart attack time! GMG!
  3. Technical on Rice coach. Didn’t like the foul called. GMG!
  4. Channel 4 did have some video. We were the last mentioned, but they did get us on last night. Switched to 5 and as noted before, nothing. GMG!
  5. We have seats we can’t fill due to covid. I am immunocompromised and cannot attend unless masks are required, at the very least. I am more than pissed that I cannot attend. We watch every game on tv, but of course it is not close to the same. I’ve been wearing a mask since 2017 due to cancer. It’s not a big deal. Wear the damn things! Wishing I could be at the Super Pit. GMG!
  6. No sound, no scores. Fix it! GMG!
  7. Great win! Raised my blood pressure though. GMG!
  8. What are the COVID restrictions? Can’t find them listed for the super pit. (Didn’t get a call that I know of.) GMG!
  9. You need the varsity network app by learfield. It’s free. I got it to listen to the coach’s show. Worked no problem. Not on tunein any more GMG!
  10. At least they finally added the down and yardage. GMG!
  11. Maybe moving to Timberbrook in Justin. Any thoughts about the area, etc.?
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