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  1. NTEdgex2

    Bowl Game Watching Parties

    The two of us will try to make the party at BoomerJack’s. Always more fun to watch with other fans. GMG!
  2. NTEdgex2

    Bowl Game Watching Parties

    I think we had a watching party once at Bottlecap Alley in Grapevine and one at Buffalo Wild Wings in Grapevine. It’s been a long time though. Don’t know who put them together. GMG!
  3. NTEdgex2

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    Would love to go, but granddaughter’s Christmas recital on the 16th trumps football. (yes, even a bowl.) Have a good time all. I’ll be watching. GMG!
  4. NTEdgex2


    Got it figured out. It’s immediate access.
  5. NTEdgex2


    Will it show the game immediately or not start until December 1? I don’t want to sign up if I can’t watch it.
  6. NTEdgex2


    Wanted to get the free 7 days to watch the game but it says it won’ start until December 1, so I cancelled out of it. Is this anyone else’s experience? GMG!
  7. NTEdgex2

    Vote Mason Fine for Davey O'Brien Award!

    Just voted. Mason is #4 with 16 votes. Get moving! GMG!
  8. NTEdgex2

    It's Game Day!

  9. Women up 43-25 with four minutes left in the 3rd. Season ticket pickup at 5pm at the super pit.
  10. NTEdgex2

    Vote Mason Fine for Davey O'Brien Award!

    OU has been busy. They’re up to 10,153 at 25% and Mason is at 19,129 at 48%. We need to get with it! GMG!
  11. I need one club seat ticket for Rice and one for Fau. Doesn’t matter where they are. PM me if you can’t attend or have an extra. Thank you. GMG!
  12. NTEdgex2

    Vote Mason Fine for Davey O'Brien Award!

    Mason 7925 #2 6011 voted from 11:13 until midnight. See we got in a few more simultaneously.
  13. We need 3 club tickets for Southern Miss. Can be anywhere and don’t have to be together. Send me a PM if you’ve got extras or can’t attend. Thank you.  GMG!
  14. NTEdgex2

    What's the Mean Joe giveaway?

    I think it’s also a set of special trading cards. GMG!