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  1. For a program's first winning season in nine years, there's nothing to be ashamed of receiving a bid to either of those two bowls.
  2. With the UNT/UNTHSC merger, we'll see a rebranding of the campuses (i.e., UNT at Denton, UNT at Fort Worth). It'd be odd to have the "University of North Texas at Denton School of Public Health" located in Fort Worth. There's no reason UNT can't become the #1 team in North Texas, and the state. Abilene Christian, Boise State, Sam Houston State, TCU, and Utah all became recognized programs after sustaining runs winning against "lesser" teams. In the Southland, Big West, and Sunbelt, UNT has had the opportunity to do the same thing and will again in C-USA.
  3. Judging by the results of the poll, these must be other posters than the "Ugh, we haven't been NTSU for decades!!!" crowd...
  4. After seeing the newly expanded 30,000-seat Bobcat Stadium, Texas State-San Marcos has stepped up to the Division I plate finally. The Bobcats will be able to carve out a chunk of both the Austin and San Antonio markets from the t-shirt UT and UTSA fans in the next few years the same way UNT will be able to with the Big 12 schools t-shirt fans in DFW. Just like UNT (with DFW), Texas State-San Marcos is just far enough out of the metro (Austin) to not be lost in the pro shuffle and keep its identity. The only reason UTSA is in C-USA is their domed home field in a major metro. How different would UNT be if UT Arlington had brought back football but this time at Cowboys Stadium? Considering that the Mean Greens' most played opponent are the Bobcats, there's already a history there that UTSA doesn't have with UNT (or anyone else for that matter) that could develop into one of the better rivalries in the state. Both Texas State-San Marcos and UNT have more similaries than differences and with both programs looking for an anchor, having the Bobcats in C-USA with the Mean Green would only help BOTH universities.
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