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  1. kingwoodgreen

    Bowl Game Watching Parties

    We are staying at the Crawford hotel. Flying in that morning and taking the train. Going to avalanche game that night to calibrate my son getting engaged. He and fiancé are seniors at mines
  2. kingwoodgreen

    Bowl Game Watching Parties

    Terminal Bar at Union Station
  3. kingwoodgreen

    Bowl Game Watching Parties

    I need a place for Denver also. I will be there on Saturday for a special occasion.
  4. kingwoodgreen


    In Wren we trust
  5. kingwoodgreen

    Updated pics

  6. kingwoodgreen

    Updated pics

    Pics from architect friend
  7. kingwoodgreen

    Oklahoma (11/27/18)

    Hard to watch, sloppy game. Back down to earth.
  8. kingwoodgreen

    Johnny Jones coached TXSO Beats No. 18 Oregon

    Still would like for us Houston area guys to meet and take in a game for Johnny. We can meet up for pre game happy hour.
  9. kingwoodgreen

    ***Official UNT vs. UTSA Game Thread***

    La tech, odu and uab lose today
  10. kingwoodgreen

    Maryland Eastern Shore (11/17/18)

    Missing a lot of 3 attempts
  11. kingwoodgreen

    Blue Lot Sold Out

    I kinda drove (and others) through the outbound lane instead of waiting in that line. They were not happy about it but scanned me in 5 seconds. It has to change
  12. kingwoodgreen

    Homecoming Parking Situation

    My plan was to bring some friends in from Houston for the game. But one is disabled and cannot walk too far. Since we will not risk buying a blue parking pass, that puts me in the ada lot. Guessing that let’s me out on alumni side. Anybody experienced this lot yet.