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  1. Will anybody see it there? I take great pride in this idea and wished it was possibly on the main area of campus for all to see. But am glad we will have it
  2. Is this going to be located by the indoor practice facility?
  3. Maybe our band had missing players due to spring break. But I told the guy next to me we were getting out played. Usually not a big deal but we are a top music school so the expectations are there. They played Louie Louie and some zeppelin which I thought was cool for my age and era
  4. Bought mine last night but never received the email confirmation or mobile info. Guess I will have to go to will call. We flew into town for Saturday game and got burned on that. Best I can get is TSU tonight
  5. What time is Fridays game? I am thinking about flying and need to get my flight soon.
  6. Still hard for me to believe we got in the aac and not tech. They may have overachieved with their budget and facilities but that has always impressed me. Nothing about usta impresses me, nothing. Our drive toward better facilities had to slide us in the move up. But cannot say the same for them. Pesky little sister…
  7. Looking a bit uneasy for uab right now
  8. That picture reminded me of the Presidents house. I bet many people on the board have not seen that before
  9. Asking myself the same question. Could have done a lot today but for some reason I thought it would be a fun day. The loss was not the worst part. To me we were never in a groove. The team looked off but especially Aune. Another one of those games where the fence sitting fans were lost for a while. Heard many people talking about this as a ho him experiance. Lots of people tailgating which I was hoping was a good sign…
  10. Great weather, nice tailgating In the parking lots. Crowd is light, not worried about it as a beautiful day. But disappointing none the less
  11. I really like the glass on Georgia states looking at downtown.
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