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  1. kingwoodgreen

    Speaking of facilities......

  2. I think all us in the Houston area should pick a game next season (tsu), meet up for dinner/drinks and then head to a game to show support for Johnny. He is class act and would appreciate it.
  3. kingwoodgreen

    Speaking of facilities......

    No , his company bid on the ipf but did not get it.
  4. kingwoodgreen

    Speaking of facilities......

    I am working with the architect locally here in Kingwood on an outdoor kitchen ( I own a small construction company ). I was at his office this week here in Kingwood and saw a few recent pics
  5. kingwoodgreen

    Speaking of facilities......

  6. kingwoodgreen

    Well Crap!

    Starting planning Arkansas road trip
  7. kingwoodgreen

    B-Ball History

    I like the fact Marshall beat one of the top aac teams. They have surprised me this year. I was thinking western was the best team this year
  8. kingwoodgreen

    Down Goes The MUTS

    We are all biased but the muts got screwed. If this the way the NCAA is going to select for the future then the p5 just got the icing on the cake but in my opinion it will ruin the unique character of tournament.
  9. kingwoodgreen

    DRC breaking news -- UNT fee vote passes

    Nothing you can add to this...
  10. kingwoodgreen

    Florida International (1/27/18)

    Yes no pic
  11. kingwoodgreen

    Connor Means

    Sewo was a good athlete at Kingwood. Great kid. But most of us here have been surprised at how much tcu has coached him up. His great atttide, physical size and some coach who saw his potential have made him a beast that is improving each season. Impressive that tcu found him here, Kingwood is. not a football powerhouse
  12. kingwoodgreen

    MBB @ Rice - Sat 1/13 - Houston Roll Call

    Just got the torches before flood and they just reopened. Place called “local foods” looks interesting. It is close in rice village on dunstan. Upscale sandwich place. Let me know what you think. Who else is in Houston?
  13. kingwoodgreen

    MBB @ Rice - Sat 1/13 - Houston Roll Call

    Got four tickets for Christmas. So will bring some friends from Kingwood. You open to another place for pre game. We have a freebirds in humble so eager to eat somewhere else while making the trip into the city
  14. kingwoodgreen

    Charlotte (1/4/18)

    Wow, just standing and watching on that last shot. They put themselves in a position to go to ot and get this in the win column but just did not play till the buzzer. SAD
  15. kingwoodgreen


    Merry Christmas to all the green. Life is full of ups and downs as is being a fan of our great school. As I am getting older I have learned to appreciate it all. But hope Santa brings us an ol to protect mason for the next couple of years. I think he is going to give us some fun games ahead.