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  1. I am numb to the pain. Not sure about the loss of emotion. It is what the game is all about and I just stare at the tv...
  2. Fun memories of college inn. Could not happen in today’s times but “those were the days”
  3. Just wish it was not a lop sided blow out at the half. Just sitting in my recliner wearing some green and everybody asking me what is happening. Text or in person. Won’t they let me be a frustrated NT fan without any crap. Believe me, I have been hardened over a long period of time. Like CMJ said...
  4. Just think about that number for college football and let it sink in...
  5. Just looking for rational thought and no attacks. But if that is true and understand the premise. What can be said about China’s largest cities (very dense) each having less than 10 deaths each. This is per John Hopkins. These type of numbers seem so out of wack even if we are getting the most accurate info that they deem to provide. We all have to process the info out there and this one has me unable to resolve without going down some rabbit holes. I can go there but only after all other possibilities are at least on the table. Not really been seeing this discussed as if it a taboo subject.
  6. I flew out to visit my oldest daughter who works in park city. We skied today but they are closing all the resorts tomorrow. Not the end of the world but impacted a lot of people. My niece was on the Semester at Sea program. She is getting off at Cape Town this weekend.
  7. Go Coogs addition was not needed to support his brother. The shirt was enough
  8. They are throwing on first down and keeping us honest. We are running on each first down, predictable
  9. How do I watch the game via Facebook on my ipad
  10. I agree with CMJ on this post. If smu beats tcu today I will feel same way about them. I was at the cal game and was very frustrated but this may put in hopefully a more positive perspective for our team
  11. At the graduate hotel drinkingand talking what if’s ...
  12. Currently at pappys for pre game burger and drinks
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