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  1. This will be the first interesting game for cusa. I would not mind playing Tulane as would be a fun road trip.
  2. I have faith in this! This space eventually needs to be something special in the future. I understand it needs to be parking temporary for current use. But a nice parking garage with creative bus terminal could be great for game day. But thinking the ground level needs to be good and shops or something
  3. They are not a repeat of the Arkansas game. Not downplaying our win versus Arkansas but they did have qb issues. And the punt return classic did a lot to have the hogs fall apart. So I am expecting a tougher game even with a mid to low level pac 12 team. But I am confident enough to make the trip
  4. Sig Ep house for two years when it was located where “Clark Park” is currently. Great location and had our own dirt parking lot. House for last year away from campus and all the fun but needed to study and slow down.
  5. Until my youngest daughter went to arkansas two years ago, I had no idea a lot of Texas kids there. It’s actually a growing trend for many Texas grads to want to go to sec schools. So what kids don’t head to am go to arkansas, Alabama and ole miss.
  6. I think a new location could be strategically placed on that side of campus maybe within whatever we are planning. To me there needs to be some places to eat in that area due to all the dorms now being in that part of campus. And I have eaten at that place before Kenny had to change the name. I lived at the sig ep house down the street and probably ate there 3-4 times a week. I had many friends that worked there. And yes Jeff had my order working before I got through the turnstile. And with some funny smartass remark about how I like my #18. So creative minds should be able to come up with a good solution for them and a way for us to make that area a much better campus. How a about an eating retail area built onto the development? Maybe an outdoor mall area. Too far to walk to Fry for everything. Also would be a cool place for pregame if you do not tailgate. That area is walkable to stadium.
  7. It would be best for college football for all (G5) schools to maintain healthy, financially secure and viable sports programs. I don’t see (P5) working in a vacuum. Money is the name of the game but tv revenue should be spread around. Certainly we have to raise our own funds and do a better job with gate revenue. But for me we are still part of the overall college agenda and need to find a way to live with the much higher profitable schools. Or I may be crazy and just trying to have us hang on in some form or fashion to div 1 programs
  8. Have to admit that is pretty impressive. That stadium is considered Mecca by many. Great pr for the herd.
  9. What happened to Simmons tonight? Almost non-existent. Another hard to watch game. Not about injuries just bad play. Worst 20 win team in div. 1?
  10. Ken is from New Jersey. Always liked him. Probably are their three times a week when the Sig Ep house was down the street. Site is now known as Clark park for you youngsters. Ted was Kenny’s partner for a while. I was good friends with Ted’s brother, Jeff. Jeff was a Sammy, a lot of Sammis were veterans around that time. Jeff would get off after closing and always end up stopping by the house with a late night sandwich. I liked #18. We lost Jeff to pancreatic cancer a few years back. Jeff and Ted started a sandwich shop across from uta also but when they built that thru campus underpass it put them out of business during construction. That is my blast from the past but I have tons of memories around that little old sandwich shop.
  11. On a positive note, I will say this team has no quit in them. Just want to post something other than my negative rant. But nuts still a bit sore...
  12. Came into town from Houston and man was that game a kick in the nuts. We had a great crowd so somebody did their job. The halftime entertainment from the truck give away to a veteran and the jump rope kids from Fisco was good. We had a quality opponent and every reason to play a great game. But the fans around me were pretty much underwhelmed. Even though they made a run at the end the crowd really did not think we had it in us. They were the better team overall. We don’t know what a mid range jumper is. Seems like we play soft and somehow make exciting runs at the end of games but that is not a successful strategy. Just frustrated since that large of a crowd was there on a really shitty weather Saturday. It was our to hook some fair weather fans or new ones...
  13. if I was Seth I would be happy for Graham’s with his new high profile gig. You should be good with your guys getting new opportunities. But taking some your existing crew may be something he does not appreciate. Don’t know but when I had employees leave I wished the the best but do not recruit my other team
  14. Close, think first meet in March
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