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  1. kingwoodgreen

    G5 Bias is Engrained

    Seems as if the very reason Fry left us after two great seasons to head to Iowa, may be why Frost headed to Nebraska. He saw the writing on the wall that UCF even with undefeated seasons could not break into the inner circle.
  2. kingwoodgreen

    Liberty beat Troy

    Upset for Liberty.
  3. kingwoodgreen

    After calming down

    This loss stings me still a bit this morning. But I will day last night was the best college atmosphere I have ever seen as a fan. We had groundbreaking for ipf, one of the all time greats honored, tailgating looked good and most importantly and fantasic crowd. Wing does not look so bad when full of fans. That last north - texas chant was the real deal. The first down thing is catching on. Even my dad was doing it last night. Band came by tailgating twice, that gets all keyed up. Maybe they should stop and play a cool song outside the stadium. Regardless, last night was something we have been waiting for a long time.
  4. kingwoodgreen

    *** OFFICIAL La. Tech vs. UNT GAME THREAD***

    My wife went thru the cones. Not sure why they were there???
  5. kingwoodgreen

    And So It Begins

    Bad news is that we wear a big target on our backs when undefeated. Good news is we are undefeated. Glass is half full. And that’s all I am going to say about that.
  6. kingwoodgreen

    Will the La. Tech game be a sellout? (POLL)

    Embassy suites is sold out on Saturday. I waited too late obviously. But good sign for us. Guessing la tech and fans are staying there
  7. kingwoodgreen

    Overheard in Rogers, Arkansas restaurant

    Last line had to sting a bit. Sore losers. Glad it’s somebody other than us for a change.
  8. kingwoodgreen

    When was the last (and only) time we played in Virginia?

    I would enjoy having uva on the schedule. Great town and lots to see in the area. Also good match up for us. Certainly not a money game but one that gives us a good shot at beating p5.
  9. kingwoodgreen

    NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt

    Just made cowboy halftime with punt return !! A lot of people for us
  10. kingwoodgreen

    My rent house in Fayetteville

    This is my Fayetteville digs for the weekend.
  11. Me + 14 my youngest is a sophomore at Arkansas rented a house 10 minutes from campus. Friday will be busy on Dickson but better than Saturday. Parking will be a bitch. All lots around campus for season ticket holders. Most parking off site with shuttles. Still working on thoughts but game day is tough on traffic If interested their is a 5k run walk that my daughters sorority has on campus (pi phi) on Saturday morning. As you may know it’s parents weekend. More on places to eat in different thread
  12. kingwoodgreen

    Ark tickets

    Had my wife call to get 12 tickets for the game. She was told our allotment was sold out. She had to get tickets from ua but was able to get in our section!
  13. kingwoodgreen

    Great night to be a fan.

    Yes, referring about Rob. He and Peggy lived across the street for several years here in Kingwood. He has just told me about buying a recording studio, he is a big music lover like me of classic rock.