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  1. I really like the glass on Georgia states looking at downtown.
  2. Our game is pretty transparent and one dimensional. May be a long season guys. They had the hustle and d looked ok. Offense may have just lost too many weapons. You cannot rely on the threes as a game plan. We have nothing in the post.
  3. Sorry, price is a Wednesday night game. Personally think uab have one of the worst helmets in college.
  4. Look again they are on ESPN, don’t believe it on 2. Can’t believe they could get that but guessing the price is playing on a Thursday
  5. We just got back from my youngest daughters graduation in Fayetteville. I love the campus and Dickson street area. I ran into a lot of people who when “the game” came up, where still in shock and impressed. We left a wound in the fandom and I enjoyed the conversations. I actually lived in Knoxville for a short time and experienced the same reactions regarding our victory there. We don’t have that many milestones but that fateful day at Arkansas was a special one.
  6. I would not be opposed to that as an option if we lose coach. In fact that would in my opinion keep this momentum we have going...
  7. Unless it’s a financial hardship I would of loved to extend my college years. On second thought I did that and blamed it on changing majors. But I do believe a few of these guys could go and play international and make a good living for awhile.
  8. My youngest is at Arkansas.
  9. Hey Rick, where are you. This was an much fun as the arkansas game. I know you are out there somewhere. Hope you are as high as the rest of us are tonigjt. Tell the guys at the firehouse that this one is sweet. PURDONT
  10. Who? just kidding. This team shocks me. I may be sleeping on the couch tonight as i got a bit uptight. Might have tested some boundaries but she understands my long time history with our alma mater. This team has something and I can’t quite put my finger on it. We could have blown them out tonight if Simmons had a decent game. This is fun.
  11. Will not be able to make it out from Kingwood for this one. But count me in for the next round...
  12. I love the tournament for the upsets. Guessing a David vs Goliath mentality. This is ever more true since the P5 designation. Football is now always going to basically have the same top 30 just rotate in and around. But basketball still holds a place for the underdog. So besides our guys pulling a big ten upset I think Winthrop may be my team.
  13. Carson was my sons age and we played against him for many years. He played for atascosita which is Kingwoods rival. They were some great games. Fabian white who is a senior with Houston played for both of the teams. So I went to almost all the Kingwood games and was in awe then of Carson’s talent. I went so far as to watch him in the playoffs after Kingwood was knocked out. He had one of the purest shots I have ever seen.
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