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  1. Great win for coach to beat asu. Still a johnnie fan
  2. Nice win. Troy beats florida stare also
  3. For me, a chance to beat the birds at their place will be my bowl game. San Antonio is as fun as most destinations and easy to get to for most fans. And revenge would be sweeter than beating a mac team..
  4. Back in the day: we would team up with a sorority and build the float all week. Each night would be work, girls and some drinking or whatever. Do not understand why that is not classic college life. But as Dylan said “ the times are changing”. I just don’t have to like it.
  5. I drove to the utsa game. The game was fun but ending sucked. The wku game was well played and fun to watch. Thank you. Get me back to the riverwalk and a win and I will be happy.
  6. I think homecoming would help attendance
  7. Beat utsa in championship game ?
  8. Take a second and see the stands. This is a team that will probably play for the aac championship. They have a few tough losses but still empty bleachers!
  9. Yes he was, was not over played. The crowd chant was well done. Sound travels well inside
  10. I am glad you posted about the pregame and acoustics. I was impressed. The game atmosphere was like an nfl game. It was well done. Very polished producer. I was surprised at how many tents they had for tailgate. Certainly a non-traditional location. it is different from a traditional college game but since they have an indoor stadium I believe it all makes sense. i was shocked when the aac announced they have been chosen over la tech. I could not get my head wrapped around la tech’ overachieving football and good bball past. BUT, after see their crowd and game day experiance I may have not given them their due.
  11. I would not be surprised by this. The coaches were very animated during the game. More than usual. I watched Seth and he looked very uptight. I imagine they know their jobs were on the line. Not sure I have ever felt that pressure. Seth believed there was a push off on the last play. Again like I mentioned earlier, the game had an intense vibe.
  12. Not fun to walk out of a stadium after that. Intense game but it just sucks.
  13. Don’t shoot the messenger but feels like a rivalry game. If we come out swinging the road trip will be well worth it
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