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  1. Funny thing about football is no sport has such constantly evolving rules. Way back when Shula was on the rules committee for the NFL they came within one vote of having every quarter start with a kickoff and have a 2 minute warning every quarter to get the drama of last minute drives every quarter. About 30 years ago NCAA rules committee debated adding a single. Any kickoff, field goal attempt or punt touched in the end zone or field of play or hitting in the end zone and not advanced out would be one point for the kicking team and the receiving team would get the ball at the 35. Ball that went out without being touched or hitting in the end zone would be a touchback and ball goes to 20, unless it was a missed FG which would go back to the line of scrimmage. I like it but it encourages returns so won’t ever see that brought up again. As to the old names and cities in USFL. Marketing and brand recognition. I went to quite a few Showboats games and loved that team. Easier to get people into a familiar brand (ruined that Breakers helmet) The plan as I understand it is to take the advice given Ebersol before he started the AAF. He met with GMs, coaches, owners, and TV professionals from NFL along with failed leagues and the constant theme was spring football can be profitable and popular but if you can’t fund it for three years don’t waste your money because you need three years to build the team brands and the league and to get viewers in the habit of watching. He obviously didn’t follow that because he wanted to beat XFL 2 to the punch. USFL all in on keeping costs down, working out the kinks and building a following. The hope is next year they will line up franchise holders for up to four cities. They aren’t super into the idea of playing in NFL stadiums. So they’d like to find an owner in Houston who can work a deal to play at the Cougars stadium or the Dynamo stadium, New Orleans likely to Tulane, etc. They want to have all teams except the Stallions moved out of Birmingham for the 2024 season. The unknown is what they do if a team can’t find a franchisee in a market. That might mean that the Michigan Panthers take a different USFL brand and become the Oakland Invaders or another city with no USFL history gets them so you get St Louis Panthers or St Louis something else. Rumor (or likely rank speculation) is the target is to grow to 16 in 5-10 years. Of course who knows what happens when XFL 2.1 comes along. We know Fox has an ownership stake in USFL and we know ESPN/ABC is all in on XFL 2.1 so could get interesting. Fight to the death? Mutually Assured Destruction takes both out? Merger? As it stands NFL can’t assign players to minor league teams, it’s prohibited in the CBA. But as is done in soccer and used to be done in baseball there could be some potential in signing a guy to a multi-year contract and selling the contract to the NFL. With the USFL saying they will consider any player entering the transfer portal eligible to be signed things could be radically different in football in a few years.
  2. I can’t completely agree about CFL talent. The 44 player game day roster has to have one player who isn’t from the US or Canada. Not less than 20 Canadians must be Canadian and when you name your starting roster at least 7 have to be Canadian. If your starting roster has 4 Canadians on defense then every defensive series you must have four Canadians on the field. No more than 20 US players (22 counting QBs) Also the CFL has that weird protected player rule that allows them to own the rights to US players they don’t necessarily want. I know AState had a QB who was protected but the team with his rights was loaded at QB and the team that wanted him wouldn’t pay what the club wanted to release his rights. He didn’t even know he was protected until his agent started talking to some teams interested. I’d say a CFL team’s 22 US players are better right now than the first 22 on a USFL team but there are plenty of national and global players who wouldn’t make a USFL roster.
  3. I watch a bit of CFL but the three down business leads to a lot of punts, like watching late 90’s AState football. I’ve enjoyed most of the USFL games I’ve watched. They obviously haven’t had a lot of time together and it shows at times.
  4. Looks like the inside of a furniture store someone put in an old Walmart. Same lighting, same furniture. I see they copied the barbershop from AState, that was our weird novelty. But they spent some money and that is a good thing.
  5. That was a stunner. By all accounts it was supposedly a straight money decision. Their travel would have gone down, their TV exposure would have gone up. New CUSA 4.0 or whatever it needs to be labeled isn’t going to be a bad hoops league which is something that ought to help keep WKU and MTSU somewhat happy but MAC would have been a better fit there too.
  6. One thing Karl Marx nailed correctly is that in unfettered capitalism wealth continues to concentrate in fewer and fewer hands. He was wrong about the fix because he didn’t understand human nature. Right now we are seeing it play out in Division I. We went from the NCAA TV contract to the CFA V contract, to every conference for themselves. The everyone for themselves gave us the BCS and the wealthy being ACC, Big Ten, Big Twelve, PAC-10 and SEC, the Big East was an AQ league but the gap between Big East and rest of AQ financially was as big as the gap between Big East and CUSA and MWC was. Now we are moving into an era where the Big Ten and SEC have FU money, ACC and PAC-12 have crazy money. Then we have Big 12 and then on down the ladder MWC and AAC, then Sun Belt, then MAC, then CUSA. Oh and back up there between Big 12 and MWC/AAC you have Big East (as long as new deal comes in as good). The top of the pack is pulling far away and the spread between the lower rungs of the ladder is getting smaller. ACC and PAC-12 can enjoy pulling away from Big 12 but they are cut off from the wealth SEC and Big Ten are going to have. PAC-12 has no viable expansion options that don’t disrupt the stability of the league. In region you’ve got Boise which academically is no place close to PAC-12 members and not as broad a program. Nevada would fit(ish) academically but they are lacking the fan attention, UNLV is a great market but not especially good in what matters and not a fit academically. San Diego State won’t be on radar the UC schools don’t want to add a Cal-State and Stanford and USC certainly don’t consider them peers. Then you’ve got New Mexico who nudges under the wire to fit in academically but tiny market and not great in anything that matters. Like UNLV their hoops peak is in the past. After that you are going into the Central time zone and ridiculous travel and discontent over game start times. The ACC is second banana to SEC and B1G in too many places and too many low interest schools to match the big two. Throw on top of that we have the demographic gap coming in 2025 when the number of 18 year olds drops and dependence on student fees is going to be a hole in the boat for many schools. The demographic gap is going to force wages up and make skipping college appear to be a good choice driving enrollment down even more. Lot of misery ahead for colleges. Makes aligning with the right group more important. Wouldn’t be shocked if travel isn’t a factor in Big 12 decision making. USF to ease some of the non-revenue sports going to UCF. Memphis is in a great geographic location. A DFW team won’t appeal to TCU but might make the others happy. Tulsa if they quit tripping over their own feet could make sense. Taking a flier on Air Force or Colorado State to ease the trip to BYU could work. Boise would have to excite TV to get them to bite off that travel.
  7. The Week 0 solution could be a nice plum for CUSA. I’m sure CBSSN would be more than happy to clear a spot or two. If it were me running CUSA, I’d have something like UTEP-NMSU, WKU-Tech (everybody roots for a meteor strike classic), and MTSU-FIU on week 0 screw the guys who are leaving and try to get some focus on the league it’s going to be. The player safety ploy is smart thinking. No surprise at it got ironed out. I’m sure some wire transfers were made and everyone said good luck to ya with no one meaning it.
  8. If I’m not an overly cheerful and weirdly happy BYU fan (hey such might exist) I’d be very pleased with the Big XII deal. They get a genuine, bona fide blue blood in basketball and you get a conference that is a step up from the peak WAC that had Arizona and Arizona State but lacked the depth of new Big 12 and it’s a step up from peak MWC that had some really outstanding Utah and TCU teams but still lacked the depth the new Big XII likely has. It’s a home run for them but not a grand slam or even two run shot in my opinion. Now my BYU story. Wife and I were poor post-college, post-law school but had saved up and had a beach vacation for just after Christmas lined up, my parents were going to watch the kids. Wife gets an ear infection and doctor rules out flying. So we drive to Memphis to spend a few days. Inexplicably hotels are pretty booked up any place we’d want to be but finally get a room at the Marriott near the Pyramid except for the first night so stay at a Days Inn in a room roughly the size of a VW Beetle. The bed was so close to the dresser and TV had to climb across the bed. We go downtown to Beale Street and landed at Silky’s which I discover is owned by a Tulane alum and it finally hits me. Liberty Bowl. I’d be so busy scrambling for alternate plans had not thought about it. So we are in Silky’s and it’s almost all Tulane fans and a handful of just here to have fun people. In walk five members of the BYU band (jackets were a give away) The five BYU kids order a Sprite. Not a Sprite each. A Sprite and split it. It was then I remembered Coach Edwards explanation of why bowls hated BYU fans. “Our fans go to bowl games with a copy of the 10 Commandments in one hand and twenty dollar bill in the other and they don’t break either of them.”
  9. The “harm” for the SB3 is if they stay they don’t get the CUSA payment for 2022-2023 while playing in Sun Belt they get a distribution that equals or exceeds what they would get had they not defected and certainty exceeds what they would get having given notice and that amount will certainly cover any damages they owe CUSA and leave them with more revenue than if they had stayed. That’s what I’d be explaining to the court.
  10. Meant to add I remember meeting for a game when I was in Dallas for Sun Belt basketball officials conference. I was doing a presentation on tax issues for them as independent contractors and since I was in town caught up with Harry to go to the game. But I’d not be able to pick ya out of a line up but then again I’m horrid at matching names and faces. Once ran into a woman at a store talked to her for a bit and soon as she left asked me wife who the hell was that. Girl I had gone to high school with at a school of 350 students K12. Yall were playing the Cajuns and it was one awful football game. Remember Cajuns scored on one play where QB heaved it as hard as he could. WR had blasted past UNT secondary, he saw the ball was short. Came back and still had five yards on the nearest defender. Cajun defense wasn’t any better. If Preds, Cubs, Broncos or Sporting KC are in the area some time when y’all are home and I don’t have a home football game I’m going to check out the new stadium.
  11. Some agreements aren’t enforceable, no matter what you write down. For example many non-compete agreements are voided as against public policy because they are too broad or too onerous. If I lost our bet on the Stanley Cup you can’t get garnish me or get a lien because it’s not a legal wager, a casino with sports book could enforce it. In most jurisdictions specific performance is difficult to get because courts don’t like the idea of an unwilling party being forced to take actions, they’d rather reduce that to monetary damages. A court isn’t equipped to adjudicate the quality of specific performance so it’s held in disfavor. You can’t get the relief unless a judge says you get it. The Supreme Court has muddied the water even more with the conference having to go to each state to seek specific performance. Based on case law in Arkansas, if you filed for injunctive relief to force Arkansas State to stay in the Sun Belt you probably wouldn’t get it. The Arkansas Supreme Court is aggressive about separation of powers. We have a constitutional amendment from like the 30’s that basically says once the state establishes an agency governed by a board the only control is the power of the purse, appoint new people when vacancies occur or sue them if they violate a state or federal constitutional provision or law. Arkansas courts would hold where to field athletic teams is a decision of the Arkansas State University System Board of Trustees and unless the decision violates the state or federal constitution or laws, it is exclusively their decision and cannot be reviewed by anyone else. If the SB3 have similar separation of powers doctrines an injunction forcing specific performance would not just be against public policy but unconstitutional under state law.
  12. No agreement required. Leave early it’s forego revenue and reimburse league for losses caused by early departure.
  13. This is wrong. The text provided on the LaTech board says schools leaving before 14 month notice must pay damages caused by leaving and the league may seek remedy for the damages up to and including injunction. You and ask for injunctions but courts aren’t obligated to give them to you and the Supreme Court since those bylaws were drafted has said you can’t make a state a defendant in another state’s court and the 11th Amendment says you can’t make them a defendant in Federal Court. SB3 have made it clear they are willing to pay said damages if they exist. CUSA has refused to comply with its bylaws to assess damages (I suspect because they know said damages are nominal). Injunctive relief might have been viable if the schools had said today hey we want to shift early but they said that in December and anyone with reading comprehension knew it was possible if not likely back in October. CUSA is the one not following the bylaws. The bylaws DO NOT say thou must stay 14 months. They say if you leave and give 14 month notice you merely forego league revenue for that time. If you leave sooner you forego revenue AND owe for damages caused.
  14. The conference bylaws are not immaterial. They contemplate teams leaving early and payment of damages for any loss caused. The three have asked CUSA to estimate those damages so they can pay and go. It’s CUSA ignoring the bylaws not the SB3
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