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  1. So Sun Belt suffocated you? What exactly did North Texas do to try to capitalize on consecutive championships? Build an indoor practice facility? Build new locker rooms, meeting rooms, weight room, clubhouse? Do a campaign to endow scholarships or coaching positions? Replace or upgrade an old not especially well maintained stadium? Sun Belt football started in 2001, not one champion from 2001 to 2010 used a championship and bowl appearance to fuel upgrades and fund-raising. That’s NOT the fault of the conference that blame rests squarely on chancellors and presidents who deemed football a distraction and annoyance and in the back of their mind every time some fan said we need to put more in they were thinking, “you’ve got a team, what else do you want?” Leadership and achievement starts in the CEO’s office, not the commissioners office.
  2. The Boise/SDSU talk was flat ridiculous. They were there before, albeit not even a year but at the time Boise’s president said they had to increase revenue by $4 million per year to make it work and after the hoop schools left, AAC couldn’t deliver that. They idea that an AAC lacking Houston, UCF, and Cincinnati could out-earn MWC by $4 million is laughable, especially considering that Boise gets enhanced revenue sharing with an eat what you kill system. AFA being disgruntled since Utah and BYU left was no secret but now the rumor mill says AFA is no longer interested. MWC is positioned to be stronger than AAC in football, they don’t have a pressing need to expand unless Big 12 turns around and adds Boise and if that happens they probably lose 20% of their revenue.
  3. FWIW Washington did a who are the top 10 recruits at Arkansas State piece this week. 7 are backups. 😄
  4. USC and UCLA are two of the most recognized brands in college athletics with strong reputations in multiple sports. Both draw viewers not just locally but nationally. From what I saw visiting LA, the fan dynamic is very different. USC is a top private school but it’s the “common man’s” team. UCLA is highly selective and in a more upscale area and since abandoning the Coliseum plays in a more upscale area. The upper middle class guy who went to Cal State Fullerton is probably a UCLA fan.
  5. As I said on another board, the money is less a driver than people think. OU and Texas can read the handwriting. The national press spends most of its time talking SEC and B1G. The ACC stays relevant because of Clemson and the playoffs. The Big XII might actually have gotten less ink due to the constant “How can PAC-12 fix itself” articles. Being ignored was a big factor in OU and UT feeling a need to move. The only weakness I see that AAC can exploit with MWC is Air Force. The Falcons have made it no secret they dislike the MWC revenue plan believing that if it is an equity partnership, the partners share mostly equal shares rather than feed notably more to Boise State. They were livid over proposals to expand the MWC schedule to 9 that would have left them with one available non-conference date. They don’t like being distant third fiddle in attention paid to them compared to Army and Navy and making Navy a conference game would increase the focus on AFA-Navy. If AFA is in a big enough snit that they would leave then odds are Colorado State, Wyoming and New Mexico would all be glad to follow. If AFA doesn’t bolt then AAC’s options narrow. They could probably grab a MAC if they felt a MAC helped. No one in Sun Belt fits the past expansion model because Georgia State isn’t good enough at least right now. So they can take two CUSA or four. I wouldn’t rule out them making a run at St Louis and Dayton to bolster hoops and settle for 10 in football, I think St Louis would jump, I’m not so sure Dayton would.
  6. Well MWC does have all the surviving western Big West schools sans NMSU BUT it has the surviving epic era WAC teams other than Arizona, Arizona State, BYU, and Utah and that means the Front Range. New Mexico, AFA, Colorado State, and Wyoming ain’t close but it’s an hour difference not horrible travel. it’s not ideal but sure ain’t bad either as long as AFA and CSU stick
  7. Dodd also says AAC is looking at UAB, Colorado State, Air Force, Boise, and SDSU. I am skeptical money works for Boise but AFA has publicly complained about MWC and it’s most favored status for Boise. Wouldn’t be shocked if AFA makes the leap because it makes Navy a conference game raising the profile of the game and it give AFA another non-conference game by no longer using a non-conference slot. If AFA bails Colorado State probably follows.
  8. The worst thing to happen to MWC was Boise and SDSU leaving then un-leaving. They added SJSU and USU as a patch then Boise and SDSU were back and it’s Big West part 12 or so. Half the current league is former Big West. All they lost from the Big West that’s in the region and still playing was NMSU and Big West final round of expansion Idaho. The once elite WAC teams Arizona, Arizona State, Utah, and BYU are gone. Best thing they have is six teams are in states with no P5 teams.
  9. Memphis got in AAC because they were invited to Big East before the hoop schools broke away. They had to get 3/4ths vote when half the league didn’t play football. Tulane got in because it got popped on the presidents with no warning and they were like yeah elite southern academic we like that and the ADs flipped out that they weren’t consulted.
  10. Actually ECU was the first expansion team.
  11. Hiring coaches doesn’t seem that hard to me. AState has hired 5 since December of 2010 and four left for raises.
  12. Regionalization is far harder than people imagine. Say AAC gets involved and the west becomes the core of the oft dreamt new SWC. Sun Belt becomes the dreamt of “Eastern League” and CUSA a “mid-south league”. You don’t get ECU and Temple signing on to the new eastern league unless they get as much money and exposure as if they had cobbled up an AAC 2.0. Arkansas State isn’t going to sign on to move off ESPN family for CBSSN and NFL Network. Until you can make people no worse off than if they held what they have regional cannot work.
  13. This isn’t correct. Sun Belt is locked to two and guaranteed at least two more via the ESPN bowl pool.
  14. Never lay money on common sense prevailing 😄
  15. I’ve sent a lot texts and even emails (older people still like email). This is what I’ve learned. Mostly cryptic stuff you can read multiple ways. 1. The AAC’s $7 million per team doesn’t hit until the back end of the contract and is basically off the table with departures. It’s currently $5 million per team and estimate is it will be $2.5 million to $3 million post-departure. 2. People in the know are saying there is not enough money out there for presidents to bury the idea of regionalization. 3. Fans have grudges. Fans look down on some programs because of the past. Few administrators have been around long enough to remember or know those things. They are looking at each other through the lens of the past 3-5 years.
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