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  1. Odds are slim anyone gets death. Especially a power program too much money involved for the non-guilty (or at least not proven guilty) conference mates. Get your bets in before the books change. AState's Anderson just met with the team and is coaching tonight
  2. Never seen anything like it with the transfers.
  3. Did SMU get any more transfers eligible this week? The RB from UCLA playing DB is a stud.
  4. Coach Duggan took a lot of the blame for last week. Felt he had the team too amped up and I felt he failed to make critical defensive adjustments he would have been all over had he only had DC responsibilities. Blake isn't with the team this week either, scuttlebutt is he will return for the UGA game next week.
  5. I thought the turnovers and the completely unacceptable kickoff return for a TD (guess what like 99% of the time, guy left his assigned lane) were survivable. Those are exactly the sorts of things teams do in Week 1, especially with a QB who has not seen much meaningful action. Bonner as a RS Junior with nominal experience posted numbers rivaling Buchele. What wasn't survivable was the soft zone and the failure to mix up pass rush schemes and I lay that on Duggan. Doing HC stuff he didn't take care of his primary responsibility the defense. For those wanting nightcap football AState is at UNLV playing 9pm real people time (Central) on Facebook. UNLV has a dandy running QB who gets to play with his top receiver from last year's meeting, AState DB Jerry Jacobs who picked him off twice last year and the only one to catch two passes from Rogers in last year's game. Good luck to the Green.
  6. My understanding is his father's health is deteriorating rapidly. He was not present Saturday and the talk seems to exceed knowledge (small town America) I've heard conflicting claims that he was with his father vs he took the family away from Jonesboro for a family only activity to do something Wendy had wanted to do because he did not want to disrupt the week. All I know with confidence is his father is in very bad health and he was not in town yesterday. Kudos to SMU. They wore decals with Wendy's initials and Dykes attended the funeral.
  7. Rank fan speculation on my part but a slow tempo may throw them off. We had several delays for reviews with each team losing a guy to targeting and two long injury breaks including an SMU player carted off. SMU seemed more disrupted by the goofy pace.
  8. First thing Buchele is poised. Legit P5 QB. Threw only two bad balls all day. Pick came off a tip. AState played a soft zone and he chewed it up. Officials and I disagree on what holding is. Had decent pressure on him at times but he would step away from it rather than run away when he could. He fumbled on a sack in the end zone and Ponies were fortunate to only give up 2 instead of 7. SMU didn’t mount much of an effective pass rush until late. New OL coach at AState rotated fewer players than guy he replaced and it started showing late. AState’s QB from Rowlett TX posted very similar numbers to Buchele in his first ever start. Buchele had completed about 8 passes at UT for every pass Bonner had attempted at AState coming in. Red Wolves have no real depth at QB and avoided running him. AState offense is from the Fedora tree so unusual to see so few carries by a QB. My sense of the run of play is the Ponies are vulnerable to a QB who will tuck and run some. One turnover he lost the handle after the center snapped the ball to the surprise of the other 10 players. SMU RB maintains good leg churn for bit extra after contact. SMU’s deep snapping on placekicks and punts was poor. If their punter was a couple inches shorter they give up a TD or safety on a sailed snap Had a goal line stand SMU got nothing on. Stuffed running WR drop and one poorly thrown ball The d back who was a RB at UCLA saved a touchdown after getting beat. Threw it in another gear hauled ass and made diving deflection of a pass. One of the most athletic plays I’ve ever seen in person I thought they looked better than when we saw them Morris’ last year If you can get some pressure and don’t always go soft zone when bringing heat and QB adds some run threat you should be fine
  9. 2.5 point favorites per Vegas. I had picked SMU to win by 11. AState was under the interim leadership of our defensive coordinator. Coach Anderson’s wife died last week and he was unable to attend because of another family medical emergency. Wouldn’t read a lot into anything going on at AState.
  10. Nevada is a team you better drive a stake through their heart when you can. Did bumpkus against AState in the bowl last year but we missed couple FGs and they break a tackle for a long TD to send it to OT and won. Nearly doubled them in offense. They don't go down easy.
  11. I was in and out of that game. Weird that Army's two scores were on really long drives and couldn't score with better field position.
  12. Worst was when Fedora left USM. They repudiated everything Fedora did. Changed offense and defense and hired a staff much older than the one Fedora had.
  13. WKU football had 2 10+ win seasons. Years 2 and 3 of CUSA which happened to be years 2 and 3 of Jeff Brohm.
  14. Week 1 is rarely a great indicator of what the heck is going to happen over the next 13 weeks. The games played so far are not exactly a great indicator of CUSA either. WKU fans are probably trying to figure out if hoops can start earlier. Charlotte is still a hoops school. UAB is a hoops school that just got the hit of losing basically a travel squad sized group of seniors they had amassed for the return to football. FIU managed two bowl appearances in four years of having one of the best players to come out of the Group of Five in the past decade, Davis is 67 so who knows how the recruiting situation is but he managed a 15-17 ACC record at UNC before the NCAA "adjusted" the outcome. Not exactly a parade of the football first schools that have fan bases demanding football accountability.
  15. When you have 100,000 online students you can afford stuff!
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