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  1. I believe in forgiveness. I also think one should be super cautious about people going into situations where they messed up again. I wouldn't hire a forgiven pedophile to be youth minister nor a thief to run the cash register. I'd not hire Briles to run a college football program nor would I hire Freeze to coach or administer a college program. Gus? I'd take Gus back in Jonesboro in a heart-beat. Team kept getting closer and closer to perfection. He's a weird dude. He needs the right assistants around him to maintain team morale or you'll lose the team. Need someone on staff who can land the right QB or you have a mess. Fuente if he wants to head coach again will do a good job in the right place
  2. There is a group of ticket buyers/fans you can’t gameday into not eventually realizing they are better off at home. You can’t replicate the joining in cheers, singing the alma mater and fight song at home. The fist bumps and high fives with strangers or the seat buddies you only see at games and might not remember or have ever known their name. I went to Shreveport a week ago to see Jack White. The encompassing sound can’t be easily replicated at home. You don’t get the between song comments and it’s fun to stand and clap and dance in front of your seat. If you don’t like those things buying the record or streaming the music is an acceptable substitute. That’s where we are in live sports. You can build giant video boards, improve concessions, and install great WiFi but what you need is those moments of shared frustration, disappointment, anticipation, and joy and people who want that experience. The biggest frustration I have is the pervading fear of there being a moment without music, an ad, or announcement, makes it hard to talk to someone else. Even all day music festivals don’t bombard you from three and a half hours unbroken.
  3. It’s lousy marketing to have an unreadable logo. Funny thing about old grumps sometimes something new strikes their fancy. On my board you get people who want the stAte logo and those that want the wolf head. Then the team at the Mexico campus used one on one side and one on the other and now people who thought it was stupid when other schools used two logos are wanting us to do it.
  4. Massive stadiums are a holdover from the days when every seat in the house was the same price and the idea of higher priced premium seats was foreign. 18 of 30 NFL stadiums seat less than 70,000 and 11 of the 17 to open since 2000 seat under 70,000 with LA's announced capacity being 70,000. Only three seat 80,000 or more and another three bigger than 75,000. My family and I sat on the 11 yard line near the 50 from 1974 to 2020 and now I'm five rows below the press box with a shelf/table rolling seat, food supplied, short walk to nice new bathrooms. I think what I've seen MLS do is spot on for all but a handful of super attendance programs. Compact stadium with lots and lots of suites, large number of premium seats up high and another set close to the field. Some cheap seat sections for the stand yell folks and a more modest number of seat traditional seats.
  5. Neat logo just weird choosing a helmet and sticker color combination that renders it nearly invisible.
  6. Friend who used to work with the Independence Bowl said they’d go to site on Friday. In the ACC they’d say we plan on meeting visiting team coach at walk through and the home team people would look baffled and say they aren’t coming until tomorrow. Hoops league.
  7. We used to bus same day to Memphis but now go day before. 70 miles.
  8. USF is moving their game against ECU to FAU's stadium, so the expectation apparently is that southern Florida will be clear by then.
  9. Otaku is wrong. Clear in the article that the student paper asked for the settlement and CUSA opposed. https://sm2media.com/31214/news/usm-paid-1-75-million-to-exit-c-usa/ CUSA asked that the records be sealed and not disclosed under Mississippi Public Records law. CUSA also asked that it not be disclosed to schools going to AAC I suppose CUSA was afraid it would be used to argue for a lower departure that would let the departing schools get some league revenue. https://247sports.com/Article/Conference-realignment-Conference-USA-in-battle-to-keep-terms-of-Southern-Miss-settlement-secret-per-report-187199099/
  10. Some place with an ocean or mountain view drinking coffee on the porch and catching up on his reading if he’s smart.
  11. This is correct. Chadwell was hired to be head coach in waiting.
  12. Just think though. If Texas fires Jimbo (your guess good as mine), Auburn fires Harsin (weird hire) which seems likely and the Rhule experiment ends at Carolina, you could end up with Nebraska, TAMU and Auburn all three bidding for Matt Rhule. He could we be the highest paid coach in college football next year.
  13. Texas roots aren't essential. Gary Patterson was 38 before he lived in Texas. Matt Rhule didn't live in Texas until he was hired at Baylor. Mack Brown won a national title and first gig in Texas was at UT. Hire good coaches, give them what the need to the extent of your checkbook and focus less on clicking off a magic box on a checklist.
  14. Memphis won five games combined the three years before Fuente was hired. Tune into to Memphis sports talk radio. It's September and Grizzlies basketball and Tiger basketball are as lively as talk of Tiger football.
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