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  1. Arkstfan

    Arkansas fans call for intentional targeting

    Didn't look like there was anyone left to hassle UNT fans.
  2. Because of SMU and how long they were on the canvas, there isn't ever going to be much passion for handing out death. When UTPA got busted a second time, the school went to the Committee on Infractions meeting and said we are guilty and we have no defense or mitigating circumstances to avoid imposition of the death penalty and they still got off without death.
  3. And violated a university hiring policy by hiring the woman and not disclosing the relationship. Basically the university was stuck. If they gave Petrino an all is forgiven, then how do you enforce it against a Vice-Chancellor, Dean or Department Chair who has tenure?
  4. North Carolina may well be vacant at the end of the year, if not before. 3-9 last year. 0-2 start this year that includes a 22 point loss to ECU, the same ECU that lost to FCS North Carolina A&T the week before and hasn't won 5 in a season since 2015 and hasn't had a winning record since 2014.
  5. Arkansas recruited to be a team that ran between the tackles. Classic old school B1G football. Morris has only his first class that was recruited to be a spread team. Like someone walking up to a rifle squad and telling them they are now artillery but it will be a year or so before the cannons arrive but just go ahead operate like an artillery unit until then. They are primed to be beaten, very, very, similar situation to when ULM beat Arkansas and when ULM beat Bama, both were transition years. The win is there for the taking.
  6. Arkstfan

    NCAA Dumps RPI for Men

    Unless the NCAA releases the formula it will take some time to reverse engineer it. If the NCAA regularly releases the ratings the math dudes having the same data will be able to figure out the formula or closely approximate it. Ideally the NCAA would go ahead and release the formula and give the conferences an opportunity to run simulations of their own and suggest changes.
  7. Arkstfan

    NCAA Dumps RPI for Men

    It may still be beneficial but obviously someone is going to have to do the math to figure it out.
  8. So CUSA and Sun Belt announce new scheduling schemes to improve RPI, NCAA says uh it was time to adopt a better system.
  9. Arkstfan

    Coach Accuses Saban of Cheating

    Lot of those cars you wouldn't need a loan. Just your cost of attendance check.
  10. Arkstfan

    Coach Accuses Saban of Cheating

    Over the years I have developed a vast amount of cynicism regarding coaches. You simply don't have a "normal" personality to be a major college coach. My observation is they all believe they are among the very best at what they do (and frankly they are elite) and as a result they have an abundance of ego. If you are at School Y and a kid you want goes to School X the coach believes one or more are true: the facilities caused them to go there, the uniforms caused them to go there, the shoes caused them to go there, having walnut lockers instead of fiberboard with laminate caused them to go there, it was the indoor practice facility, the player got "bought". What a coach isn't going to think is the Coach at School X out-recruited him or the kid picked Alabama over Auburn because its freaking Alabama where they win national titles regularly and players routinely get drafted after their junior year. I'm not claiming everyone is "clean" but I think most try to stay within the rules while pushing the limits. If it is a non-contact period where you can only "bump" into a kid, then the coach when he goes to visit the high school coach will mention in advance who he is interested in and the high school or juco coach will come up with some reason why the player "needs" to come to his office and golly gee the college coach "bumped into" the player. The real dirty is in hoops but happens some in football. Someone has the kid's ear and becomes "the handler" and won't let a school get access to the kid without some sort of compensation and the kid often doesn't even get a cut of what the handler pulls in.
  11. Arkstfan

    Coach Accuses Saban of Cheating

    If you sign with Alabama, the probability is that you are not only going to the NFL, you are going after your junior season. They had a guy drafted who had never started a game. You are probably playing in the national title game. Maybe Bama cheats. Just as likely, maybe even more likely, people around those kids are getting their hand stuck out now to get their piece of the action when they cash in. I'll put you in this car today, you pay me (some ridiculous figure) in three years when you get that NFL check. People used to do that with boxers back when boxing was a big deal. Rumor mill in Arkansas was that Malik Monk "owed" over $500,000 of his first year $2.9 million NBA contract to other people for services rendered and they weren't UK fans, just people willing to "loan" him money for cars, clothes, jewelry, etc., until he got drafted.
  12. Arkstfan

    college conference realignment

    Arkansas was supposed to be the key that would unlock the door to adding UT, TAMU, maybe even OU. But with or without that, Arkansas (with South Carolina) were the key to unlock the conference title game. Beyond adding the #53 or whatever market Little Rock was at the time and the #90th or so market in Fayetteville, Arkansas coupled with South Carolina made the championship game possible. If the ten team title game had existed in 1989, maybe the Hogs don't go, but remember Arkansas had just won the last two SWC football titles and been in the Final Four just five months earlier.
  13. Arkstfan

    college conference realignment

    The first order of business is to understand what business you are in. Google isn't a search company, it's an ad company. ABC isn't in the TV programming business they are in the advertising business. ESPN is in the carriage fee business. The economics change over time. In the 1970's NCAA controlled television and capped how many times a team could be on national TV over two years. A part of the revenue went to everyone, the rest was paid based on appearance. With appearances constrained, there was a cap on how many "TV worthy" games existed in a conference and the SWC and Pac-8 addressed that by adding Houston, Arizona and Arizona State to their line-ups. In the 80's with the CFA break up you had two factors. 1 Was market size. Data on viewership wasn't collected regularly from a decent sample so estimates were made based on what percentage of a market watches similar programming (this was arguably the pinnacle of value for a school like SMU). 2 Was a new product, the conference championship game. By 2000 we had better information about who was viewing but a new revenue stream. The carriage fee which was fueled by Dish and Direct spending less time trying to sell TV to rural customers and enter the more lucrative suburban markets. XYZ Cable Co was over a barrel. If they didn't meet ESPN's demands many of their customers would call Direct or Dish who were already targeting sports fans by offering to show anything on the regional sports nets that wasn't blacked out for $5 a month. The truly valuable school was the one who had fans who would switch TV providers if they couldn't get the game. They started getting PAID. The logical extension became the conference network and of course LHN. How many cable/sat customers live in your state became the most important metric if you wanted a conference network. Now we have a wealth of data about what people actually watch. With streaming, Facebook knows what game Harry watched and for how long. Online Stadium knows this and ESPN+ knows it too. Cerebus watched ODU-La.Tech for 32 minutes type data. The dual driving forces absent some unexpected disruption are going to be: 1 How many of their fans will shell out $X per month to see their team. 2. How many people will watch a given game and for how long? WHY DOES REALIGNMENT HAPPEN To cure a financial imbalance. Simple as that. In the post NCAA TV world, SMU, Houston, Rice, and temporarily TCU delivered far less value than the rest of the league. MWC 8 understood that they could make more dollars per school in a tighter conference than they could make as part of the WAC16. Big East figured out that adding schools like Tulane diluted the value of Big East branded basketball as a television and gate receipts product. If the disparity between who generates the revenue and who gets the revenue becomes too great, the conference becomes unstable. If a conference can increase its per team value by expanding then it will expand assuming the target is interested. Texas has two stabilizers attached right now. One is unbalanced revenue sharing. The lesser value of say Iowa State doesn't hurt Texas because Texas takes a larger share of Big XII revenue. The other is third tier television rights. By keeping that inventory Texas generates added revenue they do not share. The imbalance that tore SWC apart is prevented. Texas is stable until 2031 when LHN expires. Between today and then, one of the largest richest companies in the world owes Texas an annual rights fee and barring some wild growth in rights, Texas got a great deal, they even have protection if that inflation takes place because they get the greater of the guarantee or a percentage of profit. Nothing short of OU leaving the Big XII gives Texas any incentive to leave or renegotiate. ESPN probably would love to cut their losses and parlay their stake in LHN into an equity stake in Pac-12 Network but Texas isn't going to the west coast. The next best financial outcome for ESPN is for Texas to go ACC but ACC already has 15 hoop members and 14 football, there is precious little room to add travel buddies. They'd probably rather eat Bevo's turds than be seen following TAMU to the SEC. Big 10 creates its own issues. The Big 10 would probably gladly take KU in order to get Texas and grudgingly take OU but there is no one else the Big 10 would bother with. ESPN might give up LHN equity to equity in BTN but the Big 10 isn't giving up their 49% to get Texas unless Fox gives up some of their 51% as well. So in baseball terms, its a pickle. But its a pickle that doesn't really have to be addressed until 2031. But going forward, pay attention to who has fans who care enough to buy tickets, subscribe to pay services, and watch the games. That will dictate value.
  14. They would have been better off waiting rather than just plowing in.The smart play would have been to take UNLV and Nevada and call it a day and let SMU, TCU, Rice, Tulsa figure out their own problems because CUSA wasn't going to take them at that point. CUSA was being formed as a hoops league that happened to have football. They wouldn't have had much to pick from. La.Tech, AState, ULL, Northern Illinois, NMSU or join the Big West.
  15. He was selected April 20, 1994 and the expansion to 16 was announced the next day. It isn't logical to think that they debated six schools from scratch in roughly 24 hours. His own version is he was interviewed on Sunday. Later in the day they called him to inform he had been hired and was told they had voted to add the six teams.