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  1. Arkstfan

    New Head Coaches Hired

    When you have 100,000 online students you can afford stuff!
  2. That is actually useful information! The money used cannot go into the athletic department operating budget.
  3. Arkstfan

    Let’s move on

    I think he would be interested in being a head coach again. He was set to interview for the AState job in December 2011 but AState cancelled to have the Malzahn press conference the day he was supposed to come in. The whole USF situation was a mess. They fired the AD for refusing to fire the women's basketball coach when the investigation checking into claims of abusive behavior didn't reach the preferred conclusion and instead cleared her. Then Leavitt had abuse allegations and he was fired fast. Leavitt was not popular with the USF administration because he pointed out that the school was failing to deliver on promises regarding facilities and assistant salaries.
  4. What happens to the dedicated revenue stream when the debt is paid? Does it go away? Does it go to the athletic department? Does it go to the university budget? THAT is the interesting question.
  5. Arkstfan

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Man this script sounds sooooo familiar. JQH pulled out of a project in Jonesboro after the market collapsed. Mayor tells AState will support an on-campus convention center and hotel then one of the mayor's buddies comes up with a competing project that gets its paperwork in first and the city backs that project instead of the AState project using a developer AState had turned down. They get the groundbroken but AState doesn't back down. The contractors on the city backed project start filing liens because they aren't getting paid. Deal finally shuts down and the city ended up putting money into the AState project.
  6. Arkstfan

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Eastern quarter isn’t awful. From football standpoint you’ve got a great juco system to tap in to.
  7. Arkstfan

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Yeah the condescending crap gets old. Wager the SOB has never been to Denton
  8. Arkstfan

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    I don't think a P5 can get to a premier program like OU without a stop somewhere else. AState to Auburn only happened because Gus was OC when they won the national title and they flew like a penguin after he left so they hired him to be HC.
  9. Arkstfan

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    15th longest bowl appearance streak in the nation, 8 straight years. Nothing worse than 7 wins in that span.
  10. Arkstfan

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Roberts fired after 9 years Freeze one year went to Ole Miss Malzahn one year went to Auburn Harsin one year went home to Boise (played high school and college ball in Boise). Freeze is apparently going to be hired by Baylor's former AD to become head coach at Liberty.
  11. Arkstfan


    Think the train runs on Saturday’s but you’d need a ride from downtown to UNM
  12. Arkstfan


    Also. Drive the old Route 66 from Sandia Mountain to downtown at night. Lot of the old neon signs still in service
  13. Arkstfan


    Oh and go to Mary and Tito’s. It’s a James Beard award winning restaurant that is really cheap
  14. Arkstfan


    Stay in ABQ. You can get decent prices at HI Express and such. I stayed a week in the one out by the Indian museum. Not a terrible drive from the stadium but not close at all
  15. Arkstfan

    So help me understand

    Don’t you remember the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau and the city turned down the big money request from ESPN because the game doesn’t fill hotel rooms. They don’t CARE about the ticket sales, they want hotel rooms to get city money.