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  1. Nailed it. Your fate depends most on whose star you hitch your wagon to.
  2. Arkstfan


    I'd be surprised if Littrell moves this year. Only three G5 coaches to move this year won their conference and at least 10 games. Could have been four if Harsin hadn't turned people down.
  3. Free market capitalism. People organizing it have demand from schools to play there and demand from sponsors to be affiliated and demand from television to show the game. If it sells tickets, then there is even more money to pay to the schools.
  4. UAPB's only win this year is over an Arkansas based school I was unaware even existed, Champion Christian College in Hot Springs. Founded in 2005 as a Baptist Bible College only pursued accreditation by the Transnational Association of Colleges and Schools in 2017. They are independent and play in the National Christian College Athletic Association and schedule includes schools from NCAA Division I, NAIA, Association of Christian College Athletics, and National Junior College Athletics Association. They are in the NCAA record book for giving up a 44-0 scoring run to Southern to start a game, most unanswered points to start a game ever, final score was 116-12. Champion was the only home game UAPB has played this year. January 18 will be their 16th game of the season and second home game. Despite their record they've had some competitive outings, most notably at Kansas State and UTEP.
  5. They are playing better than one would expect given the depth issues.
  6. Rumor was App was on the Belk Bowl radar but SEC didn't send as many as originally projected to NY6 so the game wasn't open. The MAC/CUSA, New Mexico/Camellia swap was interesting. When the pool concept kicks in next year, bet CUSA is in Montgomery more often than New Mexico.
  7. Told yall Trojans weren't going to be a lot of competition
  8. Absolutely there is a reason. You don't screw your partners. Why on earth would a conference take its best teams away from the bowls who said we want to partner with you and send them to a bowl that wanted nothing to do with you until they came up short of one of their precious P5 teams and needed a warm body to stay open? Only time you send people out is when ESPN asks for it and everyone does what they tell them to because they sort of run college football and especially the post-season.
  9. The only way to end the cheating is for the schools to pay whatever they can afford and wish to pay, then there is no point in Booster Bob funneling money to a player directly, he can just hand the money to the school and not face the possibility that some US Attorney indicts him for paying the kid. Even that isn't going to change the balance of power much. The teams that dominate recruiting today, are generally the teams with the greatest access to money. The G5's will take what they can afford and spend it on a few guys and everyone else will get a full scholarship. So you'll spend it on a QB, a couple OL and couple defensive players and everyone else gets a scholie. I suspect even in P5 not everyone will get anything beyond what a full ride plus stipend that they get now.
  10. If, and it remains a big "IF", the transactions are arms length, this a big nothing burger. On a typical NBA team there are one or two guys with no shoe deal. Most of the guys don't get a check from shoe companies, they get a voucher for X dollars of merchandise from the corporate catalog. Only a few guys get money from likeness beyond the player card and video game money which is very little. In the NFL most guys on roster don't get anything other than playing card money and money for the video game. No reason to think a freshman at Texas is going to get more than a third year NFL player who isn't a Pro-Bowler.
  11. Oh I know. I find it hilarious because I don't troll and never have.
  12. I saw that halftime score on my phone and showed my son and said "Sportsline has really screwed that one up" and sent the screen shot to Harry thinking it was just a screw-up because it was so random and Portland had generally been bad. Heck they've been bad since. They won 9 that year and 11 since. Bizarre but hats off to everyone who stuck
  13. It took a decade for the technology to change enough to get the money up there (ie. cable tv channels being accepted outlets). But since then the money has gotten stupid. Saban is making $11.5 million per year and just look at how many AVERAGE P5 coaches are making 50% of what he makes without delivering results 50% as good. Ray Perkins was hired away from the NFL for $100,000 per year plus extras to replace Bryant. Adjusted for inflation, $388,000 today. Coaching salaries have way out-paced inflation because of the TV money
  14. Maybe We have zero details what is going to be permitted and probably won't have any details until April at the earliest. If there are arm's length transactions, there won't be much money though maybe EA brings their NCAA game back. Remember the bribery scandal was shoe companies paying assistants to land star players so those stars would wear their shoes. Presumably, Nike and Adidas, etc., can now go sign those kids when they finish their senior season of high school. If we don't have arm's length transactions then Bob's Used Cars of Tuscaloosa can give Joe Fourstar $100,000 for an ad contract if he signs with Bama.
  15. No it's lot more than just a chance. BTW I get a giggle every single time I post here in a nice and friendly way and some turd downvotes me. I enjoy the pettiness.
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