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  1. A 6'6 guard is something NT isnt really accustomed to. We had a bunch of shorties making it rain before this. So this is pretty refreshing. Not hating on the guards of the past, but ya know what I mean lol.
  2. Should be able to contribute day 1. First piece of the new squad, lets hope this gets the ball rolling!
  3. So we just lost Layne Taylor as a commit.... something is definitely going on.
  4. This is the hottest thing ive seen all day! Drez and Tylor perhaps...
  5. Literally what is happening?? We lost all of our offensive starters excluding Sissoko. Imagine if he leaves too... crazy.
  6. Interesting. Noticed a few names are missing. Where is the RB we got from Minnesota?
  7. Why have the basketball Gods forsaken us... total rebuild it is yall. This is CJ's team now, unless....ya know...he decides to transfer too lol.
  8. I believe we sign 1 big transfer player and the others will be under the radar types, but still very good. I feel like we should expect to hear something in the next week or two.
  10. Going to have to hit the portal hard. This team is gling to feel alot different but I feel that coach Hodge will bring in some dudes.
  11. Welp the big two are out... Edwards, Scott, and now Rubin.
  12. This one stings. Also hearing ANOTHER starter maybe entering the portal real soon. Most likely Rubin? Or maybe Sissoko?
  13. Well like alot of us expected, C Moore has gone portaling. Kid is talented. Hope he goes somewhere he can get some quality minutes. That now opens up another guard spot. Should be interesting to see what North Texas adds.
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