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  1. GMG_Dallas

    Update to 247Sports composite score formula

    At the very end of the article: "247 doesn’t rate every player in the country. Some players who are rated in the Composite were actually only rated by one or two of the three services. So going forward, smaller schools might not have all their signees counted in the Composite’s ratings. It will take longer for some more prominent recruits to be listed in the Composite as well, since Rivals and ESPN data would only factor into the Composite once 247 rated that player first."
  2. A fake player was given a rating by Rivals which led to a 247 composite rating due to the mechanics of the site. Pretty funny. It'll be interesting to see how this affects 247 recruiting rankings moving forward. "247Sports announced a significant change to its recruit ratings service: its Composite will no longer list ratings for prospects who were not also rated by 247 itself. The reason behind this appears to be a recruit by the name of Blake Carringer, who doesn’t exist — or doesn’t exist as he was as briefly described by recruiting media, at least."
  3. GMG_Dallas

    First 2020 UNT Commit!!!

    Probably meant can't wait to see him wearing green.
  4. GMG_Dallas

    Western Kentucky (2/9/19)

    You're telling me one of the state's top players in the recruiting hotbed of DFW had 2 offers, one of which was from UTSA? Because to me that doesn't scream future star if we're going based on offer lists. The truth is he was a proven scorer and UTSA went after him despite him only having 1 other offer because they trusted their scouting. Here's an article about him and how they found him (all-star game in New York). Regarding Wallace, that's great that he had a Sun Belt offer and UTSA offer. I doubt UTSA looked at him and said "wow check out that UTA offer. He'll be a star!" Again, found a proven scorer and trusted their scouting. Most of the guys we've been getting lately seem like they were averaging around 15ppg before coming here (and some good rebounding numbers). Jackson had two 50 point games in high school. We need to find the guys who can do that. If we can't trust our ability to find talent, that needs to be addressed but this isn't a video game where you just offer everybody who has other offers and find success. Have to evaluate talent better regardless of what the other 17-15 programs are doing.
  5. GMG_Dallas

    Western Kentucky (2/9/19)

    I know you stress this but I'm not finding any offers for Jhivvan Jackson or Keaton Wallace other than UTSA. Maybe instead of worrying about if a guy has 5 other offers from failing programs we just need recruit pure scorers. We've got a good defensive squad but nobody who you can really depend on consistently putting up buckets at a high rate. Let's go for some gamers no matter the size and let them do what they do naturally - score.
  6. GMG_Dallas

    Marshall (2/7/19)

    I don't know what the energy is like on campus now but I remember freshman orientation in 2011 my group leader was talking up the basketball team big time. Seemed like they also made it a point to talk about our possible one and done Tony Mitchell. The program had been successful for several years and you could tell as an incoming freshman. Hopefully the upperclassmen these days are also doing their part to get the new kids excited about the Super Pit despite experiencing Benford Ball a couple years ago.
  7. GMG_Dallas

    So, you're telling me we have a chance...

    Fair. I read the first half of your post to say that since Leicester won the EPL with laughable odds, a G5 team winning the natty was also possible. My bad. Regarding the structure of European sports leagues, I wish US sports did it the same. 20 teams. Multiple leagues for each sport that are connected by promotions and demotions. No tanking. Everybody fights for something. Can't get much better than that.
  8. GMG_Dallas

    So, you're telling me we have a chance...

    Leicester City plays in the Premier League so no matter what they were going to have a chance. Giving a G5 any odds to win the natty in football in this system is like saying a team from the English Football League (division 2) has a chance at winning the Premier League (division 1). The truth about these odds is every P5 has a path to the natty and no G5 does. Won't change until the system changes.
  9. GMG_Dallas

    Texas San Antonio (1/12/19)

    Couldn't believe what I saw. As clear as travels come.
  10. GMG_Dallas

    Week 10 Polls

    I picked a good school. UMass is not a regular front runner in a slightly better conference, no different than Davidson so you kind of made my point about the conference. If TCU/ Pitt/ Ole Miss/ Washington State/ Minnesota make a run, it's just an unusual power conference member making a run but not incredible like Davidson. If an unusual A10 member makes a run, it's incredible. The strength of that conference lies solely in the individual reputation of 3-4 members and has nothing to do with the conference's reputation. Thus why calling the A10 a basketball power is a stretch. GM would not leave to go to UMass or other bottom feeder at an average conference unless they're local. If you ask me, he's only at UNT because of Texas and DFW. He's not leaving those two things for a slightly better conference unless the school itself is a power. I know I said I was done but I didn't want to leave you hanging.
  11. GMG_Dallas

    Week 10 Polls

    Good for them. GM isn't leaving unless it's a school in Texas or a power conference/national power and he's not moving up unless he makes noise in March. That's where this conversation started and that's where I'll end my conversation. Took much more accomplished coaches much longer to move up to where GM probably sees himself. One decent and one good season (so far) at UNT isn't going to get him the next big offer. It's also going to take more than 150k in a slightly better conference to make him move out of Texas and out of DFW which is where he's from. He'll be here for 2019-2020.
  12. GMG_Dallas

    Week 10 Polls

    3 years. Screams power conference.
  13. GMG_Dallas

    Week 10 Polls

    Incredible stretch but ok. 2 teams from the A10 have made the final 4 since 1970 not including UMass in 96 which was vacated. And yes, I had to look this up. There's a reason why Shaka Smart's cinderalla runs at VCU got him to UT (after 6 years there), they are not a basketball power conference. There's a reason Steph Curry leading Davidson to some upsets was so incredible - they are not a power conference.
  14. GMG_Dallas

    Week 10 Polls

    Says you and the media who said him going to KSU was a done deal. What we do know is KSU was desperate to get anybody because B Snyder still wanted his role with the program. What we don't know is how many HCs turned down KSU before they got to SL.
  15. GMG_Dallas

    Matt Rhule Expected To Accept NY Jets Job

    Nick Saban and Chip Kelly worked great in the NFL with all of that college success. Don't know why people are comparing the two games so much because of Kingsbury and now Rhule.