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  1. Like another poster said, they had years to train and practice together. This SMU team is a mix of random players who barely know each other and have barely practiced together. Will they be scary good by the end of the season? Probably. But when we play them they'll still be figuring out each of their roles and gaining chemistry. I'm not too worried. Now if 80% of these guys have 2 years to play then they'll be good next year. It's late to be bringing in transfers for this season.
  2. Most of their own kids aren't from Dallas proper as it is. Looking through their roster, I counted 9 players from Dallas schools and 6 of those kids went to a prep school or private school (Dunne, Bishop Lynch, Jesuit, etc...). If you want to count Highland Park as Dallas that adds 3 or 4 players from Dallas. The kids mentioned in the Twitter post only include 1 from the inner city (Gary - Kimball). These kids from the inner city know SMU, who goes there, and how they feel about them. I'm not worried about some billboards being put up showcasing players from the suburbs. It'll take completely changing the culture at SMU to make a difference. Edit: regarding Gary being from the inner city, I don't know his background. I will say there are some pretty decent residential neighborhoods in the area of Westmoreland and Kiest around Kimball. Going to DISD doesn't mean you grew up as an inner city kid.
  3. Ehh. Pushing a 50-60 year old professional overboard > pushing an 18-22 year old student overboard. Regardless, all a good job by the Mean Green faithful.
  4. The punter incident sounds familiar as well. We we're ruthless from start to finish those last few home games. I remember the UTSA players showing us up when it was clear they were going to win. We started chanting "no postseason" because they weren't yet eligible for bowl games due to some FBS rules regarding them being in a transitional season. There were many great moments that year. We as students really helped create an amazing home field advantage. It's a shame they took the seats away until now.
  5. Rice game that year. A friend and I were roasting their defense and one of the defensive coaches. My friend told them to go recruit better players so the coach turned around and yelled "F*ck off!" To my friend. It was amazing. I cussed back at them and was warned I would be escorted out if it happened again. It was worth it though after the Rice coach responded. We won the game and as the players were walking along the student section giving high fives, one of our number 8s, I believe it was Trice, jumped onto the the wall and all us students swarmed him smacked his helmet as we cheered. We nearly dragged him into the seats. Lifelong UNT fans were made that night. I'll always remember it.
  6. I have 2011 and 2014. In both we're pretty much the new Alabama within about 5 seasons (multiple time national champs and multiple top 3 recruiting classes).
  7. Honestly yes IMO. I went last year to the Boise State vs Boston College (all 5 minutes of it) and it was empty (maybe 5k butts in seats at most). If you get UNT and say, Baylor in it, you can bump up the price quite a bit and still sell out. You could probably still sell out the cotton Bowl with that matchup if the scheduling is good but the price per ticket would be low. All depends on what the bowl cares about. If they only care about ticket sales and don't make money of concessions, it's not a bad move.
  8. Looks like he might have the size to be a true run stopper too. Really plug up the middle and force opposing RBs outside.
  9. It's good for mason. Murray is very talented and Kingsbury may not have a good record but he'll have a potent offense. I think if the Murray has a strong rookie year, mason gets drafted.
  10. Another UH player drafted yet your best player in the league right now is scrub Case Keanum. Had it not been for health concerns UNT would still have 2nd team all pro Zach Orr in the NFL. UH repeatedly puts garbage in the NFL and that's about it. Congrats on conning the league once again!
  11. I watched the elbows first and it seemed obvious he short armed about 5. The shirt I looked at after.
  12. I hadn't played it with sound but you're right. He does say 38 so I apologize for that. 32 would still be impressive but I wish we would be honest with the short armed reps. Like I said in an earlier post, all that matters is was the scouts think. The numbers are for the fans and "draft experts." The scouts know what they're looking for and what they saw at the pro day. Hopefully it's enough. I think Guyton's 40 time will get him picked on the 7th or priority UFA. Haven't looked too closely at the other guys yet.
  13. He got 28 not 38. Count them in the video. Take away 6 he got 22. Is this still impressive? Unless they posted a video that started after the first 10 which I don't know why they would. You don't start filming a 40 yard dash 2 seconds in. So again, is 22 a number you're showing off to scouts?
  14. To help you out, the presses where he fully straightens his elbows, the bar is right at the bottom of the spotters mean green logo. Before he gets tired, the spotter doesn't shift his stance or position so the level of the bar should always reach the bottom of the mean green logo on the shirt. You can count at least 5 or 6 reps where the bar is nowhere near the bottom of that mean green logo. You'll know because you clearly see the black shirt between the bar and the logo.
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