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  1. I was thinking along the same lines. As a coach he has to be confident in his abilities and believe he can make any program successful. Everybody outside mean green nation probably believed we were a coaching graveyard like Kansas before he came here and would have thought it obvious to pass on the chance to coach UNT but he didn't. There's no reason to believe he wouldn't at least strongly consider Kansas if they came knocking. He has to believe he can turn anybody around just like he did us. We just need another year or two to really set us up for continued success beyond him.
  2. GMG_Dallas

    Downtown Dallas Presence

    It might just be that I never really looked for it but I don't remember seeing as many North Texas billboards in/around Dallas as I have since president S took over a few years ago. He's done wonderful things to increase our presence in my opinion.
  3. GMG_Dallas

    Downtown Dallas Presence

    I don't drive that route usually but had to go from oak cliff to northeast dallas and there was heavy traffic on 35.
  4. GMG_Dallas

    Downtown Dallas Presence

    Just saw this at the corner of Pearl and Main. No SMU boards in sight. GMG.
  5. Good for him for doing what he feels is best. If he balls, he'll get opportunities at the next level. I wish him the best against every team not from Denton.
  6. GMG_Dallas

    7 FT ODU Transfer

    The golden state warriors didn't lay the foundation for their team around 7 footers. They started with 3 point shooters, one of which was viewed to be undersized *cough* Smart *cough*. I like our team.
  7. Also very true. These are 2 legit ball players. If a team has the need for two and they arent filled by the time the first signing period comes around, you'll see some p5s offer both. It's up to UNT to keep dating them throughout what needs to be a strong season.
  8. Good point. As we get closer to signing periods, schools get more desperate and there might be one or two out there to offer both. Question is will they be big enough to sway two players. Nothing kept Ed Oliver, a 5 star DT, from playing with his brother at UH. Hopefully the same happens with these guys.
  9. @GMG24 is there any concern that they are a package deal so if we lose 1 we lose both? Loving this class though. If we beat Arkansas this thing will somehow get better.
  10. GMG_Dallas

    Best 2018 CFB Receiving Corps (Bleacher Report)

    I don't think Tony Mitchell was half as productive as this offense was last year if you can compare basketball to football. Mitchell may have been more talented though and the impact on the team was about the same. Considering there's no coaching change either, I wouldn't be nervous.
  11. No but I've heard of UTSA and they went 11-0 once.
  12. GMG_Dallas

    FAU at North Texas Game Moved up to Thursday

    Torn. I won't be able to watch the end of the game since I have to leave for work at about 11 pm. Hopefully it's a blow out (in our favor).
  13. Honest question, what do the kids you work with say about it?
  14. GMG_Dallas

    18' OT Offer: David Swaby: Navarro JC

    I think the #MGM at the end of the tweet definitely confirms your suspicions. #MeanGreenMean
  15. GMG_Dallas

    2 C-USA QBs drafted in 2018

    1) I know Wilson didn't have the accolades but as an RB, I think his stats compared yet he wasn't heavily recruited and played 2A ball in Texas. Size was not an issue. Oklahoma teams knew about Fine but were deterred by size and where he played. 2) the problem with speed or an arm is, it still depends on opposition. It isn't always hard to look good as a QB when you're playing opposing secondaries that look like some Texas middle school secondaries. Overall the talent levels aren't as spread out throughout the roster which is what creates concerns. Doesn't matter if it's the trenches or skill positions, you need to be flat out dominant and have the size if you want to be taken seriously from a smaller state/classification.