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  1. GMG_Dallas

    Interesting Article and Response from UAB

    Kind of weird to think that a bunch of 23-25 year old college football players are excited about playing against 18-21 year old college football players. Maybe it's their way of remembering they were never the talented 3-4 star P5 recruits they thought they were and are still playing in college when the really special players have made it to the pros by their age.
  2. GMG_Dallas

    Just for the record

    You can't really be comparing snow in Boise with tornado warnings and thunder storms causing weather delays. Snow will never cause attendance to go down in places like Boise, Green Bay, or Denver. It's what they live with their like us with 100 degree weather in the early games of the season. Give then tornado warnings and thunder storms and watch that attendance dip.
  3. GMG_Dallas

    Possible bowl dates

    There's two sets of projections. The other as us at the Cotton Bowl vs Arizona State. I like that one better.
  4. GMG_Dallas


    How many interceptions do we get? Their QB was at 55% completion with 5 interceptions through his first 5 games of the year before playing 1-6 Rice last week. If Hall plays I'm thinking we pick him off 3 times with 1 taken back for 6.
  5. UTSA Memes was on fire with the cannon jokes.
  6. GMG_Dallas

    Possible bowl dates

    I would rather a P5 not in the Pac-12. East coast bias is real and nobody who matters pays attention to the Pac-12. They might be the least respected P5 conference right now. I would love to beat a Big 12 or another SEC school due to those being the major local P5 conferences.
  7. GMG_Dallas

    Coaches Poll

    I commented on their Twitter post linking the article. We'll see if it gets taken care of.
  8. GMG_Dallas

    Southern Miss Game Video Coverage

    Fine's deep ball is a thing of beauty.
  9. GMG_Dallas

    Dane Brugler thoughts on EJ Ejiya

    I think he gets picked in rounds 3-4 if he keeps this up and performs the same in a championship game if we make it and bowl game.
  10. GMG_Dallas


    I understand your point but I think disregarding the first 3 games of the season after only playing 6 is being selective and negligent. In our case, we've had 2 of our best players lost to injury (1 for the year) so it makes sense to look at the team differently post La Tech. Unless UAB had a major contributor not make his debut until Charlotte, it's the same team that got blown out by C. Carolina and squeaked by Tulane. Charlotte is nothing special, La Tech was coming off a physical and emotional win against us, and Rice is 1-6; those are the 3 games that you are choosing to use as an indication of their play. I guess we'll find out next week who they are. I think they'll be tough but I see a vulnerable team who probably thinks they're the clear favorite to win the division. By the way, their QB had 55% completion, 5 TDs, 5 INTs, 907 yards in 5 games before playing 1-6 Rice. Our secondary has to be licking their chops.
  11. GMG_Dallas


    I'm not upset about this. USF had to rally back to beat 1-5 Tulsa by 1 in the final seconds the other day but all that matters is that USF is undefeated. You can also look at last second wins P5s have pulled out such as Miami vs 3-3 Florida State by 1 or Clemson vs Syracuse (yes against P5s but Miami and Clemson have been ranked through out the year so the gap is similar). Close games happen they just can't be the norm. If we get back to 20 point wins like today, UTEP's win will only be looked at as a win.
  12. GMG_Dallas


    I'm having a hard time understanding the hype around UAB. I remember when the Seattle Seahawks had the legion of boom a few years ago, teams were winless the week after playing Seattle due to the physical beat down they would take against Seattle. In college I wouldn't surprised if the same was true for G5 when playing P5 teams. UAB has yet to play a P5 and won't play one until Texas A&M in a bit over a month. They are most likely benefiting from not having the injuries that tend to follow a game against most P5s but this might hurt them late in the season during that final push to the finish line. For those who don't know, their wins are against 2-4 Tulane by 7, 3-3 Charlotte, 1-6 Rice, 1-5 Savannah State, and a good win against 4-2 La Tech after they played a physically and emotionally draining game against UNT. They got beat down by 3-3 Coastal who just joined FBS a few years ago. I see other threads mention quality losses don't exist for G5s but I'll take a 2 point loss to La Tech over a 23 point loss to Coastal. Also, when talking about UAB's statistical rankings, take into consideration who they've played.
  13. GMG_Dallas

    UNT has as many wins in 2018 as TCU/SMU combined

    Maybe you should clarify your post then. You said "they'd be 6-0 if they had ours." The post references TCU AND SMU so when you say "they" it implies you're talking about both SMU and TCU. SMU would not be 6-0 with out record. Regarding TCU, you're going based on name. They're below average this year. I don't think they'd be 6-0 with our schedule. Their QB has 9 Td passes and 8 interceptions this year. 3 of his TD passes were against Southern. That's 6 in 5 games against FBS schools and also 8 interceptions in those 5 games since Southern. He also has 3 rushing TDs on the year but 2 came against Southern meaning 1 against FBS schools which came against SMU. I watched SMU-TCU and offensively, TCU was bad. They got ahead on 3 straight TDs, 1 which was a punt return, and the other 2 were fumble returns. TCU is bad, SMU is just worst. Their QB play is not going to win many games no matter who you play.
  14. GMG_Dallas

    UNT has as many wins in 2018 as TCU/SMU combined

    Yes because our schedule includes La Tech who beat SMU by 40 in last year's bowl game and Arkansas who's coach probably knows SMU's roster better than their current coach does so them beating both of those teams makes sense. This poorly coached Arkansas would beat this poorly coached SMU. As for TCU, their only wins are against 2-3 Iowa state by 3, 2-4 SMU, and Southern. Give me a break.
  15. GMG_Dallas

    Heads Roll in Norman After Loss to UT

    Jerry Jones should take notes.