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  1. Incredible finish. Really thought Timme had cost them the game with those 2 missed FTs.
  2. I really want a CUSA sweep of the postseason tournaments. Charlotte got the CBI. If UNT and UAB can advance to the finals, it'll guarantee the NIT champion is in-conference. FAU has the most steep road but they can do it. And for the "we're leaving CUSA who cares" crowd, all of these teams are new-AAC teams.
  3. I expect them to win as well. They're a very athletic team with a skilled 7 footer who was a force against Cincy. UAB will have their hands full.
  4. The kid can shoot and has good size at 6 foot 5. I certainly wouldn't mind him coming to UNT.
  5. That's incredible. I was just going through their game logs and their tournament run this season was ended by none other than Southern Nazarene.
  6. Why the F is this guy still coaching DII after four national titles. This is why there needs to be a national search even if Hodge is the favorite.
  7. Will be interesting to see. There's a 247 article from when he got to WSU where he expressed a desire to use TEs but they had none, and I do literally mean zero, on the roster in 2021. In 2022, his only year there, they had 8. Don't quote me here but 2 or 3 were transitioned to TE from other positions, 2 or 3 were transfers, and the others had no history on their WSU profiles but didn't play. Regardless, he made it a point to bring on 8 TEs in his only season there. Lack of production could have simply been due to lack of experience and/or talent. Incarnate Word is tough to gage with it being an FCS. I'd imagine most of your athletic pass catching TEs are going the FBS route. Time will tell but I doubt Gumms left because Morris hates TEs. There's something else going on here.
  8. Amaro caught 106 Morris' first year there. He and Cumbie were each Co-Oc with Morris over inside receivers and Cumbie over outside receivers and the Texas Tech coach profile pages give him direct credit for Amaro who's not even mentioned on Cumbie's page. Just because he doesn't actively seek out TEs for his offense, doesn't mean he wouldn't use a special talent at TE if he had it. Also, worth noting Washington state had zero TEs on the roster when Morris got there.
  9. Morris was directly involved as Co-OC/Inside Receivers in coaching Jace Amaro when he was a unanimous All-American TE in 2013. There's something else going on but it is what it is. I'm looking forward to Christian Lee getting his shot.
  10. Better yet, start a coaches "dating" site. Call it coachesonly.com. Athletic directors can go on there and setup profiles for the coaches they're looking for in various sports and get instant results with photos. If the prospective coach and AD both swipe right on one another, you know there's mutual interest and can start talking to each other. Filter by salary range, years of experience, number of previous schools, and other factors. Man, this is getting dicey.
  11. Y'all, Sissoko is about as common a name in French speaking western African countries as Smith is in the US of A.
  12. SL today is where Sark and Butch were 3-5 years ago. Charlie Strong was hired as an analyst at Alabama less than a month ago around March 1st. He and SL are in the same boat. Yes, Houston and Memphis are better equipped for success now. My point was regarding conference affiliation, the AAC is respected enough to get a decent shot at the big dance every year. No, it's not the Big 12 but it still will offer a basketball program with better chances at an at-large bid than CUSA has in our time here. The Fertitta Center has undergone 2 renovations since Sampson was hired at UH and his salary was a fraction of what it is today. UNT would likely have to make a commitment to a new gym or major renovations on top of a big bump in pay to keep McCasland but I think it can be done. This whole point of his wife going to Texas Tech for school makes me laugh. She's from DFW and her family lives here. There's a video from their time at Arkansas State where she was asked what the most important thing was for them and she said being close to their family is the most important. At the time at least, her parents, brother, his wife and their 3 kids were all in DFW. We know Grant's family is as well. This is home. Taking a flight every now and then is not the same as a drive to meet with family for dinner or a random play date or being right there if there's an emergency. You can take a plane almost anywhere in the country. Lubbock is not close enough to DFW to be "close to home."
  13. Great game. Utah Valley looks like a tough team. Great energy in that building, too.
  14. Exactly. It's not about CUSA. It's about 2 future AAC squads playing the NIT final 4 after beating some highmajors and FAU, another future AAC squad, playing the Sweet 16 in the big dance. Add in Charlotte winning the CBI, although there were no noteworthy opponents, and there's a decent group joining this new AAC.
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