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  1. I watched the elbows first and it seemed obvious he short armed about 5. The shirt I looked at after.
  2. I hadn't played it with sound but you're right. He does say 38 so I apologize for that. 32 would still be impressive but I wish we would be honest with the short armed reps. Like I said in an earlier post, all that matters is was the scouts think. The numbers are for the fans and "draft experts." The scouts know what they're looking for and what they saw at the pro day. Hopefully it's enough. I think Guyton's 40 time will get him picked on the 7th or priority UFA. Haven't looked too closely at the other guys yet.
  3. He got 28 not 38. Count them in the video. Take away 6 he got 22. Is this still impressive? Unless they posted a video that started after the first 10 which I don't know why they would. You don't start filming a 40 yard dash 2 seconds in. So again, is 22 a number you're showing off to scouts?
  4. To help you out, the presses where he fully straightens his elbows, the bar is right at the bottom of the spotters mean green logo. Before he gets tired, the spotter doesn't shift his stance or position so the level of the bar should always reach the bottom of the mean green logo on the shirt. You can count at least 5 or 6 reps where the bar is nowhere near the bottom of that mean green logo. You'll know because you clearly see the black shirt between the bar and the logo.
  5. Put down the green koolaid and take off the green goggles. If you watch any of this year's combine bench press videos you'll see players marked down for several of his bench presses.
  6. Not to discredit our guys but rod Young short-armed a lot of those presses. Several would not have counted at the combine and the last one he got likely would have been stopped early as well. At the end of the day, all that matters is what the scouts think.
  7. I'm fine with cutting slack on shoplifting $40 in merchandise or public intox arrest. When you get into violent crimes and stolen vehicles, it's not ok regardless of age. Hopefully this guy didn't do anything too serious.
  8. ODU was 26 collective points away from playing in 11 overtime games in conference play. Recipe for disaster if they get to the big dance. I'll concede those win margins are dissapointing coming from the supposed top team in our conference (I'll stick with my pick of WKU which I made months ago). Back to our team, the "collapse," if you want to call it that, is not shocking. Just look at who they beat and how they beat them. UNT put a below average team on the court and it proved true as the season went on.
  9. I don't understand your logic. Why does being an average team who took advantage of an easy schedule mean we would have been destroyed the second we played CUSA teams? We were a below average team with a good record due to an easy early schedule. How you can deny that I don't understand. My opinion is that we didn't really collapse because we just weren't that good to begin with. We ended up with a conference record indicative of who we really were. Had we played a decent OOC we would have ended up around 15 wins like last season. That's my opinion. You have yours. We don't have to agree. I don't get why this is an ongoing argument.
  10. Fair enough. Since you bring up 24-8 ODU, how about you bring up that they beat 20-win Syracuse and 25 win VCU who's 1st place in the A-10. They lost a close game to an 18-win Pac 12 team in Oregon State. Meanwhile, our only opponent worth mentioning was Oklahoma who beat us by 16 and just got kicked out of their conference tourney by 14-19 West Virginia. That's cute bringing up 2 of their close wins. You can win close games to bad teams when you're also beating good teams. We won close games to bad teams but beat nobody worth mentioning. Cherry picking really doesn't help you prove your point.
  11. I just don't understand how starting 8-3 with 3 games being won by 4 points or less and 2 7-point wins against 8-21 UTEP and Charlotte is a positive. Those are 5 early games that a good 16-1 team would have each won by 10+. Our conference isn't strong enough for barely 8-3 in conference play to be indicative of a good season. This is the problem with saying a win is a win. When you think you're a competitor, style points matter. Especially in our conference.
  12. No. Enough of this injuries, lack of depth blah blah speech. The reality is this team didn't falter at all, the team just wasn't that good to begin with. The basketball team had a deceiving record due to cupcake scheduling and once they played better competition, the record corrected itself as best as it could with the amount of games left on the schedule. There would have been no collapse had we played duke or Virginia to start the year because the team didn't collapse, it just wasn't that good from the start. You're right about roster building. That needs to get better. With a good roster we would have been beating Maine and Portland by 20+ at the beginning of the season.
  13. Going to need better hands to make any impact as a slot receiver.
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