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  1. Depends where. From what I've seen, average salaries in Euro League (including Israel) are around 500k per year but the top earners are in the low millions. For example, Shane Larkin who was briefly with the Mavs and played at Miami earns 3.7 million per year. Cori Higgins who went undradted out of Colorado some years back is just below 2 million per year. Low earners I believe closer to 100k. I believe China pays a bit better but the rest of the world doesn't pay a whole lot. I'd imagine Australia, Brazil, and Argentina pay decent since basketball is pretty big in those countries. Edit: did some research, Japan and South Korea pay pretty well too. Averages around 500k per year.
  2. To add on, the two way contracts and g league has been fairly successful IMO. Worst case scenario, guys have a career playing pro ball in a lower league. In some cases, these guys are developed and have legitimate NBA careers. The MLB and NHL have similar systems to the two-way contracts in the NBA as it pertains to players being called up to the major league affiliate or sent back down throughout the season.
  3. Thanks. My thought is we could use this to our advantage, especially being in DFW. Didn't get the big P5 offer? Stay close to home and get some playing time here. If you prove yourself and get the P5s calling, go pursue your dreams. We then get a spot open to pursue a transfer who wasn't getting the playing time they wanted at their P5 school. Could work out... The system needs to be blown up but in the meantime I think we could use some of this to our benefit.
  4. Hey man, I've probably missed this in previous posts but if a player transfers out early, does the school the player is leaving from get an extra scholarship in the class to fill the spot so a school doesn't end up way below the 85 limit? I still think there's value in developing young talent and maybe being a school P5s look to for talent isn't a bad thing. Maybe more HS recruits will look at us as a way to parlay playing time and success into a bigger offer down the line. P5 U?
  5. Problem with limiting the total number of players is you reduce the players coming in as walk-ons which I think is one of the beauties of college sports. They just need to get NIL under control. It may be good for the bigger recruits to get a cut but it's ruining the game for fans and I'd imagine for the lower rated recruits as well.
  6. For some reason, I want to believe the QB battle won't be as much of a battle as we get closer to the start of the season. Like you said, he actually has playing time unlike previous transfers. I see no reason why Aune or anybody other than Gunnell starts the season other than stubbornness. No QB on last year's roster should be listed as QB1 at this point with how the offense performed much of last season.
  7. I'm honestly surprised so many G5 fans still watch college football. Most unbalanced system in college sports. The number of full scholarships needs to be reduced so the talent spreads out and playoffs greatly expanded to keep things competitive otherwise there's no point. I've been done with football. Basketball, and if we get baseball, is where it's at for the men's sports. Softball and women's soccer are nice, too.
  8. BRAZIL IS GREAT I LOVE BRAZIL AND EVERYBODY ON THE BOARD IS GREAT AND I AGREE WITH EVERYBODY. That should buy us an extra 2 or 3 posts before the lock.
  9. Hopefully we can do something nice when we host them this season. Too young. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/34129833/baltimore-ravens-lb-jaylon-ferguson-dies-age-26
  10. The advice I was given from somebody who bought just before the 08 crash is this... if you're planning on staying in the home for the next 10+ years, don't worry about it. A market crash can always happen but the odds of it going back up is almost just as good. If you can afford the payment, have a stable source of income, and are happy with the house, you're fine. If you're trying to make an investment out of the house is where you have a problem. Personally, I sold mine for $100k profit (170 to 270) after just over 5 years of being in the house and upgraded which was our 5 year plan anyways. Only thing we were upset about was our new build was due for January and got pushed back right when the interest rates started going up. Ended up buying points down to get it to 3.5% but before January we were looking at about 2.75% without buying points. Regardless, we're happy.
  11. I agree with this sentiment in general but it's difficult to gage with inconsistent recruiting services setting the bar for what a recruit is. The important thing to me would be is coach winning the recruiting battles he wants to win? Is he identifying the guys he wants and getting them more often than not? Tough to evaluate with basketball because there just isn't much recruiting info out there for us little guys until a player commits or signs. IMO the issue with football has often been being relegated to picking up what's left. With the continued success we've seen in basketball, I'd imagine McCasland is doing just fine in getting what he wants. That said, it would be nice to see a 4 star commit.
  12. I had a strong sense he was pulling our legs but I wanted so badly to believe. Like Santa Clause and the Easter bunny were real again. I even thought to myself "just maybe" because his dad went to Memphis when they were in CUSA so the connection is there! Come home, DJ!
  13. Ummm the son of former NBA guard Dajuan Wagner is coming to UNT?
  14. You're probably right. And for the record, I'm under 30 (barely) and know all those folks. The YouTube, no daytime TV crowd is even younger. People mentioned Stone Cold and I think that's also a good one. The reason I say Dr Phil or even Steve Austin are that they're still relevant in pop culture today but that's not really the question either. Troll job but fun to sift through IMO.
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