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  1. Football results for a hire he didn't make. Decision to keep SL doesn't change the fact Wren has never hired a FBS football coach as AD. He's never interviewed football coaches and made a hiring decision that has led to a successful football program.
  2. Crap Reminds me of the Kiffin hire. Everybody talked about the controversial character while they ran circles around the conference.
  3. My perspective on the football deal is it just strikes me as odd for WVU to hire him when they have no idea how he would go about hiring a head football coach. Obviously I didn't expect SL to be fired with a championship game being played tomorrow but there were back to back 4 win seasons followed by a 6 win seasons just before this one. He should have been fired last year but was saved by the UTSA game (purely opinion). Wren going to WVU would be like promoting a firefighter to fire chief who's never had to put out a fire. Most FBS ADs are ultimately judged by their football programs and he never had to make the most important hire an AD has to make. Not his fault considering the situation when he got to Denton but doesn't make the move to WVU any less surprising.
  4. Missing the point. Wren never had to hire a football HC. SL was hired before he got here and is still here by the time Wren leaves despite sub-par performance. In other words, the most important decision in the most important college sport is one Wren never had to made: hiring the head football coach. He got a promotion and raise without having to do one of the most important things an AD does in the world of FBS athletics. Good for him but dang, strikes me as odd for WVU to go after him considering the football situation.
  5. I feel similarly. On one hand, he seemed very talented and it's always exciting to get a P5 transfer for 3-4 years. On the other hand, he hadn't climbed the depth chart yet so we're not losing production.
  6. He's an interim for a few more games. Different than signing a guy to a 5 year contract. I'll be surprised if Jeff Saturday ends up the guy for the next few years.
  7. Again. The guy is getting bad advice or isn't trusting the process of climbing depth charts. Going to waste all his eligibility transferring. Regardless, best of luck to him.
  8. Deion Sanders was even less qualified prior to his 2 years at Jackson State and everybody wants him now. If UAB finalizes the deal with Dilfer, it's more about name than coaching experience.
  9. Just saw that and posted it in one of the coaching threads. I'm confused. Edit: I guess it's not much different than Deion basically going straight to being a HC. I'm not going to count being the HC at his own now defunct academy and OC at a private school for 3 years where his son is the QB. If he's got coaching connection, he just needs to be a CEO.
  10. Exactly... I would have been ok with 9-3 heading into UTSA due to the potential of going 11-3 but I just don't see how 1 game above .500 by season's end cuts it. Our best case scenario is 9-5. Sure, it would mean a conference championship win but it's watered down by us getting there at 7-5, IMO. I realize it's the conference record that matters and ours is good at 6-2 but that's just a factor of our poor conference. I wouldn't have been upset about the OOC losses if we dominated our conference but we didn't. We collapsed against UTSA, got smoked by a 6-6 UAB, and struggled with a 5-7 Rice. We've got good players who deserve better. Time to move on.
  11. Fun fact I did not know. John Calipari started his college playing career at UNC Wilmington ('78-'80). Anyways, glad we're all healthy. This will have little bearing on our NCAA hopes. Have to win the conference as we saw last year. I think the only teams in our conference with at large hopes are UAB and Western Kentucky but it's really because of brand name. Going to be a long season but we should be right in the mix come March.
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