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  1. I'm hearing Caleb Williams is withdrawing from the NFL draft and transferring to UNT after getting a lifetime mani-pedi offer from a local nail salon.
  2. The only other option if we're looking at end of October, early November would be the November 9th game against Army. Maybe they want to do something special for that as well? I do feel they could do better than to have it on the same day as the Day of the Dead festival.
  3. Being a freshman means more upside for the simple reason that he has more time to develop into a stud. If Earle and McCollum can give you about the same right now, I'd rather go with the guy who has 3 more years. That early experience is valuable. I'm thinking of the Fine vs Morris battle where neither was going to give you much but rolling with the freshman payed dividends the following 3 years. Back to the onfield play, if McCollum can't figure out the intermediate game, that's going to be a problem for us.
  4. Based on what you saw yesterday, if Morris is QB1 but goes down for some games, who would you rather take over: Earle or McCollum? Obviously Earle has the experience but McCollum has more upside with him being a freshman. Who do you feel is more capable of winning a game or two if needed? I'm still scarred by that FIU game...
  5. Completely agree. It was just a question out of curiosity. That deep ball threat still has to exist to keep the safeties honest.
  6. I wasn't there. Only stat that sticks out to me is that Earle threw 1 TD pass and Cash McCollum, the early enrollee true freshman, had 150 passing yards for 2 TDs. Either Cash is the real deal or we better hope Chandler Morris is the real deal.
  7. Is this a serious concern? He's the president of IMG Academy. That's not just some high school level program.
  8. Stone is one player. Your top programs in the country are mostly built around exceptional HS recruiting and they add in a couple veteran players to fill major areas of need. We have got to stop looking at one player not working out how we want and throwing away that entire avenue for recruiting. Terrible take.
  9. So spending 4 years at a school, getting your bachelor's degree, and then going to a different school for your master's means you don't love the school you got your bachelor's from? Most people do that. The only difference is he plays college sports and most don't.
  10. Looks like opportunity to me. We have Cotton, who was great in HS, and two very prolific HS players coming in. High Majors have freshmen come in and contribute immediately. Why can't we? Bring in some experienced transfers to show the young guys how to be college athletes and this team can still be great. This past year's team fell short of their potential, IMO. I'm glad we're getting a fresh team next year. Let's see what the next generation of Mean Green Basketball can do.
  11. They can still love North Texas while using that extra year for a new experience. He's spent 4 years here. I'm sure there's plenty of alumni on this board with Master's degrees from a place other than UNT. He isn't doing anything different.
  12. As stated, this does not count. She's the premier athlete of her game and has been offered $5 million to join the Big 3 basketball for a single season after college. No other college basketball player, male or female, has had that kind of offer. One does not represent the thousands of college basketball players there are.
  13. Looking at things from a non-UNT lense, SMU and Memphis both need to be looking for new coaches. Too much size, athleticism, and talent to not have had better seasons. Not sure how many seniors y'all have but next year will be rough if the leadership doesn't change.
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