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  1. Don't know if this has been answered but what's up with the horn sounding off constantly at the pit?
  2. I think both. Plus if memory serves me right our DL coach or DC went to Texas Tech to serve on the DL. I'm blanking on the coach's name but I belive he had formerly played for the Miami Hurricanes. There was probably a strong connection there and coach offered Howard stability in a situation with so much uncertainty. Edit I think the coach was Kevin Patrick.
  3. I don't think it matters much until he's up for head coaching jobs. Even then I think it only matters if you're looking at programs of similar stature. Right now he's likely just looking for upward moves. Why go to Texas for the same role and pay when it means starting over with implementing his philosophies? He's spent his whole career moving around North America (even Canada) for opportunities. Being close to home probably doesn't matter as much as it does to others.
  4. He played there early on. Shame he didn't want to be here.
  5. He honestly reminds me of Devin Singletary from FAU. Singletary was about 5'9" 200 lbs. Siggers is 5'8" and 200 lbs. He's just as punishing and aggressive of a runner as i remember Singletary being. The same reasons Singletary gave the conference fits are the same reasons Siggers tortures the conference during his career. If he continues like this, expect great things in college and at the NFL level. I'm very excited about Siggers being in green.
  6. Depends. If your transfers never played at P5s due to work ethic or attitude then why believe they'll be any better at a G5 school?SMU got a variety of transfers, several of which had injury issues which prevented them from playing previously. For SMU a few of their transfers were productive at their previous schools. Their QB transfer Bueschele was a starter at Texas for a year and some games so I think many expected him to play well at SMU. SMU also got Abercrumbia, a DT from Rice who was 3rd team all C-USA last year. Their linebacker McBride from Auburn played in the SEC but suffered a neck injury in 2018. He recorded a couple tackles in their SEC championship game against Georgia in 2017.
  7. Yes. Has me wondering, our 2 losses are against what looks like a tough SMU and a solid rankee Cal team who just beat Ole Miss. Maybe UNT isn't that bad this year? I guess time will tell.
  8. Terrible take. If Reeder needed experience he shouldn't have been hired as OC and if SL has this mentality he shouldn't be a coach. I've never heard of a coach thinking "let's get our teeth kicked in but come out with some experience!" Reality is, Graham Harrell was good at his job and we trashed him on the board thinking we knew more than we knew.
  9. I appreciate the talk about additional police presence considering all the Dallas PD officers I know who are UNT alumni. Meanwhile, I've never met SMU alumni with the urge to serve their community by applying for employment with a local police department.
  10. SMU kicks a field goal to get on the board still down 7-3. This concludes my detailed scouting of next weeks enemy as the UNT game commences.
  11. SMU down 7-0 early. Buchele threw an early pick and Ark State threw a TD on their first offensive play.
  12. All the starters get food poisoning before the ACU game leading us to lose by 1 on a last second 60 yard field goal. We then beat every single other team on our schedule by no less than 3 TDs. The ACU game is viewed as a one off due to the food poisoning and 1 point loss and then we make the final 4. Boom.
  13. I bought my tickets for this game yesterday. I can't wait. This will be my first UNT game since the 2013 bowl game. Life took over after college. I moved about 1.5 hours away, had kids, and work nights and weekends. I've requested time off for this game since I have some seniority now but even if I don't get the time off, I'll be at the game. I'll just go to work tired after. Win or lose it'll be a night to remember. I went to every home game in college except for when my brother got married which was Dunbar's last game in green. I can't wait to go to this game and I'll be taking my brother with me. GMG.
  14. Like another poster said, they had years to train and practice together. This SMU team is a mix of random players who barely know each other and have barely practiced together. Will they be scary good by the end of the season? Probably. But when we play them they'll still be figuring out each of their roles and gaining chemistry. I'm not too worried. Now if 80% of these guys have 2 years to play then they'll be good next year. It's late to be bringing in transfers for this season.
  15. Most of their own kids aren't from Dallas proper as it is. Looking through their roster, I counted 9 players from Dallas schools and 6 of those kids went to a prep school or private school (Dunne, Bishop Lynch, Jesuit, etc...). If you want to count Highland Park as Dallas that adds 3 or 4 players from Dallas. The kids mentioned in the Twitter post only include 1 from the inner city (Gary - Kimball). These kids from the inner city know SMU, who goes there, and how they feel about them. I'm not worried about some billboards being put up showcasing players from the suburbs. It'll take completely changing the culture at SMU to make a difference. Edit: regarding Gary being from the inner city, I don't know his background. I will say there are some pretty decent residential neighborhoods in the area of Westmoreland and Kiest around Kimball. Going to DISD doesn't mean you grew up as an inner city kid.
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