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  1. Thanks. Glad he's still playing. I saw him at the State Fair when he was still at UNT. Nice guy. He seemed shocked I knew who he was. Frankly, Nic Smith (RB) was shocked I knew who he was when I saw him at the fair too. And yes, these videos the nfl have been producing are pretty good.
  2. Good video. I'm sharing this to see if anybody knows who's at the 6 minute mark with the North Texas shirt? Looks like maybe Jordan Murray but I didn't think he was in the NFL more than a minute. This video is a year old so maybe he was with a team when the video was filmed. Anybody know? Anyways, I found it awesome to see an NFL video with a North Texas shirt in it. Thanks!
  3. You seem to be misunderstanding the difference between coaching candidate criteria and going after a specific person. It's why I said y'all are delusional. Chadwell ain't coming here. Move on and look for somebody who could view HC here as a promotion, not a step down. Alright I'm out. Have fun throwing out random names of people who are already in better situations thinking they'll head over to Denton to be your hero.
  4. God y'all are delusional. I hadn't logged on here for over a year or even looked on here in that time for this reason. You seriously think a guy coaching the number 16th ranked team will come to C-USA when he'll have $3-$4 million P5 offers at the end of the season if he keeps this up? Coastal Carolina's previous headcoach went 56-22 and had only 1 year of HC experience which was coaching the Omaha Knighthawks of the UFL where he went 1-3. He started at Coastal Carolina at 62 or 63 years old so he wasn't some young up-and-coming flashy hire either. The reality is, there is no magical criteria that will get you THE GUY. Some coaches are a hit and some aren't. You can't keep limiting criteria by saying we need a this guy or a that guy or a guy with prior HC experience who's no longer HC for a reason and expect to land the next Saban. We need to move on from SL and that is the only thing that needs to be set in stone. Who takes over needs to be wide open.
  5. Why in the world would a coach at a ranked G5 school go to another G5 that just got blown out? Chadwell keeps this up, he'll be a P5 coach after bowl season. He ain't coming to no UNT. Looking at his history, Chadwell was a small school HC from 2009 to 2016 and went to Coastal in 2017 as a positions coach. He groomed there for 2 years and took over in 2019. He wasn't a big flashy coaching hire, just a program recognizing their talent. We can't get consistency by starting over every time we want to fire a coach. It takes too long for a new coach to get "their type of guys" in and by then, 4 years have gone by, the shine is gone, and we're back to looking for a new coach. Is there nobody in our staff with prior experience who is HC material?
  6. Yeah it's a big football school from what I've read. Tate Martell came out of there a few years ago. Was the number 2 Dual Threat QB in his class and went to Ohio State. He's now at Miami. Definitely a pipeline you want to tap into.
  7. With zero evidence, I would guess the other schools' tuition costs you mentioned as being less than UNT are lower because of housing. DFW housing > Nacogdoches/Stephenville/Corpus Christie/Commerce housing. Housing is a large chunk of the total tuition package.
  8. I know Texas is not Ivy league but they're highly regarded nationwide. A friend of my brother's (who went to Missouri) convinced me UNT was the best option for journalism. He was the sports editor for the DMN at the time and told me he held a UNT degree in higher esteem than a Texas degree if everything else was equal. I decided journalism wasn't for me but I don't blame that on him. Anyways, just my story on an employer's value of a UNT degree. I think it's also going to depend on what you studied and how that relates to what you're applying for. An Art History degree will hold little weight regardless of the school name on the degree.
  9. I'm not going to look at all your examples but I looked at UTA because they're in DFW. Per their website, their tuition is $27,280 per year which is about $2000 more per year than UNT per UNT's website. My statement wasn't clear. While I'm sure there are other universities in Texas that are cheaper, from what I've seen they're mostly no more than $2,000 less. My comment was regarding the belief that you can go to a 4 year school, get a degree, and not get into debt with today's costs unless you have a scholarship or your parents are paying for you to go or unless you work 50+ hours per week, take 1 or 2 classes per semester, live with your parents, and take 6 years to graduate thus starting your career later. $2,000 less per year is a lot of money but you're still accumulating debt doing to any one of those schools you mentioned.
  10. I'm hoping this is my last response on this topic. I've been way more invested in this thread than I should be. I guess it's just that I can clearly see the different mindsets by generation. My issue with asking within a few years after graduation is these young adults are tired of college and being broke. Give them some time to accumulate some wealth and assets (house, own car, etc...) and then start the conversation. Starting immediately after college left a bad taste in my mouth which that alone takes time to get past. Like somebody else mentioned, after paying for every little thing including scantrons to take tests, now you want MORE money? Give it time before asking for the first time. 5 years down the line, you introduce the thought to somebody and they might be in a good spot financially to where they can happily accept and donate. Graduating college with these loan debt amounts felt like a bad breakup to me and the last thing I wanted to do was give UNT MORE money. That said, with the amount of data out there, I feel universities would be better off creating time frames to start contacting graduates based on their level of debts. I'm sure universities know how much students owe Sallie Mae. How quickly they start asking for donations should depend on how much money the owe. The more they owe, the longer you wait before contacting them. If somebody really wants to donate anyways, I'm sure they will.
  11. I would forego 2 Starbucks drinks and shift that money to UNT.
  12. I agree with your sentiment about the picture. I feel like it's a middle finger to the university and I love UNT. I plan on donating one day when I can. I've never been stingy but calling somebody within a few years of graduating while they're watching hundreds escape their checking accounts monthly to pay for said university seems like a poor tactic .
  13. Find me other 4 year universities in Texas that are cheaper. I'll wait.
  14. Even then, inheritance turning you rich only matters for those who have wealth in their families. For those few, student loan debt doesn't exist anyways. For the majority, there is no inheritance to fallback on.
  15. The current average tuition for 1 full year at UNT (two 15 credit semesters) is $25,680. This total does not include the summer when you're out of school and need housing/food as well as winter break which is about 1 month. Most people go home for breaks which means less costs but also needing to find temporary employment back home or just going unpaid. I made $11/hour in college working at a distribution center. At 40 hours per week, I would have made $22,880 in 1 year before taxes were taken out. My employer did not allow us to go over 30 hours per week. Paying for tuition would have been nearly impossible. Thanks for playing.
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