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  1. Yeah it's a big football school from what I've read. Tate Martell came out of there a few years ago. Was the number 2 Dual Threat QB in his class and went to Ohio State. He's now at Miami. Definitely a pipeline you want to tap into.
  2. With zero evidence, I would guess the other schools' tuition costs you mentioned as being less than UNT are lower because of housing. DFW housing > Nacogdoches/Stephenville/Corpus Christie/Commerce housing. Housing is a large chunk of the total tuition package.
  3. I know Texas is not Ivy league but they're highly regarded nationwide. A friend of my brother's (who went to Missouri) convinced me UNT was the best option for journalism. He was the sports editor for the DMN at the time and told me he held a UNT degree in higher esteem than a Texas degree if everything else was equal. I decided journalism wasn't for me but I don't blame that on him. Anyways, just my story on an employer's value of a UNT degree. I think it's also going to depend on what you studied and how that relates to what you're applying for. An Art History degree will hold little weight
  4. I'm not going to look at all your examples but I looked at UTA because they're in DFW. Per their website, their tuition is $27,280 per year which is about $2000 more per year than UNT per UNT's website. My statement wasn't clear. While I'm sure there are other universities in Texas that are cheaper, from what I've seen they're mostly no more than $2,000 less. My comment was regarding the belief that you can go to a 4 year school, get a degree, and not get into debt with today's costs unless you have a scholarship or your parents are paying for you to go or unless you work 50+ hours per w
  5. I'm hoping this is my last response on this topic. I've been way more invested in this thread than I should be. I guess it's just that I can clearly see the different mindsets by generation. My issue with asking within a few years after graduation is these young adults are tired of college and being broke. Give them some time to accumulate some wealth and assets (house, own car, etc...) and then start the conversation. Starting immediately after college left a bad taste in my mouth which that alone takes time to get past. Like somebody else mentioned, after paying for every little thing i
  6. I would forego 2 Starbucks drinks and shift that money to UNT.
  7. I agree with your sentiment about the picture. I feel like it's a middle finger to the university and I love UNT. I plan on donating one day when I can. I've never been stingy but calling somebody within a few years of graduating while they're watching hundreds escape their checking accounts monthly to pay for said university seems like a poor tactic .
  8. Find me other 4 year universities in Texas that are cheaper. I'll wait.
  9. Even then, inheritance turning you rich only matters for those who have wealth in their families. For those few, student loan debt doesn't exist anyways. For the majority, there is no inheritance to fallback on.
  10. The current average tuition for 1 full year at UNT (two 15 credit semesters) is $25,680. This total does not include the summer when you're out of school and need housing/food as well as winter break which is about 1 month. Most people go home for breaks which means less costs but also needing to find temporary employment back home or just going unpaid. I made $11/hour in college working at a distribution center. At 40 hours per week, I would have made $22,880 in 1 year before taxes were taken out. My employer did not allow us to go over 30 hours per week. Paying for tuition would have been ne
  11. I've never donated money to UNT and I immediately throw away anything asking me to donate. I graduated in 2014 and hope to pay off my student loans by next year. If the school wanted me to donate, they could have made tuition/overall attendance less expensive. How can you expect young adults, most of who can barely get a job out of college, to take what little bit they earn and donate it away. I don't think most of you here understand the current costs of college education, cost of living, and current incomes. I started off making $15/hour out of college in a corporate job doing work unrelated
  12. As far as I'm concerned he wasn't convicted. Plenty of people go after celebrities for money so regardless of threats, the case loses credibility for me because she settled for money but wouldn't follow through with the criminal side. In regards to signs of abuse and all, Ezekiel Elliott's ex-girlfriend had all the evidence for physical abuse but didn't consider her best friend turning in text messages where his accuser said she was going to frame him for leaving her. That's why there's a court case. If you read about Kobe's case, the accuser wore underwear with a white males pubic hairs and a
  13. I've got a bunch of kids. Unfortunately my best shot at athletes are the two youngest. I've got the 3 oldest step kids wearing UNT gear though... had the 10 year old in football but he wasn't interested. Going to be another 15 years for the two youngest and I'm going to steer them towards non-CTE sports if possible.
  14. 12-0 confirmed. We'll get the Heart of Dallas Bowl against a 8-4 G5 team.
  15. He goes to Parish Episcopal. For kids from Parish, Greenhill, Hockaday, Episcopal school of Dallas, Jesuit, Highland Park, etc... going to SMU is part of the culture. They stay in the private school system in college and stay with the same circle of people. This isn't a shot at them or SMU by saying it's part of the culture but they get to go to a school where they know a lot of people, feel comfortable because of the culture, and stay close to home. I'm not surprised he's committed there.
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