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  1. As far as I'm concerned he wasn't convicted. Plenty of people go after celebrities for money so regardless of threats, the case loses credibility for me because she settled for money but wouldn't follow through with the criminal side. In regards to signs of abuse and all, Ezekiel Elliott's ex-girlfriend had all the evidence for physical abuse but didn't consider her best friend turning in text messages where his accuser said she was going to frame him for leaving her. That's why there's a court case. If you read about Kobe's case, the accuser wore underwear with a white males pubic hairs and another male's sperm on it to her rape kit exam for Kobe but then claimed she put on the wrong underwear by accident. That makes no sense but that's what happened and what she claimed. If that's not suspect I don't know what is. The debate was that she had sex with another man after the alleged rape. If that's true, that's not consistent with the behavior of somebody who was just raped. A witness who worked with her said he saw her after the alleged rape and said she didn't seem distraught or bothered in any way. Him apologizing was part of the civil settlement so there certainly was some control from her side in what was to be included in the apology. Of course, when celebrity trials don't go through everybody just says the accuser was afraid of retaliation and they consider the celebrity guilty without considering that maybe they just didn't have a strong case. Regardless of your beliefs, Kobe had 1 blemish which was the rape allegations. His family loved him, he had an incredible bond with his daughters, and was very involved in mentoring youths. Everybody you watch play basketball today grew up wanting to be Kobe. He's this generation's MJ. In addition, he was very involved in supporting other sports including being one of the biggest celebrity supporters of women's basketball including attending games of all levels. In my opinion, his legacy will live in more than just in basketball. Finally, I find it highly inappropriate to talk so poorly about somebody when they're deceased based on allegations that happened almost 20 years ago. He has a daughter who will never even know him. Have some respect.
  2. I've got a bunch of kids. Unfortunately my best shot at athletes are the two youngest. I've got the 3 oldest step kids wearing UNT gear though... had the 10 year old in football but he wasn't interested. Going to be another 15 years for the two youngest and I'm going to steer them towards non-CTE sports if possible.
  3. 12-0 confirmed. We'll get the Heart of Dallas Bowl against a 8-4 G5 team.
  4. He goes to Parish Episcopal. For kids from Parish, Greenhill, Hockaday, Episcopal school of Dallas, Jesuit, Highland Park, etc... going to SMU is part of the culture. They stay in the private school system in college and stay with the same circle of people. This isn't a shot at them or SMU by saying it's part of the culture but they get to go to a school where they know a lot of people, feel comfortable because of the culture, and stay close to home. I'm not surprised he's committed there.
  5. I also enjoyed him saying he would stay home with the city that made him... by going to Fort Worth. Those that don't know highland hills, it's considered southeast oak cliff by today's geography so Dallas, not Fort Worth (oak cliff is originally much smaller than what's called oak cliff today). It's actually a few miles east of UNT Dallas. Regardless, I wish him the best of luck. It's not easy growing up in areas like he grew up in. I'm happy he's making it out of there and I hope he works hard, finds success, and gets his family out too. A lot of good kids get sucked in to criminal activity and ruin their future so congratulations to him.
  6. Completely respect that. I feel like we can impact people the best when each focusing on smaller communities (i.e. beat responsibility) and that's dead in Dallas. Call after call without ever getting to handle the smaller complaints and getting to help those who need it. Anyways, I wish you the best of luck. You're clearly doing things right.
  7. Congrats sir. Any chance you put in for the Dallas chief after chief Hall is gone? We could use a real leader who knows DPD and the city of Dallas.
  8. Don't know if this has been answered but what's up with the horn sounding off constantly at the pit?
  9. I think both. Plus if memory serves me right our DL coach or DC went to Texas Tech to serve on the DL. I'm blanking on the coach's name but I belive he had formerly played for the Miami Hurricanes. There was probably a strong connection there and coach offered Howard stability in a situation with so much uncertainty. Edit I think the coach was Kevin Patrick.
  10. I don't think it matters much until he's up for head coaching jobs. Even then I think it only matters if you're looking at programs of similar stature. Right now he's likely just looking for upward moves. Why go to Texas for the same role and pay when it means starting over with implementing his philosophies? He's spent his whole career moving around North America (even Canada) for opportunities. Being close to home probably doesn't matter as much as it does to others.
  11. He played there early on. Shame he didn't want to be here.
  12. He honestly reminds me of Devin Singletary from FAU. Singletary was about 5'9" 200 lbs. Siggers is 5'8" and 200 lbs. He's just as punishing and aggressive of a runner as i remember Singletary being. The same reasons Singletary gave the conference fits are the same reasons Siggers tortures the conference during his career. If he continues like this, expect great things in college and at the NFL level. I'm very excited about Siggers being in green.
  13. Depends. If your transfers never played at P5s due to work ethic or attitude then why believe they'll be any better at a G5 school?SMU got a variety of transfers, several of which had injury issues which prevented them from playing previously. For SMU a few of their transfers were productive at their previous schools. Their QB transfer Bueschele was a starter at Texas for a year and some games so I think many expected him to play well at SMU. SMU also got Abercrumbia, a DT from Rice who was 3rd team all C-USA last year. Their linebacker McBride from Auburn played in the SEC but suffered a neck injury in 2018. He recorded a couple tackles in their SEC championship game against Georgia in 2017.
  14. Yes. Has me wondering, our 2 losses are against what looks like a tough SMU and a solid rankee Cal team who just beat Ole Miss. Maybe UNT isn't that bad this year? I guess time will tell.
  15. Terrible take. If Reeder needed experience he shouldn't have been hired as OC and if SL has this mentality he shouldn't be a coach. I've never heard of a coach thinking "let's get our teeth kicked in but come out with some experience!" Reality is, Graham Harrell was good at his job and we trashed him on the board thinking we knew more than we knew.
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