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  1. Could be a charity benefit which is great. UT Hoops did this for my organization last year. Men’s game.
  2. I am glad no one is knee jerking or panicking.
  3. After Austin Reaves was doubted his whole life , I am going to reserve judgement more often . DJ a much different player . This kid seems like a creator .
  4. I trust the AAU summer competition was strong and that he shined there.
  5. Why is everything quiet on Dixon? No announcement from UNT basketball.
  6. Or maybe she is choosing family first which I applaud.
  7. Exact position we need for depth. I wonder why he didn’t sign earlier with someone ?
  8. Whatever happens in this game, we need to all be proud of the players and basketball program.
  9. We look steady . Dawkins and Gamble are tough . This reminds me of Sidney Dean and Billy Hoil trying to knock off the King and Duck.
  10. I can’t express just how happy you guys now on Bleed Green and as Mean Green have made me . The 33 years of being a fan has never been better. Thank you for the guys of the last 6 years for your character and kindness.
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