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  1. **** it bring him back. Best option considering how much we owe him financially. Clearly the team believes in him.
  2. Am I happier that we won and are bowl eligible or that nUTSAck lost? Guess I'll make it a poll.
  3. The last time we beat UTSA with Mason at the helm.
  4. He's not talking to his players, he's talking to a room full of boosters.
  5. I want to say that I agree SL should be gone. That said, let's pretend we get to a bowl game and we win it at 7-6. Are we still holding pitchforks or are we on the fence?
  6. UT Sorta Almost "fans" can literally go **** ******* **** ** ** *********
  7. Why can't SL manage the clock? It's not hard. It's a count and it goes down. Do we need to send him back to preschool?
  8. Oh well, at least I won't have to worry about if we're going to a bowl game or not. SL just lost us the game with a shitty call, big surprise. Shoulda taken the points.
  9. If we got the field goal, then they need 1 td and 2 field goals to tie or 2 tds to win. Now they just need 1 td and 1 field goal. This was horrible game management.
  10. What a terrible call. Absolutely dumb. If Mooney can't hit a field goal from that close then why even have kicker. This is horrible.
  11. Yeah...that was a bad call. Definitely muffed that one. Feel bad for UTEP. We've had a lot of **** calls this year too.
  12. That game was like pulling teeth. At least we won.
  13. At this point doesn't matter. It'll be a miracle if we win another game this season. Put whatever QB you think has the most upside at this point.
  14. Not only no, but HELL NO. I don't want a coach that kisses their players and tells everyone they're Mensa member while simultaneously being one of the most predictable play callers in college football. I would rather take DMac back. Edit: Also forgot, the Big 12 is now part of the Group of 6 and not part of the P4.
  15. alright im out. gonna keep watching but not much left to say about this shitshow.
  16. We can't afford to fire him and that's Wren Baker's fault.
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