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  1. https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/Tua-Tagovailoa-Trevor-Lawrence-Jalen-Hurts-quarterback-rankings-CBS-Sports-132313189/#132313189_7 Based on the tier system, I figured Mason would be ranked pretty low. But I was pleasantly surprised. I like how they broke this list down. It gives good weight for established starters with relatively proven track records, though I think Sam Ehlinger is WAY too high on the list. But again, pleasantly surprised Mason ended up in Tier II.
  2. Thanks for the spoilers Bert. I wanted to be surprised by the number 1 spot.
  3. Yeah that's not accurate. Whoever put him there obviously hasn't watched his film very closely.
  4. Lane Kiffin bringing in quality young men I see.
  5. Read P5s rely on sponsorships to pay a lot of their bills.
  6. He may have graduated or be graduating this month, or even might be graduating after summer classes. Either that or SMU may offer a course or degree that he wants to study that UT doesn't. There are a lot of ways around it.
  7. I've heard people say things to the effect of both of those statements...
  8. What a beautiful work of art.
  9. It would be a good change of pace, like when Shanbour came in last season after Fine went down...minus the Utah State game.
  10. Let me have my fantasy! Go to youtube and watch some of the spring camp stuff if you can. From an amateur's eye, Mason looks like he's putting more heat on it on all of his throws, but especially the down field ones. I can't remember where but I think I read at spring ball he was up to 195.
  11. I hope you are never besieged by the furry raccoon devils. They know no mercy (on your provisions). But seriously, it's just a raccoon. Let it go.
  12. Pls don't crush my hopes and dreams of back up quarterback Mason Fine leading the Dallas Cowboys to a 2021 super bowl victory after Dak goes down with an injury. .
  13. If they had done a little bit more research, you'd think they'd throw Fine into this article somewhere. Either way, I think this helps show that he will get a fair evaluation next spring and won't be overlooked.
  14. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2830789-ranking-the-top-10-seniors-heading-into-the-2019-college-football-season#slide0 Mason is #9 on their list of top 10 seniors headed into the 2019 season. There's also some interesting speculation from the snapshot assessment style of the article: "Long-Term Outlook: Since he's listed at 5'11", Fine will be subject to the classic "is he tall enough for the NFL?" conversation. But his efficiency―he completed nearly 64 percent of his passes over the past two seasons―and improved decision-making are definite draws. Fine should be drafted, though likely on Day 2 or later." It should be noted that D'Eriq King is #6.
  15. Either way, analogies aside, our short yardage game needed to be reworked from the ground up and it sounds like he did that. Using different personnel packages should help us. If everything you do is 4 wide with one back or 5 wide, it's not hard for the defense to key in on what you were doing. Harrell's, and largely air raid's, philosophy isn't to trick or disguise what you're going to run necessarily, but to out execute the opponent. Getting more diverse with the formations and personnel should help keep the defense guessing. Another article had Fine mention that Reeder wants more pre-snap defense identification versus Harrell's progression based decision making. This, theoretically, will be good for the evolution of Fine as a quarterback and I wouldn't be at all surprised if Mason ends up calling his own plays to adjust for different defensive looks in this new version of the offense. On paper, I am really excited about the Reeder hire. We'll just have to see how it does on Saturdays.
  16. I may regret asking, but what is Barefoot Denton?
  17. McNultey was not as bad as everyone says he was. It's hard to sustain drives when almost every other pass you throw is 3rd and long because the run game came up short or when you do actually throw it, your receivers drop the ball because they've been practicing blocking during practice. And from comments Quinn has made on some of the Beyond the Green episodes, it sounds like that qb room was extremely toxic.
  18. Big fan of this on paper. We'll have to see how the offense adjusts to Reeder though. "Fine said he finished spring practice much more comfortable in Reeder's system that has him reading key players on a defense -- linebackers and safeties -- before deciding where to go with the ball. Former coordinator Graham Harrell's system is based more on going through a progression of potential targets."
  19. Found an image of a nUTSAck Fan's tailgating trailer.
  20. He dropped more than a few, but I am man enough to admit when I was wrong. I didn't realize he was that fast either. I've always said physically it seems like he's a great fit for the NFL, and now that we know how fast he is in terms of a benchmark, as well as the other benchmark numbers, that confirms it. I'm glad he's generating some interest and hope he gets on with a team. Very smart to use his connection with Murray to workout with him and get some free publicity. I still don't think he'll get drafted but I would be very surprised if he didn't get a UDFA contract and end up on a practice squad next year. Depending on how well he does in camp and preseason, I also wouldn't be surprised if he made it to a 53 man roster.
  21. I think they ran some formations with him in last season in TE or H back, but I may be mistaken.
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