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  1. I figured we'd be 50/50 and I think chances are good that's what's going to happen. Magical mediocre 7-7 season. Yay.
  2. Speculation, guesses, wild theories all welcome. This is the only constructive way I know how to express my pain. They won't hang onto him for long. Maybe West Virginia (I know they said they were keeping Neal Brown...but with Wren there now????)?
  3. It was a joke...kinda. 232 yards against the SEC is probably better than our OC (though I have a very strong appreciation for Bloesch in terms of oline play, just not in terms of QB play). I don't actually know if Dickey is a good fit or if he can instruct and guide young QBs. I do like him/his personality though, and I definitely like his black jersey play here in the past. Unabashed.
  4. Under no circumstances should he be extended.
  5. Maybe on paper but I think they were eying him for the starting job next year. He's a true freshman I think.
  6. We'll be lucky if we get another offensive drive for the rest of the game. Defense going to have to step up big if we want to put this away.
  7. Aune should have pulled that read. Come on, run the ball Aune.
  8. C'mon Aune holy shit Edit: Okay, he made up for that pathetic run, great pass
  9. So that's how the refs gonna be this game. What a bs call.
  10. I will blame you exclusively if we lose.
  11. If he's not I will be very disappointed.
  12. If they get rid of Silverfield, I wonder if Henigan hits the transfer portal...
  13. Dude has had at least 3 passes that should have been intercepted.
  14. Seth ALWAYS loses the big games. EVERY FVCKING TIME.
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