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  1. Glad to hear Easly was back on the field is on track in his recovery. I was worried that injury might have taken him out of the game. Glad it didn't.
  2. My only comment to this is that yes, Fine generally has a quick release, and he can extend plays outside of the pocket when protection breaks down (if his hammy is good to go). BUT, one trend I noticed last year, he will wait to throw an extra second or two to hit a target farther down the field when a closer receiver was wide open. I'm all for taking the big shots and stretching the defense, but it's also a numbers game. If you have a guy wide open that's closer to you, get the ball out to him. Don't hold it longer waiting for the home run, because while he has delivered on many a home run, hitting the open guy underneath quicker and more consistently could yield better results. If we did that, I bet drives would stall less and it would also create separation in the backfield for the long balls.
  3. I don't really care about what ODU fans think, and why should we? This seems like a great hire.
  4. That's right, I forgot about that.
  5. From the article: "He dealt with a wrist injury in November" This wasn't public knowledge was it? I certainly didn't realize it. That could be an explanation on some of the overthrow-should-have-been-a-touchdown deep passes.
  6. Update: It would appear that the previously posted youtube video is the video that will be featuring Mason, since it has a runtime of 7 minutes and so does the youtube video. Still, this is great exposure for a crowd that may not normally watch football.
  7. Wow what horrible timing. I am legitimately pissed off but I'm not sure who to be pissed at. I can't be mad at Koonz for taking a better position. I guess I'm mad at Ole Miss for being aholes and poaching our coach this deep into the offseason? That seems like a **** move.
  8. At first I didn't think that was a very high assessment but I overestimated the parcel size. That works out to approximately $24 per land square foot. That doesn't sound absurdly high or low for land generally in the periphery of a major university. Whether that is appropriate for that specific piece of land, I do not know. Your discussion of eminent domain is spot on, though I think there could be some argument about highest and best use (though as you say it will most likely get settled prior to the commissioner hearing). Did Westdale ever say what they were going to do with Carriage Square across the street? That could have an impact on highest and best use, assuming they don't sell it to the university. Valued individually as a 2,000 SF building or a 10,000 SF parcel of land it certainly isn't highest and best use as a university facility, though I understand you are looking at it from the perspective of all the land that the university plans to take, not just of the individual subhub parcel.
  9. Problem is right across the street, the owner will have to pay rent, which would add significant overhead to the business. And maybe the owner can absorb that extra overhead, I don't have any idea how much the business makes. But if they can't, buildings to buy for use as a restaurant and sites to build a new one on are pretty limited around campus. Not sure what the zoning allows either.
  10. Frankly, there aren't a ton of available retail sites on the edge of campus. You could buy one of the single family homes in the area and tear it down if the zoning is right but all those owners are renting their houses until the university uses eminent domain on them as well, hopefully for a decent pay day. NY Subhub's business is built around foot traffic and no other place in the city has as much as campus. Fry Street rent would probably be too high. In fact, I bet it is owned without any debt at this point, so finding a place to rent in town adds significant overhead to the business, especially if it was near Fry Street. I think even if they relocated to Bonnie Brae, you still wouldn't get the same foot traffic that you get on the south side of campus. I don't like when imminent domain is used this way. I hope the owner gets an independent appraisal, because what the county has it assessed at is probably significantly below what it is worth.
  11. "theatrical world premiere", could imply that it was aired somewhere else, but who knows. Either way, I was mostly curious if anyone had any more info on this. We should know for sure if it's a short a feature length documentary once the film festival lists it on their website.
  12. The festival has both feature length and short films, but their website doesn't have the films that will be there listed yet, so it could just be a short documentary or it could be feature length. If it's a short, I'm wondering if it is this, which has been available to view for a while:
  13. Anyone have any more info on this? I was poking around looking for new articles on Mason and I came across this interesting bit of news. The film festival is in Denton in April. https://www.tulsaworld.com/communities/skiatook/news/osiyo-voices-of-the-cherokee-people-showcasing-special-features-at/article_4f46b2a9-dad3-56a2-8b89-14b396420d5a.html From the article: "The producers of Cherokee Nation’s Emmy award-winning documentary series, “Osiyo, Voices of the Cherokee People,” have been selected to screen their short films at several major film festivals in 2019. What began as a monthly, 30-minute news magazine-style program in February 2015 has morphed into a weekly show and reshaped the way the tribe shares about its history, language, culture and people. Now Cherokee Nation is sharing those stories as individual short documentaries, competing in film festivals across the globe. The series, and the short documentaries within it, has earned numerous regional, national and international accolades, including five Heartland Regional Emmy awards and most recently Best Short Documentary at the LA Skins Fest, which featured more than 70 Native American, independent productions representing hundreds of reservations, nations and tribal organizations."
  14. Not quite. He came on in Mac's last year and redshirt in 2015. I have no actual info, but my speculation is that the new coaching staff may have not been interested in him or vice versa. From everything I've seen and read, hes a great athlete, so I am disappointed. Reeder likes TEs, so this move really surprises me considering how few we have on the roster unless there was something else behind the scenes that we are unaware of.
  15. Doesn't change the fact that they were within a TD of Bama until the end of the 4th quarter.
  16. That's actually a poor example because they almost won that game even without McCoy.
  17. I'm not sure it's entirely fair to criticize the Utah State game with Mason being taken out. You could make the argument that Mason getting injured game shouldn't have mattered that much for a "good team" but "good teams" have trouble adjusting across the board from High School to the NFL when their starting QB goes down. And I think you're probably reading too much into the coaching carousel buzz. And as others have pointed out we have had serious deficiencies in the trenches, especially on the offensive side. It was both sides of the ball in 2016 and 2017, though the dline was much improved last year for the most part. Oline still sorting it out. I think that has more to do with the blowouts than anything else. That being said, the blame is still on Seth and I don't disagree with most of the criticism of his tenure here, but it is still light years from where we've been since Dickey had is run. I inferred it from your post basically saying he hasn't accomplished anything here, which is false. And throughout this post you basically say the same thing. I've even conceded in every post in this thread that he needs to finish seasons strong and that it is disappointing the various issues and poor results we've had in most of the big time games. I'm not saying we need to anoint him king and pay him $20 million a year, but there seems to be a fundamental lack of respect for where we are now versus the ****hole(note: proverbial coaching ****hole, not the university itself, which I of course love) we were wallowing in for a decade before he came here.
  18. Yeah, he's done such a horrible job here bringing us to three bowl games in 3 years and having a solid winning record the past two seasons from when we WENT 1 AND 11 IN 2015. We are not that far removed from that blunder of a season and the turnaround he has orchestrated is nothing short of a damn good job well done, bowl season and end of the season "woes" aside. Next year without Harrell calling plays will an interesting year I think in terms of how we finish games and how we finish the season.
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