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  1. With the 1% showing in the video you attach to the bottom of your posts, my Cornhole Savant friend? GMG
  2. Conversely, some of our best games have been in empty stadiums. Lance Dunbar's last game against Middle comes to mind. Please advise: Should we pray for rain and cold the rest of the year? I could only fill 4 of my 8 seats. Sickness, parents punishing their kids for bad behavior (so the entire family cancels), regulars out of town for work commitments made it so. Lots of sold seats are unused every game. But I agree, the stadium has never been fuller. GMG
  3. Twitter, so take it for what that is worth: Apparently a pipe broke in the UTSA post-game locker room and the room was showered with "stink" water. Conflicting reports as to if it was a sewage or water pipe, but players in towels were reportedly seen outside the locker room. A player commented this was just about how the season has gone so far. GMG
  4. Can't remember John Lott's number but I would guess that is him in the picture on the bottom right. Was an offensive lineman here, and is a great strength coach, now with the Chargers. GMG
  5. I'll scattershoot a bit also: Cal fans were appreciative of our fans coming out to Cali. Many expressed dismay we would come all the way from Flyover to see this game. It was a nice opportunity to talk to them about what we do at NT, and about Texas. I was surprised, as was referenced above, that a number of fans were fully aware of the sad demise of the great city of San Francisco. And they aren't happy about it, no matter the political side they are on. I met more conservatives than I expected. One nice lab rat guy gave Dr. Houdek, Judge Holland, my family and others a quick tour of the things he liked about his campus: a fountain dedicated to a homeless dog that used to come around campus at certain times of day knowing he would be well fed; the free speech monument he showed us. Apparently, it and the space above it are considered sovereign. A circle of refuge. He told my wife that he is a conservative and it was great to chat with others without concern of pissing off anyone for no good reason. He told us if he ever gets chased by cops, he is going to stand in the circle. But he is a Conservative, so there really won't be much reason to be chased by cops. https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/free-speech-monument I took my wife to Sonoma and Napa, and my wife and son to Yosemite during the week. I then hated the first quarter, loved most of the rest of the game, informed Mason Fine's sister (?), girlfriend (?), aunt (?) of the TD that broke the NT record for touchdown passes, toasted my Laphroaig to the team to start and end the game (and a bit in between), sat with Mean Green Matt by happenstance, with whom I sat by happenstance at the NM Bowl, kissed my bride and hugged my son on a couple of sweet 2H touchdowns and enjoyed a beautiful day for football. I enjoyed some decent BBQ near the SJC airport hotel for dinner and then flew home Sunday morning. Oh yeah....when I went to get my car from the hotel parking garage at 5:45 am Sunday morning, I found my rental car (and others) had been broken in to, rear window and front passenger window smashed, my son's dirty laundry scattered about but nothing else the bastard could steal. And he left the Be Calm and Go Mean Green shirt. Ah, the true California experience. GMG
  6. I am a fan of, and pulling for, Dion, the Novil family, his girlfriend and family, his "little brother" and family, Wylie, Abilene, Marty B's and the Mean Green. Great people, inspiring story. GMG
  7. ...beats Texas Southern 5-0. Through two games against outclassed competition, the defense has not allowed a shot on goal. NT getting the newbies lots of playing time, and they are contributing. The ladies are gearing up for two Top 25 games on the road, Texas Tech and Memphis first week in September. Next game: Friday night, August 30 vs Houston Baptist. Good way to start your tailgate overnight. GMG
  8. Ultimate sign of progress: not a single fan picked NT to have a losing record. #BeatALL GMG
  9. One of the most insightful, loyal and enduring fans I know. Thanks for showing us how to do it, Mr. Fincher. Happy birthday to you, sir. GMG
  10. NT ranked #10 in G5, #44 amongst all bowl division teams. Only CUSA team in the Top 10. UAB and Houston in the others receiving votes, close behind. This was in today's paper. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2019/08/15/college-football-ucf-army-headline-group-five-power-rankings/1770477001/ Also, LB Hayden Harrison got a promotion....received a scholarship, per Mike Lawrence today. https://meangreensports.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=4053 GMG
  11. We are in a different place, fellas. Different coaching, different players, different leadership. Get used to it. GMG
  12. And Poppy's Kettle Corn has expanded into my neighborhood. Will miss my friends at Kiosk 3, but fewer missed plays is very, very well. GMG
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