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  1. Ultimate sign of progress: not a single fan picked NT to have a losing record. #BeatALL GMG
  2. One of the most insightful, loyal and enduring fans I know. Thanks for showing us how to do it, Mr. Fincher. Happy birthday to you, sir. GMG
  3. NT ranked #10 in G5, #44 amongst all bowl division teams. Only CUSA team in the Top 10. UAB and Houston in the others receiving votes, close behind. This was in today's paper. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2019/08/15/college-football-ucf-army-headline-group-five-power-rankings/1770477001/ Also, LB Hayden Harrison got a promotion....received a scholarship, per Mike Lawrence today. https://meangreensports.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=4053 GMG
  4. We are in a different place, fellas. Different coaching, different players, different leadership. Get used to it. GMG
  5. And Poppy's Kettle Corn has expanded into my neighborhood. Will miss my friends at Kiosk 3, but fewer missed plays is very, very well. GMG
  6. I am sure the players can provide much more insight, but having played in at least one gmg.com bowl game (benefiting the Andrew Smith scholarship fund), I can attest to the fact that Fouts Field WAS a parking lot. If even for just the post-death penalty $MU game and the Booger Baylor game, that parking lot will hold sentimental longings until I pass. But it WAS a parking lot. GMG
  7. Yes, but I bravely and blindly carried forward and pushed the button that said BUY. (I get the concern though) GMG
  8. *Jester Hall , 1.5 years on the dark side in Austin *Semi-enlightened with the transfer to NTSU, Crumley Hall with two of the most bizarre roomies over two semesters *The IOOF cemetery hugging Gazebo apartments (photo attached), with the best roommate ever, Eric Gay, now AP bureau photographer covering South Texas and the world, on request. Met that guy while beer-tending at the RBL. Later he met his future wife -and introduced me to her roommate, my future wife. Collectively, we have been married 64 years and have four kids. One is as passionate of a Mean Green fan as I.
  9. Happy Independence Day, friends. I understand the “real” show is in the stadium but could my family set up in the parking lot and tailgate a few hours before the show? Maybe 5:30 or 6 pm? What does Blue/Red lot parking cost? Does one’s MGSF status help? if not Apogee, where else could I set up and see the fireworks, preferably easy enough to describe to others coming from the mid-cities? Any other relevant tips appreciated. GMG
  10. A little early for the tailgate? See you in September. GMG
  11. I think it was sitting on a table at one of the meetings we went to at Apogee. Can't recall the occasion. GMG
  12. A little something to pass the time as we anticipate the upcoming season and who will be the next #UNTAMED20 verbal: I found myself using two Mean Green tchotchkes today. Some call them bribes (medical industry lingo), trinkets, bauble or knickknack but they are typically something decorative but cheap. But I appreciate those that have an enduring function. Schedule magnets, rally flags and bandannas are pretty standard stuff but here are three favorites that come to mind, all from the current administration....for whom I am grateful. The Joe Green key chain (thanks Jim Plummer) The NT alumni chap stick ball given out at the New Mexico Bowl The hotel key/DL/credit card holder given to support the MGSF. Great for travelers and runners (both here) and also keeps your phone from sliding on the car console. I went mostly current so help me recall some of those from the past. GMG
  13. It has been brought up before but it is great to see the support and reaction as each verbal is announced from other verbals/recruits in the 2020. These guys aren't on an island. The prior commits are embracing the new ones as team, as part of a very strong group. I love the competitive spirit between classes. 2020 is already claiming it will be the best class yet. It will be fun to see how 2019 reacts. On the field. GMG
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