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  1. @BillySee58Dang, you should be heading up the ticket office. GMG
  2. Ok....I thought I read somewhere the motive had for the ESPN intervention is that it is stuck with the contract even after OU/UT exit. If the Big 12 were no longer, the contract would be no longer also. GMG
  3. Can anyone explain why the Big 12 doesn't go to the AAC and invite them to join the Big 12? Then, they don't forfeit the ESPN contract and divvy up the proceeds, which I assume are more than AAC contract is valued, with the new conference mates. GMG
  4. Is ESPN3, CBS Sports, American Sports Network and Bein conspiring with the Sun Belt to take all of the CUSA teams, to get out of its $11,217 contract with Judy? GMG
  5. I don't have original thoughts so this may be discussed already: The shift CFB is about embarking on will change how recruits will be ranked, from stars to Ks. Recruits will be assessed by their projected star power. A 1K player would be capable of generating 1000/season in self-marketing, 375K projects to 375000/season, etc. Athlete value will be assessed each year they play. P5 schools will be the equivalent of Big Leagues and sign high potential players because the projection is based on a connection to a highly visible football program. G5s will be the equivalent of the minor leagues, and sign players that fall to them. Those players are working hard to get to the Bigs. The transfer portal will be the place where minor leaguers will go to maximize their projected value after their minor league stint, and some will move up to the Pros. It will also be the portal Pro teams will use to "encourage" Pros that have lost enough value to go get the best deal they can elsewhere. The NIL rights change was the likely trigger that sent OU and UT out looking to associate itself with the Pro-est of Pro conferences so they can recruit the players that will have the highest Kvalue. GMG
  6. The good news is newspapers that still print (and have anyone that reads the print version) also cover the games in real time and their stories can be read after a game faster than it takes me to get of the Apogee parking lot after a home game. The key is to be newsworthy, where ever you play. GMG
  7. Ironic that the only reason I may tune in the Olympics is to see the Mexican and Columbian golf teams. GMG
  8. Million dollar smile. Nice to see swag without shoe logos on it. GMG
  9. I love watching morning golf! And it was really fun watching Munoz last week, when they were isolating shots, with slow-mo and commentary. I think that was Saturday. GMG
  10. Thanks. Because being -4 and in 40th is a lot better than being +4 and in 40th. Kidding. He finished at -3, currently T46. GMG
  11. If they are available and you need a “sponsor,” let me know. You pay and I’ll buy. GMG
  12. I smile every time I get to see Gray Eagle. In-person or reading his posts. GMG
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