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  1. Any of the highlight packages have the Pirtle and Lyles plays? And is it a league-wide policy that controversial plays aren't shown on replay in the stadium? I know I saw some questionable calls replayed at FIU. Seems like Apogee never shows them. GMG
  2. 6 +/- 1-2, plus me. Let’s make this a really good story. GMG
  3. For the record, wunderground.com did not make the call with accuracy. But the rain was manageable and sporadic….much like the crowd. Empty is manageable. GMG
  4. www.wunderground.com says rain will hold off until after 9. Cloudy with few sprinkles this afternoon so far. I am wearing flip flops just in case. GMG
  5. There is no other answer. I will never pull for my team to lose. Let those in control, control. GMG
  6. Is it true that NT Drumline created the “hit the drumstick of the drummer next to you” technique? My first recall of the Drumline was in 1980 when they passed one stick to the drummer next to them, and the guy on the end left-hand tossed his drumstick over the line to the drummer on the other end of the line…who immediately incorporated the newly acquired stick into the routine all others on the line were doing. GMG
  7. Bounced one off the right post with 30 seconds left in regulation. I was at the other end of the field, but I think their goalie came down to kick that penalty kick and scored it. GMG
  8. It was a limited edition. Late arrivers were not offered one. GMG
  9. Congratulations to @Brett Vito for graduating from being blamed for losses because you chose us to win to provoking fans through your pick to consider whether winning is a good idea or not. By my count, you are 7-0 on your picks this year (you may have picked us to win one other but I don't recall it). Let's make it 8 in a row and leave the rest to those in control of what happens next. GMG
  10. You could also make the argument that the fact he was there but they didn’t have him speak makes it clear the administration knows how the fan base feels. I suspect he will be here unless they can find someone to buy out the contract in addition to the support they are seeking to build up the athletic center. GMG
  11. Because aspiring to be something more than you are is verboten? When we were in the Sunbelt, I wanted to be in the CUSA. When we were there, I wanted to be in the MWC. When we might be in the AAC, I want to be in the MWC. And then the SWC, and the Big 12. Aspiring to be better than you are is a good thing. No offense. GMG
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