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  1. Much appreciated SSS. My preacher's wife (Aggie that pointed out to me one of their girls went to A$M) will appreciate that. GMG
  2. Bear with me on this one: wife of one my annual tailgate attendees adores Ms. Drummond and would like to "see" her at the game on 10.15. Literally, just see. From a distance. Really. Anyone have an idea in what section the Drummond family sits? PM me if the answer shouldn't be publicly posted. In fairness, I am in section 110 and I don't mind if anyone wants to come see me. From a distance. GMG
  3. If you don't mind being away from the party, the south end of the blue lot is a nice place to gather. You might find a tree or two down there for shade. Near the main show, I like to park on the East side of the ADA lot (they use the West side of that lot and with it, the shade from Victory Hall where we used to tailgate. There is a slice of land that you share with some of the RVs and other tailgaters but at least you are on dirt. GMG
  4. UNTLifer with the commentary win. GMG
  5. And beats the world’s number one today. Included #11 where both he and Scheffler “eagle”d to halve the hole. Presidents Cup rookie done good. GMG
  6. Nice to see Mr Munoz part of the Presidents Cup World team. LIV took a few of the really good Latin players and it provides an opportunity for Sebastian. GMG
  7. My Memphis buddy sent a few tidbits that made the local fish wrap. *Memphis is getting ready to play a North Texas team that ranks second in the country in plays of at least 10 yards (70) and plays of at least 30 yards (13). The Mean Green is also tied for fifth in plays of at least 40 yards (7) and fourth in plays of at least 50 yards (4). So the Tigers can’t afford to miss too many tackles. *And coach’s comments on GGunnell: https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/sports/college/memphis-tigers/2022/09/19/memphis-football-ryan-silverfield-on-qb-grant-gunnels-transfer-to-north-texas/8039023001/ See you in Memphis. GMG
  8. Agree. I was with the bride, we got there late but we definitely enjoyed the fun. It was a good event, with good effort by the association to make it a fun event. Glad those are before the game, and not after. GMG
  9. They showed team stats during the first drive for each team, maybe the second. The numbers looked accurate. No individual stats, and I don't recall seeing any more after the 1Q. Probably did the right thing. GMG
  10. Well, the tow trucks were in line this morning like there was a sale at Starbucks this morning. The parking lot is being emptied out for what is expected to be a small crowd tonight. There are more parking lot Johnny on the Spots than last week. There is security and personnel in place, moreso than seen last week. And I suspect every fan in the stadium will have a shot at a free t-shirt tonight, if they use as many as last week. #BeatTSU GMG
  11. North Texas athletics so far this season: YARN - Shit. - Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) - Video clips by quotes - 2815abc3 - 紗.url GMG
  12. Agree. For the most part, I have fun when the games don't matter too. But my getting ready for church mood the next morning is better when they matter, and when we take advantage. GMG
  13. I will say this for Wren: he was walking around the parking lot a couple of hours before the game stopping in to say hi to the various tailgating groups. We chatted for a few minutes and I got a picture with him. I think he knew my face, not my name. I think the last AD that knew my face and my name was Fred McCain. GMG
  14. I provided pictures to my ticket guy. I recommended shutting down the scoreboard if that is what they are going to show. He acknowledged it was a big diss to the players, as well as the fans. They showed the same stats for at least a quarter without any change to any of the players stats. With 10:27 left in the game, Kevin Wood lead the team with 8 tackles, though Brett Vito reported he would not play today. KD, Aune and Novil were tied with 7 tackles. KD actually DID have 7 tackles for the entire game. And my pictures were taken after I noticed this earlier in the game so I am not confident our scoreboard masters intended to be accurate on that one. Aune did not play defense. I missed the 7 tackles he had while on offense. Gaddie, the #2 that plays on defense, had 3 tackles per my stat source. Novil is not playing for NT this season, as I understand. Gabriel Murphy continues to make an impact with 6 tackles, though UCLA only credited him for 3 tackles. I will leave it to Malonish to verify the $MU stats but the full game stats showed not one of the well paid got more than 8 tackles. But GMG
  15. There will be no blue or red foods or containers at today’s tailgate. GMG
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