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  1. Just a great team to watch. Met the Rainey's, proud parents of the CUSA tournament MVP. Man, did they have a lot to celebrate. And so did everyone else at the Lace. Congrats, ladies! GMG
  2. Final with the run rule, 11-1 in 5. GMG
  3. Lexi Cobb over .400 now. All-around studette. GMG
  4. From my Memphis alum friend (donor/perennial season ticket holder): They didn’t want him to leave, but we had a freshman that ended up playing last year when Gunnell was hurt. Gunnel is big time. GMG
  5. After a double bye, NT starts the CUSA tournament it is hosting Thursday at noon. #BeatCharlotte
  6. Cosmopolitan if you are with someone you love. Its a Marriott property, if you're a points whore like me. Venetian rooms are massive if you need space. I also am a fan of the downtown area. The last time we played UNLV in Vegas, my dad used his comps at Binions to get me a limo to/from the game. First stadium I knew to serve adult beverages. GMG
  7. Late inning heroics from the mound and the plate. Fun team to follow. GMG
  8. Both were elbow injuries. Apparently happened on the same day. GMG
  9. Texas, A&M, Ohio State, Michigan, Georgia, Penn State, Alabama, Oklahoma, Florida, LSU, Wisconsin, Florida State, Auburn, Iowa, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Michigan State, Louisville, and Arkansas The money those teams brings in correlates well with the investment most of these program put into football, and to a lesser extent, athletics in general. That investment started a long, long time ago when a handful of college administrators recognized the potential value that big and fast fellas running with and throwing a ball could bring to their university. They innovated, invested, branded, even cheated, all in the realization that winning a game brings more publicity and money to a school than just about any academic accomplishment. They beat teams from nearby military bases and less visionary, underfunded schools, and they developed rivalries with the other visionaries. And their brands grew, bringing pride to their alums, and people from all across the country became fans of some of those teams, whether they went to school there or not. Very few underfunded, underinvested and less visionary schools move up to the elite level. But they can continue to play the sport's elites. And fans of those schools that didn't jump in fairly early pay, admittedly a lot less, to watch and care and dream. GMG
  10. And 4-2 today. Another series win. GMG
  11. Putting together my work/play travel calendar and ran into a big whole in our schedule, per https://fbschedules.com/2022-north-texas-football-schedule/ Shows no So Miss or Marshall in October. Both schools show Sun Belt opponents those weeks. Mean Green Sports and ESPN continue to reflect these schools on our October calendar. I understand this is still being fought out but missed the schedule change thread. Any updates? Does NT have a back up plan to fill the schedule gap from Oct 1 to Oct 29? GMG
  12. That is the equivalent of a Flying Tomato buy one slice, get one free coupon and a Big Chief notepad per player. And your memory is accurate. I want to say it was Oklahoma State, but I do recall a very big win in those great Mack Park days. GMG
  13. Predicting Ollie will shoot underhand free throws for the NT win. And it will be glorious. GMG
  14. A great illustration of how fake news can be imbedded into a story by a writer with a cause, and how a perhaps sympathetic editor might "miss" it! I admire your passion, brother! GMG
  15. That story appears doctored. But thank you for all you do to get programs to our fans! GMG
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