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  1. Yes. It means that when Mason becomes Chief of the Cherokee nation, he will also become Governor of the state of Oklahoma. GMG
  2. Yes. Incrementalism is best. Say you are going to play in the Spring, and then push it to next Fall. As they might say at Marshall, delay the Herd (immunity). GMG
  3. Emmitt, you have my greatest respect. And that just goes up every time we interact. In person, in this forum, etc. Every story has a number of sides but I worry about the future of law and order in, for the most part, are biggest cities. Sincere prayers go out to you, yours and all of those that serve. GMG
  4. John Lott must not read Sporting News College. Neither do I. GMG
  5. Troll: What a great headline. Good news (in my best Paul Harvey voice)! And I appreciate you trying. Probably best to not discuss any good news In public until November. Signed, Optimist GMG (the sign off that says “we all have something in common”)
  6. https://247sports.com/Player/Amani-Gilmore-91508/
  7. Scattershooting: Can we count holograms in attendance? More durable than cardboard cut outs. Probably will need to increase in venue WiFi capabilities though. I can’t wait until the next opportunity to get into Apogee, Lovelace and a host of other on campus venues. I will also take orders for Poppy’s kettle corn if you would like me to pick up some for you while I am at the game. Maybe now we will figure out a way to actually enforce no one sits in a seat without a ticket for that seat in non-GA sections. Wear a mask, and first game I am calling for a Clorox wipe out. GMG
  8. This has stuck in my craw for a while. To win a national championship in most years, a team has to be undefeated. Outside of a vigorous conference schedule, it is best to have a bona fide OOC win, preferably against a Top 15 team outside of their own "major" conference. Guaranteed wins then make up the rest. The value of guaranteed wins is enormous and us outside looking in should collectively drive that price higher. Wyoming and other teams that have gotten "above market" paydays are on the right track. $2 million plus should be the goal, especially when no return game is in the mix. GMG
  9. If not, I am looking for Poppy's to offer drive through service during the season. I will go to any game they will let me, and tailgate any game they won't. GMG
  10. Must have. Emmitt. Where? How much? GMG
  11. Anyone yet come across a NT reusable mask? NT alumni had something that is working for me now, but I want to get the real deal. Thanks. GMG
  12. Saints are the only NFL team I make an effort to watch. If Mason becomes a Saint, they will be both my first and second favorite NFL teams.
  13. Prayers for health, prayers for strength, prayers for cures and for all those that love him.
  14. I would think so...and that makes me very happy. I would give a try to backing up the pick up to the fence, getting out the lawn chairs and getting that view. Probably ought to get there early. I'll see you there, fellow Olympic Sports pass holder. GMG
  15. Thanks Mean Green MBB! Coach Grant classy post-game speech. Second conference championship I have seen this year. Let’s get another, Softball. GMG
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