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  1. That FAU squad seemed plenty distracted about losing Coach. GMG
  2. Very weak tradition on our part. The Rice Senior Day introduction, I thought, was much more engaging. Gave their majors and a one-liner of their on the field accomplishments. Seemed much more celebratory, even for the numerous grad transfers that played just one year at Rice. We need to dress that up a bit for all 400 non-family members there to say thank you. GMG
  3. Actually I saw a drive worse that that last week against Rice. Two holding penalties on the same OL, on a drive that should have been less than 40 yards to take the lead. Instead we needed 60. Two throws, on 3rd and 4th down, into the end zone to MLaw, who was covered like a blanket on both, giving a win to a team with one other on the year. I think there is plenty of competition for worst drive of the year. GMG
  4. What time will they introduce and fete the Seniors before the game? Must be in my seat. Thanks, and GMG
  5. Alphabetical order, starting with at. GMG
  6. I am going because this is the team I chose to invest all of my emotional sports energy. Wins, losses, good games, bad games....they all have a profound impact on how much I enjoy the week following. Sunday church and my family take my attention away from this team for a while, but I always come back, mood on board. I am interested to see how Fine finishes, but I feel that way about the entire team. No matter the contribution, each Senior sweated, grinded, lifted, did double work as a student athlete and donned the helmet. I want the collective effort of this team to celebrate those that are on their way out with whatever it takes to beat UAB. UAB is not a juggernaut. We should prepare, focus, expect and effort to win. I get about six opportunities per year to tailgate with my buddies. I will be there for that. I will take home 3 bags of Poppy’s, hoping it will get me through until September (they will be gone in about a week, because my family shares my Poppy’s joy). But I don’t miss NT football home games. Period. (on the other hand, my last six away games have been ODU, Utah State, $MU, Cal, Charlotte and Rice...so maybe the team doesn’t need me on the road). GMG
  7. For those watching on TV, how could the Fine pass to Lawrence in that last drive not have been pass interference? The two holding penalties on that drive were too much to overcome. GMG
  8. THAT....was awesome. Since players move all the time, I can pull for teams I used to abhor (until the player moves or is moved to the next team). For now, go Jeff Wilson's 49ers. GMG
  9. We were able to get through the first half tied. Then we got the wind. Felt like we came out in the second half determined to win it, like the Rice game. Half time adjustments! GMG
  10. My recall is he pretty much opened the season with a long kickoff return. Then it seems like he went 5 games where he wasn’t back for KO’s. But pretty much every time he gets the kick, the return is huge. What happened that he wasn’t in the games for some period up front? Or is my memory kaput? GMG
  11. My team. I will take every Saturday I can. But I admit I have more fun when more people are there having fun with me (except for the traditional, once-a-year 3500 game where we typically way over-perform). GMG
  12. I subscribed last week, BV. We moved back to Denton after being gone for 25 years. I like how the DRC aggregates the local news, sports, business and entertainment into one place. It is a quick read and I learn more about my city there than from twitter or any other online source. I also am old school, in that I like to hold the newspaper and scan each page for stories and ads that interest me. The cost of the DRC is reasonable and provides value for the entertainment it provides. Yes, there are things I don't like about the DRC. They do not detract from what I enjoy about the paper. GMG
  13. My fault boys. It's on me. Talking to Mean Green Matt early in the game, when there was no reason to do so, I threw out a flippant afterthought regarding our early lead (I believe) that this team has a way of helping programs that have no reason to feel good about themselves, feel good themselves. I was thinking ODU when I said it but MGM channeled his inner drex and brought up Kansas State. GMG
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