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  1. Weekend games only, ladies! Just kidding. Great win. #FINISH GMG
  2. A while back, the green school bus went up for sale. Does anyone know where it went and it is still available? Asking for a friend. Really. GMG
  3. Got to game two. SM starter was gritty and shut us down through 5. Through strikes all game long. In the sixth, the rally started with a HBP and we went on to score 4. Nice coaching to get a speedy PR (15) on the bases. Her slide at home was the winning run. Hope came in to get the final two outs, but pitching was solid throughout the game. Believe all three SM runs were unearned. I haven't followed errors closely this season, but in the games I have seen we have had a few. We totaled 5 in the DH today. Let's sweep manana. GMG
  4. I would think that is our first time on that list, even as an "Others Receiving Votes." Great find, FFR. GMG
  5. That is the official name of what you used to know as the University of Southwestern Louisiana, then University of Louisiana Lafayette. How they got University of Louisiana is probably a pretty good story, and political coup. I would love to hear it. GMG
  6. NT picks up a win against Louisiana, 5-1, handing UL its first loss of the year. Second win over a Top 20 team this season and now 9-4 on the season. Hope Trautwein goes all 7 innings, giving up 3 hits. GMG
  7. This is part of the #OldDenton defeatism. I will enjoy the year he is 'gone' while he is here. And see where he 'goes' next year. I take it as a win SL is here, and not elsewhere. And whenever he goes, I won't take it personal. We are in a different place now, at least in part because of him. And we are going UP from here, regardless of who is in the chair. GMG
  8. Welcome to Section 110. We are on the top row of that section, and have been since the stadium opened. A mutual buddy tells me you are the daughter of an old friend. Tell your dad hello for me. GMG
  9. I log in to ESPN SEC network. The first pitch I see is a three run home run, putting NT up 7-0 T3 over #20 A$M. No correlation but.... GMG
  10. Mason Reid announced he was coming to North Texas over the summer, 2018. https://www.expressnews.com/sports/high_school/high_school_football/article/Football-E-N-Area-rankings-top-players-13345945.php GMG
  11. Thanks Keegan. You provided perhaps the most unbelievable moment I can recall as a fan (I understand that is debatable). Your name will be legendary here for generations ahead. Sears Woods-style. I wish you well and a long, happy, safe career in fire fighting. GMG
  12. Everyone standing. Love looking at individual reactions and anticipations in that shot. One guy has his hands on his head, another in the throes of raising his hands in victory, everyone intently focused. Appropriately funding athletics is right. GMG
  13. Son sent me that message.....what happened to drive the coach off his rocker? He doesn't remember he was getting all the calls early? GMG
  14. Nate Brooks with the INT! Fun return. Great catch and they talk about the players that make plays. Lots of background, coaches pumped! GMG
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