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  1. @TheReal_jayDwas this who you were eyeing with your post on Jan 2? GMG
  2. Is there something about today’s date that explains the time of at least 4 going out in one day? Thanks. GMG
  3. Munoz -7, Ortiz -6 on the round. Well done, men. GMG
  4. I say this as a former member of the press, allegedly. That was #truenews Well, not really news, but true. GMG
  5. Brief conversation with a family member after the last “home” game was that he may stay. (Will attempt to be more vague with my next post) GMG
  6. NFL saw a man run with 4.3 speed away from the guy he just kicked in the face. Can’t teach speed, after all. GMG
  7. Thanks, Lifer. I should leave it to the professionals, but CM was listed as a Sr and CW was listed as a Jr in the Allen football roster I referenced (Max Preps). GMG
  8. Appears the Junior kicker, also named Caden, intends to head this way also. https://twitter.com/llgcmg115/status/1343750094164807685?s=20
  9. I believe no one would think our offense was pedestrian, regardless of QB, if we had a similar pedestrian defense. GMG
  10. Mean Green gator! Great for cold weather half marathons! That would cover even a John Williams beard. GMG
  11. The quality of competition and the margin of loss to said competition. GMG
  12. I concur with the headline and have medicated appropriately.
  13. Enjoyed getting to visit with letsgiveacheer. I have noted his positive nature on this board for years, even through some dark times. Very accomplished in life also. Inspiring! Man, my eyes are really bad. I thought it was Christian Lee (84), not 34 Howell. And I was amazed that Christian was back on the kickoff team just a few minutes later (there were a lot of opportunities yesterday). LGAC was kind enough not to question or correct my amazement. The unrelenting success on sweeps made huge question marks form over my head. Just unexplainable. As the players walked off the fiel
  14. Glad to see this thread. Let me get this in early: I'm feeling good about 2021. No asterisk. GMG
  15. Was hoping to meet you, but then again I was hoping to meet NM Green. Nice turnout. I met a lot of good App State folks in the cheap seats and do hope we play again some time. GMG
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