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  1. I think it was sitting on a table at one of the meetings we went to at Apogee. Can't recall the occasion. GMG
  2. A little something to pass the time as we anticipate the upcoming season and who will be the next #UNTAMED20 verbal: I found myself using two Mean Green tchotchkes today. Some call them bribes (medical industry lingo), trinkets, bauble or knickknack but they are typically something decorative but cheap. But I appreciate those that have an enduring function. Schedule magnets, rally flags and bandannas are pretty standard stuff but here are three favorites that come to mind, all from the current administration....for whom I am grateful. The Joe Green key chain (thanks Jim Plummer) The NT alumni chap stick ball given out at the New Mexico Bowl The hotel key/DL/credit card holder given to support the MGSF. Great for travelers and runners (both here) and also keeps your phone from sliding on the car console. I went mostly current so help me recall some of those from the past. GMG
  3. It has been brought up before but it is great to see the support and reaction as each verbal is announced from other verbals/recruits in the 2020. These guys aren't on an island. The prior commits are embracing the new ones as team, as part of a very strong group. I love the competitive spirit between classes. 2020 is already claiming it will be the best class yet. It will be fun to see how 2019 reacts. On the field. GMG
  4. So glad his number isn't 7. Would've totally put a damper on National Dive Bar Day. (I respect the sentiment and the all of those called today the "pride of our nation," but this wasn't a national holiday. People worked, smoked dope, slept, had abortions, mowed the lawn, ate, got caught in traffic, trimmed their toenails, cashed their paychecks, bought groceries, went for a walk, planted their gardens, prayed, etc. I was grateful to those on twitter, on news programs and in newspapers that educated and reminded our citizens what sacrifice, love of country, honor, and bravery look like. I wish it was a part of every day for all Americans. But it is ok to embrace and live the life that those we celebrate today made possible. Like Thomas Cuthbert (one of the British heroes) did: While Mason Fine's accomplishments on the field, past and future, will and should not be remembered in the same light as our D-Day heroes, I can admit I see a unique individual here. And I embrace the deserved praise our University is working to publicize wherever it can. This is a football season to cherish, and see live.) GMG
  5. I was watching him getting loose near the on deck circle for 5 minutes or so. He was pretty nervous. There may have been a couple of thousand in the stadium at the time he threw his pitch and no one was hurt. But Mason's body language was humble and he represented well. He was one of three that threw out the first pitch, if I got my counts right. GMG
  6. I will take the shortcut and give the school name at the time NT played them, using the stadium name for neutral site games UT, A$M, Southwest Texas, $MU (Ford), Cotton Bowl, Texas Stadium, Southern Miss, Houston (Astrodome), Rice, Sam Houston, Tulsa, UTA, SFA, UTSA (Alamodome), Baylor (Floyd Casey), New Mexico Bowl, Tulane and NOB's (Superdome), New Mexico State, OU, Oklahoma State, Northwestern State, Army, Kansas State, Texas Tech, Nevada, Arkansas State, Southwest Missouri, Missouri, Northeastern Louisiana/ULM, Army, Kentucky, TCU, LSU, Southwest Louisiana/UL Lafayette/Louisiana, McNeese, Alabama (played in Birmingham), Nebraska, Air Force, Apogee and Fouts. Dang, left off ODU (great start, forgetful ending) and UNLV. I think that is 42. GMG
  7. I attached the picture I use to my board identifier (my school and my last name) in response to threads that deteriorate to the level this one has. I will just thank the "17," and anyone else who donates to this program that I obsess over, and appreciate your continued generosity and commitment. Every dollar given, during good times and bad, has brought us to the point we are now, arguably the best of times this athletic program has ever delivered. GMG
  8. Weekend games only, ladies! Just kidding. Great win. #FINISH GMG
  9. A while back, the green school bus went up for sale. Does anyone know where it went and it is still available? Asking for a friend. Really. GMG
  10. Got to game two. SM starter was gritty and shut us down through 5. Through strikes all game long. In the sixth, the rally started with a HBP and we went on to score 4. Nice coaching to get a speedy PR (15) on the bases. Her slide at home was the winning run. Hope came in to get the final two outs, but pitching was solid throughout the game. Believe all three SM runs were unearned. I haven't followed errors closely this season, but in the games I have seen we have had a few. We totaled 5 in the DH today. Let's sweep manana. GMG
  11. I would think that is our first time on that list, even as an "Others Receiving Votes." Great find, FFR. GMG
  12. That is the official name of what you used to know as the University of Southwestern Louisiana, then University of Louisiana Lafayette. How they got University of Louisiana is probably a pretty good story, and political coup. I would love to hear it. GMG
  13. NT picks up a win against Louisiana, 5-1, handing UL its first loss of the year. Second win over a Top 20 team this season and now 9-4 on the season. Hope Trautwein goes all 7 innings, giving up 3 hits. GMG
  14. This is part of the #OldDenton defeatism. I will enjoy the year he is 'gone' while he is here. And see where he 'goes' next year. I take it as a win SL is here, and not elsewhere. And whenever he goes, I won't take it personal. We are in a different place now, at least in part because of him. And we are going UP from here, regardless of who is in the chair. GMG
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