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  1. Baylor has friends in high Texas places.
  2. LongJim

    2018 GMG Concession Talk

    Hard to go wrong with BBQ. We always buy Poppys popcorn though. That's the only constant for us although other selections change for us game to game.
  3. Times the words "I" and "me" were used in that article: 22.
  4. He needs to shut his sanctimonious cake hole.
  5. LongJim

    Like This Addition to MeanGreenSports.com

    Great thing is that he made his pension.
  6. Don't have a problem with $ if I choose to subscribe. Have a problem with being forced to install a mobile app in order to access the content on my device though. But maybe I'm doing something wrong here. Either way, rock on.
  7. The only time I've ever seen UNT quit on the field.
  8. This could be solved if Congress would do their job and come up with 'acceptable, compassionate legislation'. But they do not want to do this because it would inflame their voter base, and they would rather the Executive branch have to "DO SOMETHING" so he can take the brunt of the outrage and twist in the wind. Our Congress as it stands--and has stood for years--is utterly worthless.
  9. My wife and I had lunch at Green Zatar a few weeks ago, and thought it was really good. Service was good, and food was delicious.
  10. And another look at the same data... http://www.realclimate.org/index.php/archives/2018/06/30-years-after-hansens-testimony/#more-21478