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  1. Wife's father was from Tamaulipas. Valle Hermoso.
  2. Wife wanted to make sure she repped her alma mater while on vacation for a few days. GMG from Playa Del Carmen.
  3. https://meangreensports.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=4049 Some info above.
  4. This kind of thing is fantastic for cementing UNT as not just a music/liberal arts/teaching school. Good stuff.
  5. I follow DCI sporadically, but I first saw a competition back in the early 80's. Have watched a bunch of competitions on TV when they are televised. I kept missing the shows at Collins, so glad to have this heads up. Blue Devils, Vanguard and PR are probably my favorites to watch. I will be pulling for the Crossmen though, due to their Texas ties.
  6. I confess I am a DCI nerd. Am going to try to make this. These are a blast. Buy a ticket and check it out if you haven't ever seen one of these.
  7. Thought this was a pretty good interview with Ricky Gervais. Some interesting thoughts on PC culture and manufactured outrage in there. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/03/19/magazine/ricky-gervais-after-life-comedy-twitter.html
  8. No. But 97% of my friends sort-of agree with me, but not really. Just trust me--I'm telling the truth!
  9. I'm all for credible/innovative science. This doesn't check those boxes for me. Billy Joel wrote the soundtrack to many a youth's teenage years, sir.
  10. Pretty good post. And by the way, that whole "97% of scientists believe..." deal? It speaks to your point above that I have bolded. Follow the $. It will never lead you astray. There is an entire industry in place and continuing to be built. And the great thing about it, is that it is self-sustaining with your tax $ for "more research", which they are ALWAYS going to need to prevent the impending catastrophe. It's the perfect machine! Again--we should be mindful of and good stewards of the earth's resources. Just don't sell me chckensheet and tell me it's chicken salad. http://www.populartechnology.net/2013/05/97-study-falsely-classifies-scientists.html
  11. One more reason why one should ALWAYS view pronouncements/opinions about politics or social justice with healthy skepticism. ESPECIALLY pronouncements from Hollywood and CEO types.
  12. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/03/11/air-pollution-inequality-minorities-breathe-air-polluted-whites/3130783002/
  13. Much of the proposal is comical in its absurdity. It's poorly thought out, and in many ways, dangerously foolish. And of course there is the "how does it get paid for" question, that nobody wants to answer.
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