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  1. My vote is ridiculous. ************************************ "The spike in Omicron cases has sent school districts across the country into a panic, moving them to impose bizarre Covid mitigation measures such as forcing children to eat lunch, and teachers to take instruction, outside in frigid temperatures, while masked." Common sense. A rare commodity these days.
  2. Originated at "Yell practice" before 1920 game with TCU.
  3. If your investment company took money from you, was lackadaisical about protecting it, and much of it was stolen, there would be outrage and congressional hearings (for show), and people would ostensibly go to jail. If the government does it, nobody gives a shit, nobody is held accountable, the press doesn't care, and people make excuses for it. In fact, that same public will reelect the idiots that allowed it to happen in the first place with no accountability. The public will not hold them accountable because they are "on my team". Because their ineptitude and incompetence hasn't yet hurt the public enough for the public to give a shit. Because "I got mine, baby."
  4. Believe it or not, my wife bought it at Walmart on clearance.
  5. It was a good show. It looked like Miami might have brought a scaled down band, as they didn't march, but just played to the stands and swayed and gyrated occasionally while standing in place. There was no comparison between the two bands. Not even close.
  6. TBH, I've often wondered why a bowl game couldn't be played at Apogee. The Paccar Big Rig Bowl. The Sally Beauty Bowl. The Albertsons/Safeway Bowl.
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