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  1. Not sure about the “bankruptcy and destitution” comment, as I don’t think it has any bearing on the conversation unless, you know, “unfair and unequal”, or whatever. I'll go out on that limb and reckon that the vast majority of GMG folks are richer than 99% of the world’s population, and probably don't think about--or care about--millionaires, billionaires and their doings as a general rule. If they, or billionaires made a lot of money--good for them, as far as I'm concerned. But to quote the bard Robert John Lange--that don't impress me much. Can't speak for everybody though--although NBC/NYT apparently wants to. If NBC and the NYT wanted to make the point that there is too much money influencing politics, they could have left it at that, and compared 2-3 candidates and how much they are taking in/spending. Or, they could have delved a bit deeper into who is contributing and at what amount. They did not do this. The video could have mentioned, for example, that three of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren’s top contributors are Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple. Bloomberg spent his own money. What business is it of theirs if the guy wants to throw his own money away? More importantly--where did 'give a million to every American' come from? Bloomberg is an easy target because he's rich, and they can attack him without upsetting their advertisers. That’s a real shame. His billions didn’t buy Bloomberg delegates. It didn’t buy Trump the popular vote. It didn’t buy Steyer anything. It didn’t buy Forbes anything—twice. It didn’t buy Perot anything--twice. Seems to not be a winning strategy, but I think it comes down to folks didn't want to vote for those guys in sufficient numbers--money be damned. It generally happens that the American public—when it comes down to nut-cuttin’—is going to vote for the person that they believe will lead the country in a way that is best for them, their families, and their future. That’s almost always the case. But we'll wring our hands and rend our garments about the unfairness and outrageousness until then. Again. NBC and the NYT played themselves. They repeated a wild-eyed—possibly tongue-in-cheek--statement of folly without so much as checking out its veracity and simply stated it as fact. And they did it in a way that elicited a reaction in the public’s mind of “Wow, I could have used that money. He has too much. What an entitled, privileged, patriarchal a-hole.” What a lazy, pitiful attempt at journalism or news. The NT Daily is better at fact checking. NBC and the NYT were so smitten—no, I’d say they were thoroughly aroused—by the statement: “He Could Have Given Every American A Million Dollars”, that they didn’t bother with any facts, didn’t bother with a $.99 calculator, and beat up a billionaire’s campaign—financed with his own money--that wasn’t going to go anywhere anyway.
  2. Yeah, no. Painfully obvious attempt to keep up the "Rich people are bad. They should not have all that money" drumbeat. So embarrassing for NBC and the NYT. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2020/03/06/msnbcs_brian_williams_new_york_times_editorial_board_member_mara_gay_five_divided_by_three_equals_one_million.html
  3. Someone is always going to bitch if they're called. Others will bitch when they aren't. Oh well. Laissez faire les bon temps rouler, I guess.
  4. I didn't get that take from the article at all. But if I'm understanding you, it seems your conclusion is that politicians should distort reality and assume an unrealistic outlook regarding the way things really are in order to remain in, assume, or increase their power and influence over the voting public. If so, that's scary on multiple levels.
  5. https://www.ocregister.com/2020/01/31/election-year-tales-of-poverty-and-woe-at-odds-with-reality/
  6. Dunbar made the roster for Stoops' team. Landry Jones at QB. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/xfl-rosters-2020-here-are-the-52-man-rosters-for-all-eight-teams/gdlifutwxnsv1x41iejvex9h1
  7. Harsh, but I kind of agree with the satire. People forget what the guy did. He was an OG celebrity rapist.
  8. So at least this wasn't another instance of some deranged individual successfully exploiting a gun-free zone where it could slaughter as many people as possible before it offed itself and achieved "glory". Incredible that some folks post eye-rolls in this thread. They are very likely the same folks that would have been lining up to kiss Jack Wilson's ass and shake his hand if they had been sitting in that church with their families. But behind his back they probably would have said his gun hurt their ears when it fired and he should have been able to subdue the threat without using deadly force. Because excessive force and common sense gun laws.
  9. Johnny Quinn and Jaylon Guyton are also clients of KMM.
  10. A huge loss for rock and roll. So influential.
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