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  1. Folks go into them and blow them up by going off on a tangent about nothing related to the topic. Hot weather we've been having though! Here comes summer! You guys ready for the 4th??
  2. Interesting article here. Lots of factors at work to drive prices up, but the salient point of the article, in my opinion: "To review, Biden’s position on oil refining is that new refineries should not be constructed, the ones that exist should be regulated with increasing stringency if not closed down, and even if they do stay in business, they shouldn’t be allowed to make too much money — but please do me a solid and refine more oil, or else." Even all they ever wanted had a problem
  3. That IS fantastic news. Hope it's just the beginning and can be a successful treatment for other types.
  4. I know there may be a few that laugh up their sleeve at this--not sure why--but this kind of $ donor and willingness to invest in the university can transform the entire school in virtually unlimited ways.
  5. Might even be encouraging that not everybody is wanting to go to "college". There are plenty of jobs that don't require it. I think it's desirable to have some sort of training for a career after HS, but college is definitely not mandatory for lots of great jobs, and as far as I'm concerned that's a good thing.
  6. I saw this on the interwebs today. Not sure if I should be surprised. ******************************************************************** Going back to 1960, there have only been 26 schools to win a football national championship. Alabama Arkansas Auburn BYU Clemson Colorado UF FSU Georgia Georgia Tech Miami Michigan Michigan St. Minnesota Nebraska Notre Dame Ohio State Ole Miss OU Penn State Pitt Tennessee Texas USC (Southern Cal) Washington Go back to 1940 and you just add Maryland, UCLA, Iowa, Syracuse, and Army.
  7. I think the Daily runs the same op piece every year. This is pretty much a non-issue.
  8. Won't get into the entire mask debate, but in my opinion, the worst part of the entire mask issue is that it has drastically accelerated erosion of the public's trust in their government. It has been a clown show from day one.
  9. My guess is that it can be difficult due to some of the job opportunities being in niche fields.
  10. Our company looks for grads of this program when hiring, and has hired several for specific positions.
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