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  1. LongJim

    Just for the record

    Ahhhh...bitchy attendance thread. Comforting in its predictibility. Timing is right, too.
  2. LongJim

    Craft Beer Eagles 🍺

    Rabbit Hole down the road in Justin has a couple good beers also.
  3. LongJim

    Craft Beer Eagles 🍺

    Not "craft", but Sam Adams BL is my go-to on game day.
  4. LongJim

    Don't know if this has been posted yet

    That's a seagull, not an eagle.
  5. LongJim

    C-USA ranking after week 6

    Is there a trophy involved?
  6. LongJim

    Heads Roll in Norman After Loss to UT

    They have not been happy with Stoops for some time. This was a perfect time to make the change with coming bye week.
  7. LongJim

    Props to Jim Plummer/PlummMeanGreen

    Jim and I got the opportunity to work together in the early 00's very briefly. I had never met him before, and had no idea he was THE Jim Plummer, but after he introduced himself, I immediately blurted out "PLUMMMEANGREEN???". His expression was "Oh brother...who is *this* weirdo..." 😄 But we quickly talked about UNT and how the MG were going to do, etc. We also found out that we're probably related somewhere, as we both had relatives at Fort Parker in the early 1800's.
  8. Don't remove the wing. Ever. It is iconic, and is adding to UNT tradition. It is a billboard for UNT athletics in media and for people who pass it on I35.
  9. Have no love for Liberty, but they are not a diploma mill. SACS accredited. Same as UNT.
  10. LongJim

    After calming down

    Good post. Everything is still on the table.
  11. LongJim


    Your troll game has some promise. Need to see a little more though.
  12. Plenty of season left. Conference is still within reach. Let it happen, man. Roll with it.
  13. LongJim

    Credit to La Tech

    They did what they had to do to win the game. Hats off to them.