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  1. Yeah, you're probably right. He saw that he wasn't going to play much at UNT. He will definitely get more playing time at UMASS if he lands there. *I* might see some playing time at UMASS.
  2. Wasn't he injured for most of the year, or need surgery for a knee or something?
  3. Yeah, I saw that. Off the top of your head. Good deal. Ok, thanks for the tip.
  4. So nobody specific. Just "anyone but Littrell". Fair enough. No. Not at this time.
  5. Carthel is employed. Who else? I'm curious who you have in mind.
  6. PSA: The www.riderville.com website has a 25% Off Boxing Day sale going on now until 1/10/2021. Roughriders Stuff
  7. This is a very big deal for the program. Shows that it can be done at UNT.
  8. I've had several Fords, and they have been good trucks. Two best trucks I have owned were a 2005 Tundra (had 195K on it when a knucklehead with no insurance ran into me on Mayhill Rd. and totaled it.) and a 2011 F150 which I still drive and is about to click over 100K. Keep the oil changed in any model truck and you should be good to go for a long time. One thing I won't do, as some in the thread have mentioned, is buy another truck that is too long to fit in my garage. The F150's with crew cab and the 6 foot bed is the biggest truck I can get in the garage and close the door. I just
  9. Welcome! You're going to love this kid. Good luck to the Riders. A lot of GMG folks will be watching Rider games this year.
  10. You can't get paid that much and not deliver chances at the conference title and runs at the playoff. And you can't make stubborn, stupid in-game decisions that get you beat regularly. "Texas played 27 games decided by one-score margins under Herman and went 14-13 in those games. No power 5 program played more one-score games during this four-year run. Sixteen of those games were against unranked opponents. The Longhorns were a top-25 team going into 19 of these games and went 10-9. A ranked Texas team lost to an unranked opponent seven times under Herman. Nobody has done this
  11. Much more backstory to his firing than his bowl record and W-L.
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