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  1. After watching that PC, and listening to the players, it's very apparent that Sack is indeed a big rival.
  2. It would be so much easier to just say: "I hate Seth Littrell and wish Wren would fire him."
  3. Actually, I found this source after reading an article about Tim Robbins mea culpa in Variety. From there I stumbled across the above op piece. I posted it because it linked back to op pieces in NYT, LA Times, WaPo, Whitehouse.gov, supremecourt.gov, etc. I am less concerned with the original source than I am the sources and links within the piece. I don't really have a process. There's no source that's 100% trustworthy, as far as I'm concerned. I think it's important to remember that these are op pieces--except for the government stuff, arguably.
  4. Well, they were wrong. Or they outright lied. Or both. ********************************* Vaccines Never Prevented the Transmission of COVID
  5. I think I would prefer Bernard Hermann. I mean, if you're going to hire a Psycho, might as well make it the OG.
  6. 1. Their parents. 2. I think most parents teach and model de-escalation in a traditional way. There are obviously outliers, as there are in any data set.
  7. We drove east on 84 out to Multnomah Falls, and on to Mt. Hood. You can actually see Mt. David St. Hubbins in the distance if you look north at one point. Didn't have time to do all we wanted to, but drove out from Portland to Tillamook and ate some cheese. Then up 101 to Rockaway Beach--(not hard, not far to reach)--Cannon Beach and then Seaside for the night and then on to Washington. That's a beautiful drive and some very cool, laid back towns up 101. It's bow season up there, and the elk have come down to get away from the hunting pressure, and were milling around on an island in Wheeler. Very cool to see them there. They actually swim across from the mainland to get to the island where they feel safe, I guess. Talked to a couple of guys who were heading out on a salmon fishing trip. Mt. Hood was pretty impressive. This photo was from about 20 miles away. Best part of the trip was actually getting away from the city completely and enjoying the natural beauty of the area.
  8. Beautiful area of the country. Enjoyed the people and scenery up there. Had the best seafood I've ever eaten in Oregon and at a little place just inside Washington at a town called South Bend. Talked to a server at Deschute's Brewery in Portland that was from Denton and went to Ryan HS. Small world. Prices are ridiculous. People seemed super friendly. I won't get into what I thought of the downtown areas of Portland and Seattle, but they are what they are now, and hopefully they will rebound, because both are very cool cities to visit, and good launching pads for exploring the natural beauty of those states.
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