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Nickname ideas for QB Mason Fine


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14 hours ago, dd992emo said:

Just to help you Fine-atics waste some more time, I'm pretty sure the Fine family lives in Peggs, not Locust Grove. Peggs is a wide spot in the road between Locust Grove and Tahlequah. Not big enough for its own high school. Carry on...

Thanks. Peggs is gonna be a lot harder I think.

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On 9/17/2016 at 10:16 AM, MCMLXXX said:

My favorite Cherokee QB up until now was Sonny Sixkiller.

Favorite Native American athlete (football player) Jim Thorpe.

Neither needed  a nickname.  

I totally agree.   Technically "Sonny" was his nickname.  ( Alex L. Sixkiller)

Who was the first president of what is now the NFL?  Jim Thorpe

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22 minutes ago, MeanGreenMailbox said:

Call him "50" if he ever completes 50% of his passes in a game.  Or, I think the way youngsters say it these days is, "Fitty."

He was 8 for 11 against SMU and 11 for 22 against BC. He's done it twice but way to ignore facts. We get it, you're a contrarian.



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On 9/22/2016 at 10:08 AM, MeanGreenTexan said:

Based on recent revelations about him, I'm either going with "Chef" or "Beef Jerky".



15 minutes ago, Marty said:

I think Mason answered this question in the post game press conference. SL calls him "Chief".

Wait...is it Chef or Chief??? 

Given the "coach speak" that comes from MF, it's gotta' be Chef over Chief, since there's no "I" in Chef.


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