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  1. This is why Seth has to get a short extension. Otherwise the football program will become unstable and players will bail en masse. Allow him to build on this season and take that into the AAC. We have a good, young nucleus of players returning.
  2. There's always a chance. GO MEAN GREEN!
  3. Read my post again. And BTW, because of an ill timed holding call, a TD pass was overturned that would have given us an eleven point win. I'm thankful that we showed the fortitude to come back to win in the fourth quarter so I can make plans for San Antonio this week.
  4. Agree in part, but Rice was playing for bowl eligibility and played well. They were very chippy and wanted to win. Give them a little credit.
  5. We've all seen the new black helmet, which I personally like. Some on here have said white would look better. How about a white helmet with the battle flag on one side and player number on the other? Maybe one of you graphics wizards could design one.
  6. Consistently inconsistent means your consistent.
  7. When is the championship? There is no mention on the cusa website.
  8. ESPN does not want TCU in the playoffs. That's why I'm pulling for them. If it was UT, there would be no debate.
  9. 35-7 Tulane, 3rd qtr. Death the the Dallas Equines.
  10. Cloudy and 51' in Birmingham at kickoff. Perfect football weather. Now, we came here to chew bubblegum and to kick some ass. And we're all out of bubblegum.
  11. And we all know Wren doesn't make coaching changes until after the season.
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