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  1. No, he just heard Norm say the same thing.
  2. In any event, the Big 12 and PAC 12 should merge to stay somewhat relevant.
  3. I agree. I wish theyd expand their format a bit to include more sports/ UNT talk.
  4. Why is it he's always on a Waco based podcast? Can't we do something here in Denton?
  5. Yes! I feel better all ready. That made my day. GO MEAN GREEN!
  6. Even though he's a graduate from the Dickey School of Buick? 😋
  7. Long overdue. Now they assume their rightful place. I'm glad Abner is alive to see it.
  8. Makes more sense if it's Texas. Smut is a lateral move.
  9. For me it's Smut Nutsak, Tulsa, UAB and Memphis. Let's throw in LA Tech as a regular OOC opponent.
  10. So let's see... RB - check OL - check WR - check TE - check QB -..........? We can only hope Gunnel is the missing piece.
  11. I'd be interested to know the demographic breakdown by age of this board, then take a poll of the most "recognizeable" attendee of NT.
  12. I'm sure Wren will address this, but I imagine the official position will be to continue giving to the MGSF.
  13. So proud of our ladies. With a team made up of mostly sophomores, I can't wait till next year.
  14. Away from the TV today. Can someone provide score updates?
  15. They didn't have anything until a few days ago thanks to our lame licensing agreement/partner. I was told there'd be more items (polos) on the way soon.
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