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  1. Wasn't he in Sling Blade? He was the administrator for the nervous hospital.
  2. Are we lighting the tower yet?
  3. Great to see him at the Super Pit the other night. He's a class act!
  4. I'm not sure why the new emphasis on black as an accent color. In fact, it's more than an accent. the support staff and coaches wear black. Why not green? Our colors are green and white. I suppose it's the woke culture forcing itself into our sports teams. If so, that's disappointing. Let's just play ball and leave politics out of it. Go Mean GREEN!
  5. Hope we get him. Line of scrimmage domination is the name of the game. It makes everyone better.
  6. Once again, we head into a new season with a huge question mark at QB because we didn't see anyone off the bench when Aune was stinking it up as well. A complete mystery. I think that contributes to our slow start to the season.
  7. Maybe they can identify as a Big 12 member...
  8. Scott, you are a great fan and I always got a big kick out of you at the basketball games back in the day. Stay strong, brother and I'll hopefully see you at the smut game.
  9. One thing I try to keep in mind, was that all during the realignment thing, we heard nothing from the AD. Of course, that didn't mean there was nothing going on behind the scenes. Obviously, there was a lot going on. Just because we're not hearing anything about our coaching situation, doesn't mean there is nothing going on. Wren did say that now that we're in the AAC, it's time to step up, not only in attendance, but in donations. So, if you can't see yourself supporting UNT football because of Seth Littrell, then move along and don't let the door hit you on the way out. It's silly to equate us to area pro sports franchises where revenue comes from numerous, abundant sources. Hell, we don't get TV revenue like the P5's, so ticket sales and donations are of paramount importance. Throw a temper tantrum if you want, but I trust Wren Baker to make the best decision in the interest of North Texas. I don't like our current standing either, but I guess I'll hang in there a little longer. GO MEAN GREEN!
  10. We'll never know, will we. But what I really meant, was that after the Mason Era, we have no one better than Aune. THAT is pathetic.
  11. UTEP is nothing to write home about and nutsak had nothing to play for in the elements. We caught them at an emotional letdown.
  12. Against who again? Miami was much better than anything we saw during that stretch.
  13. It's not rocket science. 5 guys can't block eight.
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