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  1. So any TV for this game? Fox Sports SW maybe?
  2. They want to see the world. I don't blame them.
  3. The Murphy twins are making a difference.
  4. It appears we have no clue on defense.
  5. My observation is that Seth has checked out. He shows no emotion on the sideline whether bad or good. You look at opposing coaches that come in here and they get their teams pumped up and play to win. I see NONE of that on our sideline from the coaches or the players. Our sideline is dead/emotionless and it reflects on the field too. When Seth declined the K St. job, I believe his bubble was burst and so was his drive to win. I don't think he gives a damn about North Texas and wanted out at the first opportunity. Unfortunately, for all parties, that didn't happen. Maybe he would have been hap
  6. I'm glad I stayed home. I tuned out early second quarter. Terrible defense, horrible special teams, a QB still learning, and predictable play calling. Not a recipe for winning football or keeping fans.
  7. Stop using Covid as an excuse. S. Miss was down several players as well and we still got our asses handed to us. We are probably the worse D-1 team in the nation...again.
  8. At LEAST, Littrell has settled on a QB. And the right one I think.
  9. Well, isn't that just icing on our cake...
  10. And you can't continue to turn the ball over time after time when we have a defense like this. Our guys have no game sense or awareness evidenced by the short kickoff we muffed and the punt that was touched because we can't find the friggin football after we forced a rare punt! And speaking of special teams, do you think there was any ass chewing by our obtunded coaching staff? We have the deadest sideline I've ever seen! Good gosh almighty! We look so unprepared and make other teams look professional by comparison.
  11. And if we do play, does Seth decide on ONE starting QB?
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