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  1. Did I miss the part where they talk about an affiliation with CUSA?
  2. Great. I guess we can now expect to see the graphics quality start to steadily deteriorate along with references to how hard it is to draw graphics using the software we have in Denton.
  3. Can we go back to the good ol' days when names missing from the roster were just a sign of incompetence? Hate actually losing these players.
  4. TreeFiddy

    DRC: Tuesday practice notes with Littrell video

    Was that Brett on the left holding the mic with the SOW on it? I always suspected he was part werewolf.
  5. TreeFiddy

    North Carolina suspends 13

    In unrelated news, UNC officials have determined that selling fake diplomas to kids taking fake classes is perfectly ok.
  6. If there is one thing that faux religious schools like Baylor have been consistent on over the years, it is their willingness to sacrifice their principles when the need arises.
  7. TreeFiddy

    Ready for football

    At least you got it half right.
  8. TreeFiddy

    Big time commitment

    Congrats JD!
  9. TreeFiddy

    Roster Update 7.30.18

    Kenworthy was splitting time at punter early in the season before Patterson took over full time so Kenworthy may have contributed to the poor numbers early on last season. I think Kenworthy averaged well under 40yds/P.
  10. Feel bad that the kid's offers from UNT and the other schools dried up. Glad he had a safety school.