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  1. Please let it be although we never beat him while he was there
  2. What makes you so sure TCU won't hire Fuente?
  3. I would say that Littrell is 3-2-1. Three positive years (2016, 2017, 2018), 2 negative years (2019 and 2021), and 1 wildcard year (2020/covid). Pretty much meh.
  4. Is it common for a coach that recently received a buyout to sign a contract where the first year or so is at some super low number so that the new school does not have to pay as much while the coach is still receiving buyout money? If so, I could see how that would help the new school afford to buy out the old coach and then ramp up the salary later so that it nets out at breakeven. This would make sense on paper, just not sure if that is how it typically works in real world. If so, then definitely gives us options.
  5. I would be ok with Fuente, but didn't Fuente's run at Memphis basically mirror Littrell's first few years at UNT? Both struck gold with a QB (Lynch/Fine) and basically haven't done anything since that QB left. Should be an interesting few weeks. Hopefully we get a win this week to keep the momentum going into nUTSAk game.
  6. Definitely a nice win against a bowl eligible team tonight. Littrell is now something like 35-37 for his career. I know Mitchell and Fry have a better record. Serious question because I don't actually know, but who has a better winning percentage than Littrell by coaches that have coached more than a season?
  7. Nope. https://twitter.com/ToddoHam/status/1457...31332?s=20
  8. Unlimited benefits sounds like pro sports with no oversight. Let’s see how long it takes before boosters start wanting a piece of the gate or maybe even a salary cap.
  9. I don’t think either of them prefer the MAC over SBC at this point since they both primarily recruit the South but the SBC doesn’t seem interested in any schools that left before.
  10. And now they won’t be selling the idea of playing UT and OU every year. Same for the rest of the Big 12. Think they are on a slow descent into G6 land over the next several years.
  11. Hard to put much stock in a list that rates Aune so high. Maybe we should just give up on the forward pass.
  12. Mason is QB coach at Pawhuska HS in OK. He coached the QB we recruited from there last year, Bryce Drummond.
  13. Point taken, but ND isn't too bad this year. They are a 1 loss team (Cincy) and ranked #10 in the CFP poll. The funny/sad part is that SMU and Houston are not even in the top 25 (and neither is nutsak) even though they are ranked in the other poll. Not having SMU/Houston ranked I am sure hurts UC's sos.
  14. I believe he is suffering from the same crippling health condition as Nicki Minaj's cousin after receiving the vaccine. Hence, the shorts. Thoughts, prayers.
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