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  1. 2 of the commits you have listed here had the offers dry up in Bean and Morris.. yes they had offers, but we only got them because we were the last standing offer.. And some of the early offers limited who we could pick up at the end.. like the DT from Junction or wherever that was the 3* who committed to SMU..
  2. But yet it’s not disrespectful if the family friend of SL told JD? If it’s disrespectful SL would not tell his friend, and if it’s truly disrespectful SL friend is a shitty person for telling JD..
  3. Its replacing Army with Liberty.. We all understand the point about how difficult it is to translate from a normal gameplay to army's and how it physically beats up the players.. But again, Army was a potentially the 2nd or 3rd best team we play this regular season. They got Top 25 votes like FAU and I'm assuming Iowa was ranked at 1 time or another. Army is also a national name, and a solid program in terms of how people view the athletic program as well. But the biggest thing that is being overlooked, was the number of fans that turned out for the game. It was one of the top 2 or 3 attended games in the short history of Apogee. Also, I have brought this up but people don't like it but UTEP/Rice/Charlotte really drag down the conference in terms of how it is viewed. They maybe 3 of 5 or 10 worst programs this past year and we play 2 of them making our schedule look even weaker, at least having someone like Army improved how the schedule was viewed before the breakout of FAU. I would not have had a problem with Liberty if we had played them and got a nice check to make up the difference, but playing them 1 and 1 without anything in return is a gut punch and a punch in the pocketbook of the program.
  4. No one is saying you made it up, or atleast I'm not.. I'm just asking for more information. I think a vast majority of us would like to have some type of idea on what he is passing on and who is calling.. Yes you have said he passed on bigger gigs and P5s, but again is it a bottom tier P5 like Kansas or is he passing on the likes of someone like Arizona? I'm not here to get into wording or phrasing in terms of "SL turned down XYZ School." When you say he turned it down that means to me they atleast reached out and he passed (even if it an interview).. But it can go the other way as well, with SL reaching out (like he did at Tennessee) and then he got passed over for all we know. The point I have tried to ask, and my fault that it was not clear.. But some/Most of us on this board would like an idea of who has called SL. Is he passing on a HC Gig at Kansas? or he is passing on a HC Gig at Arizona? Is he passing on a Memphis to stay at UNT?
  5. Saw a recently his foot had healed up. No cast/boot/etc but he was at the doc office and had his foot in a bin of sand (no idea as to way but assume it’s some type of rehab). He said the comeback was on it would be a big year. I know that doesn’t help much, but I would think if/when Ashton is back with the players for summer workouts he may have more information
  6. People can differ on what the definition of turn down means.. but that is besides the point. people have asked for names/types of programs that he has been approached by and all we have gotten here is bigger or P5, but again nothing as to who.. We have only seen 1 so far and it’s Tennessee, and he applied and nothing after that.. We have 0 idea if he was offered or if Tennessee looked at him and then moved on.
  7. There is a difference between giving out minor details and just stating something.. We all know SL has tried for bigger gigs like Tennessee, but still 0 idea who are the schools SL has turned down.. no one is asking for names of the people who have said stuff, but just asking if SL has turned down a Kansas or if he turned down Eastern Illinois JUCO.. it’s easy to say he turned down a job but give us an idea of who or the caliber of the program.
  8. Solid and very young OL with experience, a QB transfer that had a P5 offer (Tennessee) and a few more G5’s.. a solid defense as well
  9. If you do that, wonder if they could have it repaired in time for the championship game the following weekend?
  10. Nope, maybe a few old people check (if they are from the old regime) it to see if people are critical of them or a department but not many people are aware/check or worry about it.. that’s why I’ve said contacting them directly is the best.. the band is a prime example, @AustinFromUNT Has talked brought up multiple things to WB, Mosley, Peck in terms of student issues, etc.. only way to improve is getting it into the right peoples hands
  11. Not from the Marketing Department.. it’s from within the football department under the new Recruiting Coord or the creative coordinator and his assistants
  12. You question people all the time asking how they know something.. and when Ben does, you go after him? also, if ben knew... why would he be asking for the bigger school name??? We have heard stuff about SL being a target (in the past) BUT no one ever says names.. give out a few names if it’s true.. also, don’t say Tennessee, another person on the board did that by coming across it..
  13. He is not someone to blow off a good idea, and posting things here isn’t going to help anyone here or in the AD office (not a trying to be rude, but just honest since we all have posted solid ideas including me but nothing happens because it’s posted here).. if we want to see real actual change in how things are done we need to voice them to the correct people directly. A good example was people got pissed the band wore shorts and t-shirts.. then multiple people complained directly to the band officials.. boom it changed.. I hope people see other ideas, such as yours and email in.. yes 1 email won’t do much but multiple will.. also that 1 email, could give WB an idea for them to expand it but at worst it likely gets you a reply directly from WB.
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