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  1. If the focus is on limiting travel, conference only games just doesn't make sense to me. Divide up by geographic regions and let's play some football. I'm sure many would hate it (especially UTEP and UTSA from C-USA), but Pat Forde's realignment proposal makes too much logical sense. This would be fun and a bit chaotic, if only temporary until the pandemic ends in a few years. https://www.si.com/college/2020/06/29/ncaa-college-football-conference-realignment PS - I give bonus points to this proposal for putting Alabama in the Sun Belt. 😆
  2. This brings up another good question. @UNTfan915 are you looking for a real jersey or a replica?
  3. You used to be able to get them through UNT Surplus, but now their website says they are closed to the public indefinitely.
  4. Released yesterday. Texas Medical Association rated playing football as a MODERATE-HIGH risk (7) but going to a sports stadium as a HIGH RISK (9). https://www.texmed.org/uploadedFiles/Current/2016_Public_Health/Infectious_Diseases/309193 Risk Assessment Chart V2_FINAL.pdf
  5. I’ve been looking into ways to host virtual watch parties of games. I’ve done a couple recently over Facebook Watch watching past games. Some of you have stopped by for a bit. It’s nowhere near as great as going to a live game, but still fun to watch a little football with North Texas faithful.
  6. Good. They can keep a closer eye on SMU and their regulatory compliance obligations from there. Also a good location for the AAC if they ever have a need to look for new members.
  7. ...or not started yet. Have they started on the Athletic Center expansion? I seem to recall that was next on the master plan. https://lightthetower.com
  8. Done. Thank you for your service, @emmitt01
  9. Assuming they play this season I’m thinking: - 25% capacity by ticket type - General Seating within the ticket type sections (i.e. if you purchase Scholarship Premium tickets, you can sit anywhere in the Scholarship Premium sections) - Social distancing signs and instructions posted all over the place - Hand sanitizer stations all over the place - Plexiglass shields at concession stands - Masks required except while seated eating or drinking - alternating urinals and sinks blocked from usage - UNT masks as MGSF gifts
  10. Why does she gotta throw UNT’s trajectory under the bus like that?
  11. I expect him to be a dynamite player. Good times ahead!
  12. From what I can tell, those F-35’s were built and painted for Australia right down the road in Ft. Worth, the first of which left the US for Australia just two years ago. Looks like the F-18’s that had the diving eagle on them were sold to Canada when they were replaced in Australia by the F-35’s.:
  13. Wait for it... In most spots, there is a feather on the far wing that is longer that that of our beloved SOW, but not in this spot:
  14. Glad to see someone liked that graphic of our eagle mascot enough to have it tattooed. I’ve seen others on here refer to it as the Daffy Duck Scrappy. People that complain about the black as a tertiary color don’t remember the days of blue and gold mixed with the green and white.
  15. She at the very least knows of it... EDIT: This just in - Lesa Roe participated in the coin toss at the 2017 game against UTSA that featured “The Drive”. https://meangreensports.com/news/2017/10/10/Hayden_Fry_To_Be_Honored_At_North_Texas_UTSA_Game.aspx?path=football
  16. Meh. The second to the top feather on the far wing is much shorter on SOW. Completely different eagle. 😉
  17. I think Jeffery brought the yes sir no sir with him to Denton.
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