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  1. http://m.espn.com/ncb/bracketology?iteration=239&region=4&year=2020
  2. That prediction was from prior to the LA Tech loss. We’ll see if they change their tune this week. I’m guessing they’ll still have UNT as an AQ, but maybe seeded lower. We’ll see.
  3. It was appearing as upcoming before I left for the game and now it appears under replays... https://www.espn.com/watch/roadblock?id=0e4ff9c7-0dbd-49af-97b1-2204bf562ae6
  4. Ah, but it is. It’s still being carried on ESPN+ as well.
  5. Those schools (minus SMU) might be looking at UNT wondering why they can’t be carried on an FM station when UNT is carried on two. I wouldn’t trade what we have to instead be carried on a “big” AM station.
  6. He had a stinger in October. Much of the year he was scratched with no injury. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/players/playerpage/2925161/jeff-wilson
  7. We’ve done it twice. Once at Buffalo Wild Wings in McKinney when they played Texas Tech on the road and about 15 people showed up. Once at Rudy’s in Frisco and only 3 people showed up.
  8. Also the pic at the top of his Twitter profile is of Ekeler and Seth. It also shows he lives in Denton, TX. His Twitter handle is still @CoachEkelerKU though.
  9. Anybody watch this? Anything to report?
  10. I wish this was being carried on a legit network.
  11. Halftime with this score and the Owls get the ball in the 2nd half. Go CUSA. Pony Down!
  12. Fouts Field (NTSU/UNT) Gerald J. Ford Stadium (SMU) Rice Stadium (Rice) C. H. Collins Athletic Complex (Green White Spring Game) Ocean Bank Field at FIU Stadium (FIU) Apogee Stadium (UNT) Joe Aillet Stadium (LA Tech) Cotton Bowl (Heart of Dallas Bowl)
  13. You shouldn't spread rumors, not that there's anything wrong with that.
  14. It's easy to get confused. For instance, many find our Defensive Coordinator to be offensive.
  15. Based on your alias name, have you considered being an NBA ref instead?
  16. Gone like a fireman on a Peter Pan play.
  17. Anybody else watch the Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss game while finishing off some turkey ON Thanksgiving Day? They didn't seem to have a problem getting butts in seats. I know they are in the SEC and this was a rivalry game and blah blah blah, but my point is that getting to the game on Thanksgiving weekend is all about priorities. You can't tell me that the Miss State stadium was only filled with people that live in Starkville, MS. That place only has a population of just over 25K and there were more than that at the game. (By the way, Denton's population is more than 5x that size!) UNT's enrollment is 10K more than Mississippi State's. If the students and extended fan base wanted badly enough to be at the game to see Mason off, they could have. I'm sorry so many chose to pee on Mason's last game.
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