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  1. We had high expectations for a QB that wound up getting benched for the rest of the year and more notably WR talent injured for the year. Keep waiting.
  2. Looks alright in this pic, but watching live, Darden needs a shorter jersey if he’s going untucked. He just looks out of sorts and gives the kicking team more to grab ahold of.
  3. It would be nice for the UTA marching band to be able to play for their own football team.
  4. I’m pretty sure that if there is a promising non-athlete Accounting major that is going to be a future CPA stud, there is nothing preventing a Ryan type company from paying the student for use of their name, image, or likeness. Have at it. (Maybe a music student would have been a better example. )
  5. He’s moving to a fellow team that will shortly be a P6 team.
  6. If they didn’t give a damn before, I’m guessing they will start caring when we are conference mates.
  7. I believe that’s Ms. Pickle providing half of the analysis. I agree we need improvement at QB, but I felt like Aune needed improvement in the passing game rather than his running game.
  8. He played today. Primarily on special teams. He was in the backfield once that I saw. He was blocking for another RB. It’ll be good having him back in the area for the first round of the playoffs.
  9. Sounds to me like therapy that should be added to the medical journals. Get well soon.
  10. I think it would break coach Chico’s heart if someone other than him was asked to be an interim coach at UNT. 😉
  11. You heard it. Club hockey teams duke it out in the Americans College Classic at the CUTX Event Center in Allen. Each ticket also gets you into the Allen Americans game that follows https://allenamericans.com/media/americans-college-classic-to-showcase-north-texas-ice-hockey-talent/
  12. How old is that graphic? I think he may have done that when he was still at UNT.
  13. Props to you. I don’t have the guts to post something that could result in Dion Novil standing at my door looking for an explanation.
  14. I’m excited to see what we can do with a healthy WR corps and what we do with the QB position.
  15. With Torrey moving on, who will get the core of the carries from our running back corps?
  16. Eagle Claw or Eagle Talon? I’ll hang up and listen. #offseasontalk
  17. Did Brett run with something posted by one of these accounts? If not, this is a non-story. Brett may be a video game wizard in his free time.
  18. He was disgruntled with OU for moving to the SEC against his wishes.
  19. I’m not proposing anything. They plan to keep it for university use after the new arena is built.
  20. And the AD wants suites and there just isn’t a feasible way to put suites into the Super Pit.
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