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  1. Not sure how many of you have been to the UNT surplus warehouse before. It’s usually open one day per week to the public. It seems to be a pretty low budget operation with low prices. Piles of stuff in a warehouse, you grab what you want and take it to a guy with an old school cash register. For those asking for online ordering and shipping, I think this would be a substantial change to how they do stuff. It would probably impact what they’d have to charge for stuff as well (to cover additional labor and technology).
  2. Kerr Hall (2 years) > Ramsgate Apartments > Sunburst Apartments
  3. 7-Eleven carries both at Ave B and Oak.
  4. Just picked up my 2019 edition of DCTF. Thought I’d start a thread where folks could share their thoughts on this year’s offering. One of the greatest things I noticed was that while they list NORTH TEXAS AT SOUTHERN MISS as UNT’s Game of the Year, they list SMU’s Game of the Year as SMU VS. NORTH TEXAS. Greatness.
  5. Looks like Nollkamper has a Twitter campaign underway. VOTE CHRISTIAN LEE. So does Christian:
  6. I dunno. The Arkansas game was exciting at the time, but that team didn’t win a single conference game last year any went 2-10 overall. That was a very bad Arkansas team. I’m proud of the win, but it shouldn’t be looked at as an upset. Much more publicity was from the punt return than the win.
  7. Ha! Jerry is my neighbor...well, my season ticket neighbor anyway. He and his wife have had the seats next to mine for the past few years. Great guy. My favorite memory with him was witnessing “the drive” against UTSA. He brought his son to that game, who was a UTSA student. There was no doubt where Jerry’s alliances lay. Jerry has a gomeangreen.com account, but I don’t recall what he goes by. He says he’s more of a bystander than a participant.
  8. The Booger Kennedy bobble head still holds a special place for me.
  9. There is a chance you are thinking of when Patrick Cobbs and Jamario Thomas were featured together on the cover of ESPN the Magazine.
  10. No. They had a Game if Thrones theme that night. They had a Game of Thrones bobble heads and were playing the theme music whenever Captain came out.
  11. Question for those that usually attend the Caravans: What are your thoughts on the single caravan in Arlington vs. haw they’ve been in the past (broken up to Collin, Dallas, and Tarrant counties). Was this year better or do you prefer it like it was in the past?
  12. SMU, LA Tech, and Rice can all easily be day trip road games thanks in part to the kick times. I like this year’s schedule.
  13. I was in the Allen Target yesterday and was surprised to see a few North Texas shirts. Historically they’ve pretty much only had UT and A&M shirts.
  14. @GrandGreen, from your response, it appears that you didn’t notice that the underlined statements from the post from @meanJewGreen are actually links to Internet pages to support his statements. Carry on.
  15. @KRAM1, a great time was had by all in attendance today. Thanks so much for organizing this event.
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