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  1. The old course didn’t have a parking lot along side the fairway. I’m wondering about big net fencing, like top golf. Otherwise, if they are off to the right, their ball could bounce a long way (or go through a car window).
  2. My butt will be at the game in Houston, so this one will be hosted by @ntsumgspe! #hit6 #lockthegate
  3. I guess keep the impersonations coming. Did they even have the Monday press conference yesterday? I’ve not seen anything. Radio silence from the Athletic Department on football since the game. Maybe they even got to @aztecskin and @Aldo. No Sunday Mean Green Nation Podcast that I’ve seen. Are they having a coaches show at Rudy’s tonight?
  4. During the pre-game player introductions, it was funny listening to the booing from the Green Brigade every time they introduced a LA Tech player that was from Texas.
  5. Any wins in gray jerseys? I know we got destroyed by SMU the first time they were worn and then destroyed by LA Tech this year.
  6. He was referencing the distance between Ruston and New Orleans.
  7. Not sure what to read into this, but this is the first time I recall in the modern era that UNT hasn’t posted videos of post-game interviews and highlights after a football game. Maybe the video crew was tied up with soccer.
  8. I took your advice on Ponchatoulas. The stuffed catfish was fantastic. Friendly people. We took advantage of the free shuttle too, which was walking distance from the restaurant. Thanks for the advice!
  9. New Orleans = The Big Easy Ruston is not New Orleans.
  10. I made use of some of their “facilities” when I was at the game yesterday. I see where the town earned the name Rust-on.
  11. I’ve been to two away games this year (and will go to Rice in a couple weeks). Both SMU and LA Tech had pre-game invocations. My memory isn’t so great anymore, but I don’t recall having invocations at North Texas home games, thou I’m assuming they used too. Just curious from those that know, any history behind UNT not having invocations?
  12. Don’t. No regrets. Food was great. The stuffed catfish at Ponchatoulas was fantastic. Caught the free game day shuttle from there to the game. People were friendly. Just hated the game results.
  13. Dino-Fine made College Game Day this morning. 🦖
  14. Great to have the podcast back! Completes my week. @Harry, @Evan, @TheReal_jayD, & @BeyondTheGreen, I hope you are all back to health. We need the fan base at 100% today. GO MEAN GREEN!
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