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  1. UNT 90 Grad

    Would you wear UNT kicks?

  2. UNT 90 Grad

    Would you wear UNT kicks?

  3. What kind of city is Dallas if it makes a First Responder homeless? ESPN might be preparing for the fact that a bowl called the Heart of Dallas Bowl doesn’t make much sense in another city.
  4. UNT 90 Grad

    Downtown Dallas Presence

    It was due for an upgrade.
  5. ...and 10/13 against Southern Miss is the Breast Cancer Awareness game. My sister is a fellow alum and a breast cancer survivor. One of the bands she plays in, the Breast Cancer Can Stick It Band, is playing at the Alumni Pavilion prior to the game. https://www.facebook.com/events/1992859017452571/?ti=icl http://www.breastcancercanstickit.org/ https://www.facebook.com/thebreastcancercanstickitband/
  6. UNT 90 Grad

    CBS Sports Bowl Projections

    I believe all bowl games are televised.
  7. UNT 90 Grad

    Born and Bred is Back

    Season premiere tomorrow.
  8. They look to be doing a lot of Stadium programming. Several replays of CUSA games will be broadcast in the next few days (but no UNT games yet).
  9. I came across this article while nosing around on PonyFans. (I'll go to the clinic for a shot on Monday.) If you weren't already aware, it looks like in addition to the home opener being carried by Stadium on Facebook, the game will be carried locally on KTXD channel 47. Unfortunately this makes it even easier for lazy SMUt "fans" to stay in there homes like they normally do for games that are either 1) at home or 2) away. https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/college-sports/smumustangs/2018/06/07/kickoff-time-smu-unt-season-opener-announced #beatSMU
  10. Liberty Flames podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/light-em-up-liberty-flames-podcast/id1162225246?mt=2&i=1000417513040
  11. UNT 90 Grad

    CBS Sports Bowl Projections

    My bad. I thought you were saying we wouldn’t sell out Frisco either.
  12. UNT 90 Grad

    CBS Sports Bowl Projections

    That stadium in Frisco only holds 20,500. You said yourself that we had 30k at HOD.
  13. UNT 90 Grad

    Anti SMU Shirt

  14. While we are at it, how is Quinn coming along at the QB position? Has he had much on field experience yet? 😉