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  1. https://www.msnbc.com/hallie-jackson/watch/decision-on-college-football-expected-soon-as-conference-officials-weigh-canceling-season-89895493761
  2. Not sure how this impacts his eligibility, but I can think of worse places to be social distancing in a pandemic. Having to spend an extra year in Hawaii might not be that bad of a deal.
  3. I dunno. I’m one the fence as to whether or not I put much credence into what Ralph D. Russo tweets about. 😉
  4. “If any portion of the 2020 home football schedule is impacted by COVID-19 resulting in games being cancelled or the number of in-person fans being limited, Mean Green season ticket holders will have the option to apply payments to future UNT Athletics events, convert payments to donations to the Mean Green Scholarship Fund or receive a refund.” https://meangreensports.com/news/2020/5/26/tickets-mean-green-football-season-ticket-assurance-program-announced.aspx
  5. Weird time to be making decisions about uniforms. 😉
  6. Are they having the OU Alumni Association back again this year too? Playing second fiddle sucks. in light of the pandemic, it would be great to do it some place with lots of outdoor space. Check this place out: https://www.yardtx.com Of course, a TV schedule needs to come out before anything can be planned.
  7. Rhyan England. I agree with your sentiment. I think 2017 was his last year. I enjoyed the Army series, minus England.
  8. Well, probably not as challenging as working in a hospital that is over capacity and having to determine who gets lifesaving treatment and who doesn’t. Just a little devil’s advocacy. BTW, recent update on the recovery of my cousin and former Mean Green Football season ticket holder, Steve (good news):
  9. I’ve had some depressive gains the last 5 months. Unfortunate new proximity of the pantry to the workspace. #newnormal
  10. $129 on Amazon. Search for StadiumPod. Unfortunately I didn’t find in green.
  11. Good job fellas. Think positive, @Harry! Don’t count the season out yet. Regarding the A&M contract, not sure if you saw this @Brett Vito article:
  12. https://www.rallyhouse.com/North-Texas-Mean-Green-Team-Logo-Fan-Mask-57100483
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