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  1. UNT 90 Grad

    Is there a coaches show tonight?

  2. UNT 90 Grad

    What's FAU saying about us?

    I understand the guy saying he wants to sack Mason many times, but instead saying he’s going to hit him as hard as he can seems a touch classless. “They are definitely a passing team with Mason Fine, so I’m going to try to hit him as hard as I can,” Bagner said.
  3. UNT 90 Grad

    DRC: Muhammad denies he spit on ODU WR Duhart

    I think it is pretty clear they are mocking the investigation into JFK’s assassination, not the murder itself.
  4. UNT 90 Grad

    UNT ODU Game Video Highlights

    Yet the incompetent commentators said that Quinn wasn’t the regular holder and that’s why ODU sniffed it out. Morons. BTW, it looked to me like it was a designed option and Quinn opted not to pitch to Hedlund.
  5. UNT 90 Grad

    DRC: Muhammad denies he spit on ODU WR Duhart

    @BeyondTheGreen, what say you? Did you see anything orally fired in your footage?
  6. UNT 90 Grad

    Facemask on last play vs ODU

    It was not..
  7. UNT 90 Grad

    Facemask on last play vs ODU

    What's done is done, but did anyone else notice the uncalled facemask on the last play of the game? I stood and shouted "FACEMASK!" at Killarney's, but no one else seemed to react to it, so I thought maybe I was imagining things...until I saw Monarch fans commenting on the same thing on their board: https://csnbbs.com/thread-862716-page-4.html I rewatched the end of the game and even the ODU homer commentators thought there was a facemask. Would it have impacted the game had it been called? Well, at the very least, we would have had an un-timed offensive play to end the game (since the game can't end on a defensive penalty). The 15 yard penalty would have put the Mean Green at the ODU 38 yard line. One last shot at the end zone for the win or a 55 yard field goal try to send the game into overtime. (I believe Cole Hedlund's longest to date has been a 51 yard field goal.) I guess we'll never know.
  8. UNT 90 Grad

    UNT 90 Grad

  9. UNT 90 Grad

    Game televised?

    Further adding to the inconsistencies of what you get with ESPN+, though you didn’t get the live ESPN3 stream of last night’s game, you do get the replay of it.
  10. UNT 90 Grad

    Where the Blame Actually Lies

    You prompted me to go look to see what the Monarch fans are saying. They are calling their win a miracle. They believe Khairi Muhammad should be named the player of the game and believe they need someone to spit in their face in every game moving forward. https://csnbbs.com/thread-862716-page-4.html
  11. They need a team psychologist*. Coaches don’t appear to be successful at filling that role. Last year the team fed off of exceeding expectations. This year once they start falling beneath the higher expectations of this year, they can’t break out of the downward spiral. Speaks generally to the season and to individual games. * Halfway joking?
  12. UNT 90 Grad


    This needs to get resolved. It has become normal this year and is having an impact on games. If Guyton could be the Guyton of last year, it would give defenses more to worry about and open up the passing game further across the board. Until then, I’d tap the brakes on this thread title. We aren’t complete.