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  1. There was a feature where you could add your own music for certain points in the game for teams. For example, I added a recording of our fight song for UNT scores and Welcome to the Jungle for kickoffs. Also had Hey Baby (or whatever it’s called) for the end of 3rd quarters. Goofy, but kinda fun.
  2. I’m pretty sure they didn’t start having them until the McCarney era.
  3. Well, you can’t get much closer to being right dead in between the seasons of the two sports, but whatever makes you feel better. Very difficult to justify this event having “nothing to do with basketball”.
  4. So people couldn’t come out to support McCasland because it could be interpreted as supporting Seth? Got it.
  5. Didn’t one or more play football at NTSU?
  6. Meanwhile in C-USA, 4 of our games will be on Stadium, 4 on “ESPN Networks”, 2 not picked up yet, 1 on ESPN3, and 1 on CBS Sports Network. We have more games on Stadium than any other C-USA team. Is Stadium based in Dallas? It’s available OTA in Dallas and on Dallas local cable.
  7. Lots-o-fun. The loaded Mac-n-Cheese from the BBQ station outside was tasty. Coach McCasland for the win.
  8. Got a pretty good deal round trip on Sun Country.
  9. Still there. Great guy. Reginald Johnson - Associate Athletic Director, Development - Staff Directory - University of North Texas Athletics (meangreensports.com)
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