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  1. I’m pretty sure this thread is regarding the inaccuracy of the reported attendance rather than complaining about the low attendance.
  2. Oregon first had wings on their helmet in 2012. Rice had wings on theirs in 1990. At least the wings on the UNT helmets are part of their primary logo.
  3. You might look again. Earlier in the week they predicted it would taper off by the afternoon. Now they are saying it will continue through the afternoon. I still plan to be there in the lower bowl, but I have 6 other tickets that will likely go unused.
  4. I must confess, it was I that downvoted your post. It was an involuntary reaction that occurs with me when an eagle talon is referred to as an eagle claw. I apologize for my behavior.
  5. Thanksgiving weekend has always been a challenge, regardless of the situation.
  6. It’s UTSA. They earn the dumping no matter what they do.
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