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  1. Is Littrell even aware of the sequence of sports on gomeangreen.com? Does he realize the seriousness of events if this vote passes?
  2. Right, football is the reason they have only one high school in the district. 🧐 (I used to hear this in Plano too, growing up in the 70’s.) It’s a different model. I don’t live in Allen ISD and I’m not defending them per se, but I do see how nice their facilities for the students are and doubt the district could afford to do the same spread across 4 or more campuses. I wonder if the Allen students have an easier transition into larger universities like UNT. I don’t have the stats, but I wonder if the class sizes are materially larger at Allen or if they just have more teachers and cla
  3. Not all kids in Allen go to Allen High School. Where I live in Allen, kids go to Lovejoy High School, though we are in the vast minority as far as Allen is concerned. Your point still holds true. Just offering up that small detail. I believe there is a portion of Allen that goes to Frisco schools as well, but not positive.
  4. Heck, they were even upset by the Texas State Armadillos with a tie game. That homecoming queen was never quite right following that game.
  5. Maybe Bill took the picture. 😉
  6. Maybe basking in North Texas...glory!
  7. I’m not a fan of QB by committee, but I think the greatest obstacle keeping hardware out of our trophy case last year was on the other side of the ball.
  8. Amani Gilmore https://meangreensports.com/sports/football/roster/amani-gilmore/5078
  9. I was there. Just because Littrell hasn’t announced the starting QB doesn’t mean we won’t have a single 1st string QB. Competition is good and I have no problem with Littrell allowing Aune to feel like he has to earn the position. Martin may have had the best camp, but I think that may have been because he had more opportunity for growth. Aune and Martin both looked really sharp during drills against defense (excitingly sharp). However, when it came to the actual scrimmage, Aune stood out while Martin had several bad throws. Aune overthrew a couple deep balls, but remained pretty sharp
  10. Well, I can’t prove anything, but I don’t recall that last paragraph being there when I first read the article. Either way, I’m glad it’s open. I plan to be there.
  11. They are definitely underselling it. Here is the meangreensports link: https://meangreensports.com/news/2021/3/23/football-wraps-spring-practice-on-saturday.aspx No mention of it being open to the public. It might be, but they aren’t doing anything to encourage attendance.
  12. Jim Nantz calling a UNT game. Greatness.
  13. I like that the host looks like he’s wearing a UNT tie.
  14. Hopefully Phil Bennett can absorb some of McCasland’s defensive juju.
  15. You could try to buy at the Star. They had a UNT guy in the ticket booth at the previous games. If sold out, cop a squat at City Works or Concrete Cowboy and watch the game from there.
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