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  1. Just saw this, and I'm loving it! Bennett has some skins on the wall, and enough Texas ties to help with recruiting. This news made my day!
  2. Some of these kids are fooling themselves if they think they're going to go somewhere and get a better fit than they currently have. That grass ain't always greener.
  3. That's my biggest problem with Bean. He just doesn't seem to make smart decisions.
  4. My gosh. I've seen better defense played in an NBA All-Star Game!
  5. 4th interception of the game. But a long one. Essentially a punt.
  6. We can't buy a defensive stop. Can't even slow them down. Davis, #8, lost his jock on that run.
  7. NTXDJ


    So why has Rice delayed longer than everyone else in C-USA? Have they had a major outbreak at the school? Keep in mind, Rice is a pretty small school.
  8. I hate the solid black look, but at least they don't look as bad as the TCU uniform did today.
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