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  1. What is Shorter's injury this year? I know he missed much of last year with a leg injury, but I've never read anywhere that said what this year's injury is.
  2. Finally, a win! An ugly win, but still a win.
  3. We are in dire need of a QB, but also someone who can coach a QB and a passing game.
  4. Have you seen the box score from Liberty's loss to ULM? Willis threw three interceptions, and they lost to UL-Monroe! This game isn't even their worst of the year.
  5. I hate going for 2 unless the game is in the 4th quarter. Seems to come back and bite teams too much.
  6. Okay I just tuned into the game and see North Texas actually leading 14-7 in the first half?! I'm confused.
  7. Our defense is starting to remind me of last year's game against App St.
  8. Anyone else notice the stats site at MeanGreenStats.com is stuck? Someone reboot the server!
  9. I don't believe the sight line issues thing. I'd have to see that myself. I've never sat at the very tip top of the building before, but I've sat in the upper level, and I don't see a problem. As for costs, I'm sure Wren would prefer a new facility. Most executive managers like tearing down the previous guy's stuff and "putting his stamp on the place" with "new and improved" stuff. It looks good on their resume.
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