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  1. Yeah, why haven't see seen Torrey or Easley in this game? Torrey was on the kickoff return team, so he's playing. Normally they rotate the running backs, although Siggers has (deservedly) gotten the most time.
  2. And two bad plays back to back to kill our chances and motivation.
  3. I'd rather see and hear TV ads than listen to this sideline announcer anymore.
  4. "Special" teams indeed. Can't tackle at all.
  5. Man, Jamar Smith really has missed a lot of throws.
  6. F'ing low snaps! Been a problem all year!
  7. Let's get a glimpse of what the future holds with Bean. Sure will miss Mason Fine next year.
  8. King, #48, horse collar. And he was the one that touched the kickoff earlier. Not smart plays.
  9. Good to see Torrey back. Need him healthy.
  10. Still wearing out those ugly gray jerseys, I see.
  11. No defense for most of the game. Not much offense in the 4th quarter. They looked as grubby and sad as those ugly gray uniforms.
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