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  1. I would love to see an early season Metroplex Madness bball tournament with TCU, SMU, UTA, and North Texas. I've wondered for years why they don't do this. It would absolutely increase fan participation, and might even help keep some of the local high school talent from leaving the DFW area. I agree, TCU and SMU both want to keep us down, but if they're that chickenshit afraid of a little local competition, then they should give up the scholarships, drop out of NCAA D1 and join the NAIA!
  2. Dammit! At least it was a close game. Did they announce attendance?
  3. I was there, mostly because of Mason. It was disappointing to see so few people there, especially considering how nice the weather was. The game was close, so at least it was entertaining.
  4. I'm usually not one to call for firings, but the DC has to change. Same problem has existed all season. Defense doesn't even start playing until 2nd quarter. They gave up 17 points in the first 16 minutes today. And how many times has that happened this year? Too many!
  5. Okay, so maybe it's not Portland State. Or UTEP. But it's the bottom for THIS season.
  6. 4th & 2. I don't think we can get it on the ground.
  7. Defense has to stop them to have any chance.
  8. Yeah, why haven't see seen Torrey or Easley in this game? Torrey was on the kickoff return team, so he's playing. Normally they rotate the running backs, although Siggers has (deservedly) gotten the most time.
  9. And two bad plays back to back to kill our chances and motivation.
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