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  1. East Carolina in 1979....I think.
  2. 1 carry for 4 yards......so far. (almost at the half)....Niners versus Redskins...
  3. Joel Edwards won The Canadian Open.....in 2001.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joel_Edwards_(golfer)
  4. Signed by New England.....put on their practice squad.
  5. Nate Brooks was released by the Cardinals yesterday
  6. FWIW: ("Two More Added To The Practice Squad)...that's a Brazilian Arizona Cardinal fan
  7. There are two different sports sections....during football season. Sports Day 1 and Sports Day 2. Sports Day 2 is where they put all the college game results....
  8. BTW...if any other NFL team, is interested in Jeff for their 53-man roster......pretty sure they can get him...and the only way the 49ers could retain him, is if they put him on their 53-man roster.
  9. Names of guys on NFL practice squads are coming out.. Jeff is our only one so far. Don't feel good about Jalen to the Cowboys, since they put WR Cedric Wilson on their PS. Anyway...here's a NFL practice squad tracker: https://nfltraderumors.co/nfl-practice-squad/
  10. Hank told me that one of the guests for the first show....is going to be Mason.
  11. I know this could change a lot between now and then....but as of right now, couldn't get much better of a weather forecast for August 31: https://weather.com/weather/tenday/l/b4839bc8b5bb0588d4876f6f32d8d6887862ecf551124851cea7e92574c906f5
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