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  1. Good news from Ryan Peck: "The shirts arrived at the main store yesterday afternoon and should be out in the stadium store later this afternoon or first thing tomorrow morning. "
  2. Was told today....they'd have these at the Apogee spirit shop...probably in the next few weeks. Go Mean Green!
  3. Pronunciation help from one of the coaches: “Teek - oh - neenk - oh” said fast. “Tiki” for short nickname."
  4. SUMG

    JJ Murray of Eastfield Nice stats.... If that is's amazing that he played 32 games and didn't commit a single foul. Think that could possibly be right??? Edit: Coach Fletcher answered a question on Twitter...JJ did commit some fouls this season. They just were never entered into the Juco stats. He told me that JJ is an awesome young man....both on and off the court.
  5. SUMG

    JJ Murray of Eastfield

    Juco All American and Academic All American
  6. I was on the committee....Coach Trilli got the ball rolling on the green seats. Absolutely. The whole campaign was his idea.
  8. SUMG

    Bad @SS Poster Offered By The A.D.

    It'd be really cool to have Mason, Michael and Rico (featured on it)....sign one.
  9. SUMG

    Mercer (3/19/18)

    Sure looks like much more than 1145:
  10. SUMG

    Mercer (3/19/18)

    The box score says there were 1380 or so in South Dakota...and 1145 tonight. No way. I'll be at the ticket office tomorrow and ask Chris. I'm guessing at least 3,000 tonight. If it only been 1145....we wouldn't have already been guaranteed a host spot on Wednesday.
  11. Be sure to watch his highlight video. He brings some skills we don't have (at that size.....6' 6")
  12. And he's one of those jucos who comes in and has three years of eligibility. So we have him for two more years.