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  1. Yes....saw him at the basketball game tonight. He comes to football and men's and women's basketball games.
  2. There are reserved spots around the Super Pit for donors. But over at Fouts.....anyone can park there....and there's no charge.
  3. Could it be that both are at the NYC banquet....and that the "Peter Pan" punt return is being recognized??? Just throwing this out there.
  4. Two of the most electrifying plays in football...are a kickoff return for a TD, and a punt return for a TD. And sadly, I bet that five years from now....neither one will exist.
  5. Lots of inside info....in this piece: https://www.si.com/college-football/2018/09/17/north-texas-trick-play-fake-fair-catch-keegan-brewer
  6. Will be there.......if we can get an approximate arrival time
  7. What a great interview of Coach Littrell by Jim Rome. It was about 10 minutes long. They archive their shows online....I guess today's show will be on there tomorrow. You could tell that Rome was really impressed by Coach Littrell....
  8. As Dozer said, Yes. The only time that there isn't one....is the bye week.
  9. I may be wrong....but didn't last year, they switch them to Tuesday nights?
  10. Chandler Anthony was working with the 1st team today.
  11. Good news from Ryan Peck: "The shirts arrived at the main store yesterday afternoon and should be out in the stadium store later this afternoon or first thing tomorrow morning. "
  12. Was told today....they'd have these at the Apogee spirit shop...probably in the next few weeks. Go Mean Green!
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