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  1. Okay. I can twist just as well as you can. It changes nothing in the big picture, though: Liberty is, in fact, actively trying to move up; and, they have, in fact, beaten a Big 12 school on the road...in this century. So, twist away! Show me our offers to move up, and show me our Big 12 road win(s) in the 21st Century. Twist, twist, twist.
  2. And, if I want to post non-football things about Liberty, I'll take it to the non-football board...right? Sounds like you don't like losing the football part of the argument. Sorry. It's not my fault that Liberty has beaten a Big 12 school on the road in the 21st Century and we haven't.
  3. Oops! Must not have enough coaches in contact with 247; they only show us trying to wrestle this kid away from SFA. Better send them the memo on ACU, coach. Once the rubber meets the road in February, maybe we'll see ULM and NMSU jump in there with us, SFA...and, possibly, ACU: http://247sports.com/Recruitment/JaQuan-Tillis-111259/RecruitInterests Rivals doesn't list him at all. Sounds like someone's coach isn't keeping the recruiting services up to date on their "slipped through the cracks" DI guys. Hmmm. Why am I supposed to watch tapes? The other 129 FBS coaching staffs don't watch tape or hold camps? Now I've got to watch tapes and hold camps? Wow. I can't just trust the other 129 FBS coaching staffs who have watched the tapes, seen him at camp, and still not offered?
  4. And, yet...as much as they "suck ass at life," they've gone on the road and beaten a Big 12 school. Please list for me the last time we've beaten a Big 12 school on the road. I think we'd be looking back almost 20 years for that.
  5. Really? Me being a coach would magically change the fact that no other FBS program is trying to steal this kid from SFA and ACU?
  6. Yeah...okay. One out of 130 FBS coaching staffs agree with you...plus, SFA and ACU. So...yeah.
  7. If they continue to beat "bigger" schools, then end up in the AAC...that's my jumping off point. Hard enough seeing UTSA start up a program that is put into a conference with us...then, have us drop three of the first four to them. Another program we pooh-pooh because its "Christian." Problem is, those "Christians" tend to be loyal to the places they identify with...and, open their checkbooks. It's why ACU is now FCS. All of those people who went to classes in the new buildings they built in the 80s, 90s, and 2000s are now looking around and the only thing left to upgrade is the athletic facilities...and, so they are giving millions there. Looks like Liberty, with their former Baylor Rape Cover Upper AD are not waiting to be invited, they are going to push the issue.
  8. "...North Texas, SFA, and ACU..." Gotta love that Southland Conference recruiting rivalry.
  9. I take back my "wow" comment and will just insert in its place, I hope ICE will be at the funeral.
  10. Again...exactly. Mexico is having its cake and eating it, too, with their illegals here. That has to end. Trump is giving Congress time to make a legal immigration reform. Let's see whether or not our lawmakers will do anything end the money train for Mexico's lazy politicians. If you are the writing type, remind your congressman that Mexico has allowed the amount of remittances from us to now exceed even their oil export intake. Ask them whether they intend to continue to let Mexico be paid by us for children born there. Ask them to tax all remittances or, in the alternative, allow only remittances from legal immigrants. Cut off illegals from sending money back to Mexico untaxed, if you let them continue at all. Whatever amnesty they come up with - and, that's what it will be - make Mexico put some skin in the game for once.
  11. I don't know whether or not they are looking past us, but... ...after Arky State-Nebraska, they better damn well realize that the transfer the Wolfpack (or Red Wolves or whatever Wolf name they call themselves because we can't say Indians anymore) got from OU can f*cking put the ball where it needs to be...consistently. And, they better put in some extra film time trying to figure him out. They've already got game film on (and, game experience against) Mason Fine. There's no secret to him. Arky State and their QB are new to them. If they feel like they got a handle on what Fine and our OC are doing, of course they're going to cheat ahead.
  12. On remittances and Mexico: http://money.cnn.com/2017/03/20/news/economy/mexico-remittances-trump/index.html This is more laziness by the Mexican government. They have watched as remittances have surpassed foreign oil exports. This is why they fight to keep their people in our country and not theirs. If I were crafting the DACA legislation, I would include a provision that remittances to Mexico either be: (1) taxed heavily, or (2) eliminated altogether. In short, tell Mexico, we'll keep your "Dreamers," but the price is you must get your sh*t together and start acting like a grown up. Pay for your own sh*t. In short, treat them like a 20-something child who shleps around his parents' house endlessly, f*cking around with a part-time job during the day and staying up half the night playing xbox and looking at porn. That, is what Mexico is right now. Take away their car keys. Take away their cell phones and ipads. Whatever it takes to get them off the dime, out of the house, and supporting themselves. The goodwill is long gone. No more marching into our living rooms with Mexican flags, demanding this right and that right, as a bimbo (male or female) from the Columbia School of Journalism stands there with a microphone and tries to lecture you about how "inhumane" you are for not wanting to support them in your house forever. Complete and utter bullsh*t. It's not for us to prop up Mexico's lazy government or to take care of their poor - in their country and ours. Mexico needs to get off the dime and help its own people. It is shameful for a country with as many natural resources as Mexico to endlessly choose to lean on the United State constantly - legally and illegally - to prop up their own government and economy instead of helping itself. More shameful still are American politicians who voluntarily defend Mexico's laziness! And, on top of that, both cravenly try to shame U.S. government officials, politicians, and citizens when they correctly point out the imbalance and begin work to try to change it. Then, the empty-heads in the media jump in. The reason Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump were popular in 2016 is that, in spite of both having some bad ideas, they have hit on this one common thread: Americans are tired of being taken advantage of by their own industries, companies, and politicians who have spent the last three decades selling them up the river in foreign trade and immigration deals. Hillary can bitch all she wants about Bernie, but it wasn't Bernie dancing on West Virginia coal miners' graves in person, then totally ignoring Rust Belt states, where millions of jobs have been lost and populations have fled for four decades now. On the other side, John McCain, Marco Rubio, and all other GOP contenders that Donald Trump dispatched can bitch and criticize him all they want, but he's not the one who spent the campaign downplaying the real damage foreign trade pacts have done to American communities and proposing more "look the other way" immigration ideas that would do no more than further enrich foreign governments and economies on the back of the American taxpayer. I didn't vote for Bernie or Trump, inasmuch as I find them both repugnant. In fact, I didn't vote at all because I also found Hillary and Jill Stein to be repugnant and wanting to do no more than re-hash all the bad policies that have led us down the road to handing things out to foreign governments as well, punishing the American middle class in the process. (And...please, Libertarians...there is no magic land of Ayn Rand, okay? You are as bad about that as Liberals are with their Utopia scenarios. Everything costs something, but you can't just leave everyone behind. You are free to go smoke dope and give each other as many venereal diseases as you like. Colorado and Washington state have rolled out a welcome mat for you...go, just go. But, stop running pointless presidential campaigns. Libertarian presidential campaigns are as pointless as fart jokes, and about as intellectually stimulating.) The bottom line is this: people are sick of it. And, because we live in an age where the mainstream media no longer control the message at the behest of corporations and politicians, people are better educated and have stopped falling for the same old bullsh*t that old school politicians like Hillary Clinton and John McCain are constantly trying to dump on them. Quit f*cking lying to us, and quit f*cking giving our money and jobs away to foreign countries. And, that starts with Mexico. Hold them accountable for their own people and economy, for f*ck sake! Mexico has enough oil and gas, they have farm and ranch lands, they have sea ports...they have all of the same things we have and that Canada has. Stop letting them d*ck it away on their own wealthy political and business class, then turn around and come to America, hats in hands, begging for more of our money and jobs! The free ride for Mexico has got to end.
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