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  1. Watching the game on TV and it looks like the stadium is close to being full!!!!
  2. Will this game be shown on TV in the San Antonio area?
  3. Trying to find the baseball schedule for the club team. And do they ever travel down south to the San Antonio area to play?
  4. Great game watched the second half and the guys never quit. GMG!!!
  5. My College school debt is from UTSA! My degree is from UNT!!!! GMG!!!!
  6. I just want us to play good defense for a change. Wow that stadium looks empty.
  7. Defense way to may flags. And again one if the twins hurt again.
  8. Really three straight runs plays same play three times?!?!?!?
  9. Twins need to go or something they don't do anything good on defense.
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