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  1. Judy going scorched earth with that inscription.
  2. Oil output during 2020/2021 went down primarily due to slowing demand and reduce interest in funding new projects from lenders. As the Fed Reserve continued to pump stimulus into the economy, along with multiple rounds of direct transfer checks from both Trump and Biden administrations the economy became overheated. Add to that a lot of people going back to work and back to office you suddenly have pre-pandemic type demand for energy chasing reduced supply. Voila, energy prices spiking. And it's not just energy, but everything. You see the stories about challenges in supply chains. Imagine the flow of goods through the pipeline in a similar way that oil flows through a pipeline. Just because you suddenly want to push a lot through the pipe does not mean you can. If you want to blame someone, IMO it would be more correct in blaming Jerome Powell for continuing to stimulate the economy well past the time he should have been pulling back. The Federal Reserve's job mandate is to maintain price stability and achieve maximum employment. Currently, they are failing badly on price stability. The role that both Trump and Biden played was first nominating Powell (Trump) and then re-nominating Powell (Biden). Powell has failed miserably at his job while he and his buddies at the Fed have profited handsomely from insider trading. Arguing over the impact of Keystone XL phase construction, permits on federal lands or wildlife refuges, etc. are just sound bites for politicians, not the true root cause.
  3. If transfers do not sign an NLI then their 'signing' is probably nothing more than a ceremonial document contrived by the schools to give a sense of commitment to the player and surely does not count against the class if they don't enroll. Similar to how PWOs 'sign' on national signing day. If there is nothing that binds schools to making good on their offer to 'sign' a portal transfer then it won't take long for top programs to start abusing the portal through over signing and kids showing up in the Fall only to find out they don't have a spot.
  4. Del Conte continued on by stating how important it is for the fans to stand behind the team and stay positive. “We know there are better days ahead, and I know y’all will continue to be the wind beneath our wings to help lead us there.” Needless to say, it appears that Del Conte is fully behind the rebuild that Sarkisian will have to do at Texas. The dreaded 'vote of confidence' that will either 1) subtly motivate the BMDs to the point of funding the buyout because they are afraid a move won't be made, or 2) put all the weight on the coach's shoulders to win or else. IMO, it is a well used tactic designed to shift the focus from the AD/GM.
  5. The 12 people that bought tickets to this game will be disappointed.
  6. There is no way Baker pushes for a change unless the BMDs come to him. Why would he stick his neck out when he does not have to since SL was not his hire and he runs a risk of replacing him with someone performs worse? All he has to do is let the process work itself out. Either the HFC will figure it out or the BMDs will start making noise and build support. I have seen nothing that makes me think the BMDs are anything other than slightly annoyed at this point. Maybe the faster way to see results than go through a regime change is to pony up some extra NIL money for a top QB prospect.
  7. For football specifically, one could argue that they have made exactly 1 fantastic hire since Grant Teaff. FYI, that guy is available for cheap, but it will take someone with cajones. Name, years coached, games coached, wins, losses, ties, win % Other than being in the SWC/Big 12, Baylor's success has not been significantly better in the the two major men's sports than UNT until Briles arrived in football and Drew in basketball. Baylor's recent success does show what a successful hire can do for your program. For the moment it seems like McCasland has things on the right tract. Unfortunately, we can't say the same for football.
  8. We are now 0-2 (Morris, Ruder) with highly rated P5 QBs transferring here and having success. Not only did neither have success, neither made it half way through the season as the starter before being replaced. Can't be looked upon favorably by future potential transfers.
  9. If we set on taking another former Mike Leach RB coach, let’s get the one before SL instead of the one after SL.
  10. If I were Seth, I would be looking for a new OC. That was yet another awful offensive showing.
  11. Assuming nothing changes, are there any special Covid protocols required for the game?? Vaccine card? Mask? MAGA hat? Empty Ivermectin tube? Anything?
  12. We should go after the ex Stephenville HS coach. He has had some pretty good offenses and produced some good QBs. He has also worked with our current DC in the past.
  13. Exactly, because UNT is running back U.
  14. Well, this is America and we play football with our hands.
  15. New Years Day game at the Cotton Bowl is a little different than a mid week mid day game at the AMC Frisco Bowl. I hope we get a good lane. Just to be safe, we should market that we are playing University of Miami. No need to elaborate further.
  16. I am expecting to see lots of confused fans wearing orange and blue at the UNT/Miami game...
  17. Damn, Chad Morris stock is falling like a rock. I actually thought he might get a little consideration this offseason in the college ranks, but he may be out of a HS job soon at Allen.
  18. Conference wins are about to get a little tougher in the AAC so better be prepared to step it up.
  19. I assume you have to have access, but here is the link to ESPN+ https://www.espn.com/watch/player/_/id/625f0663-bf34-4e6d-850f-95696f884b99
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