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  1. Okay. I can twist just as well as you can. It changes nothing in the big picture, though: Liberty is, in fact, actively trying to move up; and, they have, in fact, beaten a Big 12 school on the road...in this century. So, twist away! Show me our offers to move up, and show me our Big 12 road win(s) in the 21st Century. Twist, twist, twist.
  2. And, if I want to post non-football things about Liberty, I'll take it to the non-football board...right? Sounds like you don't like losing the football part of the argument. Sorry. It's not my fault that Liberty has beaten a Big 12 school on the road in the 21st Century and we haven't.
  3. Oops! Must not have enough coaches in contact with 247; they only show us trying to wrestle this kid away from SFA. Better send them the memo on ACU, coach. Once the rubber meets the road in February, maybe we'll see ULM and NMSU jump in there with us, SFA...and, possibly, ACU: http://247sports.com/Recruitment/JaQuan-Tillis-111259/RecruitInterests Rivals doesn't list him at all. Sounds like someone's coach isn't keeping the recruiting services up to date on their "slipped through the cracks" DI guys. Hmmm. Why am I supposed to watch tapes? The other 129 FBS coaching staffs don't watch tape or hold camps? Now I've got to watch tapes and hold camps? Wow. I can't just trust the other 129 FBS coaching staffs who have watched the tapes, seen him at camp, and still not offered?
  4. And, yet...as much as they "suck ass at life," they've gone on the road and beaten a Big 12 school. Please list for me the last time we've beaten a Big 12 school on the road. I think we'd be looking back almost 20 years for that.
  5. Really? Me being a coach would magically change the fact that no other FBS program is trying to steal this kid from SFA and ACU?
  6. Yeah...okay. One out of 130 FBS coaching staffs agree with you...plus, SFA and ACU. So...yeah.
  7. If they continue to beat "bigger" schools, then end up in the AAC...that's my jumping off point. Hard enough seeing UTSA start up a program that is put into a conference with us...then, have us drop three of the first four to them. Another program we pooh-pooh because its "Christian." Problem is, those "Christians" tend to be loyal to the places they identify with...and, open their checkbooks. It's why ACU is now FCS. All of those people who went to classes in the new buildings they built in the 80s, 90s, and 2000s are now looking around and the only thing left to upgrade is the athletic facilities...and, so they are giving millions there. Looks like Liberty, with their former Baylor Rape Cover Upper AD are not waiting to be invited, they are going to push the issue.
  8. "...North Texas, SFA, and ACU..." Gotta love that Southland Conference recruiting rivalry.
  9. I take back my "wow" comment and will just insert in its place, I hope ICE will be at the funeral.
  10. Again...exactly. Mexico is having its cake and eating it, too, with their illegals here. That has to end. Trump is giving Congress time to make a legal immigration reform. Let's see whether or not our lawmakers will do anything end the money train for Mexico's lazy politicians. If you are the writing type, remind your congressman that Mexico has allowed the amount of remittances from us to now exceed even their oil export intake. Ask them whether they intend to continue to let Mexico be paid by us for children born there. Ask them to tax all remittances or, in the alternative, allow only remittances from legal immigrants. Cut off illegals from sending money back to Mexico untaxed, if you let them continue at all. Whatever amnesty they come up with - and, that's what it will be - make Mexico put some skin in the game for once.
  11. I don't know whether or not they are looking past us, but... ...after Arky State-Nebraska, they better damn well realize that the transfer the Wolfpack (or Red Wolves or whatever Wolf name they call themselves because we can't say Indians anymore) got from OU can f*cking put the ball where it needs to be...consistently. And, they better put in some extra film time trying to figure him out. They've already got game film on (and, game experience against) Mason Fine. There's no secret to him. Arky State and their QB are new to them. If they feel like they got a handle on what Fine and our OC are doing, of course they're going to cheat ahead.
  12. On remittances and Mexico: http://money.cnn.com/2017/03/20/news/economy/mexico-remittances-trump/index.html This is more laziness by the Mexican government. They have watched as remittances have surpassed foreign oil exports. This is why they fight to keep their people in our country and not theirs. If I were crafting the DACA legislation, I would include a provision that remittances to Mexico either be: (1) taxed heavily, or (2) eliminated altogether. In short, tell Mexico, we'll keep your "Dreamers," but the price is you must get your sh*t together and start acting like a grown up. Pay for your own sh*t. In short, treat them like a 20-something child who shleps around his parents' house endlessly, f*cking around with a part-time job during the day and staying up half the night playing xbox and looking at porn. That, is what Mexico is right now. Take away their car keys. Take away their cell phones and ipads. Whatever it takes to get them off the dime, out of the house, and supporting themselves. The goodwill is long gone. No more marching into our living rooms with Mexican flags, demanding this right and that right, as a bimbo (male or female) from the Columbia School of Journalism stands there with a microphone and tries to lecture you about how "inhumane" you are for not wanting to support them in your house forever. Complete and utter bullsh*t. It's not for us to prop up Mexico's lazy government or to take care of their poor - in their country and ours. Mexico needs to get off the dime and help its own people. It is shameful for a country with as many natural resources as Mexico to endlessly choose to lean on the United State constantly - legally and illegally - to prop up their own government and economy instead of helping itself. More shameful still are American politicians who voluntarily defend Mexico's laziness! And, on top of that, both cravenly try to shame U.S. government officials, politicians, and citizens when they correctly point out the imbalance and begin work to try to change it. Then, the empty-heads in the media jump in. The reason Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump were popular in 2016 is that, in spite of both having some bad ideas, they have hit on this one common thread: Americans are tired of being taken advantage of by their own industries, companies, and politicians who have spent the last three decades selling them up the river in foreign trade and immigration deals. Hillary can bitch all she wants about Bernie, but it wasn't Bernie dancing on West Virginia coal miners' graves in person, then totally ignoring Rust Belt states, where millions of jobs have been lost and populations have fled for four decades now. On the other side, John McCain, Marco Rubio, and all other GOP contenders that Donald Trump dispatched can bitch and criticize him all they want, but he's not the one who spent the campaign downplaying the real damage foreign trade pacts have done to American communities and proposing more "look the other way" immigration ideas that would do no more than further enrich foreign governments and economies on the back of the American taxpayer. I didn't vote for Bernie or Trump, inasmuch as I find them both repugnant. In fact, I didn't vote at all because I also found Hillary and Jill Stein to be repugnant and wanting to do no more than re-hash all the bad policies that have led us down the road to handing things out to foreign governments as well, punishing the American middle class in the process. (And...please, Libertarians...there is no magic land of Ayn Rand, okay? You are as bad about that as Liberals are with their Utopia scenarios. Everything costs something, but you can't just leave everyone behind. You are free to go smoke dope and give each other as many venereal diseases as you like. Colorado and Washington state have rolled out a welcome mat for you...go, just go. But, stop running pointless presidential campaigns. Libertarian presidential campaigns are as pointless as fart jokes, and about as intellectually stimulating.) The bottom line is this: people are sick of it. And, because we live in an age where the mainstream media no longer control the message at the behest of corporations and politicians, people are better educated and have stopped falling for the same old bullsh*t that old school politicians like Hillary Clinton and John McCain are constantly trying to dump on them. Quit f*cking lying to us, and quit f*cking giving our money and jobs away to foreign countries. And, that starts with Mexico. Hold them accountable for their own people and economy, for f*ck sake! Mexico has enough oil and gas, they have farm and ranch lands, they have sea ports...they have all of the same things we have and that Canada has. Stop letting them d*ck it away on their own wealthy political and business class, then turn around and come to America, hats in hands, begging for more of our money and jobs! The free ride for Mexico has got to end.
  13. When I see the Mexican government - for Mexicans in Mexico and abroad - do more to help their own poor, I will change my mind. When I see the Mexican government lower their immigration standards for the benefit of the Hondurans, Guatemalans, and Salvadorans that they regularly catch and their own southern border, and summarily send beck, I will change my mind. When I see the Mexican government actively recruit the educated "Dreamers" here to help them educate their own people back in Mexico, I will change my mind.
  14. Exactly. The Mexican government loves that they don't have to care for their own poor. They gleefully watch them flood American, then criticize America when it tries to stem the flow. The Mexican government loves the $20 billion+ they get from remittances each year that they don't have to do a damn thing to earn...except keep encouraging their poor to leave, then criticize American politicians who correctly point out the strain it is on our own resources to constantly take care of their poor. All the Mexican government wants from their poor is for them to keep waiving the Mexican flag over here and keep send their remittances from lawn mowing and house cleaning back home. If they really loved their own citizens, ask yourself, whey wouldn't they be doing everything in their power to entice them back to Mexico. So, again: Why isn't Mexico responsible for its own citizens? ALL of its citizens, even the poor. Why are they our responsibility not theirs? No one seems to want to answer that very simple question. The answer, to me, in my experience, and in my wife's family's experience, is that the Mexican government is lazy and arrogant. They know having them here is easy money in remittances, and that there are enough left leaning people in American who will criticize their own government for trying to protect its border and taxpayer dollars. To criticize the American government for its immigration policies - which, by the way, does work for those who come here legally - but give the Mexican government a pass? Ludicrous. You're welcome. There is a path. And, a clear path. What these numbskulls want is an path for the lawbreakers - and, the kids of the lawbreakers. The path takes paperwork, time - AND PROOF THAT YOU HAVE THE MEANS ENOUGH BACK HOME THAT YOU WON'T STAY IN AMERICA after your visa expires. If you are too poor - or, too lazy (like one of my brothers-in-law) - that isn't our fault. That is on your home government, not ours. They are supposed to be trying to make your life better, give you a security net, not us. Again...on the one hand, people say, we shouldn't be the police of the world. And, again I say, fine - then don't make us the foster home of the world either. As far as the lawbreakers' kids, Mexico would be well served to try to entice the "educated, hard-working" and Spanish-speaking group back into their country. It is the height of hypocrisy that they get on camera and say, "I want a better life for myself and my kids in America," then turn around and wave the Mexican flag at every turn. If they really are proud to be Mexican, educated, hard-working - all is this sh*t the media keeps feeding us as they try to get us to feel sorry for the kids - then go back and help the country you claim to love. It's a joke.
  15. Wait...there's more! Home Ownership Rate in Mexico is higher than the U.S. https://tradingeconomics.com/united-states/home-ownership-rate https://tradingeconomics.com/mexico/home-ownership-rate WHAT? How can that be? We're told the Mexicans have no place to live! I see them both. And, so does the Mexican government.
  16. So, if you are afraid to report a crime because you have already willingly broken the law, you get amnesty? And, you should especially get it because you were able to have a kid somewhere along the line, and send him/her to a school funded by American and legal immigrant tax dollars? The Mexican government should be absolved of any responsibility of your existence because you've been in America illegally long enough to have had a child and a bike stolen? Here's something to stop the lies about there "not being jobs back home in Mexico": https://tradingeconomics.com/mexico/unemployment-rate Unemployment rate there is currently lower than it is in America. WHAT? How did that happen? We keep being told there are no jobs in Mexico. What? American politicians and immigrants lawyer-types might be lying to us about Mexico? Say it ain't so!
  17. There is a path to citizenship. https://www.uscis.gov/ In fact, instead of renewing her green card this year, my wife has applied for naturalization to become a U.S. citizen. There is a path, and she's on it. Legally, as always. Why are people here illegally supposed to be afforded a pathway over, or different than, the one my wife, a legal immigrant, is on? And, again, why do we owe it to them instead of Mexico taking back and taking care of their own citizens? Why isn't Mexico held responsible for its own citizens? Mexico has enough resources to take care of its own citizens. It isn't war torn. It isn't ruled by a dictator. Just because it does a sh*tty job of managing its own economy we should be responsible for its citizens who come here illegally? That makes sense to you? Are we now lowering the immigration bar to allowing entry to people whose countries simply have sh*tty economies of their own making? Jose couldn't find a job in his home country so here came here illegally and cut grass for 17 years. We should now give him citizenship? After all, it's been 17 years and he still thinks he wouldn't be able to find work back home (he doesn't really know, he just assumes...plus, in Mexico, he's not getting subsidized rent and so forth). He's also fathered five children with his own penis, too, while he's been here. Some kids now drive around with him in the truck when he's out mowing on weekends and summers when school is out. We can't send him back now? While we are at it, should we also change the laws regarding things like embezzlement? For instance, if someone steals from their corporation, should they be free from prosecution if they get away with it for a certain number of years? And, if they use that embezzled money to do noble things like provide food, shelter, and clothing for their own kids? I mean, why are we beefing with these people? They just stole to support their family right? And, they got a way with it for a long time? What's the harm? The other employees maybe didn't get raises because of it? So what. At least they have jobs. Why are they complaining? Investors were misled about the use their stakes? So what. They already have plenty of money anyway. After all, they had enough just to give to the company in the first place. They didn't say anything for all those years while it was embezzled; why let them have their day in court now? The whole thing is stupid. Mexico, not the United States, should be responsible for its own citizens. We have a pathway to citizenship, and always have. We've made exceptions in the past for legitimate situations such a Cubans fleeing Castro and Vietnamese, Laotian, and Cambodian refugees after the Vietnam and the surrounding countries fell to communists and dictators. Mexico has never been in one of those types of situations. It's simply a poorly managed country. Setting the bar at "poorly managed country's people can come on in" is setting the bar too low...in my opinion.
  18. They are not American. They were born in Mexico. And, it is not grossly inhumane to send them back to a country where they speak the language and have family. If we sent the illegal Mexican immigrants to Chad or Ethiopia or Syria, that would be inhumane. And, to say they don't have their own culture here is simply a lie. I go dozens of parties and celebrations a year with my wife's family and friends. The Mexicans are very good at inculcating their culture to their children here in America. So, there would be may be a hint of culture shock to a Mexican immigrant sent back to Mexico, but that is all. So, the question is: why isn't the Mexican government responsible for its own people? Mexico isn't like resource poor, like Chad or Ethiopia. It's not worn torn, like Syria. It's people are not oppressed, like Cubans and North Koreans...and now, Venezuelans. Mexico is lazy and arrogant. It has the natural resources to take care of itself, but it chooses to use those to enrich their political and big business leaders. They love it when their poor to go to America, so that they can wash their hands of them...while profiting from the money they send back home in remittances. Mexico needs to be held responsible for its poor governance. Some people like to say the United States shouldn't be the world's police. Fair enough. But, by the same token, we shouldn't be the world's foster care program either. And, in Mexico's case especialmente, we shouldn't be the foster care answer for a country who has the resources to enrich its own citizens, but steadfastly chooses not to do so. Mexico has no excuse. It is culpable for the lives of their own citizens, not us. Our neighbors to the north, Canada, has a much harsher geography and less natural resources than Mexico, but somehow manages it to the benefit of its own citizens, and to the degree that they are not pouring illegally across our northern border. It's question of the will of Mexico to quit f*cking around and do something for its own people with its own resources instead of dumping their poor and criminal on us and expecting us to foot the bill at every turn.
  19. Sorry, for better worse, he's become the poster child for our recruiting: so desperate for talent that we kept pursuing him even when everyone else already knew he wasn't going to qualify.
  20. This is a topic that hits close to home for me because my wife is from Mexico, is here legally, but has relatives and other friends here that are not. In fact, she has nephews and nieces that fit under the DACA rules. I have a couple of observations. The first thing I want to say is, both sides have points, good points that need to be made...but, neither side is going to listen to the other. So we have what we have. Let me start with my nephews and nieces who were brought here by one of my wife's brothers who wouldn't wait for his papers, and keeps himself (for no good reason) in jeopardy of being deported. Immigrants like him - who could have easily qualified to get here legally the way one of his older brothers did, and my wife and one of her sisters - I don't really feel much sympathy. Their family was well off enough to meet the qualifications to enter legally, and he should have waited like his brother, sister, and my wife. By not doing so, and bringing his son and daughter, he put them in jeopardy as well. For reasons I will never understand, the nephew and niece have chosen not to go to college; but, they do have jobs. They came here when they were seven and one year old, respectively. The nephew spent two years in school in Mexico, the rest here. The niece simply was raised and went all the way through school here. Especially for my niece, she literally would be lost living in the little ranch area where my wife's family lives if she gets sent back. I'm not saying that to draw any sympathy. Her dad, my brother-in-law, went in with both eyes open when he chose - and has consistently chosen - to not follow American immigration laws. I will feel bad for my niece if she gets deported, but...it will not be completely devastating to her. If she goes back, she's got a better education than probably 90% of the kids her age in that area of Mexico. She speaks Spanish and English fluently. She would have no trouble going to most big cities in Mexico and finding work. My wife's family is from Guanajuato, and there is an artsy tourist city there called San Miguel de Allende. It is a city where you can easily get along if you aren't fluent in Spanish. Many Canadian and American ex-pats are there. My wife has a sister who keeps an apartment there, and they have a store front they lease out there. So, if deported, my niece will be fine. As for those who are in her situation but do not have a well off enough family back in Mexico, it might be tougher. Might. They still have the benefit of an American education. And, as much as we bash it here, it is light years beyond what most kids get in Mexico - if they get any at all in Mexico. And, that brings me to my second point, I have a huge beef with people who criticize America over this issue, saying we are racist, trying to throw out poor, brown-skinned people, etc. If we are racist, then what is the Mexican government? The Mexican government is filled with "brown-skinned people" who refuse to do anything for their fellow "brown-skinned people," who happen to be poor as well. Which is worse, us enforcing our immigration laws or Mexico for ignoring its own citizens in the first place so that they feel like they had to come up here? Mexico is horribly irresponsible when it comes to its own people, natural resources, and economy. That is not the fault of the United States. Millions of their citizens are here illegally because the Mexican government sucks, not because of anything we've done. Worse, the Mexican government doesn't care that it sucks. They flaunt it as some sort of badge of honor. So, point two, I hate and reject the notion that we are somehow worse than the Mexican government who purposely won't take care of their own citizens in the first place when they have the natural resources to be able to do so, but choose to let a few wealthy individuals and politicos look out for themselves to the detriment of all else. They are the main problem, not our immigration laws! Third point, and this concerns jobs. It is a completely false notion, in my opinion, to assume that losing illegals will somehow hurt the economy; especially in the construction trade. My dad's family in Tulsa have been homebuilders since the 1960s. And, guess what? They've somehow done it with a legal, American work force. I reject the stupid argument that "home prices will go up." Uh...if you hadn't noticed, home prices have already gone up - even with immigrant labor! Builders are paying immigrant less than they would American workers, but home prices are still higher. The builders and their subcontractors are paying less and pocketing more than before. You tell me whether that is right or wrong. We used to have strong trades in this country. I fully realize that in some parts of the country Unions simply outpriced themselves (and, still do). But, that was not the case in Texas and most of the South and West. I think its absurd to say there aren't Americans who can't do the job - or, won't do the job. Yes, they'll do the job, Bill Gates and Tim Cook - but, you'll have to pay them better than you do your immigrant workers you beg the government to let you have more of. Hypocrites to the end. It should be an embarrassment to the national Chamber of Commerce that they have shilled for illegals for so long as well, undercutting Americans and legal immigrants. For what? So that its member can have a better margin for their bottom line? No tears shed. When the rich and powerful - in politics and business - squeeze out American workers, college graduates, and legal immigrants, then we've gone too far in the wrong direction. The next few days, weeks, months, and years will bring changes to our family because of this law. But, make no mistake, what we have is as much the fault of Mexico's leaders themselves - as well as our own politicians and big business CEOs - as it is anyone else's. In fact, to me, and millions of others, the main culprits are in this order: (1) Mexican government, (2) American politicians and CEO-types undercutting American workers by shilling for a protected illegal work force, and (3) Immigration policy. It's a damn shame that some kids are caught in the middle of it. But, it was their own home government's doing in the first place, along with CEO's and politicians in this country looking to line their own pockets and vote totals.
  21. Awesome. Who watches the sideline guy who walks out on the field during TV breaks? That's the guy (or, gal...or, trans) that fell asleep at the wheel.
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