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  1. I also quit watching the olympics.
  2. Maybe 1. I see one kid from Muenster, one from Coppell, one from Corinth, and one from Keller. So one of those might have wanted to stay (a little) closer to home. DBU has a history of good BB and UNT has a history of none. Why would any of the others on the roster come to NT?
  3. That's exactly what they did to the NCAA and the NCAA will take it like the worthless entity they are.
  4. My favorite hooker went to SMUt but then she and 4 of her friends got killed. (Wanna' guess who did it?)
  5. Appalachia Western - Formerly University of Cousin Kissin'
  6. That's what I used to say when hot girls turned me down.
  7. Not sure if he Tee'd it high, but he's sure letting it fly.
  8. That this team fought back while he was doing this is just more to be impressed with. I LOVE this team and hate that they weren't able to get the W. They deserved it.
  9. Without a T/O, the team looked confused. They appeared to not be sure how they were going to execute the last possession. I think it was a Freshman with the in bounds pass too. Not blaming him, since he just had to throw into what the others set up.
  10. This is the same argument that used to be done for Notre Dame back in the day.
  11. We were stuck on 10 for what seemed like 10 minutes of game play.
  12. Assuming we win on Thurs, are we hoping to get WKY or LT? I watched part of the first LT game and all of the second one but none of the WKY one, so have no knowledge of their team and how we match up. I bet LT would love to make up for those two losses to us.
  13. I hope you're right. Seems more like being a "blind squirrel" instead of having a plan.
  14. It's a miss when you don't have any quality QB on the system. It's not like he's been beaten out by much better players.
  15. That classroom on the left looks to be 3x brighter and twice as dry as the UNT weight room we used circa 1985. Compare that to a picture in the GAB or various other newer buildings on campus around the same time and you'd have the reverse of what's being presented here.
  16. I'm afraid to look. Did we get 6 more QB's that'll never see the field at UNT?
  17. No, it's just being pushed down to G5. We'll be the farm system for P5.
  18. And if he's having fun, more power to him. IMO, Aune has done nothing wrong. As far as I know, he's working hard, has a good attitude, and is respected in the locker room. He has some talent but can be frustratingly wild and often doesn't progress past the first receiver in the route list. If UNT doesn't have a better QB than Aune, that's on the coaches.
  19. So you're saying there's a chance?
  20. "You f'd up. You trusted us!" - Judy "Otter" MacLeod
  21. They need to get in touch with Rice to find out where to get the best deals on tarps to cover large seat sections.
  22. Every time I go to another fan board, I'm reminded of how well this site is operated and presented. Thanks to all that keep GMG running well and easy to use!
  23. All trying to run against an 8 man front if we don't get a QB.
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