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  1. I'm talking about the passing game. You know, the one where MF was running for his life almost all of last year. I can't remember, but if that was always done with a base rush and not a blitz, then it really was more pathetic last year. I seem to recall getting more blitzing last year.
  2. Nothing concrete, but from what I recall (and my memory isn't great), but it seemed like teams rushed us a lot more last year. Specifically, I remember the smut game and it's like they were intent on showing that MF wasn't as good as all the hype. I think once they showed going after him was working, others did the same. I didn't see the same thing this year. Could have been that the line was blocking better, but again, I don't recall teams blitzing as much this year, including smu.
  3. Also, consider how many 3 and outs we've had (not just this year), especially in the first 2 series of the game. These kinds of offenses are supposed to move the ball and maybe stall out, but at least you're burning some time and helping field position. Too many times we got the ball on the 25 and punted from the 31 just a couple of minutes into the game. It's like letting the other team choose the toss for both halves.
  4. The line did improve from last year, but they really couldn't do much worse. However, a lot of this is how teams approached us. Last year, with MF, they knew they had to get to him quickly or he'd burn them. Now, with "Dropsy" and "Wildy" playing QB, they could just wait for us to end the drives and didn't need to pressure as much.
  5. Best thing to do is ignore whatever P5 schools are doing. Don't really care who/how they select their conf champ.
  6. Adding huge vidja boards to our endzones might help our DB's find the ball since they're always facing that direction anyway.
  7. One person tested positive. ~50 people under 18-25 have died from covid. ~3300 auto accident deaths PER DAY, ~15% of these in the 18-25 range is about 500. 10 times more chance of getting killed driving to the stadium than killed by covid.
  8. With our luck, the one that's about to take a job at another school...and take BJ with him.
  9. Oh, that's our strength. Y'all should probably forfeit.
  10. Also don't be concerned if you're ever in a 3rd and 20+.
  11. Could you ask your coach to try to keep it under 50? (in the first half)
  12. This guy watched us "first person". I would question his decision making if he came here w/o seeing us make a lot of changes first.
  13. Let's just practice for an extra week, then claim Covid and stay home.
  14. How many of those yards came in the last 1/3 of the game when we were down 3 scores?
  15. Going to MW w/o Boise is akin to us moving to CUSA w/o sMUT, houston, etc.
  16. His Sr. gaudy stats had an O-line that was like tissue paper.
  17. All I saw was another example our our DBs running to chase a receiver and never having a clue where that odd-shaped brown leather thing was.
  18. Maybe Mumbles is calling the right plays but we need to hire an interpreter to translate what he calls.
  19. Gotta' hand it to SL...he was able to produce this garbage w/o needing a bye week.
  20. Football - Bean can't throw it and Aune can't hold on to it and the D can't find it.
  21. They never left...last game was a mirage. I bet during the week (practicing against our D) our O thinks they unstoppable.
  22. He had another k/o OOB catch for a penalty (at least his second this year) and almost had another earlier in the game but it just stayed a bit too far in bounds. He's either being coached well or simply understands the position, or both.
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