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  1. UNTEngr.#43

    Official UAB Game Score Prediction Thread

    UNT - 43 UAB - 31
  2. UNTEngr.#43

    Possible bowl dates

    A Big 12 team would be nice to play and beat. GMG!!!
  3. Light up the tower. GMG!!!
  4. We need to keep moving the ball.
  5. Is #71 that bad at run blocking ?
  6. 15 yards for celebration. C'mon on man
  7. A field goal I'll take it for now.
  8. Can we just make the tackle please.
  9. ESPN sucks. Now we're punting.
  10. UNTEngr.#43

    Craft Beer Eagles 🍺

    These are all Denton area beers? Hope I can find some here in SA. Thanks