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  1. https://meangreennation.com/live/ live in like 2 seconds
  2. https://meangreennation.com/north-texas-mean-green-vs-virginia-cavaliers-2022-nit-second-round-preview-how-to-watch-listen/ Includes: links to the podcast I did with virginiagameday.
  3. This is the bowl-game discussion all over. I am down to watch more college basketball but if the players and administration and all the associated people do not think there is value there ... then so be it. NT has benefited (CBI champs!) and there certainly is some use in extra practice, but it certainly isn't for everyone.
  4. I mean, on the site, on the podcast, on the spaces, we said that the 7-man rotation has some vulnerabilities. When someone is struggling -- v Tech, v State, etc -- there is little to no option. Perry, normally our primary scorer (especially late in the clock) was 0-3. I disagree with the "he was just facilitating for others" because up to that point, that wasn't necessarily the case. He had looks he normally takes, but wasn't. The other aspect, was that he was getting cooked on defense for a stretch. They targeted him. NT does a good job of helping off and supporting that --- Tech coach Eric Konkol told me how NT does a good job always having a man in the paint etc -- and lots of teams will try to target our wings. "Take him out" -- by itself, that is obviously a silly thing to suggest. "Take him out, as he is not playing as well as he normally does, and is possibly hurting us" -- in context, this makes more sense. But yeah, there was no one to put in. And for various reasons the staff built the team that way. As I said on the show, it is hard to argue with the results -- 25 wins, etc -- but it remains a vulnerability and took a supreme effort to stave off a loss.
  5. I think it is silly for Tylor to read social after the game. Again, I don't think the tweet was a bad one. If you are thinking "shouldn't criticize the players" or whatever, fine. The tweet was criticizing the coach. It's a decent question to ask-- Tylor Perry was struggling compared to his previous performances and we are paying for the coach to make decisions and things so.... "why is Perry playing at this point?" is a question and criticism of Mac.
  6. This is why you should try to know what you are talking about if you are going to say something. I thought the tweet was a good one, because Perry was getting roasted on defense, and at that point was 0-5 with four fouls and a turnover. Not exactly his best self. If it takes him roasted every single one of you for your tweets to win the NIT, then you better get a-tweetin'
  7. https://meangreennation.com/podcast/162-nit-first-round-escape/ We hopped on twitter spaces afterward. It was cool. I got the audio (spaces saves it for 30 days only) for posterity. S/O to the two Tech fans who trolled us. I'll allow it considering they got nothing better to do.
  8. Jace Ruder is good at practice and that is good. We need someone or something to step up. I want to see him not throw it into the stands.
  9. It’s updated here with picture evidence attached. Also fixed that white record.
  10. MGN is covering the tournament. We went up to the media area, found the coaches' room where they have the headsets for calling football plays. We got all set up for the MGN podcast and pressed "record + play" (we like it old school). The result: the podcast -> https://meangreennation.com/podcast/160-2022-tourney-rice-recap-tech-preview/
  11. I moved up to Saint Louis and I've been to Chaifetz Arena and it holds 10,600 (we are at 10,500) but theirs is modern (built in the last 15-years). I love the Pit but as I tweeted, Chaifetz is nice. SLU has a similar situation where (at least from how I get to this place) you drive up and see the arena. NT should have something similar. Knock it down, build a Pit 3.0, name it after whoever wants to donate $20 million (looking at you, @Aldo) and let's have a good time watching Randy Travis cheer for NT from the lap of luxury instead of a makeshift table or whatever.
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