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  1. I look at it as my duty to consider offers that would benefit my family. I get offers on LinkedIn from recruiters a ton (look at me!) and the ones that are interesting are the ones that would better my family financially, or myself professionally (so I can better my families' well-being). I do not think it is a bad thing if Wren was doing something similar. In fact, I expect it. From what we can tell, he was doing it discreetly, and doing his job. Fine by me. As far as the game day experience -- it has been terrible. He addressed that to most people's satisfaction. The little underground public relations tour also suggested that a lot of the reason for the fall off had to do with post-pandemic staffing shortages. Having been to a Red Robin that abruptly announced mid-dinner "service" that they would not be taking any more orders "because we can't get no one to work" I certainly understand it is more widespread than at Apogee. Now, if Wren rolled up his sleeves and started mopping the bathrooms himself that would be good for optics (at least to some) but I don't know that I want to spend $600K for the guy to be cleaning the bathrooms. It's a misallocation of resources. More here
  2. Yours Truly recently relocated to the midwest, and getting back to Texas has been great (because of tacos)
  3. Haha so to not be too much Director's Cut here, I do that purposefully. The tailing off. I'll tweak the settings a bit. I recently boosted Aldo/Greg because of some changes, but I didn't really mess with my stuff too much.
  4. I think all ADs are struggling with attendance. I see a lot of empty seats on twitter. I mean outside of the 100K at Michigan, Texas, Alabama or whoever -- I mean Memphis didn't have a whole lot of people when I went to the NT game there. pre-pandemic, NT football had 30K for NT vs Tech. Not terrible. It just takes a good program. Win a championship tomorrow (and a bowl) and it is a lot easier to fill up Apogee next season.
  5. I am repeating myself from the blog post a bit but I thought Wren did a good job modernizing the department. It was a mom-and-pop operation and turned it into a well-respected operation. He got facilities built and donors to donate. I have to think the golf thing is a joke right? Football is a unique site situation and it is quite ridiculous to fire a head coach that is in the title game. What are we? Marshall? We expected to have a new AD because schools were clamoring for him. The new person is going to want to put their own spin on things so for those of you hoping Seth moves in, a win or loss will help make that happen.
  6. I'll review it again. I also test it on phones, headphones (good and bad ones), tvs, car radio, and other things. A given mix is usually good for most but not so great for one or two. TBH I think on this episode I was a little tired and not talking as loud as I usually haha. I do appreciate the feedback!
  7. There will be an alumni tailgate: 📆 Fri., Dec. 2 ⏰ 4:30-6 p.m. 📍 Smoke BBQ + SKYBAR, San Antonio 🎟️ Game tickets: northtex.as/CUSAtix There will be lots of UTSA tailgating as well. I will try to hit the alumni tailgate and see what is what.
  8. https://meangreennation.com/podcast/182-championship-game-preview/ < -- podcast link again
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