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  1. God forbid a forgettable restaurant is removed --- next you will tell me they plan to knock down some dusty old building that smells like arm pit to build a modern, maintainable one that is nicer to look at and has nice internet. The shame!
  2. Criticizing the teaser headline is one thing, using that as an example of an entire paper's coverage is another. I think the supporting criticism brought forth in this thread by the OP and others is woefully short of the claims put forth. Also, given the paper has to resort to reprinting the Sports Information-provided game story is evidenced that any bad coverage are likely mistakes borne of a tiny budget than any grudge or overt bias. Same deal with the Daily -- it is run by glorified amateurs learning on the job. If we expect Pulitzer-worthy stuff there that is our mistake.
  3. https://meangreennation.com/121-hoopin-is-a-habit/
  4. I wonder if NT switches back to IMG after this considering everything.
  5. The foundation of democracy is a well-informed public. The news media does try to perform that function but ultimately it is our responsibility to not be stupid and not fall in love with the sweet nothings whispered in our ear by opportunistic politicians, company presidents, or snake oil salesmen.
  6. I think it is silly to attack journalism as a whole for one failed piece by student journalists. It's like attacking the game of football as a whole because a senior QB throws a bad interception. This is one writer failing, and the paper's EIC that effed in making sure the whole piece was solid. Failure is part of learning. Does it suck? Yes. Is it reflective on journalism as a profession? That's a giant reach, and an entire standard deviation of an overreaction.
  7. While this is very true and obvious and known by all, I think we are forgetting the other factors. I don't see the draw for K-State. No one has won there not-named Bill Snyder, and it is a slog of a gig. Texas Tech, UNC, Louisville -- even right now with the crazy AD and the ridiculous lawsuits -- is a better gig. To me, battling Big 12 foes with half a deck and one hand behind your back is cool and all, but one more season with Mason Fine, a chance for a CUSA title, and SL can get a really good gig coming up next season. If he wins big next year, Lincoln Riley may move on to the NFL and _that_ dream gig could open up. Sure, it is possible to parley the KSU job to OU, but that's tougher. 5 is more than 2, which you were so helpful to point out, and I don't know SL personally so it could be so simple.
  8. This is why you get a good agent. This is what they do, get you your market worth and you can concentrate on the stuff you are good at. Seth Littrell very well may be out there recruiting hard for North Texas and his agent is out there recruiting organizations on his behalf. Agent comes back with a big offer -- "yo Seth, they offered X+1. We should get WB to give you a raise" SL: "sure" **gets raise**
  9. https://meangreennation.com/116-revenge/ We podded. We also addressed @Aldo 's mic situation.
  10. https://meangreennation.com/115-collapse/ Podded.
  11. https://meangreennation.com/114-bye-week-talk/ We had NT great Patrick Cobbs on to discuss some Mean Green Football during this bye week. Also, we answered some questions by some fans. @Aldo was there. He tried to get me fired, too.
  12. Frisco Farmer's market is Aldo's Hot Tub in Boca. smh. get your head right. take care of routine podcasts. be the most excited to talk. get after their. ass.
  13. Haha he had family stuff this morning. I have family stuff this afternoon/evening. He sent in his points and I read them on the show.
  14. https://meangreennation.com/113-what-now/ No @Aldo This solo podcast is Adam trying to figure out what happened, also some addressing of what exactly went wrong in the second half. Short answer: NT did not convert the 3rd and 4th and shorts. Do that? It is a different outcome.
  15. https://meangreennation.com/bham-bust-north-texas-21-uab-29-north-texas-all-but-eliminated-from-cusa-race/ That hurt. But it was a replay of that Tech game. The defense carried this team as it has all season. The offense is too inconsistent. Some of that is the run game, but some of it is our insistence upon the run game when it is just a shell of the Jeff Wilson/Loren Easly version.
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