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  1. aztecskin

    MGN: 2018 Season Preview eBook

    Another thanks to the handful that proofread it. Although I did catch some stuff y’all missed and so I slightly despise you now. So far no one has said I suck. That’s good.
  2. I wanted to do this last year but it all fell apart. Thanks work. Special shout out to @BillySee58 who wrote the recruiting section. Support your local blogger, y'all.
  3. aztecskin

    MGN Podcast 103: CUSA Kickoff 2018

    That's good feedback. I will keep that in mind. The spring/summer time was break time so there was not much there. I anticipate a slow trickle of traffic but since I'm not posting regularly, I don't expect readers to check in. Traffic and interest usually pick up right around the beginning of August so the featured stuff will rotate. You bring up a good point: that I need to add some markers for the current stuff for those unfamiliar. tl;dr: The way you experienced the site was expected behavior. I anticipated people returning about this time and the catch up is a bonus. Thanks again.
  4. @Aldo and I were there. We are here. We talked about things.
  5. aztecskin

    2018 C-USA Media Day Video: North Texas

    Yes, if you watched the ESPN stream I was in all the dang shots. I tried to avoid it but I was there. Also, yes, Seth is so much more comfortable doing that gig now. He has had so much practice rattling off the talking points. He isn't quite Butch Davis or Skip Holtz, who are super comfortable and make you feel like you are just chillin with them at their home.
  6. aztecskin

    MGN Podcast: 102

    We played the silly game where we look at the schedule and make predictions.
  7. I think this is what they mean by "mostly digital". Sun Belt signed a deal with ESPN that will put most of their stuff on Plus which is a separate deal. I am not too excited about paying two different $10 monthly fees to watch CUSA FB though.
  8. aztecskin

    Does UTEP start factoring in C-USA West?

    This is a good joke.
  9. aztecskin

    USA Today 1-130 Post Spring Ball

    While I agree that Litton was not as good as he should have been, the depth at QB in this league is not good. MTSU, USM, UTSA, Rice, UTEP all had significant drop offs when their QBs went down or graduated. The defensive coordinator leaving is a bigger deal that the OC going. Even though he was the architect of the good Marshall teams in 2014 and before, they had fell off. Sure, a lot of that had to do with Litton underperforming, but still, they needed a new spark there. Summary: I just don't believe in the Herd.
  10. aztecskin

    USA Today 1-130 Post Spring Ball

    This is the right way to look at this. The specific ranks of the teams are not as important as the general tier of perception. Right now we aren't considered the worst of the worst, which is certainly a change.
  11. aztecskin

    USA Today 1-130 Post Spring Ball

    They lost both coordinators though. The LB coach was promoted but that is hit-or-miss. Lost the QB, and TE of an offense that had trouble moving the ball. I'm pretty down on Marshall.
  12. aztecskin

    MGN Podcast 101

    Haha yeah I remembered right after we stopped recording.
  13. aztecskin

    MGN Podcast 101 Aldo and I discussed some things of interest.
  14. Having a good set of decision criteria is the best way to set up a roster. The flyers we've taken likely have met one or two aspects but not all. We are much better at this on offense than on defense. We know what we are looking for and get those guys, and turn them into productive contributors. None of this is particularly surprising.