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  1. So @Aldo and I are getting the live show back together: https://meangreennation.com/live/ 7pm central time. It will be live
  2. I think y'all all should have the shirt now, I was spot-checking the tracking numbers
  3. Printer got them to me, they are all packed up and in the stages of being shipped out. I mentioned this in another thread here, but if you wanted one of the (limited) order of crewneck sweatshirts I put them out. I also put the rest of the t-shirts on sale so you can get them a little cheaper than last week. https://meangreennation.com/shop/ DT has been paid his money so this is about slightly leveling up my kid's stocking stuffers.
  4. It is reasonable money! But I did have a small order of crewneck sweatshirts available and put the remaining t-shirts on sale. Y'all grab one and I am sure I can get them to you by the time the bowl starts. Look fresh wearing green. https://meangreennation.com/shop/
  5. Haha yeah show up to the Frisco Bowl, wear green, root for SDST
  6. Awesome! I should be getting these out early next week. Just waiting on the printer.
  7. It’s a violation of NIL policy to put any UNT marks trademarks on it. Can’t say who owns #GMG or anything but I didn’t want to get anyone in trouble for it. I was going to put the score, but I liked the sig best. Reminds me of those old school 90s shirts I had of my fave athletes.
  8. Yep. We agreed on a set percentage of estimated sales that I based on the last time I sold shirts, and this price. Also if there are more sales than we expect, we’ll do another deal. If fewer, he still gets the estimated cash. Win-win for him. I’m not trying to burn any bridges or hurt a fellow NT guy.
  9. not just a tee-shirt. But one featuring the likeness of DeAndre Torrey, and featuring his stylized signature. And also the one that put cash in his pocket! 😉
  10. ~ha no, that is Torrey~. I misread this. No, that is a generic model from the printer. Also the signature is his. Also yes, we priced it a bit high so I could make sure DT gets some cash.
  11. DT is MGN's first NIL athlete. Got his official signature on some merchandise. https://meangreennation.com/product/torrey-shrug/
  12. He told MGN that he had a good time and liked Walerius' energy.
  13. Appeal to their ego: We brought in Morris, Ruder and they weren’t it. We think YOU are it, etc.
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