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  1. The greatest part of this whole thing will be when Wren hires a new coach and we will have hired two amazing coaches since Coker left that outpost down 35 and UTSA will STILL be mired in mediocrity. Anyone who thinks this thing will go down in flames hasn't been paying attention to what Wren is all about. And when McCasland rebuilds the BB program and leaves for greener pastures Wren will reload there and keep the ball rolling.
  2. UNT alum, drummer, and actor dies at the age of 76. Played drums for Trini Lopez and Bob Dylan. Appeared in numerous movies and tv shows such as Sling Blade, Tin Cup and Home Improvement. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mickey_Jones
  3. I haven't posted or really followed the board for a while. Sadly, my wife passed away unexpectedly at the beginning of April. I'm looking forward to the season although games won't be the same without my Aggie(never held it against her) next to me. Hell, I'm actually looking forward to basketball for the first time in years. Things are really looking up for the Mean Green for the first time in a long while.
  4. I know naming rights are important and bring in much needed revenue to a school that really needs all the money it can get it's hands on. I wouldn't mind seeing it named the Haynes-King Indoor Practice Facility.
  5. http://www.scout.com/college/arkansas-state/forums/4551-the-den/15453177-mccasland My how fans turn on a coach once he decides to leave for a better job. Yes I said BETTER.
  6. JJ was great for UNT at the time and brought us out of the wilderness. We can do better. Let's go money-whip Scott Cross.
  7. As long as it is provided by Rock And Roll Sushi. Patrons are NOT allowed to bring their own chairbacks.* * subject to change at any time and on any whim
  8. Rock And Roll Sushi will be providing a behind the scenes look at all they do. This will be an exclusive peek behind the curtain. RV-san has announced quarterly meetings to start whenever the hell he feels like it. And by quarterly he means not ever ever ever. RV-san promises that all reservation calls to Rock And Roll Sushi will be promptly answered by friendly and knowledgeable staff.(if friendly means they're doing YOU a favor and promptly means within a week). You can purchase your favorite Rock And Roll Sushi gear at tens of vendors in a rainbow of colors because we can't pick just one. Nor can we control what pantone they use. Look for Rock and Roll Sushi coupons in the Yellow Pages across most of Van Zandt County. Remember: If you're not fully satisfied with the Rock And Roll Sushi. You can go $%*@ yourself.
  9. 1) ONE is too many. 2) So let's add up the cost of all the facilities for each Olympic sport new, weight rooms, new offices, new academic areas to get them up to par with most high schools in the area and then compare that to the cost of an all-encompassing IPF. 3) Denton averages 77 rainy days per year. That's 77 opportunities for practices to be cancelled or altered. With the IPF you have ZERO. Just so you know, zero is less than 77.
  10. Hell, lets scrap concussion protocol while were at it. Let's stop doing physicals and any other medical tests for football players. If they die from cardiomyopathy then that's too bad. This ain't ballet you know. Spinal stenosis? Eff 'em. This 'aint tiddly winks. A study by Andrew J. Grundstein, an associate professor in the department of geography at the University of Georgia, reported that 123 high school football players died of heat-related illnesses between 1960 and 2009. In fact, from 2005 to 2009, the National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research (NCCSIR) in University of North Carolina reported 18 cases in which high school and college athletes suffered fatal exertional heat stroke (EHS). The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) published a study in 2010 that stated heat illness is the leading cause of death and disability among high school athletes. The CDC estimated that it's responsible for an average of more than 9,000 heat illnesses among high school athletes annually.
  11. It will be an IPF for ALL sports not just football. This is not just about the football team practicing. It's about practicing out of the elements for: softball golf soccer track and field cross country
  12. Coddling? False argument? Really? An average of three football players die every year from heat related causes. ONE is too many. Not sure why you choose to ignore athlete safety. No UNT football players have ever died from a concussion so let's just stop practicing with helmets at all. No heat stroke deaths. Lets just stop water breaks. Hell, lets stop ALL breaks. Just practice balls out for 2-3 hours at a time. If a player passes out then let's dog-pile them to teach them a lesson. Better yet. Email, text, tweet, call any of the coaches(any sport) and ask them how important an IPF can be to all of the programs at UNT. ALL teams can practice indoors during: Rain Lightning Hail Heat Wind Snow Ice Muddy fields Olympic sports coaches that have $hit offices and locker facilities will get an upgrade.(Ever wonder why coaches leave at their first opportunity?) Additional weight room space will be available so that ALL of our athletes can train. Additional classroom/tutoring space will be available so that ALL of our athletes can get a quality education and the help they need to succeed.
  13. Yeah and back then they thought football players were punks for coming out of a game for a little ole concussion. Or how weak players were for having a heat stroke and dying. By gum they weren't cancelling practice for some stupid lightning. Bunch of pansies. TIMES HAVE CHANGED! This is not that hard to understand. We should be in the business of providing all of our athletes with the VERY BEST facilities they can have. AND providing our athletes with the safest way to play as well. If we expect to have the best teams then we should have the best training facilities. The IPF will have a number of benefits for all of our programs as it will be used for all sports. 1. Allow all teams to practice during lightning, rain, snow, ice, wind, heat, and cold. 2. Allow for additional weight rooms and training areas for Olympic sports. 3. Add newer office space for coaches. 4. Allow for additional classroom/tutoring space for student athletes.
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