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  1. Top 10 Possible bowls: 10. Target Bowl in Archer City 9. Yeti Bowl in Big Foot 8. FTD Bowl in Flower Mound 7. Eagle Claw Bowl in Hooks 6. Cici's Pizza Bowl in Italy 5. Nike Bowl in Marathon 4. Mahatma Bowl in Rice 3. Butterball Bowl in Turkey 2. Miracle-Gro Bowl in Garden Ridge 1. Viagra Bowl in Greatwood
  2. I was looking at the records of teams in CUSA and noticed a very odd stat. UNT, Old Dominion, and Western Kentucky opened the season with a combined record of 3-16, then they went for a combined 17-0 over their last 17 games. UNT and Old Dominion each opened at 1-6 and then won their last 5 games, while WK open at 1-4 and then won their last 7. What are the odds?
  3. Littrell seems have the loyalty of his players. What's happening at OU is interesting, with both recruits decommitting and players transferring. Spencer Rattler would look good in a green UNT uniform.
  4. UTSA has the highest paid coach in the conference (2.8 ave for 10yrs) and they just got stomped by a 6-6 team that has won their last 5 games.
  5. PERSPECTIVE. Do you think a new coach will automatically mean utopia? This is a young team that has found itself. Let them have a chance. The next 2 years could be very special. Or you could change coaches, have players transfer out, and start the rebuilding process all over again.
  6. Littrell's 37-37 record doesn't looks so bad when you compare it to the 28-69 combined record of the prior 2 coaches. Their teams quit on them. Just saying.
  7. Darrell Dickey lost in the bowl game that year, but won the bowl game the next year by beating Cincinnati.
  8. Seth Littrell just pulled off a Darrell Dickey. (2001) He did not let his team quit.
  9. So how many wins will Seth need next year to silence his critics?
  10. Maybe everyone should wait a minute and hear what Jimmy Chitwood has to say before the vote.
  11. Maybe they decided to put all their money in their coaches. Why pay for a new stadium when they are practically given a 72,000 seat indoor stadium. You don't buy a cow when the milk is free.
  12. It seems the $7.5 million buyout gradually tapers. Being signed through 2031 has to make recruiting much easier.
  13. UNT caught lightning in a bottled because Mason Fine had receivers. Jaylen Guyton, now with the Chargers, Jaylen Darden, now with Tampa Bay, Rico Bussey, now with the Steelers, and a very productive Michael Lawrence who is #9 all time at UNT with 143 receptions.
  14. UTSA is averaging about 40 points per game and they have shut out 2 teams. They beat Rice 45-0. It won't be easy upsetting them. They have outscored their opponents by an average of 21 points per game this season. While I'm not big on a moral victory, it's better than being blown out.
  15. If UTSA rolls in here ranked and 11 - 0, they will try to make it a statement game for ranking purposes. There is certainly no love loss on their side. They'll try to make it a really bad "extra crispy" game.
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