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  1. Great article!!! It would be nice if the Dallas or FW press paid half as much attention to a local FBS team with the best record in Texas(9 - 3), as they do to smu (5 - 7) or TCU (6 - 6).
  2. Agree 90%. There shouldn't be a single fan down on Harrell. UNT scored more points than any other team in CUSA. Also look at what Fine has done at QB. The only concern with Harrell all along should've been keeping him here and happy.
  3. Littrell has most of this team coming back. He also has what looks like a really strong recruiting class coming in. Does he really want to go to a bad P5 team that's stuck in a perennial rebuilding cycle? It would put him in a position of fighting a constant uphill battle for relevance against powerhouse teams. Going 4-8 for 3 years gets you fired and hurts your brand. The potential for winning at UNT is pretty good. He might want to wait until the right offer comes along.
  4. Just how dominant has UNT been? At the end of the 3rd quarter of the first 3 games UNT is up 128 - 20.
  5. UNT is getting some respect in the polls. North Texas got 4 votes in the AP top 25 and 5 votes in the Coaches poll. People are starting to notice.
  6. UIW was founded in San Antonio in 1881 by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word. So does this mean we are playing against the sisters of the poor?
  7. Great story! Let that pipeline flow. Question for Harry. I rated one of your other posts low on accident while moving the arrow across the screen. It wouldn't let me change it. Is there a way to change a rating when that happens?
  8. smu ………....I refuse to put a number 1 in front of their name. 2. There is no number 2. There will be a new number 1. It's the next game after the smu game. FOCUS!!!
  9. They were funded in 1914 as The State School of Mines and Metallurgy. They still have a practice mineshaft on their campus. It keeps them grounded by giving them a place to practice being shafted.
  10. This thread jumped the tracks with any comparisons of pasted QB recruiting to what we've seen from Seth Lettrell and company. Mason Fine......Period!!! He would have never been recruited by past regimes. If fans can't get excited about new QB recruits like Kason Martin and Jason Bean, then they haven't been paying attention. UNT's future is now! Leave the sad past alone.
  11. Harold Taft said the only way to break a drought is with a flood. I hope that's the way UNT does it. Even a little water in the ditch would be OK.
  12. The Cowboys signed 2 CUSA QBs. Mike White from Western Kentucky had the 4th most passing yards in the FBS last year and the 5th most in 2016. He could make the team. Dalton Sturm from UTSA signed as a free agent. The biggest thing about him is he rushed for 545 yards last year and 1,227 yards for his career.
  13. If 5 years ago someone had asked this question: "Which Texas university will have the only player taken from a Texas school in the first round of the 2018 draft." Who would've guessed UTSA. Go figure. The Boise player taken by the Cowboys in the first round was a walk on at Boise. It just goes to show that some really good players are overlooked by big schools.
  14. 1. The Army game this year. I made a comment before the game that if they let UNT get the ball with a little time and the game on the line, that Fine would stick it to them. 2. The 2003 Baylor game. The Baylor fans were stunned. My son and I listened to a group of Baylor fans as they left the stadium. It was pretty funny. 3. Lance Dunbar in his last game in 2011, when he set a number of records against Middle Tennessee. He had 313 yards rushing and also set the career rush record on a cold and rainy night.
  15. For this year, the CBI is perfect as it's allowing the team keep on playing though March. The experience of winning and all that entails should bode well for the future.
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