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  1. Good to know that no one had any issues. These threads are longer when things break 😄
  2. I live in SA -- and no, I will not be going.
  3. https://meangreennation.com/139-rice-preview-2020/ Joined by @Aldo again.
  4. https://meangreennation.com/north-texas-at-uab-2020-maybe/ I am skeptical but have green-tinted hope
  5. Well things certainly look nicer after a big blowout win, eh? Even if not much has really changed. https://meangreennation.com/137-bean-explosion/
  6. I was joined by Aldo and Greg to discuss Charlotte, MTSU, and the past and future of North Texas football. https://meangreennation.com/136-charlotte-and-mtsu/
  7. It takes some really good interview skills to get quality answers from a coach or admin. Seth is not super talkative or forthcoming even with season radio dudes. I try to keep a little distance from the admin and staff because I don’t want to be too buddy-buddy.
  8. https://meangreennation.com/135-still-bad/ -- podcast https://meangreennation.com/still-bad-southern-miss-41-north-texas-31/ -- game recap ----------- TL;DR: I think the Fire Littrell stuff is overreaction but it is also real telling of his weaknesses as a head coach. I think he can improve. I think NT is in a solid spot on offense and I was glad to see Aune get all the snaps. Defensively, we saw improvement but there is still a lot to work on, which is majorly disappointing. Ekeler's ST are terrible. 0/2 from SL on those hires, or if they aren't responsible, then the recruit
  9. only the most informative posts. that’s my motto
  10. Also, a podcast https://meangreennation.com/134-southern-miss-preview/ with @Aldo
  11. https://meangreennation.com/north-texas-vs-southern-miss-2020/ A very side note: who ordered that alumni directory? I did, I never got it . . . It's below, but I know not everyone likes to scroll: Also, a podcast https://meangreennation.com/134-southern-miss-preview/ with @Aldo
  12. So @Aldo and I were planning on doing a Houston preview podcast when it was announced that there would be no game this week. So we talked anyway. The 'Rona, scholarships, defense, golf. https://meangreennation.com/133-cancellation/
  13. I think it was a hybrid year. Last year they were out of sync. The defense was young but the offense was experienced -- a senior QB, senior WR (Bussey), and returning talent. This year, we had those young defensive guys in Year 2 as starters, but an inexperienced QB. There were a lot of complaints the last two seasons that garbage time was not spent on developing the next QB and I think we are seeing some of that now. Jason Bean has talent, but it looks (to me) like he needs more game snaps. Same with Aune. When we were getting blown out last season, that was a good time to develop B
  14. Yeah @wardly I mentioned the challenge there -- like, compared to the conference and the rest of the G5, Littrell has not overly impressed. Compared to recent NT history, however, and he deserves loads of praise. The key in the organizational process is to get passed that, and set goals that can be achieved, but challenge the coaching staff and the program. So I don't think it unrealistic to say "let's not have abominable defensive performances every week". That said, the only organizational recourse cannot simply be "you are fired". But maybe hold off on the pay raise.
  15. I complained about the game. https://meangreennation.com/132-destroyed-by-smu/ I wrote about the game here: https://meangreennation.com/destroyed-smu-65-nt-35/
  16. when I wrote that, I said it in my head with this voice. And I wanted little football cookies also.
  17. I figure it is related to the long break. I would either refresh the feed in whatever app/service you use. If that doesn't work, just delete it and re-add it.
  18. Looks like some weirdness in certain browsers. Never had this issue before. In the mean time if you click the Download link you should be able to stream it. http://listen.jspodcasts.com/mgn/MGN131.mp3
  19. https://meangreennation.com/north-texas-vs-smu-preview-2020/ Wrote about the SMU game. There be some videos.
  20. So @Aldo joined up via internet voice call and recorded it digitally. We call it a pod cast. It's like a 'broadcast' but one that can be played on our 'iPod'. Clever, eh? Anyway, you can find it at the internet home here: https://meangreennation.com/131-smu-preview/
  21. @eeeeagle thanks! On MGN I was doing memberships but given my time constraints and everything I am offering memberships at CUSAReport. Supporting that helps me keep writing at MGN as well. CR - Memberships
  22. @eeeeagle good questions. @Aldo linked to the article I wrote and I noted in the game recap here one of the things I saw that sort of explains the passing yards issue. The very short and incomplete history of defense is this: Early in football history defenses essentially put as many guys on the line as possible. It basically looked like goal line offense and defense everywhere. As offenses evolved — T-Formation, passing game evolution, and rules changes — defenses adjusted. More men were moved “back” to stop the pass game. Tom Landry developed the 4-3 FLEX defense
  23. The Briles hire attempt was the most egregious thing. He didn't let his bosses know, wrote a letter saying he disagreed with his bosses, and brought lots of heat on the program. Weird is that he was under a new contract -- just extended prior to 2018.
  24. No it was up there later that afternoon. I can see it on PocketCasts on iOS and on Podcasts app on iOS also. I see it on the Apple Podcasts page as well https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mean-green-nation-podcast/id524540634
  25. Just delayed. Happens when it has been a long while since updates . . .
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