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  1. That is a nice looking conference right there....
  2. From 247 Sports...... The Mean Green first offered Jordan Rucker back in March of 2017. They were his first offer and kickstarted an extensive recruiting process that expanded to 12 schools before eventually ending with Rucker committing and enrolling at Purdue for the class of 2018. However, after two years as a Boilermaker, the 6-foot cornerback returns to Denton and the team that first offered him back in 2017. On Twitter, Rucker announced his decision to return home and play for North Texas. From Denton himself, he played for Denton Ryan in 2017 before redshirting his first season at Purdue and playing in five games in his redshirt freshman season. Now, Rucker comes to Denton as a redshirt sophomore and will have to presumably sit out a season before being able to compete for playing time as a redshirt junior in 2021. https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/Article/Jordan-Rucker-North-Texas-Mean-Green-football-lands-Purdue-transfer-Denton-Ryan-148307811/
  3. OL Toby Wilson? https://247sports.com/player/toby-wilson-46098183/
  4. I like Littrell, but in my book he has to beat LA Tech, not just this season but in most seasons. Of course the game from the Joe Greene sculpture unveiling night last season must be avenged. But, with what UNT has built, and the disadvantages LA Tech has, Littrell should be able to wins these games. If he cannot, than he certainly deserves to be on the hot seat.
  5. I'm glad to see your numbers reflect what many on here have been pointing out for a while now. It is my opinion that both of our lines have been weak. I think the backbone of successful programs are their lines. Until we make our offensive and defensive lines a higher recruiting priority, we will continue to struggle against the better programs in C-USA. Small and poor LA Tech places a priority on lineman, and we all know what happened last time they came to Denton. Also, since both of our programs joined C-USA in 2013, LA Tech has had an offensive tackle, and 3 defensive linemen drafted by the NFL. Littrell's staff is doing better, but we just had a 4-8 season. At $1.8 million a year, Littrell needs better lines now. We don't have time for the young talent to develop.
  6. We might be a little better, but I doubt we will be a bowl team. New offensive and defensive coordinators, no starting QB, and no spring practices, combined with a very tough OOC schedule, is just too much. And, I still don't think Littrell is placing a high enough priority on acquiring talent in the trenches. I think he should have hit the transfer portal harder.
  7. Now that you mention it, I think Wren spoke about new dugouts for Lovelace too. But like I stated, I have no idea how many of those projects are still going forward. I'd like to see seating capacity expanded too. I watched the girls beat OU in Norman, and wanted to get tickets for the game in Denton, but it was already sold out.
  8. From what I have read, Lovelace was due to get new turf and outfield wall this off-season too, which is almost like getting a new stadium. I don't know if that is still the case with all that is going on, but those projects were planned.
  9. Here are some pictures of the new hitting facility and bullpen at Lovelace. The girls certainly deserve the upgrades. Can't wait to see them play next season.
  10. We need to compare who we have on those weeks the will be playing Army. If we actually get to play our games, I like our schedule better. Sept. 10, 2022- Cal @ North Texas (I'm still waiting to hear that this game will happen, or that we are hosting a comparable P5) Sept. 16, 2023- Memphis @ North Texas (UTSA's game with Army is scheduled for Thursday the 14th, which means it's going to be on TV)
  11. I like the idea of having our weaker teams play bus trip OOC games. That would certainly save some money. But, I think men's basketball, soccer, and softball could benefit of being available to travel to the better programs in their sports, in exchange for return trips to UNT in future seasons. If the athletic department can spare the additional funds for those sports, I think it could elevate the perception of where those programs are in the landscape of college athletics, and that would help raise the overall perception of our entire athletic department. Adversity can be opportunity.
  12. Most FBS recruits think they can get to the NFL. And, most people don't let facts get in their way when they want to believe something. It's how Vegas makes billion every year.
  13. Wren has been the AD at North Texas since 2016. It isn't like he doesn't know about our drought. The administration should be having a ongoing conversation with Littrell and his staff. They should be formulating a plan to get us a player drafted. We shouldn't be sitting around talking about this issue. No other program in this country is facing this problem. It isn't rocket science. Hit the Juco's and target a top notch talent that isn't a high priority at an OU or Texas level P5 (maybe a kicker), and get him into our program. I don't care if Littrell has to go to the kid's junior college and hand him the offer with the band and cheer leaders throwing confetti. We need a player selected next season. If they have a better plan that's fine, but we need a player drafted the next draft. The 2021 recruits were not even alive the last time North Texas had a player drafted. Let that sink in. I know our leadership has to be embarrassed by our 17 year drought.
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