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  1. Very proud of the way our girls are playing. I think we have a good chance of beating #16 Baylor and #13 ULL next week. Great job coach Delong.
  2. Side Show Joe

    DRC: UNT offensive line outlook for 2019

    This won't be popular to say, but it needs to be said.... Our offensive line was not "solid" as this article suggests. In our 4 loses, the offense only managed to produce a combined 15 points in the second half of those games. And, we all know we have some of the best skill position players in Texas, and certainly in C-USA. Sure some of it was play calling, but a lot of it was also the o-line too. Fine was running for his life way too often. The lines remain a question mark for me. Until I actually see an improvement in the trenches, and see a greater focus on recruiting both offensive and defensive linemen, I will continue to have my doubts about how productive our offense will be. Plantin could be a great addition, and I hope he is. But, don't think he is not enough. We need more higher end talent in the trenches. Games are won and lost at the line of scrimmage.
  3. Very happy for Mr. Cobbs, and North Texas. It is great to see our program at a place where our legends come back to coach, inspire, and lead the next Mean Green generation.
  4. It is a good class. Much better than what we normally see in Denton. I'll grade it a B-. The reason I don't grade the class higher.... -I'm still concerned about our talent in the trenches, and don't know that this class represents a substantial improvement on the lines. In recruiting, I value offensive and defensive linemen above all other positions. -Also, outside of Texas and Oklahoma, we only signed 3 players from the other 48 states. I believe we could be more committed to turning over every rock to find the best talent we can get, especially when it comes to linemen.
  5. Side Show Joe

    NEW OC Speculation MegaThread

    Could Littrell look at Scott Linehan to be our next OC? Linehan has a ton of coaching experience, and recently parted ways with the Dallas Cowboys after serving as their OC. He wouldn't need to move his family, and his son is on our team. Thoughts?
  6. Side Show Joe

    Confirmed Harrell to USC

    Congratulations to Harrell and his family, I hope he does a great job. As for where I think we turn, Baker and Littrell like successful guys with Oklahoma and Texas ties. Here is my best guess... Tim Albin, the OC at Ohio. He has been very successful at Ohio. Ohio had a better offense then UNT last season, putting up more yardage and points then the Mean Green. Plus the guy is a native of Oklahoma where he graduated from college and served as a head coach, so he understands the players and recruiting. Albin makes about $150,000 a year at Ohio. Harrell was making $275,000. I believe Baker can afford him.
  7. I agree that those are some important questions this off season, but my biggest burning question is... When will our offensive and defensive lines be the equal of the better G5 bowl teams?
  8. Side Show Joe

    Patrick Cobbs

    I hold Patrick Cobbs in very high regard. I have yet to post this story, so now seems like a good time. This season near the end of the Incarnate Word game, and with a 2 and half hours drive in front of us, my wife and I headed out. While putting our seats in the trunk of the car, I realized the canvas back of my seat had fallen off somewhere along the way. These North Texas stadium chairs are no longer available, so I was intent on finding the backing. After tracing my step and not finding the item, I found myself at the entrance to Apogee. The ladies at the gate were very understanding of my situation, but couldn't let me back in the stadium with my ticket that had already been scanned. Out of nowhere, Patrick and his wife stepped up and handed me one of their club level tickets. What wonderful people that truly love and support our athletics. They are great representatives of our university and Patrick certainly has the credentials to coach our running backs. I would be beyond enthusiastic if Littrell were to hire Cobbs.
  9. Side Show Joe

    DRC: Choice returning to Georgia Tech

    I wish Choice a wonderful career at his Alma mater Georgia Tech. Now it is time to bring Patrick Cobbs home. Go Mean Green!!!
  10. Side Show Joe


    I'm sure after three years of sub-par play on their lines, they have to know their local approach isn't working. My point is that they have yet to move in a different direction. It is time for them to cast a wider net. We need to look everywhere. High schools and junior colleges from coast to coast... we need to be sending coaches to see these kids and let them know we place a priority on recruiting P5 quality linemen, and will travel anywhere to get them. It is my belief that when a high 3 star offensive or defensive lineman is sitting on multiple offers, and knows going to a P5 program means he is going to have less of a chance then the three 4 and 5 star guys that are also headed there, he is going to take a long hard look at the quality G5 offers on the table. If we are the only G5 that traveled across the nation and stood in their living room, and he knows every lineman we have offered is of the same caliber he is, I like our chances. Kids want to play where they are wanted, and where they feel they will be among their peers (other linemen that held P5 offers).
  11. Side Show Joe


    We are all very happy with our #1 recruiting class that is about to sign in a few days. In all my years of following the Mean Green I can't remember the last time North Texas had the best class in our conference. Littrell and his staff should be recognized for their hard work. It is yet another sign that UNT is improving. Having made that perfectly clear, it is my belief that our leadership must make signing the best possible offensive and defensive linemen their top recruiting priority. They are out there. Utah State found them. I don't care if they have to scour the entire country, and spend the bulk of their recruiting budget. We can find high quality skill players locally, but we have to place the best possible talent we can in the trenches, and we have not been able to do that locally. I believe without much better play from both of our lines, we will continue to struggle with good teams.
  12. Side Show Joe

    ***OFFICIAL 2018 New Mexico Bowl Game Thread***

    Less than 1%. We have not done well with halftime adjustments this season. I think I'm going to check out for the day and just watch our second half collapse in silence. I'll be back on the board at some point after this mess is over.
  13. Side Show Joe

    ***OFFICIAL 2018 New Mexico Bowl Game Thread***

    Thank God for halftime.
  14. Side Show Joe

    ***OFFICIAL 2018 New Mexico Bowl Game Thread***

    Even before Fine got hurt, Utah State was playing with more heart. They are a better team, and they just want it more.
  15. Side Show Joe

    ***OFFICIAL 2018 New Mexico Bowl Game Thread***

    That pick is on Guyton.