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  1. Side Show Joe

    Gotta hand it to SMU

    I think the structure distracts from the overall look of Ford, and fails to blend with the architecture. It also messes up some of the sight lines to the end zone. Not that they have fans sitting there. SMU has money. I'm surprised they couldn't design something nicer.
  2. I love this, but most probably won't understand the history of the song in Texas.
  3. Side Show Joe

    Rank the UNT 2018 Schedule

    1. UAB- I think this road game could decide who wins C-USA West. 2. LA Tech- This will probably be the toughest divisional home game this season. 3. SMU- We need to jockey ahead of the Mustangs this season. If we do, we could stay there for the foreseeable future. DFW will have a hard time ignoring that. 4. UTSA- I will never accept losing to them. 5. FAU- We can't get the crap beaten out of us for a 3rd straight game. 6. Arkansas- It would be a statement win on the road, and we could do it. 7. ODU- This will be a difficult trip to the east. 8. Southern Miss- Two in a row against USM sends a message. Being bowl eligible after week 7, sends a bigger message. 9. Rice- We should beat our conference mate from Houston. 10. UTEP- Going undefeated against the other C-USA Texas programs is important for recruiting, and UTEP is awful. 11. Liberty- Got to beat the new kid. 12. Incarnate Word- FCS program
  4. I can't remember how to post an actual youtube video, so you have to click on the link. Sorry. A great song by a former student, and it should be played during timeouts when UNT is going into victory formation at the end of home games. I'd prefer it were accompanied by a highlight video and lyrics on the scoreboards. I'd also encourage Mean Green fans to sing along, so that when the song stops at the end of the timeout, the opposing team, and TV/streaming viewers at home will still here it echoing through Apogee as the clock winds down on our opponents' losses. That would be an original tradition that no other team has.
  5. C-USA never should have sold this bowl to ESPN. If legal, North Texas should subsidize the $300K for Dallas to host the HOD for the next two seasons, provided we are the first option when bowl eligible. I would hope the city of Denton partnered would partner with North Texas and consider negotiating with ESPN to have the game moved to Apogee after the current deal with the Cotton Bowl expires. Boise had a pretty good deal with the Potato bowl for a number of years, and it allowed Boise to grow their program.
  6. Side Show Joe

    Big time commitment

    Congratulations. I'm very happy for you.
  7. Side Show Joe

    Arkansas Update

    I'm hoping it doesn't come to that. I'd like him to go 8 for 8 on extra point attempts, with maybe a field goal or two mixed in.
  8. Agreed. The office has a nice view, although I wish it was bigger. You bring up a good point about the families, but I think it even goes beyond that. Littrell's office, as well as Baker's, needs to project a positive message about the direction of our athletics to the media, conference officials (C-USA & others), and administrators & coaches from of the universities. And most important, it needs to project a positive message about how we value our coach. North Texas football is moving in the right direction. We all know Littrell's name is being floated for other jobs. We probably can't offer the same kind of space the interested universities can, but we need to improve on what we have now. Like all successful college coaches, I'm sure Littrell spends most of his time at the AC. Baker needs to improve his office situation. You can see the Texas Tech head coaches office at the 1:32 mark. It isn't OU or Alabama, but it's still much nicer then ours.
  9. Well, it might give an impression of how committed a program is to football. I really don't think it is asking too much to spend $5,000- $7,000 on a nicer desk, chair with the eagle logo, and some matching shelves.
  10. Thanks. That's good to hear. On film he seems to have a longer wingspan then most of the 6'3" DE's I've seen.
  11. Jay D, Was Dotson in Denton last weekend? Where do we stand with him?
  12. Those are some nice offices. We can only dream.
  13. I can respect that. But, the head coaches office is a place where you sell the program. It needs to have some character and project refinement. Right now we don't appear to have that. Littell's desk looks like they pulled it out of some freshman's dorm room. I know the athletic department has a interview background with the logo all over it. Or, the department could have set up a space in the club level of Apogee, looking down over the field.
  14. Nice video, but can we get Littrell some better furniture? Honestly, I think that is the same cheap IKEA looking stuff from when Dodge was coaching. All of Littrell's stuff is crammed onto those small shelves. Baker needs to renovate Littrell's office. It should impress people when they walk in there. My office looks better then that, and no one is paying me a million dollars a year. Not saying we need to go as far as Notre Dame or OK State, but you get the picture..
  15. Side Show Joe

    The Most Embarrassing Loss in College Football History

    All of this. It was the most embarrassing thing I have ever seen on a football field. Anyone that has never seen the game, and has a few hours to kill, should check it out on Youtube. If OU would have done this to Kansas it would be different, but this was A&M.