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  1. I think Hate Week is a thing between UTSA and Texas State. But, our players hate them, and Wren has insulted them. I hate to lose to them. While many long time posters on this board refuse to acknowledge the animosity between our programs, it certainly exists. I call this annual game the Hate Bowl, and we have won the last three in a row.
  2. In the post game recap. It was mentioned that our make up game with UTEP was set to be played in Midland. Is that true? If so, can we play @ UAB instead? North Texas shouldn't have to play this game at a high school stadium in Midland, when we already offered to host the game. Plus, UAB is a more respected team right now, and a game against them would probably stand a better chance of getting televised. That's my take anyway.
  3. 107 years ago today, the North Texas State Normal football team took the field for the first time when they traveled to Fort Worth and played TCU. It was a rainy day that obviously helped TCU to a 13-0 final score. North Texas was coached by J.W. Pender and TCU was coached by Fred Cahoon. I have an original write up of the game. When I get a chance I will post it on here. Go Mean Green!!!
  4. I will go ahead and eat my crow. I wanted Nix here at UNT. I'm still not a fan of Bowen. But, if Nix is let go by UTSA, than I certainly admit Littrell was smart to pass on him.
  5. You make some good points, but I for one have no interest in apologies at the microphone. I want evidence of real change. I get tired of hearing the same "we have to focus on getting another day better", and "we have to be accountable and make sure our players are too". Because we hear the same excuses every time we lose. And, that is too often. I see no point in trying to prevent the airing of our dirty laundry, when everyone already knows it. So to me Wren's silence comes off as indifference. I actually pay very close attention to recruiting. That is why I have been posting for a f
  6. I disagree. I think for a program to be fully invested, there has to be consequences for failure. As it pertains to football, I have yet to see any consequences under Wren's watch. And, no word at all regarding Littrell's failings.
  7. I'd like replica championship rings like we are doing for basketball.
  8. Did the athletic department do something about this? No wonder we haven't played a game since.
  9. Playing as an Independent is only an option if North Texas were to actually outgrow C-USA and have no better conference options. Right now, we can't even win this dumpster fire of a conference. The fact that Marshall enjoys a top 20 ranking while residing in C-USA proves our problems are completely self inflected. The bigger questions are... What have we been doing wrong? & How do we correct it?
  10. While I believe Liberty will still be a strong G5 in 5 season, I'm skeptical about them being in the playoff discussion. I will say, they appear to be serious about being a dominate G5 program and a top 25 team. I'm jealous. Speaking of being a serious G5 program... Utah State fired Gary Anderson today after just one season in his second stint with the program. In 2019 Anderson led Utah State to a 7-6 record with a bowl appearance. Utah State started 2020 with an 0-3 record. Seems like Utah State is serious about winning too.
  11. We can't get on the field, but in just their 2nd FBS season, Liberty has won their 7th straight, taking down a 4-2 Virginia Tech team. Just venting since I'm not watching us play today. On a side note... I will take a day off from work and drive 2.5 hours to be at the Dec 3rd make up game with LA Tech. I may complain a lot, but I do love my Mean Green. I'm just tired of watching other programs rise, while we flounder. Rant over.
  12. This is the game I've been waiting for all season. LT has been the most consistent program in C-USA since joining the conference with us in 2013. The Bulldogs have won 6 straight bowl games, against the likes of Miami, Illinois, SMU, and Navy. And, they have done it all with a fraction of our budget. Littrell is currently 1-3 versus the LA Tech program. They ended our incredible 4-0 start in 2018, on the same day we unveiled the Mean Joe Greene sculpture at Apogee. I do not like them.... In my opinion this is a game we must win, and it is a conference series we must begin to dominate
  13. Nope. In those games our offense was most productive in the 4th QT, after we were too far behind to win. At the end of the 3rd QT in our losses we were losing by even more points than at halftime of those games. Since our deficits only grew in the second half of these games, the offense actually got worse. At the end of the 3rd against SMU we were behind by 41, against Southern Miss we were behind by 17, and against Charlotte, NT was behind by 21. None of that is evidence of being one of the best offenses in the country. If we had one of the best offenses in the FBS, we would post more than 2
  14. Overall the North Texas offense has done well in the second half of games after opponents have put us away. Sure we are posting some points on the board, but a lot of those points are coming after the games have been decided. The MT game is the only game where we scored meaningful points late in an FBS game this season. In each of our first three games this season, our offense could only muster one touchdown by halftime. That is not the sign of an offensive juggernaut. Facts are stubborn things. Halftime scores from this season's FBS Games... North Texas 7 SMU (5-0) 34 North Tex
  15. It is still a free country. People can be positive any time they want. I think everyone on the board was happy for Darden following the game. And many of us were very happy to see Bean finally get another shot at QB. For me, and this is my personal criteria, I need to see North Texas beat more winning programs. I highly doubt MT will finish their season with a winning record. The simple fact is Littrell hasn't consistently beaten winning programs since 2017, when we beat 5 of them. Since 2017, Littrell only beaten 1 (Southern Mississippi 2018). And, that is a major reason why I am done su
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