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  1. Side Show Joe

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    I believe what he has done with the skill position players is remarkable, but his attention to the trenches is lacking. Games are still won and lost at the line of scrimmage. This season's recruits seem to be much better then past classes, but I'm concerned some may look at other opportunities, while our coach is doing the same.
  2. True. Most fans that didn't watch the game, and have no real understanding of just how bad the second half of the ODU game went. They probably didn't bother to look up the highlights either... But, most can do the basic math of figuring out we lost to a 2-7 team, and then read that we did it by blowing a 28 point lead. After that, they just had remember back a few weeks to realize we did the same thing against LA Tech and UAB. As for 15K being a success... I guess that is true, if you are comparing our attendance to Tuesday night's MAC Nation game. Debating what will keep the fans away isn't as important as figuring out how to fix our on the field performance. Gimmick and giveaways are no substitute for winning. That's just the truth.
  3. I did (except for most of the second half, thanks to espn3), but I have no clue as to the total numbers. Since we have no real TV coverage, outside of our non-conference schedule, and the FAU game tomorrow night, most fans probably had to catch the highlights on the net. Why?
  4. Side Show Joe

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Seth came to North Texas and said the mission was to "Win championships and win bowl games". We have yet to do either. I would hope he would stay and complete the mission before moving on to greener pastures. Plus, I think he still has areas where he needs to improve. If Littrell were to take a mid to lower P5 job after this season, I do not believe he will be very successful at his new location. I just don't think he is ready yet.
  5. The cold and Thursday night will keep some from the game, but I think last week's collapse at ODU will keep even more away.
  6. Side Show Joe

    FAU Game Preview & Prediction

    FAU 38 North Texas 24 We have yet to beat an FBS team with a winning record this season. FAU is 5-5, so the hex won't end this week. The deciding factor in my projection are the comments Littrell just made on the radio program. Paraphrasing.... "The team just needs to get back to doing what they do, and our problems aren't really with the X's and O's." Until our coach understands that adjustments probably need to be made after defenses adjust to what we are doing, I believe we will continue to struggle with the better teams.
  7. Side Show Joe

    Where the Blame Actually Lies

    I totally understand your frustration, but a real fan never stops following their team. As fans we can express our anger and demand better from the coaching staff and administration, but at the end of the day, for better or worse, they are still our team. If they are no longer your team, then there is no reason to even type your post.
  8. Side Show Joe

    #24 In the Coaches Poll....

    If we didn't choke away big leads against UAB and now ODU, it could have been us. Let that sink in. Congratulations to UAB.
  9. Side Show Joe

    Mason Fine speaks after ODU loss

    I absolutely agree with both of you 100%.
  10. Littrell has done wonders in turning around our program since Mac ran us into the largest ditch in the history of college football, but.... Has he reached his peak at North Texas? Yes, we are 7-3, but we have yet to beat a winning FBS program this season. All 3 of our loses were blown double digit leads. After the UAB loss, Littrell stated he didn't believe there were any adjustment to make. Now we blow a 28 point lead to a terrible ODU team, after our coaches couldn't figure out what "in game" adjustments needed to be made against the worst defense in C-USA. Remember, Littrell makes around $1.4 million a season.
  11. You do realize this is the 3rd game our coaches have blown this season. At least the other 2 loses were against winning programs. If they are going to learn from this experience, it probably won't happen until at least next season. Or maybe never. It could be that the other coaches in C-USA have solved the riddle of the Littrell/Harrell offense. I mean lets be honest, ODU, with the worst defense in C-USA, just shut down our offense for 3 straight quarters. I have doubts about our coaches ability to learn from this experience.
  12. Side Show Joe

    Where the Blame Actually Lies

    We have also yet to beat a winning FBS program this season. Now we have also lost to a losing program. Our 7-3 record seems misleading.
  13. Side Show Joe


    That isn't true. I stopped worrying after Clark out-coached him and UAB beat us.
  14. Side Show Joe

    Where the Blame Actually Lies

    A 2-7 team shut us down after we posted 28 straight points. That is completely unacceptable and why fans, even many long time fans, are hopping mad. Just so you know, I've been a regular at home games for around 20 years. I was there for the lean years. Even as bad as we were, I never recall the Mean Green surrendering a 28 point lead to a team that was worse then us. If you can, please post it. What makes the problem even worse is that our coach makes comments like "there were no adjustments to make" and "For what ever reason, we've just got to be better."
  15. Side Show Joe

    Where the Blame Actually Lies