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  1. Seth has some quality young talent, and I believe he can develop them into a team that can contend for the C-USA title in another year or two. The problem is that they will still get embarrassed by SMU and the better G5 programs. C-USA is a very bad conference. We have to aspire to more than just being able to win our conference championship. This is year 5 of the Littrell era. I wish more people around this board would be willing to raise the bar a little.
  2. We should be playing a series with BC. We are the two oldest college programs with Eagles as their mascots. BC adopted the Golden Eagle in 1920 and we adopted the (Bald?) Eagle in 1922.
  3. Maybe. Tough game right now. HBU 14 LA Tech 17
  4. I guess some people have just conditioned themselves to ignore facts. In fairness, Littrell has improved his recruitment of linemen over the last two classes (All but one of the OL and DL recruits from the 20 & 21 classes outrank the linemen recruited in the 18 & 19 classes). Unfortunately, he didn't effectively use the transfer portal to fill holes until these younger linemen are ready to produce. All we can do is shine a light on the truth and roll with the punches.
  5. Neither of these teams looked very good, but both seemed to be better on the lines than we are. And, games are won and lost at the line of scrimmage. Littrell should have done a better job of building our offensive and defensive lines. I think both of these teams beat us when we play them on the road.
  6. While I question our coaching and the talent level of both lines, I do not question the hearts of our players. I believe every one of those young men want nothing more than to take the field and play. I feel bad that they will not have that opportunity this weekend against Houston. I hope those that are ill recover quickly, and those that are at risk, do not get ill.
  7. We all know this team won't go undefeated in conference play, regardless of how many games we actually get to play. The point of my post, which you either missed or chose to misrepresent, is that C-USA is terrible, especially C-USA West. So, by all accounts we should win some of those games. But, even so, it will not mean our program has progressed, although some on here will use those wins to justify our current direction in year 5 of the Littrell era. I believe anyone that drinks that green Kool-Aid is setting themselves up for more disappointment.
  8. I haven't done any research, but just off the top of my head... Skip Holtz would be much better than Littrell. Holtz has led LA Tech to 6 straight bowl wins, including two against P5 programs (Miami & Illinois) and a 51-10 win over SMU in the Frisco Bowl (SMU beat North Texas by a score of 54-32 that season). I know Skip just signed a new deal with LA Tech, but even his new deal is worth a million dollars less than what we are wasting on LIttrell. Also, Holtz owns Littrell. Over the course of his time at UNT, Littrell has complied a 1-3 record against Skip's LA Tech teams. And to top it of
  9. I have no interest in rep points. This issue is about the direction of our program. I just want to read a logical fact based explanation for why some people are still willing to defend this level of failure. Sadly, no one has answered the call.
  10. People can down vote the facts all they want, but it doesn't change the truth... A Littrell team has not beaten a bowl eligible team in over 2 years.
  11. I agree with your assessment of how we lost the game, But not your assessment of Littrell. I no longer have faith in Littrell's ability to fix our problems. Not based on my personal opinions, but the actual facts. We have known for years that both our offense and defensive lines were weak, yet he has not actually address those positions yet. Sure we have better young talent, but it isn't ready yet. I can't give him a pass on recruiting either. Just because we have had a history of bad recruiting dosn't mean we shouldn't expect him to fix that problem. Other programs have recruiting
  12. I watched the game again on my DVR, and it appears SMU still had starters on the field when we scored TD's in the 3rd. But, I think many would agree that SMU had lost interest in running up the score by the time our offense starting being productive. The game was essentially over.
  13. No, I think winning the west would just reinforce the overall perception that C-USA is the worst conference in the FBS. And in my opinion, C-USA West is the worst of the two divisions, which makes it an even easier accomplishment. But, like you stated, it would take a miracle. Even so, should we happen to win the remaining games on our schedule and finish the regular season with an 10-1 record, I will still want Littrell gone. To keep him would be to accept an annual butt kicking from SMU for the remainder of this series. That just isn't okay with me.
  14. Students on campus have a larger voice than they realize. If a large group of them throw a fit and demand Smatresk do something, things are more likely to get done. If they make a public spectacle for the local news, than the odds go up. The average season ticket holder has a little voice too. No where near as much as the big money donors, but the athletic department needs the revenue from all of our fan base. There were few fans at the game by halftime. Everyone that cares about this program needs to continue going to the games and express your displeasure to our leadership when given th
  15. And, Dykes has done it in less time, but some don't want that pointed out either.
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