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    Week 4 Unis: Codename Necessary Roughness

    Fighting Armadillos and who is in the fighting armadillo mascot suit I wonder? Nice Rick!
  2. KingDL1

    O/T when do I give a "Ray"??

    Use it whenever you want to throw a dog a bone!
  3. There could be people asking Smastrek outside the media or creating internal politics I don't know and he is trying to set the record straight and he saw an opportunity to do so. But it sure seems like you do care. I for one like that he stated it. If you have to ask why on RV, Its because broken promises and lies he told, not to mention not being good at his job, and his ablity to run the sports program into the ground. I and ever other Mean Green fans suffered for it.
  4. He might be dealing with some BS of his own and just setting the record straight.
  5. KingDL1

    Official Liberty Game Score Prediction Thread

    North Texas 64 Liberty 17
  6. Its Amazing anyone would still support RV for all the lying, BS and crap we put with him. The simple state he left facilities in. We should flown the plane sooner. Even well before Seth Littrell was hired I was hearing all over the place Seth was Neil Smatres guy. Plus I was told regardless what RV wanted in the TCU guy or any other, Smatresk was making the decision. I pretty damn sure that is how it went down. anyone else is either misinformed or had the Hattiesburg hustle done to them and should probably call for help.
  7. KingDL1

    Excuse Me, But Could You Hold The Ladder ...

    Rick I saw you guys on the TV, I can tell you I was doing a little dance, a little twist and shout. Smiling ear to ear. Holy cow I could not stop laughing I was so happy
  8. KingDL1

    Competition Thus Far

    SMU put up points in the first half against both Michigan and TCU our Defense is that good.
  9. KingDL1

    CUSA Report: NT Real Good

    North Texas Is The Best Team In CUSA BY ADAM MARTINEZ ON SEPTEMBER 17, 2018 No, that is not a surprise and the upcoming power rankings will likely confirm the beat writers’ opinions on this. The title of Clear Best Team is mighty fluid, and shifts yearly. This is normal in college football but even more so in a league like CUSA. Just last year this was FAU, who was a bottom dweller two years before that. WKU had the mantle for a while, and Marshall before that............
  10. Nice to see what we can do to the fanbase in another stadium.
  11. KingDL1

    La Tech Fans Take Notice of UNTvArk

    Links are always nice.
  12. We sitting at 42. Moving on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky
  13. KingDL1

    Another positive

    No, not really. We are still on the National record books as worst beating ever from a D1aa team. But this season is getting me fired up!
  14. KingDL1

    National TV Exposure

    Smack in the middle of the Halftime show for Sunday Night Football they showed our fake punt play. return. Holy Cow exposure everywhere. GO MEAN GREEN
  15. That was at half time at a P5 football culture school. That is powerful that is MEAN GREEN POWER!
  16. KingDL1

    Arkansas fans call for intentional targeting

    We dropped a lot of balls yesterday, that score could have been in the sixties, that game was my one of my favorite North Texas games ever to watch. MIght even be the game that wakes the sleeping giant.
  17. KingDL1

    Top 25 Votes for UNT???

  18. KingDL1

    Past Admin deserves cred

    It started well before RV . Although I am sure RV would be glad to take credit for it.
  19. KingDL1

    Arkansas fans call for intentional targeting

    Yes, and I could plainly see on the telecast most of my tailgate crew celebrating in the stands. I am sure we will hear. I have always heard that their fans are great hosts win lose or draw.
  20. KingDL1


    @UNTflyer good to see you on the board!
  21. KingDL1

    Past Admin deserves cred

    It had been in the master plan to move it to the other side of 35 since the turn of the century or a bit before. Not sure who started it. Hell I was still playing golf there back then.
  22. KingDL1

    Arkansas fans call for intentional targeting

    I believe it was northwest Georgia or Eastern Tennessee