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  1. If you are more worried about politics and arguing these politics than UNT Sports, you are in the wrong place. Enough! If this incessant bickering does not stop immediately, we will have the Green Summer of no Politics at all, and all violations will mean three-month bans and lots of points handed out no matter what side you are on. I don't care how smart you are or think you are. There are plenty of outlets for Politics on the web, social media, or other, so kindly please take it there.
  2. I doubt those Dallas county numbers are correct, the number of new condos, apartments all over Dallas county are over whelming and they are are mostly full. From the cedars, bishop arts, trinity grove, design district, deep ellum, white rock, north park, Fitzhugh, mockingbird station and more just in the city of Dallas, plus all the new developments in Las Colinas, grand prairie, Irving, garland, mesquite and more. Those Dallas county numbers are really wrong, there is no way Dallas county did not continue to grow, and many times over that number.
  3. I feel he is the kind of guy that would piss down your back and tell you it was raining.
  4. RV came in and did just about nothing. Tailgating was a no brainer and most all other schools had it already. The master plan for the golf course was already published. The mismanagement under RV was amazing. He pissed off most of the Alumni Football players and other sports alumni as well. He is and was a big fat joke. Hell no, he should be banned.
  5. Texas Southern is the only team we might win against. Any other wins will be sheer luck. I am betting worst attended season ever! Thanks for Keeping A Failed Head Coach, Wren.
  6. You are really starting to tick me off with these truthful statements, you should drink more Green Kool-aide.
  7. But you can't hold a whole fraternity responsible for the behavior of a few, sick perverted individuals. For if you do, then shouldn't we blame the whole fraternity system? And if the whole fraternity system is guilty, then isn't this an indictment of our educational institutions in general? I put it to you, Greg: isn't this an indictment of our entire American society? Well, you can do what you want to us, but we're not going to sit here and listen to you badmouth the United States of America. Gentlemen!
  8. Is this for real? Did Littrell move to stealth recruiting? What a joke he is making of himself. He might as well a make run back to Oklahoma.
  9. I so embarrassed of how our football program is run. Not getting a new head coach at the end of last season was beyond idiotic. I am out on this year for season tickets. I expected better from Wren. I have received several texts from others saying this was the last straw and they are done with their Season Tickets also. You don't have to eat what they are serving.
  10. Maybe they were downvoting the virus. Get well soon Phil.
  11. You know it Wren's job to generate the donors and fill the gaps when it comes to money. If we can't afford to dump Seth on his ass it is Wren's fault. We have a student fee now and we are a large school at what 43,000 plus. The BS excuses in this thread and others are making me nauseous. BTW the highest paid coach in a conference is expected to do better than middle of the road and should not be blown out in any conference game especially 6 years in. Seth should be fired and then he can go play more golf.
  12. What reality? That money has almost nothing to do with it and it is more about internal politics?
  13. I been reassured by those that should know that money is not a problem. My logic says that 6 years of a head coach not progressing is enough. My logic also says that we are in a unique situation this year to get a new coach established for a year before we enter the AAC. My logic is not to make excuses for poor results. My logic is to expect better than the bullshit of the past. My logic is to get a coach more concerned about a winning North Texas football team than his golf game.
  14. I been told time and time again over the last 7 years money is not an issue anymore.
  15. I am not accepting jacksh*t, if Seth is still here next season it proves UNT is not serious at all about football. I will not be renewing my season tickets.
  16. How embarrassing that people would pick a win against a conference mate from the west especially UTSA as the drum to beat out loud.
  17. How would you know that? Simple answer is there are hundreds of coaches that would like this job and without doubt many better qualified than Seth.
  18. There would be a line all the way around campus of better coaches ready to apply if Wren gives the word. Then again Wren may already have this lined up.
  19. I am telling you Seth is more worried about his golf game, I am not joking.
  20. Seth should be fired tomorrow! He should have been fired after the UTSA game. The average ranking of the teams he beat this year was 148. F'ing pathetic especially with one year between us and the AAC. Its time for a new coach who is worried about winning and not his golf game. Give a new coach the opportunity to get his system in place before we move. Seth better be gone on Monday.
  21. Seth beat 1 bad FCS Team finished ranked : 216 Seth Four really bad FBS teams Rice in OT : 148 Southern Miss : 156 UTEP : 123 Fla. International : 194 One Over Rated Division Mate UTSA : 53 So the average ranking of the teams we managed to beat this season was 148, What ranked 148, Yes 148 Seth Sucks, a 6th year coach. He needs to get back to his golf game. Seth deserves nothing https://sagarin.usatoday.com/2021-2/college-football-team-ratings-2021/
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