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  1. He has not won any yet. If we were in the AAC this year and played this bad we would likely only have one win.
  2. We played and barely beat some the worst teams in D1a FBS, how bad would our record have been if we had to play in a better conference and division. We are at 6-6 because our schedule might have been the weakest in the league. What about the teams that are better and could easily beat us that won't go. I am expected more from the top paid coach in our conference.
  3. I honestly don't think we deserve a bowl
  4. Looks like we are getting the Charity Bowl.
  5. It be more of a home game for them. I have no idea why we have a home game the Saturday after thanksgiving it is always light attendance.
  6. Amen^^ There are those that can't wait for low expectations. Simple fact is, if North Texas is serious about Football Seth is gone. Seth has had 6 years of mediocre to low results. He needs to be gone. This coming year is even more important than the normal coaching turnover situation. We have the opportunity to get a new coach in here and install his system before we join the American. We need to hit the AAC hard and do well, Big 12 will be watching. Or we could piddle fart around, sit in a circle and rub each others backs singing kumbaya while discussing the ifs and buts like they were candies and nuts so Seth could have a Merry Christmas. At same small thinking little old north Texas groups of people as they usually do; "but Seth is really really really trying hard at golf, cough, I mean football and if he just polishes that turd he created just well enough to get by, he must be the bestest thing ever. Lets keep him and give him a contract extension with a raise also." 😪 Cry me a freaking river. Seth did not get it done, so show him the door. Please Expect Better.
  7. Seth deserves nothing. He will be gone regardless of what he wins the rest of the year. His embarrassing losses earlier in the season sealed that fate. Expect better folks!
  8. You should have known by the smell of the bathrooms. It takes a historic amount of time to smell that badly.
  9. He is not going to win out. Beat a few of the worst teams in football is not a factor. He has had 6 years to get his shit together time to move on.
  10. There is no way Seth is back next year.
  11. Yeah way to go Seth you beat a very shitty team in OT. In your sixth year. Such a stud. Wait what we are one game away from dead last? How is that golf game going?
  12. What a mistake that would be. Let the new coach come in next season and get started so when we enter the AAC we can be competitive.
  13. If the total seating capacity is 30,850 what is the total attendance capacity?
  14. I think it more likely then winning 3 more games. Good to have goals.
  15. Double negatives are a bit confusing. What is it you are trying to say?
  16. There is a good chance of no exit fee to CUSA. Fees and payouts are spread out and financed.
  17. 13k is at total of tickets sold/given away and others in the stadium. Band/service crews/vendors/others. Not a real count of actual people in attendance.
  18. Seth was ready to get out on the Golf course today. I keep being told that is his only true sports passion these days. The only thing that made us look better was Liberty had over looked us and played us half heartedly. Call it a trap game for them.
  19. I think we were kind of a trap game for Liberty.
  20. I don't see a way in hell Littrell is back next year.
  21. Funny John - Thank god you are a comedian.
  22. Hey Bill we will be out there by 11:00-1130 is the plan. I will have hot balls. John is bringing butcher made Brats and Dirty water Dogs. Plus some Homemade Cookies Victory, Amanda and Lauren will have Meat of a Stick. Both Chicken and Steak.
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