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  1. No that is not the case the refs can blow the whistle at the moment of any injury and always do for goalies.
  2. What a cheesy way to win. That whistle should have been blown immediately and always is with goalies. That NBC team is horrible.
  3. Man O Man that was an intense game 6 finish - reminded me of the Stars, a bit, at the Cup overtime games twenty years ago. Let's take down the Blues!
  4. I would also like to see some oblique photos , I been busy lately but not flying much. If I am over there I will get some shots.
  5. I am not sure that is true what game were we out matched in this season minus the bowl game? We could have just as easily gone 12-12 I think going into the 5 game of the season the coaches lost the team to the hype and the celebration. I think after that they had a hard time not getting ahead of themselves and finishing off game. Now that is on the coaches that is on Wren the Mean Joe Jersey thing with video had to be a huge distraction, the attention for being undefeated was a big distraction. While the video was cool it was not the right game for it and I am not sure there is a right time during the season. Way too much going on. But no way do we have a chance to beat Utah State without Fine. It had to go shootout and it had to be perfect play for it to work. With as many injuries as we saw yesterday I also wonder about conditioning and practice for the bowl game was probably disturbed by the Kansas state hoopla.
  6. Thanks again Lauren, Amanda and Victor. Lots of Green people at Boomer Jacks filled the side room and the patio looked like it was filling in. I think it was a great venue to watch from, I only wish the show we watched was better for us.
  7. Yeah once we lost Fine we were screwed, and people forget that Utah was ranked as high as 13th or 14th with the highest scoring offense in college football. Our only shot was our best play out of Fine and the offense to get in a shootout. But at the end of the day yhis year and last year we were well out matched with FAU, Troy, and Utah state.
  8. I will see you in Grapevine Thank you Lauren, Amanda and Victor
  9. I just read and was going to post Makes me hate him even more. The setting up Leach stuff was just more infuriating to me.
  10. Anyone know what our points for and against was this season when playing out of conference?
  11. Lauren, Amanda and Victor put this watching party together for all those that would like to join in. The side room/tables at BoomerJacks in Grapevine to watch the game. BoomerJack's Grill & Bar 201 West State Highway 114 Grapevine, TX 76051 P 817.527.6984 F 817.527.6911 10:30 a.m. - 2 a.m. (7 days a week) Thanksgiving: 2 p.m.-11 p.m. Patio, dog friendly
  12. How did we do out of conference this year? I might need reminding.
  13. The problem is there is no thought in any of this pro man made climate change just an agenda and if they say enough it must be true. There no discussion here because it is not science to them, it is almost a blind religion.
  14. No I don't think we win. Not his fault the amount of dropped balls, good god, alone would win the game, but the two touchdowns and a fire lit under several player asses when Mason left the field made the difference.
  15. It is annoying the hell out of my while I am stressed out over your listed crap as you are attempting to be a smartass
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