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    A modest proposal

    Get in my belly yum
  2. KingDL1

    A modest proposal

    No I don't think we win. Not his fault the amount of dropped balls, good god, alone would win the game, but the two touchdowns and a fire lit under several player asses when Mason left the field made the difference.
  3. KingDL1

    ***FAU vs UNT Official Game Thread***

    Holy shit that should be game
  4. KingDL1

    ***FAU vs UNT Official Game Thread***

    It is annoying the hell out of my while I am stressed out over your listed crap as you are attempting to be a smartass
  5. KingDL1

    ***FAU vs UNT Official Game Thread***

    Atleast it not his throwing hand
  6. KingDL1


    don't leave points on the field did someone miss this class
  7. KingDL1

    ***FAU vs UNT Official Game Thread***

    That should be on the receiver right to his hands
  8. KingDL1

    Portland (11/10/18)

    Nice win
  9. KingDL1

    Portland (11/10/18)

    North Texas 39 - 30 at the half
  10. KingDL1

    Mason Fine speaks after ODU loss

    You can see how pissed he is. Fine is awesome I wish we could give him the OLine he deserves.
  11. KingDL1

    Portland (11/10/18)

    Go North Texas
  12. KingDL1

    Where the Blame Actually Lies

    The problem is you are dealing with Mean Green Fans. And you may forget what a fan is, and I think in this case it is: "A fan, or fanatic, sometimes also termed aficionado or supporter, is a person who is enthusiastically devoted to a sports team" On this board is an assortment of the most emotional leading Fanatics following the Mean Green, what I am getting at is they may defy all things reasonable and be just emotionally charged. Liked trying to reason with a SO while their blood is up and they are completely pissed off and have with their blood pressure so high its about to pop them. There is no reason at that point only red. Let it cool off. If you want reason come back in two days or so. Or is it to poke the bear? Then we have enough trolls..
  13. Its why I moved my seats to the tail fin
  14. UNT 90 is at every home game and several of the away games
  15. My dad said that when he got back from urologist
  16. why is the streaming not fixed?