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  1. That would suck, just in time for a home game against LA Tech.
  2. Seems like a good time for one. I wonder if the Bye is favored.
  3. Multiple things may be in play. Wren might not have the freedom he wants along with internal politics of the University and it would seem a bit bothersome to have to deal with a crappy predecessor who has the ear of the largest donors at all football events and other. Where said predecessor talks and laughs while you are addressing the crowd with no respect at football events.
  4. My Cousin Tom went to Zest Fest in Dallas and he sent me a photo of a Pucker Butt Pepper Company's hot sauce.
  5. Don't they have family weekend every year? Messing with people's tailgate seems like an amazingly bad idea.
  6. This was some of the stupidest crap I have seen yet. So freaking typical.
  7. 12 years in that parking lot, how did they figure that out this game? Why would ada need 300 parking spots?
  8. It was a gorgeous day of tailgating. Thank you to all those that joined our tailgate and those that came by for a visit!
  9. After we got to our tailgating spot a little over 4 hours early they blocked the entire parking lot off next to Victory and would not let some of our group in. Then when I left in the 1st quarter there were over 100 or more parking spots open.
  10. Rice played Houston tough and is up on UAB at the moment.
  11. From what I been told Eagle Camp is not even close to what I am talking about.
  12. From what I understand that is just orientation, why can't it be mandatory?
  13. Works for me, I was figuring land on Ray Roberts would be cheaper.
  14. I would like to see UNT add an entire three-day mandatory spirit camp for incoming students, maybe up at lake Ray Roberts like aTm's Fish Camp, in addition to orientation. All incoming students that are junior level and below. But the administration and the faculty would have to be an active part of this. If any faculty stand against it, they can be shown the door. Faculty and TAs promote sports in class before game days, especially Football and Basketball.
  15. I was going to write something like this the other day, though I believe we have the money buyout. But UNT administration culture is why spend the money: Seth is good enough.
  16. I have slowly come to understand that Sports are the Red-haired stepchild of the University.
  17. We can blame it on money, but it is not. Or not directly. It is the Old Denton culture that does not demand better results. We the fans are part to blame for that. If we let the admin know these kind of results were simply not acceptable, changes would be made. But as a fanbase we waffle and find excuses why we can't be successful But at the end of the day all these excuses are absolute Bullshit.
  18. You can bet Wren would not want anything to do with Seth if he leaves here for Georgia Tech.
  19. Saturday's Menu: We will have my Sausage Stuffing Balls John will have his super famous Cuban Sandwiches - Handmade @ tailgating – also, for the sweet tooth, he is bringing his tasty Chocolate Chip Cookies. Victor, Amanda, and Lauren will have their homemade slow smoked juicy brisket. Amanda will have her double secret recipe Mean Green Jell-O Shots. See you Saturday!
  20. People here hold on so tight. I am not trying to get rid of Wren, though I do think he needs to take responsibility for football and some other poor choices. I was just saying if for some reason he took that GA Tech job I can only wish he takes Seth with him.
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