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  1. Yes, but it's been worse than that this year.
  2. Yeah, I'm not real concerned about SL winning out. We have teams with winning records remaining on the schedule. UTSA is going to do us a favor for once, if UTEP doesn't do it first. So in theory, I'd have to tip my hat to the magical coaching it would take to do so, especially given our QB/WR situation.... but it ain't happening.
  3. Cheating Astros didn't get punished, but I'm TOTALLY sure they stopped cheating. I mean, people always stop doing bad things when they're rewarded for it and receive no consequences. Sorry, but Altuve and all those cheating bitches can burn. MLB lost what little credibility they still had when they didn't ban the players and expunge their records.
  4. Well ours is trickle-down from Texas-OU, so it would likely only be if they sped up their timeline. I believe their 2022 schedules are already set, so while it COULD be done and they could certainly absorb whatever costs they need to, I don’t think it’s the same for the rest of us. UT and OU could probably jack up their CURRENT year’s schedule if they wanted to. We don’t have those dollars. That said, if those teams (USM, ODU, etc.) leave a year before we do, do we get the share of their exit fees since we’re still in the conference, and then have to turn around and give it back when we leave?
  5. Then how would we know the boundaries of the Forbidden Zone?
  6. I don't think the backups have had "great" games... just much better games than our starter.
  7. Gotta have a QB capable of throwing the ball in the general area of a receiver in order to take a shot.
  8. Every time a play ends, I'm looking for the flag.
  9. If I'm Rice, after I get the TD, I'm going for 2.
  10. There's that trademark discipline. Again... and again... and again.
  11. 100+ passing yards! We're really tee-ing it high now!
  12. Yes, AFTER this weekend, we're down to 4 games, which means Drummond could play in them all after that and not lose the redshirt. But outside of him, none of our QBs have redshirts remaining. So if you were expecting to see Martin or Gilmore, I wouldn't get my hopes up. I mean, I'm not getting my hopes up to see Drummond, either. I feel like Seth, at most, might rotate Ruder back in if we're completely out of a game late.
  13. It just sucks because: 1) For a lot of this game, we were in position for an ugly win 2) Even believing that our coach is done and can't do the job anymore, none of us are actively rooting against these kids/this team. We still want to watch the team win. 3) Time is scarce as an adult, and spending so much time on something that's ultimately frustrating or upsetting just compounds the issue. I'm not getting nearly as angry, anymore, because I don't think there's anything that can be done this season. I just hate the injuries and lack of discipline most of all. I want to see this team get better, and it just seems like we keep finding different ways to be bad. I need SOMETHING for the future.
  14. And the QB situation is the biggest as far as our offense goes (not counting our coaching). Not having an answer at the most important position on the field is a big problem. One team out there trusted their QB (both of them) to make plays downfield. We only attempted it when we had to, and only once did we hit (still underthrown and sadly came back on a holding call). It is clear from our playcalling we do not have faith on our downfield passing. Opponents creep up and dare us to beat them deep, and we just can't.
  15. To clarify, we won't actually be burning the shirt on Drummond. We have 5 games left. After Rice, we can play him the rest of the way to hopefully see if he's got something. Either way, we still likely need another veteran transfer QB next year. BUT, that could all be dependent on (hopefully) the new coach.
  16. Aune throws a lot of ducks, he often throws them late, and his release is slow. We're lucky we don't have MORE injured receivers the way he sets them up to get their heads taken off. That pass down the sideline to Brown should've been 6 points, but it was a wobbly rainbow. Would've changed the game, but he's just not capable of making the throws on a consistent basis.
  17. One more game, I think. Then it's time to burn the shirt on Drummond.
  18. We just don't have the ABILITY to make downfield plays. That throw to the end zone is one of the worst I've seen for a QB that isn't injured.
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