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  1. Look, if you don't support the school by eating their diarrhea sandwiches, they'll never have the impetus to stop serving diarrhea! Remember, it's YOUR responsibility to spend years of your life and thousands of your dollars buying a subpar product, if you ever want the product to be good.
  2. Not for the application. He likely applied in June (graduate transfer application deadline), had to wait to get accepted, and then took time making his decision. There also could have been issues with the transfer application that took time to sort out. You can enroll, register, pay much later. This year late registration went until 9/2. So you could apply to 3-4 different schools, get accepted to all of them, and then make up your mind at the last minute. My point was that people are already applying to different schools. They might not decide which one they’re going to until late, but they aren’t adding schools on the first day of the window. People seem to think that athletes transferring have special rules. They still have to adhere to the transfer application and registration schedule of the schools.
  3. Guys will be transferring from the beginning of the transfer window up until summer. It will depend on their individual circumstances who transfers when. Some will make it based on how their season shakes out. Some will make it based on other coaching changes that will be occurring at the end of the season, and some will be making it based on what happens in Spring. Also, I believe UNT's Spring transfer deadline is 12/1/22, so anybody with plans to be here for Spring has likely already applied. Otherwise, guys have until July.
  4. Yeah, I mean the bonuses are fine. They’re tied to performance. The salary, however….
  5. If you’re gonna make it up, at least claim 20k. Or is it more like a “D turns into a B so easily” situation?
  6. I have a bit of a soft spot for TCU since I grew up in the area, went to games as a kid, was a vendor there in my teen years, and my brother went there. But in general, I root against every Texas college football team that's not us. So if it's going to be someone, I'm fine with it being TCU.
  7. If he loses to Rice, I don't believe he will be fired. He #hit6, which is the standard at our school, apparently. I believe he'll be given through the season no matter what at this point. Lose to Rice and the bowl game, and I suspect he's done.
  8. It's for both. When the NFL-AFL merged, all AFL records were recognized by the NFL. So any AFL records are considered part of NFL history.
  9. Haynes has 4630 rushing, 3535 receiving. Pretty sure that's the most. Pegram #2, Wilson now #3.
  10. Yep. At some point you just have to look at what he’s doing and accept it. This is not the same guy and offense that was just handing the ball to the RBs and playing good defense against CUSA last year. I’m enjoying it and hope he can keep it up through the end of the year and bowl season.
  11. So, wait, has MY lack of focus been the problem with SL's teams the whole time? I know I get distracted a lot around Christmas-time between work and holidays. Didn't realize it was leading to these late season collapses. My bad, guys.
  12. Dang.... another deep miss over there. Maclin is winning the matchup, at least.
  13. Maclin had to play DB there. After the first half, this offense looking pretty dead. Several low snaps here.
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